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>How can I do anything productive with GNU+Linux
You can't.

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there's numerous compatible office suites, plus office 365 is a thing
as for adobe/affinity and sketch, gimp and krita and shit are alternatives, but I severely doubt you need those for your job faggot.

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depending on your job and overall life, tohether with what you grew up with and willingness to learn, one set of tools may make you more productive, or lack thereof less productive
for me, I program. having man and a browser, combined with vim and gdb, is all I need
I only use debian because I kbow how it works and I can work on it. if your os is perfect for you, keep using it or regret switching

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So you have to start from zero and learn things all over again?

No thanks.

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Sigh, I haven't touched Adobe or MS Office stuff for years on my windows machine.
Be a little bit more open minded.

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if you're confident with the concepts of illustrator, moving over to gimp should be easy.
but if you can't understand the concepts you're working with and just remembered "to click x to do y" you shouldn't working with computers alltogether

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I am sick and tired of you "Linux is bad because I have to learn stuff" people. If that is your mentality, then you deserve whatever shit OS you use.

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Moreover, why are you even on this board if you have that mindset?

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"Install GIMP" xd

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I keep seeing these YouTube shill videos enthusiastically showing all the cool Linux tily window managers and DEs with rotating cubes, but they conveniently never show or mention any useful application software and close LibreOffice as they open it (out of shame).

My phone has a web browser, text editor, video player and a PDF reader, and I had those things on Windows 2000, how amazing.

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>muh cuntent creashun
Fuck off. You use Adobe shit on windows to edit your call of duty montages, meanwhile CG films are made with specialized software running on GNU/Linux workstations and render farms.
>m$ office
There are dozens of wysiwyg text editors and spreadsheet processors, you don't need Microshaft's office suite for anything in particular.
>what do freedom-people do all day
I do my job, which requires PCB design in eagle, CNC machining with freecad and VHDL development using quartus, as well as C programming for SoCs implemented onto FPGAs.

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