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>>74778444 ptg made it to the-eye discord
>>74779014 anon explains private trackers
>>74779418 zoomie can't read
>>74779507 >>74779562 archivists true intentions
>>74779891 this question again
>>74780083 >>74780314 anon wants to ghostleech
>>74780435 >>74782989 wtfptg still begging
>>74779958 >>74780270 anon changes his mind
>>74780918 larpers are back in the thread
>>74781189 >>74782474 all data should be free bro
>>74781415 archivist makes a statement, not a threat
>>74781838 a ptg impostor on reddit
>>74782385 all concerns have been addressed

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Link to chat? I can cross-seed tons of content if Archivist needs help.

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why don't my humorous yet informative posts ever make the news

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When it comes to recruitment, RED is always the answer.

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Why do I feel like I have no chance of getring into BiB now... Fuck you Archivist, now the Cabal will be more anal about invites.

Wouldnt be surprised if BiB disabled invites now.

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Hello tech heads, im here to see if my gut feeling is right. I was looking to watch a few old films when i came across 123moviesdotcom and they have movies there fairly quickly after release, with some cameraman in the cinema type copy for a few weeks and then a decent copy will appear. Been using it for a few weeks now. I just have some weird feeling there is something ominous happening as they have ads overlaid on the screen which will open randomly when clicked and other times not. Does anyone know if there is anythi g dodgy in their sites code maybe?

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I think this is the wrong thread. Been reading your tracker breads though and quite interesting. Just wanted to know if this site has anything dodgy. Not some sperg at home in his 3 mo ths old pyjamas with the grotty crotch telling me to make userclass.

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there's no thread on red though. didn't they open sign ups on 1st and 15th of every month?

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>more than a month
>RED trackers still all red
Time to move back to soul seek + ruski forums, I guess.

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thanks for including me in the news each time, bro. love you. sleep tight nigga. hang a wtfptg while you're at it.

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Nice one you fucking niggers.
And thats your contribution is it? Well fuck me you are a godsend arent you. Fuck me i hit a board n half today

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someone please tell me how to crack sabnzbd. If i have to figure it out myself I am gonna spam the internet with it. So better you tell me how to do it. I wont tell anybody.

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You will just lose your time and also spoil it for the rest people. Just use nzbget. Since you are asking, you won't be able to do it, even if you were told how. But this is /ptg "trash", so feel free to do what u r about to

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bros, if this client isn't based i don't know what is
don't believe >>74785383 he's stupid asf

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I do not beg. I just wait to receive what my good fortune will certainly bless upon me.
Wtfptg is fat and gay. I am a based aryan. I can tell that the only thing you're good at, is worshipping witches of the toilet. Btw, ur mother is going to die in her slep 2nite if you dont reply 2 this post

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ur 2 stupid 2 unnerstand simplifiy, beggar

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Datalover? Absolute CRINGE. Also, you will never be able to crack shit, retard.

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I don't live in any western country, how do I get access to overdrive? pls halp thx

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Does DB9 have an invite forum? If so what they offer?

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gib me sabnzbd anon please. I am tired of this shit already.

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No. They banned it eons ago.

Make friends on irc and ask them for a card.

High user class, irc and being helpful. Nothing shady in this and pretty much exchanging help

You already have enough providers. Stop being greedy

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What if I am a poorfag and my upload speed is trash? I want to be helpful but can't reach ratio numbers..

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Just made another trans PMV for emp boys.

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You don't need trackers then in the first place desu. You just want to satisfy your e-pen. Which is perfectly fine, since we are all more or less the same here. But you could save trouble+ time by investing first on your irl making some average money and then come back to rent a small seedbox etc

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I am just looking for the "THEORY" not spoon feeding.

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There is not. Either you know how to do it or not. Its like explaining programming language to an illiterate.

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I have it installed bro. I was more curious to know if the site operates any shady practices but as i chose a trade that doesnt involve copius amounts of coding knowledge i thought id ask here.
For instance, the www at the start of the address has a number that changes, other times it will be wvvw instead of www. Thanks for not being a cunt though.

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tell me dimiter.

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daily reminder:

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if you mean ww2 and similar then that's just subdomains. Most of streaming sites have ads like those but you should be good unless you click on them and download what's on there. You can also block them with uBlock Origin by clicking on them with the right mouse button and choosing Block element

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Does this person have good taste in music or do they just comment in EVERY FUCKING RELEASE?

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nigger what?

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adjust pay Archivist for the Nostalgic rip: https://vv.the-eye.eu

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just pay*
fucking phone posting.

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Does chance affect pet drops?

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ggn has a freeleach buff rn btw

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Billie Eilish - When The Party's Over

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her music is unironically good, there's nothing wrong with liking it

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>Scene = boomers
>P2P videophiles = retards
Get Amazon.

