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1. You answered your own question. That stuff is cheaper than raising salaries.
2. It encourages people to stay at the office longer.
3. Just speculating, but maybe they hope that building relationships with coworkers will prevent employee turnover

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millennials and zoomers love it. when was an intern couple years ago. the HR baby sitter had us to this presentation on how we could improve hiring THE NEXT GENERATION. we were put into groups. there was the people in my group loved all this google campus shit. i didnt give a shit so thats what we said would improve hiring. its our fault OP. we dont care enough to say no.

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>paying pajeet and soiboy more
If I were ceo I'd just chain them to the desk and sell their organ after they die from overwork.

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They're for press shots, if you get caught using them, you'll be punished or it will be used against you when you ask for raises or even for overtime pay.

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There's gotta be a middle way. When I used to work in England, colleagues would meet at least once a week in a Pub after hours. Sometimes even pop out for a beer at lunch. Here in America, there's like one work-outing a year, and it's quasi-mandatory. Sure, the money's better here, but why no comfy?

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>t. Kike

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All that stuff is relatively cheap amortized across a whole office, and the companies that do it pay at the top of the compensation range for the job anyway. Enough people appreciate it and it gets people to spend now time at the office / raises morale enough that it is more efficient than paying more.

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My office spent money on a air hockey table, massage chair, and monthly clown who comes in and does balloon animals for "team building". I hate this place and lots of people are going to quit i don't get why adults are being treated like toddlers.

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why not get get good in air hockey?
also ask your boss to get table tennis, its cash, its like fighting game and is best 1v1 sports, you can get good and beat the shit out of your coworkers, you will be known as pingpong patrick, just imagine the fun man, i want nothing but table tennis on my first job,
i will try my best to get good in it, and i will have a reason to do so

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Fucking this, drinking and playing table tennis at work is the opposite of enjoyable because you're still at the fucking office anyway

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The source of the problem is the parents of his people, if you don't want your son to become a faggot it's simple, you make him do combat sports, you feed him beef offal, pork offal, you make him a man.

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Cognizant doesn't have anything like this.

They want you corralled like cattle.

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The rulers have always liked the idea of giving games and amusement to their subjects to appear of being generous. Capitalism is no exception what comes to this phoenomea between the master and the slave

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My dad didn't pay attention to me at all and I'm still absolutely fine.

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Anon, you are on 4chan. You aren't fine and it is all your dad's fault. We are all victims and thus deserve air hockey.

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its just flexing
>look how much fun you can have here, not more money, more fun things to do

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>It encourages people to stay at the office longer.
It's a fucking trap. It makes you reluctant to leave for better opportunities because of fear of losing out on the office culture you grew so accustomed to.
Fuck that, negotiate for more pay/better opportunity and leave if you don't get that from your current employer when you have a better offer. You will have much more room for play when you can afford to give less and less of a fuck.

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I find I work a lot more efficient if I jerk off. When will it finally be socially appropriate to jerk off in the company break room to reduce my stress levels and increase stimulation?

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>Why waste all that money on stupid shit when you could just pay your employees more?
It costs less to have all those gimmicks and tricks your employees into staying at work for longer.

>> No.74982999

>play areas
playing...what exactly?

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Former recruiter for a major 500 business here

Couple of reasons right away is: you spend $5000 on some nice things to delude others into working for you makes several employees happy, hiring one person is around 15 times that per year and unless you live in a fucking 3rd world shithole that can't provide decent products, that stuff is yours and will last a few years.

So $5k a year > $150k a year on three cunts that might fuck off and fuck up your work.

Retarded people love le shiny magic fun place things.

Most times the "fun" items are never used for fear of not being seen working, like "infinite vacation" means "I better not take the minimum days I'm entitled to because it might look bad"

It's just a cheap range of tricks to get retards to work there and think they have a good deal.

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All I've seen them do is bench Pajeets for use by American companies.

>> No.74987422

isnt that a lawsuit waiting to happen?
nobody says fresh OSHA violations are free for everyone to violate and then turn around and penalize people

>> No.74987458

women need the jerkoff room more than men
cunts who havent had a decent orgasm are fucking obnoxious

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>acknowledging their contributions
never understood this mentality. so many coworkers bitch about not being noticed by senpai for their 'hard work'
i just want management to give me clear instructions and the tools necessary to do my job. and dont fuck up my pay.

