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>> No.74588282

...because they work out of the box with nearly all of the software you're going to need?

Only people I knew who didn't use Macbooks in my undergrad were smelly neckbeards to be honest

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does it even matter compared to the debt they already got by studying in the US of A? Might as well buy the fanciest shit and try to impress the chics.

>> No.74588294

Fashion statement mostly. And brainlets that fell for the apple superiority meme. Truth is, Macbooks are some of the most poorly designed pieces of shit on the market. You could buy a more powerful and better designed Dell, for example, for a fraction of the cost. There were several models of macbook that had severe design flaws such as a fan that blows hot air directly onto the glue holding the shitstain together, motherboards that fry the CPU if there is one malfunction anywhere in the circuitry, chips that constantly fail, you name it. Theres literally no reason to own a macbook unless you're a troglodyte with no ability to think for yourself, which most people are to be fair.

>> No.74588298

because Mac OS has great battery management and the touchpad is S-tier.

also its a fashion accessory.

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I know someone at case western medical school and they almost all have windows notebooks

>> No.74588312

I too watch Louis rossmann

>> No.74588715

Windows is hilariously awful and most people can't install an OS - if that's you and you've got money to spare, I guess you could do worse than getting a Mac.

>> No.74588724

>a very selective university
There you go. They have the money to drop on Macbooks.

>> No.74588742

>cant install an OS
>the installation process of linux in 2020 is literally "click these 3 shiny buttons"
If you cant do this you dont deserve a computer.

>> No.74588784

because other laptops still suck. They either are bulkier or have worse battery management. Also windows just isnt smooth or works well and normies cant be bothered with linux. The only thing that changed at universities in the last few years is that some are using Surface Pros and laptops, but other than that not much else. If anything there are more iPads now too. Students just know that software and hardware needs to be done by the same people to get a decent product.

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I don't know how to use Windows and Linux is annoying and fussy.

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My Macbook has been the only quality laptop i've had. Got it for 4 years now when my old shitty HPs or Dells break after 2 years. Don't really need it for gaming because i have a gaming PC and its portable and convient if I want to watch a movie in Bed.

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Because you're a shill, making this thread again to get your coke money.

>> No.74592929

Windows is junk

>> No.74593206

this, why is every other laptop trackpad such a piece of shit? maybe they can't copy the vibration thing but at least make a big comfy trackpad, fuck it's not hard

>> No.74593230

poo in loo street shitter

>> No.74593252

Cope harder brainlet, why would you even use a laptop if the trackpad is shit, might as well lug around a tower and a display everywhere you go at that point

>> No.74593269

not everyone cares about being a fucking virgin linux user you know

>> No.74593273

Street shit harder iJeet. Why would you even use a macbook when fucking EVERYTHING is shit?
Shit keyboard, shit battery life, shit OS, shit reliability, shit repairability, shit upgradability, shit compatibility, shit connectivity, and street shitter shills.

>> No.74593579

low qual

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Well you obviously cared enough to calculate the exact percentages

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Apple users are niggercattle. Facts don't matter, reality doesn't matter, quality doesn't matter. Only the logo matters to Appletard niggercattle, and regurgitating marketing bullshit their great leader tells them to.

>> No.74594048

>The reality is 75% of people that shit on apple do so because they can't afford it

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>daily itoddler shill thread
>turned into apple hate general from the first post
>99% of thread is seething itoddlers and itoddlers being BTFO
>apple hate general will reach 300+ posts of itoddlers being BTFO

>> No.74594340

Brand whoring. There's literally no reason to own a 2k+ macbook when you can get better specs and customization in a Thinkpad for a little over 1k. Normies don't know better though.

>> No.74594363

>>apple hate general will reach 300+ posts of itoddlers being BTFO

Power management.

>> No.74594368 [DELETED] 

Your mother’s mouth is my toilet

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>Power management.
This. Apple street shitter engineers are so shit, even 10lb gaming laptops with SLI GPUs are more battery efficient than PajeetBooks.