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why? is it better than BD?

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fuck that failed sight

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red is best

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works fine

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Link nigga

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>his name is Schwartz
Oy vey! What a coincidence!

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Wow. Seems like his getting married in May. From Jail.

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The Archivist
Source-> https://www.theknot.com/us/luke-schwartz-and-brittany-young-may-2020/photos/2626827

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He need cash for a new fringe, the bald cunt.

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too much HOMOSEXUALS don't want their books leaked

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is /ptg/ doing something fun?
Lets pay a visit to his discord server https://discord.gg/6hr2Xsm

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>>ripping ...all ... pages, all user pages
I would argue such activity should get attention.
btw. totally no anti piracy behaviour here. *irony*

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Reminder that cabal recruiters do one per day to see what you say about them in public.

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the thing is if he wanted to "free content" he would do it entirely different.

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Not if you live in a third world shithole

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I pay 7€ a month for unlimited entertainment.

My seedbox uses lidarr, sonarr and radarr to keep track of my favourite music, TV, and movies and using the jackett plugin autodownloads a 1080p or 2160p remux or flac album from my trackers. My phone then receives a pushover notification when they are downloaded/available for viewing.

My local desktop then auto downloads all media from the seedbox and sorts them into folders which are shared with my laptop using synctrayzor. I use emby to listen to my music locally and dsub through my subsonic on my seedbox when driving.

Normally for porn I have a page with select tags bookmarked i.e. "virtual.reality h.265" a which I download manually as I am selective with my whores and see no point in automating it.

What other levels of autism should I be looking into? How do you automate your piracy /g/?

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Know who else was young then got famous AND got the Bond theme?


Now what faggot?

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wwhat is the second to last row? what do those record icons mean?

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>red is still down

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Okay now tell me how you are going to autistically ensure you continue your bloodline or actually do something with your life.

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Path to LearnBits and/or LearnFlakes. Also does anyone know how long TheEmpire recruiter for TheGeeks takes to respond?

>> No.74790282

Do you have to phone him overtime you want to watch a new movie?

It involves pre-implantation genetic screening and IVF.

Just use MAM

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4/10 troll attempt you lost credibility at the end, try harder next time

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How are you this blind, what in the fuck dude, it's not a fucking paywall? Are you just acting this dumb to troll me now, it's beyond the joke, how are you being this bloody stupid!!! I'm telling you that the information is right there in front of you, I'm hiding nothing and you're still blind to it, what in the world!!! WOW,THERE ARE NO WORDS, I'M UTTERLY BAFFLED BY YOU.

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are there are private trackers where i can just leech and not seed my internet is kinda shit and has data limits so i dont want to seed

>> No.74790388

tell me what invites they have and probably i will register me

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get a seedbox

>> No.74790414

MAM has a lot of things, but I still want more resources for e-learning so I can be set, I'm on MAM and BitSpyder, but I want to get on those three so I can be all set for life on e-learning. Plus they could be good backups if any of the other sites go down. So do you know that path to LearnBits and/or LearnFlakes?

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archivist is such a tool

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It's an end game tracker, you don't get it for its invite forum, you use invite forums to get in it. And it's fucking open my man.
Get the hell in there and exercise some good taste kiddo, this is not the time for chatter.

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Are there any sites that stream movies/tv in 1080p rather than 720p nearly all of them do it in?

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>> No.74790544

If they don't give it the bitrate it's not going to help. If it's below YIFY tier bitrates, with all else being equal you're probably better off with 720.

>> No.74790644

stop corrupting the goyim with your p*rn

>> No.74790852

me too

>> No.74791020

So, no. Ok.

>> No.74791022

Why would you assume it’s a troll? In case you’re new here, becoming acquainted with some people on IRC will result in an invite if you do it right. I got my invite to HDB that way. I didn’t use recruitment threads or anything. A user invited me after we started talking about movies on PTP or KG (can’t remember which).

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t. tell me how retard

>> No.74791464

That's retarded.
You can download chunks sequentially with almost any torrent client and it will work exactly the same.

>> No.74791551

a honeypot
someone trying to make money

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how does one get an account here?

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Unironically mam

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by becoming HIV positive

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What the fuck is going on with RED? They're normally the highest quality tracker, but lately every single one of my torrents are timing out.

>> No.74792915

they've been broken for months where have you been

>> No.74792917

where the fuck have been for the last 2 months?

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>> No.74792934

She has tattoos and her face looks like she has fetal alcohol syndrome. I wouldn't touch her with a 10 foot pole.

