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Meh, some motherboards wont even POST without a keyboard plugged in.

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get a life
söy boy

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iToddlers BTFO!

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My Mac Pro 2007 can and without a GPU too (Ubuntu server)
WTF Apple?

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You want to use computer without a monitor? Why can't you be normal like everyone else?

Think different.

>> No.74822398

> Be normal
> think different
Problem with apple since the 2010s and a bit before that

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No. All newer mobos post without a keyboard however if it's new you need to access bios and then you need s keyboard.

>> No.74822419

Every time you post anime a 14 year old white girl receives an 11 Pro

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Applefag here. Why would you ever need to turn on a computer without a monitor?

>> No.74823327

It's not meant to. Could be a replica chassis with a hackintosh system set up.

>> No.74823398

Why would a server not need a screen?

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I don't work in IT (sociology student), but I guess this person needs to deliver Apple-specific applications to devices on a network, that don't natively run on Linux or BSD. For example, Adobe Photoshop to MacBooks in a coworking space.

>> No.74823418

Because server(s) are controlled remotely

>> No.74823638

It looks like cheap trash.

>> No.74823655

There's a computer in that photo?
All I see is an oversized cheese grater.

>> No.74823669

and yet faggits love it
>Tim Cook really is a faggot.
but of course
so was jobs

>> No.74823691

>hurr ur a <buzzword> if you don't hate a product for doing what it's made to do
Fucking moron. Buy a different computer if you don't like that one. Having an autistic shitfit on an anonymous Mongolian basket weaving bulletin board isn't going to make things change.

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>they bought the $400 wheels

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That's because it is.
I wonder how many chink slaves died to make it.

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My boss gave me an old MacBook Pro as a workstation that had problems from day one. If anything it has further convinced me never to buy any Apple product for myself.

>inb4 poorfag
I could afford to spend 2000 Euros on a PC easily. Only why should I do it on overpriced shit with a bitten piece of fruit as its logo?

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A PC shouldn't require a monitor plugged in order to boot. It's bad design. Someone might buy it expecting exactly this functionality only to be rudely disappointed.
You are trying to justify bad design, which is pathetic.

>> No.74823838

does the rack mountable version also need a screen attached to boot? that would be hilarious

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Alright, there goes the arguent that being rack-mountable this could revitalize OSX servers and render farms.

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Probably. You think they'd make this a firmware setting that's disabled by default if it exists at all.

>> No.74823886

While this should be possible, I am curious why someone would use OS X on a machine that didn't need a GUI (as opposed to using Darwin).

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Only old mobos and you can just press F1 to continue anyway

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Why would audioniggers need more than an rx 580x?

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>apple product lacks basic functionality
>paid shills: well but why do you *need* basic functionality?

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>hiring niggers at the applel store to offset the whites/chinks at HQ
nevermind that they outsource to pajeets like crazy but that doesn't make it onto the chart

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Towards what? I still don't understand why appealing to statistics, based on race and gender alone no less. Is somehow inherently beneficial to anyone. It screams "ironic" to me that they call this progress while legitimately caring enough about their employees race to record it as a statistic and make a bar graph out of it. To influence their hiring decisions, based on race. We've come a long way from the 1900s I see.
Not even touching on this aspect: https://a.uguu.se/qwon8fT0Po1J.mp4

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but the (((progress))) is one where we breed an ever greyer, dumber, consumer
but they are playing themselves because they are simultaneously putting them out of work

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>posting le clicky meme for an mp4
You will be reprimanded.

>> No.74824134

>can't do something
>well why do you *need* to do something?
Apple shills all day, every day.

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Guaranteed 90% of those "Asian" employees are pajeets.

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>why doesn't my handgun have a corkscrew and lighter built in!?!?! this is outrageous!!! I better go on /g/ and screech about it autistically!
Ten minutes later...

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>Literally was talking to my dad yesterday about this
>How it's a gross misnomer to label any of their products 'Pro'
>As in 'Professional'
>Because they do stupid shit like remove USB ports or make it impossible to install traditional hard drives in their desktop models
>And this is coming from someone who worked as corporate IT
>"Hey, I've been on their campus and they're pretty legit..." Misses the whole point of the conversation
>Conveniently forgets all the instances where he's doubted Apple products
>"That's because they can't use legacy applications we're required to use..."

If all else, Apple's greatest sin is making the population that much more retarded...

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I am poor thread and I love my Pajeetdroid

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No, not really. It's more like it refuses to fire without a magazine in it. Which still wouldn't be unreasonable. Some may even argue that this is a safety feature.

These workstations are sold to be used with a monitor at a desk. The rackmount version isn't a server either. It's a rackmount workstation. It runs a graphical OS that is not meant to be run headless. This would only be stupid if Apple tried to sell these as servers. But they don't. They are not servers. Buy server hardware if you want a server. It's not like a single used Xeon server is going to be more expensive or consume more power than your pile of HP desktops stacked in the corner.

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Don't worry, there is plenty of child labor involved in manufacturing Apple products.
They aren't hired by Apple directly, but they are hired by sub-sub-contractors since Apple doesn't have any factories of its own.

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Amd and nvidias fault.

