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Stop using the internet and things will become much simpler

And no, I am a zoomer so I do not remember the 80's

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I live in an post-commie country.Computers were extremely rare and phones were expensife so most people had to go to a post office to make a phone call.I remember my dad using his ham radio friends to forward messages to family in Bosnia.

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based blyat

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i got my friends c64 working with the help of some expert technician /g/ anon! thanks anon!

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Give me a more based commercial

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You are only remembering the good parts passed down from pictures. I guarantee you if you had to go back, you'd kill yourself in 2 hours.


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>I guarantee you if you had to go back, you'd kill yourself in 2 hours
Lol no
You're only saying that because you're a fucking underage zoomer who cannot possibly conceive the idea of living in a world without zoomphones

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There were good parts, but a lot of bullshit and tedious things. I'll take a modern Linux environment any day over the past.
I'll take XP over 10 though, if it wasn't swiss cheese security wise and severely outdated on API and hardware support. Back then it felt like a tool meant to be useful (albeit rudimentary at times), W10 nowadays more often than not feels like it deliberately hinders you in doing things.

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No mouse. CLI-only. Dot-matrix printers.
16 colors. GIF/GL animations. Crackly, narrow bandwidth sounds. Slow, noisy and unreliable disk drives. No optical drives. Sneaker-net. 5-base-2 thin-net that suffered from collisions.
Tapes that turned out to be unreadable when you needed to restore. Floppies that spontaneously died. Perfory everywhere.

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But at least there was a lot less pessimism back then.

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>But at least there was a lot less pessimism back then.
Rose-colored hindsight?
Remember Vietnam?
Hardly a day went past without at least one front-page shouting about how computers and automation stealing our jobs. Oil crisis. Russian nukes.
We were constantly being told that the world was going to end soon in a mushroom cloud. The Council for Nuclear Disarmament was having civil-disobedience demonstrations outside military installations.
That's why the '60s were so morally slack. Nobody expected to live to the next decade.
Hedonism was the religion of the day.
Ask your grandpa.

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making money as a professional musician isn't hard. every single band nerd from my high school that moved onto music school is now earning a living playing music. session musicians are always in demand, and if not there are never a shortage of bands needed for weddings or sweet child of mine covers at bars.

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soon computers will do most of the work, but for now there's a huge surplus of artists most who mostly make nothing for their craft but open mic night is always popular.

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no i quite understand that there are people who make their living as a bard of some sort, i just don't think it's moral to do so. should do something in business or finance. or hell even computer science.

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>a bard of some sort
>i just don't think it's moral to do so
You're officially the dumbest person on 4chan.

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Ah, back in the day where productivity was the selling point.

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Life performance in the future will be all computer generated with fictional artists like that Hatsune Miku animu girl that is all the rage in Japan. Tech always takes over everything, it's not a matter of "if" but "when".

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no it won't. just like how live action film will never be replaced by animation, except in extremely expensive productions. and even with the best technology available now we have the uncanny valley.

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I like CoolRetroTerm because I can pretend I'm on an Apple ][

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>if you knew how to turn a computer on you could walk in and get a job

>most places need to apply online
>position is also advertised all over the world
>job posted 3 hours ago already has 1000 DurgaSoft certified applicants

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There is no such thing as generations because people are born every day, it was invented to segregate you. 20 years ago, millennial meant born before 2000. Now it is just another 4 letter word which means about as much as "whatever I don't like". People just don't want to admit they hate teenagers and want to come up with workarounds for it. There's no authority for which generations are which years. If you Google it you'll get 100 different answers. Sometimes it's just boomer and then Gen Z, there is no x or y. That's because it's all fucking made up.

This thread is nostalgia circlejerking, you should actually use the shitty 80s tech instead of just jacking off to pictures.

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>There is no such thing as generations because people are born every day
there are actually
look and the graphs of births per year and theres peaks and valleys

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take your meds

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>Remember Vietnam?
Vietnam was in the 60s. OP was talking about the 80s. Come on now.

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What's up? Starting to realize the tech you masturbate over can only exist in pictures and has too many problems on reality?

>> No.74846842

blaming your education for being a faggot with social media addiction.

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I promise I will if you go to >>>/vr/ first

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Remember when boredom was a thing?

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