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storage spaces is actually not bad, tiered dedup'd ntfs

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ZFS on Linux with all of the correct hardware is the patrician's choice.

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The best FS-hours to unrecoverable failure ratio out there, with all the filesystem mod cons (if you're running Windows Server).

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>bitrot garbage
I love this meme. Now do fragmentation.

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Pic related

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how does on just werks mount NTFS on android?

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zfs-snapshot makes it too ez.

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how would g format one of these bad boays

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ntfs works pretty much everywhere now. exfat if that doesn't work, but you may have booting issues with that.

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What's the performance of btrfs like?
Is it only good for data servers or is it good for desktops/laptops as well?

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No problem for desktops/laptops. The main hardware hungry filesystem out there is ZFS.

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>usb stick that works everywhere for photo copiers

so a non-issue

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For me, it's Joyent's ZFS

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> NTFS if you need something a little more modern
Use exFAT then.

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most of their tunings are placebo tbqh

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>inb4 leddit


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>Now do fragmentation.
A REAL OS would do its own defrag. Or not need it.
How does NTFS handle defrag on SSDs?

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Teenage geek meme.

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If you only have one disk, it's just about as good as ext4.

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i like ur fonts bb
how to defragment zfs

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This is why I don't use SSDs and never will. I don't want a device that randomly stops working just because I wrote too much to it.

HDDs may be slower but thanks to my RAID card they are fast enough for me. And after 10 years of using RAID (started at age 15, thanks dad for giving me your old hard drives) I only ever had 2 disk failures, which I didn't lose data because I use RAID.

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I seriously hope no one on /g/ is stupid enough to use NTFS or Ex-FAT. Seriously, this is supposed to be a technology board.

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There is no best. ZFS is horrendously slow garbage that you need to throw a ton of hardware at to get decent performance out of. BTRFS has the potential to be much better if they would just fix the fucking RAID 5/6 problem already and put an end to the "BTRFS is unstable" meme once and for all. Every other filesystem is either garbage, a meme, a literallywho, or lacking in functionality. EXT4 & XFS are the best ung-bung filesystems.

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the number of inodes is configurable, if you knew you'd need more, you should have specified it

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If I knew I'd already use xfs.

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Bcachefs almost looks better than btrfs already.

It's possible that we'll actually feel confident about using that one BEFORE btrfs fixes their shit at the pace they were going.

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I hear that is a killer FS

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i actually do the same

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Thoughts on these?

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