>> No.74987967

Acknowledge my contributions = Promote me / pay me more

>> No.74987974

>3rd world shithole that can't provide decent products, that stuff is yours and will last a few years
...because no other company on this planet has been taking similar expedient shortcuts

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My last job was in software. They actually had kombucha (tastes like apple cider vinegar, stale beer, and tea mixed together) in the office fridge. But you were only "allowed" to drink 1 can a day. One of my coworkers had a vaguely onions facial appearance and a gay accent, but he had a wife. Not sure what was between her legs. But this guy was drinking it once a day like clockwork.

This shit isn't just a meme, it's real. Their management and office culture wasted a huge amount of time on pointless standup meetings that barely had anything to do with "the needful" as our East Indian friends say. Actually the East Indian guys were the most practical and focused people there. Everyone else was bitchy, ditzy, clueless, or "soiboi"

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Software development can be incredibly mentally draining, so it's nice to have time and space to take a mental break before getting back to work.
People in my office like to play Super Smash Bros a lot, but we also offer yoga, treadmills, and walking trails around the campus if you want some fresh air.

It keeps the employees happy and happy employees are productive employees.

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>all this projecting
I work 9:30 to 17:00 every day no matter what I do.

>> No.74988193

no I mean outright toxic dumping epa violations getting thrown out for some zoning issue and the prosecutor coincidentally getting a new car shortly after

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kek, I make shit. Everyone of my co-workers know I make shit, My boss knows, his boss knows. In fact I'm the lowest paid of the lot. Yet I'm doing 4 jobs. A co worker makes 60k and he don't really do shit. He used to be my boss. Got demoted but kept his pay. Thanks to a bright idea by the head dude of our whole unit at the time. Head dude promoted another co worker to be the new boss. That dude got a small pay bump outta it but that was it. Meanwhile I'm making shit and working my ass off. The dude who's still making 60k hell he's loving it. Like I said he don't do shit anymore. He's counting down the days. Soon he'll be retiring. The head dude took a promotion of his own, new job in a different part of the company. Now you tell me, how the fuck is "team shit" or any other shit gonna make me feel better? Not a bit. Hell I'm counting down the time as well, I got years to go but still, got less in front of me than I do in back if you get my drift. Soon as I'm able without fucking myself financial wise my ass is "retiring" and I'm never working again. Screw that.

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Whores will absolutely demand you pay them for maternity, both the leave from whoring and the next 18 years.

>> No.74988723

While I pity wagies you gotta be careful not to go down the boomer path. Don't expect comfort without putting work in, work has been the way to get anything before we even had a name for it, for us and all animals. You're only entitled to things if your society is sufficiently successful, and while slaving your life away at a dead end job or becoming a complete cuck is obviously a horrible idea, you still have to work.

>> No.74988761

thats only when youre the father

>> No.74988811

but I would spend that on an open bar and hookers/loose women

>> No.74988894

It's a marketing scam to get people stuck I the office for longer hours and keep you from having a life outside of work and coworkers. That said I think having a well stocked kitchen is the one good one

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that's because women see their gay friends as "my gay friend" and not a real person

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that has nothing to do with soiboi meme.

you provide amenities to everyone except the minimum wage cucks how barely making you a profit. engineers would have pinball tables back in the day. otherwise they just leave and you can't find replacement at will.

the bigger question is why programmers work overtime with no compensation.

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What are you talking about, Boomers are the ones that subjected their kids to work to "learn the value of it." They're the biggest natural slaves of all.

>> No.74989657

Because the more you stay at the office, the more they can drain your life for the company profit.

That shit is to make you stay longer hours without complaining with the illusion of "we care about you".

>> No.74990059

tl:dr; it works

If it's stupid and it works then it's not stupid. Good management will do things that increase productivity and not care about the feefees of autists who think social activity is reee

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Go to china, they have designated hookers at software companies, who will talk nice to you, then suck you off

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when the ford company tried to institute lunch at a south american plant to keep people there they had to bring the army

>> No.74990303

Based pol warrior skull


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Ford wasn't paying its workers 200k a year.

>> No.74996011

t. COO

>> No.74996213

I actively avoid companies advertising that shit. I'm at work to work, when the fuck are you supposed to have time to play pool and drink beer? I'm not staying there longer than I have to, and I definitely don't want to do any bullshit extracurricular stuff, unless it's during work hours and you're paying me for it.