>> No.74825171

That's the joke you dense imbecile

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>welp, the Mac Pro needs a screen to turn on. So do we go for the iMac, essentially a laptop in a desktop, or the Mac Mini, essentially a worse laptop in a desktop with no screen?

>> No.74826058

You wouldn't want this for a multi-server install anyways. Damn thing has horrible performance/density ratio as a 4U single CPU system.

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>> No.74826219

Except this Mac is supposed to be rack mounted for some sort of pedo server room.

>> No.74826319

>the Mac Mini, essentially a worse laptop in a desktop with no screen?
I never got the purpose of these.

>> No.74826328

I actually had a mobo that did that.
Keyboard not found - please press f1 to continue

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>> No.74826360

Came here for this. Those better be the smoothest ride ever created...

>> No.74826403

At this point this is either 100% parody or they are really going full retard trying fully exploiting their customers

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>just consooooooom

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Maximum kek, triggering the poorfags like a boss

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Of course they're exploiting their customers, and their customers are happy to be exploited. Apple literally couldn't charge too much for their hardcore fanbase. Four hundred dollars for some cheap wheels for your PC case proves that. They'll be a grand for the next one and people will still pay it gladly. In many ways, it's entirely the point - to advertise to other people that you have the money.

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>> No.74826679


Lmao why are they all mostly pajeets too wtf?

>> No.74826680

I don't want to defend it, but can't you just like
>plug screen in
>unplug screen
>move the computer (it's got wheels!)/unplugged screen as required

>> No.74826690

That's Adobe's fault?

>> No.74826911

>hardware defect is adobe's fault
the absolute state of itoddlerism

>> No.74827239

Phone launches and shit are the same everywhere. These shiftless Pajeets can afford to stand there for days waiting in line to grab some to run home and list on Ebay for a massive markup.

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>> No.74828092

>Headless MacOS


>> No.74828104

Not my proudest fap desu

>> No.74829036

What is remote desktop

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>> No.74829314

Unironically? most of them are so painfully shallow, they are literally the perfect consumers because all they care about it their own image. I mean, yeah, some of them are solid, but a lot of them combine the worst aspects of chads, betas and coonsumers.

>> No.74829504

Yep. And you need proprietary DVD drive to boot from disc. God help you if it broke

>> No.74829552

it looks like a fucking cheese grater

>> No.74829576

Yep. Apple is trying to Make America Grate Again.

>> No.74829612

I run a desktop PC without a monitor, I use remote desktop to access it. Apple niggers need to have their throats cut with a dull knife.

>> No.74829898

probably to resell them with big markups

>> No.74830056

>What kind of a retard would use a mac

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>no poo pajeet


>> No.74830242

Mac's have never been able to boot headless. Ever. This is not new. That being said, fuck apple.

>> No.74830588

no, it's dynamic contrast on the display causing that

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>> No.74830668

Not really. Why would someone spend thousands of pounds for a desktop computer, only to use it as a server?

Its not what the system is designed for, it's made to be used as an apple desktop computer. If you wanted a server you'd use linux, or Windows server, and run it on a shitty desktop pc, or server computer.

Nobody in their right mind uses an Apple desktop for a server.

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>what is ssh?

>> No.74830684

why would a server need a screen?

>> No.74830715

So you can run screenfetch

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>sees a black person wanting a job
>due to them being black refuses to hire them

>sees a black person wanting a job
>due to them being black hires them.

>> No.74830734

you can run screenfetch without a screen

>> No.74830764

Truly the beautiul fruits of a diverse development team.

>> No.74830847

do they cost $50,000?

>> No.74830877

>they've got plenty of MIT grads
in high paying positions also that supports the "Asian" demographic in the chart since Asians (Indian subcontinent are Asian too) make up a large chunk of ivy league graduations.
Of course they outsource 90% of their grunt work to Durga/infiniteloo but Asians have been killing off jobs academically since the 70s.

>> No.74830895

Which job do they outsource?

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All of them.

>> No.74830975

Seems like sour grapes calling someone working for FAANG a code monkey.
Consumer support does not matter obviously.

>> No.74831011

they were counted as white back then

>> No.74831033

Wish Apple was this based taking jobs off from mutts but it's not true.

Unless things have changed drastically since 2017, MS, Amazon, IBM, Google and Intel employs way more people with H-1B

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but you still use android and google products

>> No.74831091

cope more ijeet

>> No.74831360

this btfos the ijeet

>> No.74831427

Is that not configurable? Even my budget P45 Intel board allows me to configure that.

>> No.74831655

Thank you bald faggot for blindly purchasing a cheese grater instead of an actual server

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how do you explain moot's mac mini server farm?

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What fucking computer doesn't boot without a screen ? They don't care, Apple had yo add this extra "feature" on purpose. I don't get why anyone is defending this. This is not cost saving measure because "lol who uses computer without a screen", quite the opposite

>> No.74832188

Oh fuck, my bad for being a dumb phoneposter

>> No.74832225

>400$ case wheels

>> No.74832671

just a 75ohm load on the R,G,B pins so the computer thinks a monitor is plugged in

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>> No.74833353

worth the weight

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