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Stallman hasn’t installed his OS, he says that he lets expert and willful people do it for him. This way he gets a perfectly functioning system and some guy does what he likes.
The same way should be in general: do you want to install your OS from scratch or compile and set up some big program (DAW, video editor, etc.)? Perfect, either you find someone who is knowledgeable and can do it for free or for a reasonable price, or you can adventure in the cool world of computing and do it all by yourself.
Think about it: if everyone used a distro like gentoo set up by professionals, perfectly tuned to the system (like clear Linux but a lot more) wouldn’t everybody be happier?

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it'd be nice if you linked the thing you're talking about, you fucking retard

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He seems alright for a jew.

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Here's the link

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Only retarded coomers care about youtubers

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Okay janny.

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But I enjoy hacking on linux in my free time

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Post the video OP. Oh wait you cant, it doesnt exist.

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This is what inhaling e-celeb farts 24/7 does to you

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He's right, the real problem with FOSSfaggots is that they try to shoehorn it into every discussion, literally every single one, and they force people who don't care and even find their faggotry annoying to respond, and respond negatively because they're being bothered about a completely different issue. It's the exact some shit with BLM vs all lives matter. They're talking about something specific and if you don't care you should ignore it instead of trying to bandwagon but also bring along a ton of baggage. And it's exactly the same as when BLM protesters block highways and force bystanders to respond, it's never positive. If making enemies and stirring up controversy is your goal by all means do so

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>not using FOSS and repairing macbooks? fuck you you kike racoon eye faggot
>fuck you FOSSfags FOSS can suck my dick
>WOW! How come non-developers are so anti-free software?

Software developers are a menace

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Typing apt-get update does not make you a developer faggot.

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>Every application of a PC i don't like is /v/
Games are a valid use of computers as any other. Game houses are huge businesses writing very performant code akin to operating systems. Modern games have the capacity to push hardware to its very limits. Meanwhile most of the idiots who complain about "/v/tards" don't utilize their machines nearly as much and they don't drive the demand for better hardware.
>muh compiling
Unless you're compiling hundreds of LOC programs every day I don't believe you.

Not everyone is a developer or an engineer. Stop thinking your application is the only one that exists. General computers were made for general tasks.

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This is pretty rich coming from a man who spends nearly all of his time working. (and then blows all his money on stupid investments)

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That's a funny way of saying "I have no hobbies and/or girlfriend".

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Quite possibly the most retarded post to date.

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They are definitely butthurt, I don't think they can comprehend what he said.

He's also a vegan who isn't annoying.

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Nice try, Nazi. Get punched. We all see what you’re doing

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He isn't making much sense to me. Wasn't he very, very unhappy with Apple's comparatively mild obstacles to repair?

But absolutely irrepairable by anyone else (=unfree software) is okay because end users maybe save time?

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I mean, in his world, close source software is about the same as covering all components on a board with a very tamperproof resin that probably stops the components from being replaced or functioning if you try to do anything. And then additionally make it something from a contract violation to crime in most situations to tamper with this resin.

He'd be okay with this if this was the Apple/Asus/Samsung/... norm and they had devices that had a marginal advantage in performance to the end user, right?

At least he'd surely have a very hard time understanding why anyone vehemently warns and complains about this, right?

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GNU people don't talk about free as in free beer. Its free from surveillance, and the code is free to mod. I think he is wrong.

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Free software is worse quality than proprietary since it isn't being worked on by professionals, so it isn't analogous to repairability since you can have high quality professional hardware that is repairable.

Recommending free software is like recommending Chinese junk that barely works out of the box and dies if you look at it funny. It doesn't matter if it's theoretically repairable since it's not worth the effort.

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>Free software is worse quality than proprietary since it isn't being worked on by professionals
Not true. Open source software is one of the preferred methods of cooperation between companies, they produce billions of lines of code and we might have surpassed the threshold where most of the code they actually run is open source.

> it isn't analogous to repairability
It's exactly that.

> you can have high quality professional hardware that is repairable
That doesn't even make sense as argument AGAINST open source, only for it. "High quality professional software that is repairable".

Fortunately this exists, the problem is that it exists ONLY with open source. The rest -high quality or not- is covered with that shitty tamper-proof resin. Which is actually a fucking terrible idea.

>> No.74453712 [DELETED] 

Plenty of distributions do this. Gentoo is meant for people who want to build their own distro.

>> No.74453913

>Free software is worse quality than proprietary
No source. Professionals write free software when that software is useful for them. Unlike proprietary software, free software is usually used by the developers.

>> No.74453934

>Professionals don't make or maintain tools.

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>check out his channel because of this thread
>find out he's dating an Asian


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