The one thing I might want is a gym since I go to one after work anyway. But the problem is your boss might come in and tell you to do something and you can't tell him to fuck off if you're still at work

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I worked at a event planning company that was young and trendy, we had ping pong tables, arcade machines, and darts and other stuff available on our floor.
NOBODY EVER USED THEM. If you used them you would get judged for not working or not having enough to do. Its all a scam

>> No.74996739

Screw that. I'll work my ass of while I'm at the office, but I don't want to live there. Once the work day is over, I'm ready to go do my own thing. All the extracurricular crap just cuts into the time I would rather be getting work done.

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Japan's IS worse but the gap between us and them isn't as bad as some people like to make out. And at least there is SOME upsides, like heavy company culture actually BENEFITTING you, at least if you can make it higher up in the company. Plus the boomers will all die off soon there so maybe they'll get a chance to fix things.

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We had ping pong tables and a basketball net in my old job's cafeteria and nobody ever used them.

And holy shit, some places have beers? When are you supposed to drink them? It's not like your manager is gonna be okay with you drinking on the job, so realistically you can only drink after your shift gets done, but then why the fuck would you want to stay and drink at work?

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>and monthly clown who comes in and does balloon animals for "team building".

No fucking way, I refuse to believe

>> No.74999851

Depends, a lot of people do enjoy these things, especially if they get them for free and aren't something they can do free of charge on their own time. There are also people who see the job as a means to an end (earning money - that's what it is ultimately) and as such don't give a fuck about activities which essentially mean spending more time in the office that you could be spending doing something else instead.

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nice numbers

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All your based and redpilled are belong to us. Also checked

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pls not cirno pls not cirno pls not cirno.....

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Wagies BTFO!

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Fly-over bros...

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>I don't like it, therefore it's a script
Stay salty frogposter

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Absolutely wrong. Boomers were given everything they needed growing up with no economic hardships. Now they're choking out the younger generations.

It's very easy to say "if you want it, work for it!" when you grew up in a time where you had to do very little work to get anything you wanted.

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3 minutes 19 seconds too late. nice digits

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Boomers believe their good fortune was won by their hard work and that the new generations' hardships must therefore come from laziness. The truth is that most boomers had it outrageously easy and then ruined it for everyone else.

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There is nothing corporations want to do less than raise wages.

>> No.75000786

this isn't true

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>monthly clown who comes in and does balloon animals for "team building"
The correct term is Scrum master

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>these kinds of things (if done correctly) make the average joe work better.
no, working less hours makes people work better

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>working less hours

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As I get older I'm starting to think that a vast majority of the population aged 21-30 have hidden social anxiety.

It also really depends on the field. Engineering is the worst because its filled with super awkward turbo autists that you dont want to hang with.

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This, I get that many companies execute these things wrong and that is where the animosity comes from but why not have good pay and a better environment to work in if you absolutely have to work somewhere? Every job has a limit in what salary it is going to receive so once you hit that cap what is there to keep you there if you dont like being there?

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I have friends who work in IT and they say their coworkers are often complete aspies who want to live like cool people and are led to believe drinking ipa and playing smash bros at work is what cool people do

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>a monthly clown

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checked and witnessed

>> No.75003913

dumbass females eat that workplace amenity and mandaory "retreat" bullshit up

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Having a single sip of alcohol while working is absolutely not allowed at my company. I’ve heard rumors that if your manager suspects your drunk or smells booze on you or whatever that they must immediately take you to a drug test facility to get breathalyzed or something, but I’m not sure if that’s true
>mfw working from home and getting shitfaced

>> No.75004335

>beer in the fridge
nothing wrong with that m8

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>live like twenty something burnouts
How is that what burnouts live like? Turning up at work sounds lit af.

>> No.75004783

>don't go the boomer path
>goes all the way in on the boomer path


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Because if you are a slave they want it to feel nicer.

>> No.75004927

Yeah we had a system like that but at our office it was butt plugs

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Yoga/sports/pizza nights are a replacement for giving you a pay rise. It's cheaper that paying you more

>> No.75008209

What do you consider "the boomer path"?

>> No.75009154

what if they pay very well and offer this type of shit as well?
I don't care much for that stuff, but it doesn't make me feel worse

>> No.75009969

(((they[capitalists]))) want your wages low and make you feel like you shouldnt unionize

>> No.75010003

oh yeah? well i think @StressCasts is a little shit

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