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They’re top Normie tier. They’re a CONSUMER product designed for people that only use the internet and don’t PRODUCE anything. All of their documents, pictures, and emails are stored on the google bot net for their convenience. They never leave the city so they always have a stable internet connection at their local free-trade coffee shop, so never see the limitations of having a glorified web browser with a keyboard.

However, you can put an ARM Linux district on them and turn it into a pretty okay lightweight netbook. If you’re okay with almost no storage space, 2gb ram, and no practical task that couldn’t be accomplished with other devices.

People who pay top tier laptop prices for a “premium” chrome book are the ultimate fools.

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Chrome OSs most powerful feature is that linux stuff is supported,but if you want linux,just use ubuntu,its much much better IMO.
ChromeOS is alright i guess (if you look over its horrid privacy)
OSes are only as good as their use cases,so there isnt really a "best OS" anyway.

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The hardware is usually top tier garbage. The software is great.

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Chromebooks are great for running Linux on. Show me a laptop in the $3-400 range that has a decent screen and 10 hours of battery life while running open source firmware.

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They aren't, your friend is a tech illiterate.

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Prettry much this. If ~25% of the world's population of (adult males) were to take the food safety of tech (ie A+ cert) I would be completely baffled if more than 1% actually passed it. We are doomed to be "that nerd that knows about wifi cables, mothermodem, cpu box, anti-static wrist band, and video game cards". Even less than that know basic tech things we take for granted like turning gifs/video into webms directly on your phone like I just did

The bad news is even when you take the time and effort to explain basic concepts to these monkeys they will still somehow fuck things up and/or get them wrong and eventually give up and accept their fate as tech illiterate morons. BUT the good news is you are now something that most people can't function without and if you become educated and skilled enough you can make some serious 6 figure incomes while sitting on your ass.

Anyway if you still think your shitty friends are of any value then don't lecture them or be condescending toward them. Just let them be and take what you really want from them (company at the bar/on the weekends or somebody to ask a loan from in an emergency).

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The friend is a system admin and he fought with me when I said Chromebooks suck

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The only pro is you can run Android apps, it's all cons after that.

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Are you implying 16gbs of am and a 2nd gen i7 cant run chrome?

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It’s not that most people are incapable of solving problems, it’s just that the amount of time/skill/understanding you need to do shit on your own typically isn’t worth the payoff. Think of a mechanical keyboard as an example of this. I could design and commission a pcb, a case, and program a micro controller to run everything or just buy the parts for one and follow a guide to put it together. The former would take five times as long, but I wouldn’t get a keyboard that’s five times as good. I have no reason to learn how to design a keyboard. Same principle applies to normies and computers. Why bother learning to program when all you do on your computer is watch YouTube, browse the internet, write documents, and maybe occasionally make a PowerPoint or something.

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Enjoy your 4 hours of battery time while doing so.

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People follow steps instead of understanding the underlying processes because computers are complicated

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t. never touched a CB

I got a Samsung one for $150 and put Kali on it.
>the built-in wifi supports nmap/aircrack-ng
>dual-core running at 2.2GHz
>10+ hours battery
Find any other machine that can do this for $150. I'll wait.

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>work machine
>150 dollar 4gb trash
You must be b8ing. A workstation needs a minimum of 16gb

>> No.74396266

What work are you doing that you need over 8gb?
You must be a Linus-watching child with no real work/programming experience whatsoever.

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>still waiting for answers

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>no retort


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>16gb of RAM to do what a 2009 Macbook Air with 2gb of RAM could do

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>why didnt you answer my retarded question

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It can’t do that with modern software.

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Keep talking. Its obviously you're not a software developer.

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But no ones denying it’s a good value if you want to do simple word doc and web browsing on it. But if you run any modern software on it for serious work the 4gb of ram isn’t near enough. You haven’t refuted this.

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>not kodewithklossy.webm

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You haven’t refuted shit, you’ve just made several assertions over and over. Re audio production, the MINIMUM requirement for Logic Pro X and Ableton Live 10 is 4gb ram and anyone doing work professionally on there is most likely going to be using multiple memory hungry plugins and multitasking. Make an actual argument using modern (not decade old versions) of industry standard software in different use cases or forever be BTFO.

>> No.74396818

>Java counts
Ok boomer

>> No.74397035

depends on the purpose and target audience.
If a person does NOTHING but consume media and maybe the lightest of office applications it suits their needs well with a good battery life and with a very simplistic UI.
I don't have a chromebook, but if android is anything to go by, I don't remember the last time I had to deal with a problem in android compared to windows that has esoteric bullshit problems coming up by the truckloads. (linux problems are easier to deal with compared to windows, but when talking about tech illiterate normies it's not even worth bringing it up)
So for a person who is tech illiterate, or even just not very good with technology, and does barely anything, it really is the best option.
If my grandparent's ancient laptop breaks down I'm definitely getting them some sort of chromebook, since all they do on it is skype and the occasional journey into the scary world of checking the weather online and I can be confident the UI will be simpler than windows for them.
Not to mention that for a tech illiterate person the thing would be more secure since there are far less viruses targeting chromeOS compared to windows and it's locked to shit.
>but google! but privacy concerns!
let's face it, people who don't have a strong grasp of how to computers won't be protected in terms of privacy no matter what you set up for them or what they use.
The best thing to do for those kind of people is give them a very closed environment with very little room to change things, which is perfectly fine for a setup dedicated purely for web browsers and skype.

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Serious question: Are you black?

>> No.74397168

this , and they are actually the best laptops for boomer parents

>> No.74397259

The implication of Chromebooks increasing marketshare is that Windows has now become so, so UTTERLY DISGUSTING in every conceivable aspect that even normal people are realising it and seeking an alternative.

Chromebooks are absolutely fantastic for what I call "life admin" - Facebook, buying things on Amazon, paying bills online. There are absolutely no distractions. Even the most retarded baby boomer cannot accidentally "click the wrong thing" and fuck a chromebook up. There's nothing to click. There's nothing to fuck up. Purely from that perspective, they are a work of genius and one of Google's best ideas.

>> No.74398408

They're close to having native Linux support, you get android apps. Its w.e

>> No.74398619

Sounds like the fault of modern software for being resource hungry trash.

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