>> No.74594388

Basically cause windows is shit and people can't be bothered installing linux
Also battery life, display and trackpads are good

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Nothing is shitter than pajeetOS, and linux takes 10 minutes to install. Go poo in loo iJeet.

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>battery life
good niggercattle, keep repeating that, but it'll never be true

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Is there anything more patrician than owning AAPL? My portfolio is 90% AAPL and has earned me $5000 in value over the last year and another $5000 in dividends. After I built my $3000 monster PC in 2015 using iCuck donations I still haven't run into a single reason or need to upgrade it much less replace it.

iCucks are just giving me their hard earned burgerbucks hand over fist for chink junk mass produced by the lowest bidder for the "privilege" of having a fruit logo on their fragile poorly made toys that have a lifespan of 2 years tops. With all the money they've generously donated to me, I can build a monster quad CPU quad GPU system every year if I felt like it.

This is what it's like to cuck or dominate someone isn't it? I can call iCucks drones, retards, sheep, NPCs, whatever, and these niggercattle will continue to lick my feet and pay tribute to me. Feels good being a true patrician owning the only good fruit product, their stock.

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>tfw come to /g/ solely for these flipped iShill threads to watch iFags get shat on

>> No.74594467

>10 minutes
The point is, people ain't gonna do that
They want stuff preinstalled and that just work oob

>> No.74594475

>just work oob
Macshit is broken unusable trash out of the box.

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>all pro-mac posts
>outright lies and denial of massive worldwide recalls, bans, and class action lawsuits and settlements

>all anti-mac posts
>truth that seethes mactards

>> No.74594551

90% of Americans are spoiled retarded motherfuckers

>> No.74594559

>acknowledge macs are chinktrash with worse reliability than $200 HPs
>b-b-but they're still the best!
And this is why appletards are universally recognized as subhuman trash.

>> No.74594566

>95% of thread is just shitting on apple and apple users
Nah, pretty sure OP is getting his rupees docked at this point.

>> No.74594578

>literal bomb waiting to explode
imagine being so fucking stupid you even have that in your house, not that you'll have a house for long

>> No.74594590

2 iPhones, iPhone xs max 512gb
iPhone 11 128
Apple tv 4k

I plan on replacing my aging windows 7 machine with a Mac mini 2018 soon. Nobody wants spydoze 10.

>> No.74594601

Don't forget to sweep your designated shitting street Rajeesh.

>> No.74594613

and redpilled

>> No.74594620

You people keep saying that.
2016 “hurr bomb durr”
2017 “derp just wait it’ll explode“
2018 “watch out anon”
2020 “guuuuuuuu literal bomb waiting to explode”


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It's L I T E R A L L Y Apple saying it's a bomb. You are literally niggercattle.

>> No.74594649

Yet it keeps on working

>> No.74594659

Why is apple associated to indian streetshitters? Wasn't it microsoft? Dont macs cost too much for the average hindu pajeet?

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It's normie bait

>studying medicine
>not writing your notes down

>> No.74594664

You can buy replacement batteries and fix the issue like I did. I replace my batteries when they reach 75% capacity. Why? I like my computer to work.

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apple hired an army of pajeets to street shit on /g/
then they transferred them to the macos, ios, and hardware division to design apple products

>> No.74594669

They’re projecting.

>> No.74594718

You paid $900 for chinktrash that's worse quality than a $500 Acer.

>> No.74594795

Nice trips
I don’t care what you buy, but why do people treat their electronics like hockey pucks?

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>apple openly admits macbooks are hazardous bombs
>apple openly admits their keyboards WILL fail
>apple openly admits dozens of other major defects and relents to repairs to avoid class action lawsuits
>applefag niggercattle still claim their chinktrash are high quality

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It's great isn't it?

