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>> No.74495274

I just saw this at the opentracker page.
Why are private trackers such a pain in the ass?
Why not just make the tracker public?
I bet you will have more seeders without doing retarded sekrit club interviews

>> No.74495290

the point of torrents is that they are decentralized, if you're going to make some retarded private structure you should then just store it in a fucking server.

>> No.74495406

myspleen down?

>> No.74495718

Day 7 of GGn tracker issues

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>> No.74496890

>Why not just make the tracker public?
>I bet you will have more seeders without doing retarded sekrit club interviews
Imagine being this retarded

>> No.74497055

And who is going to pay for a server with petabytes of storage and who is going to pay for the Tb/s in bandwidth?

>> No.74497405

Top private trackers do this too. You can't even mention some of them without the users getting mad. Who cares if they want to remain hidden?

>> No.74497702

the shitting pic is from where

>> No.74497996

can you invite me?

>> No.74498045

>All user here know the true value of RED and are grateful towards the staff and have confidence in them because of they had fulfilled the void left by whatCD. All community should donate ( if they can afford it) love and support a staff who work for them and respect them for a sharing ideal and don't make money on them when access is free.
>We know they aware about ratio watch and all other problem and they are trying to fix it or will. Staff need all our support when shit happen.

Oh my fucking god. When did RED became so fucking /curry/?

>> No.74498058

no u

>> No.74498084

>When you’ve never been RED once
>BTN PTP HDB master race
>Sick of curries climbing the ladder and shitting up master race
>RED might be dead, yet again curries ruin everything. Praise.

>> No.74498469

fuck off red

>> No.74498675

It's pretty retarded, a few years ago it was super easy to get into every tracker, now it's almost impossible UNLESS you know someone then again it becomes extremely easy.
Kind of retarded but IPT is enough for almost everything and Pornolab has open sign up

>> No.74498702

99% of non-scene P2P releases that get distributed to rarbg by bots are BTN, HDB or PTP internals. I'd love to know why career rippers and cappers masturbate to the top cabal so much.

>> No.74498729

Eh, RARBG isn't that good. It's really no effort to get on IPT or some decent non-cabal tracker that covers almost everything.

>> No.74498767

>I'd love to know why career rippers and cappers masturbate to the top cabal so much.
I've seen rippers/cappers that used to post publicly or on lower tier trackers instantly switch to primarily releasing to BTN/PTP/HDB as soon as they got in to those sites. Why??

>> No.74499267

Only AB hasn't whitelisted 4.2.x

>> No.74499275

calm down poo man diarrhea states

>> No.74499416

>invite me to the fake door anon pls

>> No.74499438

But AB is the Head of the cabal

>> No.74499654

>Why do people want to join PTP or HDbits when they mainly watch pretty mainstream movies, that you can find anywhere?
It's a good source of content that is pretty reliable, but yeah, I do most of my downloading from usenet and then I use PTP and HDB when there's something too rare even for usenet. All that mainstream stuff can be had on usenet without seeding, and it's easy to get it for free.

>> No.74499655

>Muh bruh, but they are the best or so they have told me.

>> No.74499677

Same thing here senpai. Finally learned the power of "free" jewsnet

>> No.74499704

they are stupid, they don't want give invites but they want everything free, stupid people

>> No.74499758

Is Mullvad or Airvpn better for seeding, given that you use their port fowarding feature?

>> No.74499826

>I will never understand why people get so mad about /ptg/ finding out how to get usenet for free.
They think it's a scam because they are too stupid to follow directions. It's really sad. There's so much content on omg alone that most people wouldn't need most of the trackers we talk about. And we got even more access from Andy! That was a fucking treat.

>> No.74499912

Step by step how-to free jewsnet.

>> No.74499942

>RED is still broken
When will they fix it?
>Downloading 0.00%
>Downloading 0.00%
>Downloading 0.00%

>> No.74499944

We haven't been here always.

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>Serious answer: HDB
>Less serious answer: AHD

>The "ultimate" answer: Anthelion

>> No.74500218

Had them since the beginning, so, but they’re really good sources of content and the community is pretty active. Necessary no, good to have, yes.

