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* after every second semester

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I prefer being NEET.

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Working because it's as boring but I earn money for it.

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I like studying languages that i'm interested in and would love to develop standalone and saas software as a career but im a tard who can't afford to go to school and the likelihood of a self taught C developer actually acquiring a meaningful career is zilch.

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>cant afford to go to school
if you're in the states there's no fucking reason not to even as a poorfag.
t. was a poorfag
Granted I'm on the GI bill but after I enlisted and was looking into college options I realized "wait i coulda just gone straight to college even as a poor. well tmyk"
If you just did the math right now you could probably realize that even if you just paid for it all with federal loans you'd come out on top in the long run.

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It is more fun than using SAP for sure. I am using SAP on a almost daily basis at school and honestly I don't understand how people can enjoy using SAP. I want a job where I have the freedom of working alone or in a group so getting into coding is a good choice + I actually like it.
Thanks anon for your response. I wish you a nice day

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Great post, you are right. My mental health really destroyed me back then in highschool.. There is no good in comparing myself to others who are ahead of me in terms of qualifications, it is easy said but I still feel very anxious and full of pressure..

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>I get to just write software which I what I actually like
Oh, sweet child of mine. As if the real world was like that.
Imagine getting out of college ready to work on the most recent technology. That's the dream of any interested student. Turns out Java 6, really poorly designed software and deadlines are waiting for you. And I didn't even talk about the people surrounding you (but that happens in any job, I guess).

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I said do the math. That means factor in loan amount + interest rates + projected pay + time.
Unless you royally fuck it up or have royally unfucked yourself as is, then you will come out on top.

This is something I don't get, even expensive private schools are not THAT expensive. The horror stories of 60k+ in debt are usually public school doofuses who just kept taking out loans and hopped major junior year or hopped multiple times.
Private schools have a lot of money on the side for poor students, the hard part is getting in. Unless it's a shitty private school.

tl;dr unless you fuck yourself over, the simple "take out federal student loans and go to school" pays off even in a worst case where your tuition is above average.
I'm not advocating taking out loans willy nilly either, scholarships and other forms of aid exist, especially for poors.
If you REALLY refuse to take out any loans, then fucking enlist for 3 years and get a full ride to any school in the country on the GI Bill and get a housing allowance.

There are multiple options.

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I'm finishing my masters right now and while all the fucking obnoxious deadlines and unspoken requirements of everything have made is a FUCKING LIVING HELL
I'm really not looking forward to leaving and going back to the routine of wake up, work, go home on some whatever bit of software.
If I didn't have the job offers I do I'd pester my advisor to put me through my PhD too.

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Working is just a different kind of shitty.


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it's not that funny, considering social engineering is the most effective way to bypass even the best security easily. Because, you know... people are morons. I give her full points. Extra points if she shows boobs after class.

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depends on the what you're doing
as somebody who got into trades i prefer one million times be working than studying, it isn't even a contest
studying is good to give you the basic of how things works, but you will only properly learn shit and hone your skills by actually getting your hands dirty

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3rd year cs student at school with around 10k. in all my cs classes combined i think ive had 6 girls in them. and only 3 of them were attractive enough to date.

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>and only 3 of them were attractive enough to date.
Someone on /g/ judging peoples looks, maximum keks

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Part time school plus work 3 days a week is the best of both worlds.

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imagine doing either LOL

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