>> No.74594890

Well that is literally what they do. What gave it away?

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unix is a dead standard ijeet

>> No.74594900

This tread looks like a pure cancer. Don't bother.

>> No.74594949

Como estay Pablo?

>> No.74595109 [DELETED] 

seething wh*toid

>> No.74595388

Idiot sheep. That is literally the reason.

>> No.74595447


>> No.74595516

>if you're going to be using something every day you might as well get the thing that looks nice and not the thing that works nice
got it

>> No.74595991
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My dad has a mac and was thinking of finding him some bash/zsh tutorial since he found the terminal interesting

>> No.74596172

Even Louis Rossman acknowledges the real reasons people buy Apple products, that's just low quality bait

>> No.74596448

>normies cant be bothered with linux.

>> No.74596599

I don't like Windows since 8.

Too much nannyware.

I can tell in the future Windows is just going to be on a meme gayming desktop for me while the laptops for everything else are running some kind of Linux.

>> No.74596660

It makes sense for cs students, because a lot of them would probably want to work for apple and the hiring managers at apple aren't going to hire anyone without OSX experience. This requirement is basically non-existent anywhere for windows, while at the same time using a mac isn't going to stop you from getting a job elsewhere. So simply put, using a mac makes it easier to get a job.

>> No.74596715

- unix capabilities
- hotkeys well done
- trackpad
- screen
- backlight
- keyboard

for professional use, but if they are students it's just likely a trend

>> No.74597113

Not premium, Macbooks are made with premium materials and also come bundled with the Apple's ecosystem that no competitor can't replicate.

>> No.74597206
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Din't use one for undergrad but got one for medical school.

Maybe not the absolute best in each area, but the combination of trackpad, screen, speakers, keyboard (on the new 16) and build quality just can't be beat. Then consider it works great with iphjones and is extremely reliable and it's no surprise.

But most of all, if you're going to medical school you can afford one, and like someone mentioned earlier most people would buy one if it wasn't for the price.

>> No.74597660

Normalfags prefer status over functionality.

>> No.74597758

Mostly just for social status. But beyond that, Apple pruducts are generally pretty good. Their problem has always been value. Forking over 2-3k for a laptop is asking a lot.

I use a MacBook and iPhone because they’re issued by my employer. If I had to spend my own money I’d probably just get some Dell laptop with Ubuntu on it and an Android phone.

>> No.74597820

Why the fuck should I mostly care about the touchpad? I know that they're normie-fying everything these days, but I don't think that things have turned into a children's coloring book yet.
Do you not need to type a lot of text? Especially when you're a university student or a software engineer?
Can you even feel that the touchpad is much more accurate than any $800 laptop's touchpad?
Because I can definitely feel that my fingers wish they could kill themselves whenever I'm typing on a shitty 0.1mm thin MacBook keyboard.

>> No.74597977

If I want to buy one for cheap where would I go? Ebay?

>> No.74597997

>People are dumb and just grab a "MacBook" for 3,000 simply because they can afford to waste so much money
The terminal which works plus decent battery life. Also, some people(not me) need photoshop for work.
Also, I have a feeling that third-party developers give a shit about UI apps, and it's more than can I say about Linux.
Windows just plain sucks when it comes to anything nix shell-related.
Actually I see an opportunity for the MS - make a decent Linux support in Windows(and I know about Ubuntu Linux package - it blows) - and I will switch.
In case of emergency, I can always sell my MacBook and go back to Lenovo v580c with the Ubuntu and xmonad.
>Why the fuck should I mostly care about the touchpad?
Because it's strictly better when it comes to work. It shortens the travel time between the keyboard and the mouse cursor controller.
The only reason why I yet to buy a touchpad for my Windows desktop is that I only use it for gaming.