>> No.74500265

Can't tell if Anthelion is a joke. From the recruitment threads I can see it looks like a very small tracker

>> No.74500484

do you mean to suggest that discussing sanitation culture is forbidden according to DesiTorrents rules? all I want to download is a cholera-infested bollywood movie where some guy drinks cow piss and rapes his underage cousin

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>> No.74500601

>We haven't been here always.
Then fuck off. You dont deserve it.

>> No.74500702

There is no need to be upset, everything is fine.

>> No.74500910

Bros, I am leaving /ptg/, different irc channels and different forums. Its a waste of time. I want to enjoy this time watching something rather than keep chatting on nothing productive. Keep me in your prayers. Bye

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But how sir? So, not /pure?

>> No.74501931

2 months of serious effort. I've been in a few /curry/ trackers for the past few years but was never serious in playing the /rpg/

Still /pure/ fortunately so I really have nothing to worry about and I haven't invited anyone else so far so I have nothing to be worried about.

I did receive an invite to RED from a friend about 2 years ago which was my gateway into all the mid to high end /cabals/

>> No.74501942

It will come up the moment the freeleech tokens expire.
Screencap this.

>> No.74501976

getting an invite from an IRL friend? keep coping

>> No.74501991

How can BTN be so comfy and high quality while being ratioless?

>> No.74502149
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>Getting invite from friend

>> No.74502273

Where does leaseweb offer seedboxes?

>> No.74502706

omg no please don't leave.

>> No.74502752

secret curry forum.

>> No.74502762

curry tracker need to ensure good service to keep the donations flowing
cabal trackers just wank each other off

>> No.74502803


Here kiddo. Join and get interviewed

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>> No.74502947

Walkerservers or seedhost are on leaseweb

>> No.74502963

>are on leaseweb
meaning leaseweb does not offer seedboxes, leaseweb sells servers to seedbox providers
that's entirely different

>> No.74502997

Yes, I though the poster was interested in having seedbox on Leaseweb’s network. Leaseweb themselves don’t sell seedboxes, that’s correct.

>> No.74503018

Alastor can you please post your email here? We need to talk about something.

>> No.74503434

What's the biggest difference between orpheus and RED in terms of selection? Is there any genre that is better catalogued on RED? Is there any way I can get into RED through Orpheus?

>> No.74503519
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sir you called a taxi to ORPH??

>> No.74503579

My account was disabled for inactivity and they said no

>> No.74503641

Orpheus has albums you can actually download and listen to.

>> No.74503684

Is BIB not 1 account per lifetime?

>> No.74503730

>What's the biggest difference between orpheus and RED in terms of selection?
RED has more
>Is there any genre that is better catalogued on RED?
yes most if not all
>Is there any way I can get into RED through Orpheus?
you can try to do their interview, assuming they still do interviews since their usercap has been reached.

>> No.74503780

Do the needful

>> No.74503927

Don't do it then, its not worth it if that's your condition. You won't find anything not already elsewhere, provided that you actually read books ofc.

>> No.74503943

Won't lie to you, I have read over 1000 books in my life but haven't read anything the past 10 years. What does BiB have that libgen doesnt?

>> No.74504358


>> No.74504443

Which thread was it for r/piracy to game the system?

>> No.74504468

>I don't even know why people bother with bib
strongest poo filter of any torrent site

like, the mesh is so fine that 1 teaspoon of water from the Gangrene River would clog it

>> No.74504619

permanent freeleech: george orwell, "shooting an elephant"

>> No.74504700

Its one of the top posts, easy to find.

>> No.74505240

does your TV support the DLNA standard? you may be able to skip the botnet stick entirely and stream via minidlna or similar. IIRC, all you'd need to do it open a couple ports on the server and ensure than both devices are on the same LAN

>> No.74505321

“Trackers” as in torrent trackers. Now either read the full OP as well as the links, or fuck off newfag.

>> No.74505339

Anyone else having a problem with Gazelle's certificate?

>> No.74505428

I'll shut up and let others help, because I'm fairly ignorant about video streaming

>> No.74505435

Where's this? I wanna laugh

>> No.74505456

Someone upload it to Orpheus


>> No.74505499

update: I changed HDR display setting on the stick from Always HDR to Adaptive and now it's streaming without transcoding, CPU usage is 5-10% right now, I will do more testing and hope I don't get crashes again. Retards at Amazon probably think only people with 4k hdr tvs would buy the 4k stick over regular one but I actually bought it for better hardware.
Thank you anyway.

