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That's gonna be a yikes from me dawg

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fax me

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i don't like it, just like i don't like tik tok
deal with it, kid.

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IRC let's you connect to whatever server you want, Discord doesn't.
IRC can't "shut down" it's functionality because anyone can run a server, Discord can decide to quit anytime.

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Discord has some features MSN had back in the day, you can VC or even webcam with your friends. You can maintain and manage who gets in or out and things are logged right out of the box. File sharing is kinda limited to 8 mb unless you pay for a premium, i forgot whats the cap then but it still makes sense, if you were a server admin with limited storage capacity youd do the same. Yes, its convenient. If i were a software designer judge i would give it a 9/10, it knows what a chatter wants and needs

Oldschool, well vetted, no exploits from the server side. All exploits come from clients writen by pedo furries, this can be managed by using trusted clients. Takes some basic server admin skills to set up a server, usually requires a potato tier set up to run it. File sharing through DCC shines brighter on IRC than on discord, the only con is its limited to the senders upload bandwith. Security generally is a mixed bag, because it offers something that can be lost in the sands of time if you dont log and you gotta trust people not to log if you're talking about illegal shit (the FBI/CIA usually has a field day on these things), so you gotta know what you're doing if you want this to be the most secure thing in the world. I mentioned back on the discord section you can control who gets in and out, you cant do that on irc, you can zline people but still VPNs are becoming wide spread and you can easily evade them, solutions are usually overcomplicated and easily avoided. The UI is the most controllable variable here, you can go full haqur mode with irssi, or be an absolute normie with kiwiIRC and use it on your browser, you have the freedom to use your own scripts how ever you want. Spam if hard to deal with, same with DDoS on the server side. if you know what you're doing you are not spied on by the Israelis, the Chinese and silicon valley, unlike discord (yes, really)

tl;dr discord for casual shit. irc for government thwarting shit

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I don't like discord because it's literal spyware. Use mumble instead; I've had a mumble server running for me and my friends for the better part of a decade. IRC is not comparable to the funcionality of either.

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Discord has a low quality of discussion where everyone only talks using memes, stupid web 3.0 shit, is mostly used by suicidal drug addicted teens, unironic gamers, furries who share their weird porn in the open and other human garbage. They also ban illegal content of any kind and your messages are not secure.

IRC is where you can have quality discussion with actual experts, channels that host XDCC bots still exist, IRC networks are home to the warez scene and you can secure yourself using bnc and FiSH. If you're interested in tech and actually care about having meaningful discussions that don't feel like a waste of time, use IRC, otherwise have fun with discord teens.

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IRC is frequented by early internet wierdos with mental illnesses and /g/ level posers who think they're elite hackers for using IRC
It's not any better than Discord

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Why does nobody talks about jabber?

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>unironic gamers

As opposed to the ironic gamers? I hate this fucking word.

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>They are known to sell your data, they can sell your data, they have process loggers in their clients. They're closed source and proprietary. They're ran by retard furries.
so? how does that effect you?

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>Friends don't let friends use this shit.

Ironic because the only people who don't use Discord are those without (internet) friends.

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>so? how does that effect you?

>literal malware running on your system
>stealing and selling all your information
so? how does that effect you?

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>Ironic because the only people who don't use Discord are those without (internet) friends.
sure, becauase there aren't a million other platforms to connect with friends on. People only started making internet friends since Discord.

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Anybody can also lay cables in the grounds and oceans to creater personal internet too, but that's not possible. So yeah, not anyone can just "run server". People rely on other servers and they can whenver do what ever they want, brainlet

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how does people selling information about me effect me? Could I have sold that information myself? How much am I missing out on, 0.0001 cents?

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What do people who aren't gamers use these days? I heard Skype was dead

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Some people just don't understand the dangers of indiscriminate surveillance

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I understand the dangers very well, but please describe the dangers it poses to me personally, considering I'm not a degenerate fuck doing illegal things over the internet

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Bad analogy is bad.
Starting a "server" is literally possible with your own computer, no additional hardware needed.
So yeah, anyone can run a server. And if you think it's a difficult task, then your are the braindead zoomed target demographic that discord wants.

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>not anyone can just run a server
unless you are behind CGNAT, your router is shit or your ISP is just a cockgobbler this is not true. learn to internet.

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Why are gooks so ugly and fake? If they dislike being mongoloids, they should just kill themselves and be done with it already

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Yeah, you and the 5 other people who don't want to use Discord because 'muh evil corporation'.

Discord. I'm not much of a gamer, but pretty much every internet community uses Discord.

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you don't need an email to use IRC, in fact you don't need to provide any sort of info at all. Discord asks for your email, and later if they deem you suspicious, can extort your phone number or indefinitely deny access to your account.

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would kiss tenderly and sniff hair repeatedly / 10

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you're a fucking retard lmao

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Lurk moar.
The irc has been around for ages only newfags refuse to use it. Also fuck electron.

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discord rate limits are absolutely awful

>> No.75026646

why can't you just move to mattermost or zulip?

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>Anybody can...
>it's just not possible
You are fucking retarded.

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just broke the neck of the bottle
>asian flush

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Thank you.

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mainly look at zabbix
the point is, it's not that hard even from a laymans standpoint. forward ports from router, start program at port. this isn't production-grade stuff obviously, but anyone can do it.

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matrix is better, get on with the times boomer

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yeah but not because it's easy to use

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that's not the point, he wants to fuck and then stop living because he wouldn't want to live afterwards. life is hard anon and nobody should be forced to suffer through it if they dont want to

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Her second beer. Her pussy is ready.

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>Then you'd have all my business, financial and account information you fucking dumbass, things I'd never say on Discord or any public place

I don't want to steal from you, anon. I'm only interested in family relations, your games purchases history and interests, any illnesses you might have. I'll just use the information to recommend you products. So yes, please share those with me.

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J-j-just give me your email.
Not the same thing as discord chat history you actual mongoloid. Any good argument points you made are void now that you said such a moronic analogy. Kill yourself

>> No.75029719

You're making a really stupid comparison here. Discord's a public medium and you're comparing it to a private one. Although your email provider could probably read your emails if they wanted to aswell

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I hate discord because it is run by furries that use their platform to protect other furries that are mentally ill animal abusing pedophile psychopaths (aka furries)

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