>> No.74792935

it's just an apooloo concern troll

>> No.74792937

Sorry but I'm not kidding, what do you guys mean by "private trackers"?
Are are you looking for private trackers or something

>> No.74792946

lmaooo now i understand why he's doing this
he's BALDING hahahaha

>> No.74792952

facebook /schwartznet/about/

His one post links to an Amazon wish list for server parts under the name Brittany Young. His colo operation seems to be under the name Schartznet run by a Luke Schwartz. Hmm. https://www.theknot.com/us/luke-schwartz-and-brittany-young-may-2020/photos/2626827

>> No.74792961

hahahahahahahahahaha get fucked

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Does she genuinely have fetal alcohol syndrome? Look at that fucking face.

>> No.74792985

>His one post
what post

>> No.74792986

t. the kike-ivist
nothing you can do about it now worthless you sack of shit lmaooo

>> No.74793028

Everyone in this thread is a fucking moron. I don't know what you're talking about but you're stupid.

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I mean you are here anon

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>> No.74793272

a similar thing could be said about a mentally unstable private tracker user.
the more trackers he scrapes, the more users he fucks with and the more he could end up motivating someone to do certain things.
all it takes is for one paranoid, crazy Tennessean to get angry and mr. Schwartz and his wife will suffer. he is the one who has played with fire.
not me though, i live in Denmark lol

>> No.74793294

Archivist girlfriend is kind of hot

>> No.74793332

we'll see :3

>> No.74793360

owner is fucking with you, there's nothing, sadly

>> No.74793386


which points to

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incase he deletes the list (even though that would go directly against his entire paradigm that got him into this mess in the first place)

>> No.74793424

>We're sorry. The Web address you entered is not a functioning page on our site
did he take the wishlist down

>> No.74793431

>fetal alcohol syndrome
I bet you fuck niggers too.

>> No.74793551

HULLO archivist

>> No.74793594

you're doing god's work anon

>> No.74793657

Go back to the ghetto, nigger.

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>> No.74793714 [DELETED] 

Naw I like fucking white woman

>> No.74793725

Naw I like fucking white woman

>> No.74793850

OOPS has BP. Seeding is all you need to do. No need for degrading things like spamming deezer FLACs.

>> No.74794105

theres a dev u can msg 4 pay2leech + buy aged accounts, w/ good ratio.

>> No.74794460

fuck that failed sight

>> No.74794726

Retard here, should I just use PayPal to buy a seedhost box or do I need to quickly learn how to bitcoin so I don't get the britbong royal guard knocking on my door asking if I have a loicence for my autism p2p RPG?

>> No.74794759

it depends, do you have a loicence?

>> No.74795040

Is U2 useful for anything? I need something new in my collection.

>> No.74795075

Less useful if you have little space.

>> No.74795175

personally i think you'll be fine but bongistan is breddy fugggged xd so who actually knows

>> No.74795203

If you need to ask...

>> No.74795421

no u didn't

>> No.74795445

pics or didn't happen

>> No.74795548

Path to Lztr? Or can I just ask in their IRC?

>> No.74795550

read 4 posts after the one you quoted, you retarded street shitting pajeet

>> No.74795634

they definitely recruit from AHD which is pretty easy to get in to

>> No.74795701

Shit internet.

>> No.74795706

Your mother died, why are you posting here?

>> No.74795723

any torrent sites have this show? Hamilton's Pharmacopeia

>> No.74795727

well there's a thread on HDB but that probably doesn't help you either sorry

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guys path to brokenstone?

>> No.74795837

no problem, thx for looking anon

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cinemaz is actually pretty good if you aren't an encoding queen. lots of rare kinos there and importantly lots of smut masquerading as art. based french directors.

>> No.74796802

basado as fuck
direct me to them

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>The /ptg infiltration has began

>> No.74796892

>lots of smut masquerading as art.
Any recommendations?

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>BTN has announcement for new mods.

Please apply /PTG, we need to infiltrate that bitch

>> No.74797089

btn is not a good site

>> No.74797224

Fuck yeah! Another day, another 259 MB on red! I'm seeding over 20 gigs of cows mooing and that's how I'm making such good upload

>> No.74797250

>20 gigs of cows mooing
Dude I love that song.

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>> No.74797599

Prove it

>> No.74797602

t. a /neverever/ fag

keep whining though

>> No.74797652

burden of proof is not on me, make userlcass and you can confirm what I'm saying

>> No.74797678

Looks good. How to join?

>> No.74797687

The atmosphere and the before-excitation just aren't the same

>> No.74797772


>> No.74797838

I've found shit there that I didn't even think anyone had ripped

>> No.74797887

are you on drugs cunt

>> No.74797906

I wanna sound mr. Schwartz's penis

>> No.74798116

wassup my ptg bros?

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What does it mean to be strong anon?

>> No.74798147
File: 1.33 MB, 200x200, 1547955556931.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it means you have a buffer of +1 tb on red

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