>> No.74505501

Whatever happened to Nala

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>> No.74505711

I don't. Get over it

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>You have recieved 8 gold for your actions

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>> No.74506465

Ridiculously small - 1600 users, 6000 torrents - and there's no seeds on a lot of stuff. Not a joke, but may as well be.

>> No.74506489


>> No.74506512

do i need to buy recipes from the shop to actually use them? i just want to maximize usefulness of all the bullshit items they gave me without wasting gold

>> No.74506518

>The media is being converted into a format that is compatible with the device that is playing the media.
>Reason for transcoding:
Alright I just realized I don't understand streaming and I bought a device I didn't need. Good job myself

>> No.74506530

How can you get a decent ratio on TheGeeks without a seedbox? Where could one find stuff to upload?
I don't know, but the recipe books are around 200 gold each I think. Shouldn't be a big deal.

>> No.74506585


>> No.74506781

I can try. Did I have wrong expectations from this device (4k fire stick)? I wanted to play my files without doing any transcoding and it can't even play [email protected], it's not like I have given it a 30gb remux to decode, then I would expect that it can't render it...

>> No.74506928

Will RED staff ever admit that they can't fucking fix the tracker? Or will they just wait until everyone just walks away?

>> No.74506999

please sir do not be mean to tracker staff sir they're working very hard support them thank you

>> No.74507206

when will ggn be fixed......

>> No.74507226

same time as red

>> No.74507356

they're being attacked by the government, i have reliable sources

>> No.74508045

Just use PTP normally. It's very hard to have ratio issues if you seed. Even if nobody downloads, you get BP.

>> No.74508374

Best way is to buy a large hard drive, download remuxes, and seed forever.

>> No.74508458

just enjoy the content dumbass

>> No.74508515

>just enjoy the content
Wait, you guys actually join private trackers to download things?
You do know it's all on rutracker right?

>> No.74508528
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>You do know it's all on rutracker right?
but it's not

>> No.74508773

I've been away for a while, and just got a laptop. Is there a suggested client these days for windows? deluge/qBittorrent/ other???

>> No.74508776


>> No.74508892

Do you seriously think gamers will let you do this unchecked?

>> No.74508897

nobody cares fucked

>> No.74509512

how to download seedbox, that everybody is talking about to increase ration?

>> No.74509527

You don't "download". You just buy and use it to download.

>> No.74509750

>using free as in freetard software

>> No.74509932

What have you done to me bros? All my stuff can be found on usenet. Every single search i have made.
I hate seeding and HnR at this point (!)

>> No.74510748

haha suck shit too the faggot sysop for thinking he was going to be treated like a king

>> No.74510749

You only download mainstream stuffs. Any tracker will fulfill your needs.

>> No.74510950

Yeah. Not much into niche stuff anyways

>> No.74511132

imagine getting into btn from ptp
i did the reverse

>> No.74511141

Suck dick, faggot

>> No.74511148

salty boys sitting in the pajeet trackers while i've been in btn since the beginning.

>> No.74511151

Your mom sitting on this dick, bitch

>> No.74511207

Oh, does it even differ from "normal" version?
I DL'd that DC already, that one was jsut popping to my eyes and was wondering wtf is that.

>> No.74511222

>imagine getting into btn from ptp
I did. PTP was on the Bigboyz forums

>> No.74511357

ahd throwing up 504's lads this it we are busted

>> No.74511362

GGn next.

>> No.74511561

I just coomed

>> No.74511583

ptp is scared of the cia if you want 0day content join a 0day tracker.

>> No.74511621

I'm in few already, just thinking if that PTP even worth of push.

>> No.74511629

>just thinking if that PTP even worth of push.
We don't want your broken ass English around, thank you.

>> No.74511631

seems based...

>> No.74511637


>> No.74511717

stop coping, lad...

>> No.74511754

Stop stopping me Mr. Curry.

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>> No.74512174

the shit stupid retard poo man diarrhea states is awaken

>> No.74512274

>This is an American site
>Adapt or leave
retard poo man leave please

>> No.74512295

American calling names, oh the irony.

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