>> No.74598005 [DELETED] 
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Why would you post something 11 years old?


iBulls can just literally just post up to date statistics and win, for example the first result for "adnroid ios wealth". Everyone else has to make stuff up or be extremely misleading

>> No.74598016

>Actually I see an opportunity for the MS - make a decent Linux support in Windows(and I know about Ubuntu Linux package - it blows) - and I will switch.
You mean WSL 2?

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11 year old data is more relevant than your data-free survey, street shitter.

>> No.74598076 [DELETED] 

Dumb poorie, poojeets can't afford macs

>> No.74598077

It's mob mentality. Every single person I've ever spoken to who is considering buying one of these is doing it because they know other people who bought it. When you ask why thy have no actual reasons. It is significantly less of a computer purchase and more of a jones/cult style effect for the vast majority.

>> No.74598132

> Even $300 Acers are decades ahead in build quality than this fruit shit chinktrash.
that's just outright wrong
although that still doesn't speak well of Apple, it just speaks of how fucking shit Acer is
never, ever, ever, ever buy Acer

>> No.74598153

no it isn't, which is why everyone who can ACTUALLY AFFORD macbooks buy macbooks.

Also using numbers for repair rates is that it won't include all the people with shitbooks who can't be bothered to come in with minor issues, whereas people with expensive laptops e.g. mbps are more likely to come in to get it sorted. Although obviously this doesn't really matter when your using data from around the release of the first iphone lol.

>> No.74598160 [DELETED] 

Apple users are niggercattle, it's just that simple.
Apple niggercattle don't care about build quality.
Apple niggercattle don't care about reliability.
Apple niggercattle don't care about performance.
Apple niggercattle don't care about speed.
Apple niggercattle care only about the logo on the lid.

If Apple niggercattle cared anything about build quality, reliability, performance, speed, etc they wouldn't consider macshit for more than a second.

>> No.74598168

their Swift laptops are reasonably well built tho but only the higher end ones
like they the Swift with top specs all the way down to a Pentium with a TN screen
And sometimes even $500+ models come with TN screens, don't ask me how I know

>> No.74598295

based /g/
iniggers getting what they deserve every day

>> No.74599300

Not him, but not really. It's possible that your conversation partner didn't put a lot of thought into his argument, but the argument itself is actually solid.
Maybe accidentally, but still.

>> No.74601177

it's funny that everyone's bringing up the whole status thing because in real life I've noticed that the people I interact with who use apple's products don't really mention it all that much, and the people who don't are always going on about how much better they are for it

>> No.74601194

Incels won't get laid for having an iPhone and Chads don't need them to get laid, don't waste your money faggots

>> No.74601204

i dumped apple last year after being a loyal user since powerbook g3
my 2013 mbp retina was just junky and never worked right after warranty
cooling an display issues
when it finally shit the bed i couldn't justify the cost to quality to spec ratio anymore and bought my first pc
but now browsing the apple website i see the new macbook pros don't look like a horrific deal, maybe i'm not the only one who dumped them?

oh well too late i'm not going back

>> No.74601260

Because you're fucking LARPing.

>> No.74601262

Of course you don't mention it you socially inept faggot, you just take it out at any opportunity

>> No.74601344

eh, my coworkers are iphone users and they pick on my lonely android ass constantly

>> No.74601391
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>> No.74601418

Just use a fucking mouse. Trackpads are and always will be garbage.

>> No.74601504

who uses a mouse with a laptop?

>> No.74601839

one of the things I've always noticed when talking with macbook owners, was that all of them had some really old, crapy $300 laptop with Windows, then bought a $2500 one from Apple, and their retarded ape brains somehow make a connection that Apple is better, even though they never had a Windows machine of even remotely the same tier

>> No.74603637

Normal people that like fine control of their cursor.

>> No.74603742

Maybe I work in a penguinista monastery, but I see a lot more system76 and thinkpads running nix than anything else. It's mostly coders and sysadmins.

>> No.74603753
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iToddlers literally seething.

>> No.74603792

t. seething iJeet

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