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nobody wants to watch a fa/g/got, but yeah, go for it.

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>is it worth the hassle

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Off yourself.

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MacOS supports AMD processors?

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It's not a super straightforward install but apparently you can get it to work.

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I dualboot macOS and Windows 10 on my laptop. I use macOS most of the time. Everything works like normal, but I think that's because I have a very common computer with a lot of support in the community.

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Worth the hassle? If you're a creator then yes it's worth the LITTLE hassle it requires now to build a Hackintosh (also known as a Ryzentosh now).

If you're not a creator you're basically building a great Hackintosh and a decent Windows PC with the hardware that's compatible with the Hackintosh. So you need to pick one, you either want a great Hackintosh or you want a good computer than can be a Hackintosh/PC via dual booting.

Unless you're a creator I would just build a great PC with the same amount of money and wider selection of parts to choose from.

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Yr a faggot.

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I prefer to shit in a toilet instead of a street, so no.

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>i had a toilet but it broke and now i want to shit in the street

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>I fell for the /g/ meme
Alright brainlet

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Mac minis aren't that good of a deal anymore. They're like $800 for the shittiest one.

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I don't see anything else with comparable I/O like the mac mini. I'm willing the pay a premium for it.

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if you're serious about it you need intel

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but it's the only is where screen tearing is impossible

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So was MacOS/Unix...I feel like you have no idea what you're talking about

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do the needful iJeet

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No one gives a fuck shut the fuck up you faggot

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Do the needful pajeet.

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you can't, certainly

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Since 2009.
Don't bother anymore, Catalina is so bad it made me leave Apple forever. I even bought a native MacBook Pro 16 inch but there was no saving it. Removing 32 bit support and subpixel antialiasing was a horrible move.
There were golden times. Those are long over.

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Based apple putting americucks out of work

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I hackintoshed Acer F5-573G

17 inch screen
i7 6500u
16gb ddr4
Intel 520 + Nvidia 950
m2 ssd 128
+ dell wifi card (aliexress)

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