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>Implying this isn't CIA falseflag #90471829
Be sure to sign up for service anon! Reminder that Uncle Sam Wants (You)s!

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based schizoposter

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>he uses <font></font>

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Based muslims.

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Let me ask you something /g/ is your shit secured enough that these guys couldn't turn your shit off remotely?.

>inb4 yes of course. I'm on Linux.

>> No.74256277


I'm an Iranian cyber soldier, friend. I can tell you you are on Linux ubuntu right now. You use chromium browser and you use a vpn which is also compromised. Are you afraid of me or should I show the world your desktop?

>> No.74256291

why didn't they say anything about the oppressed people of Syria and Iraq

>> No.74256292

>the feds use cloudflare
Why am I not surprised?

>> No.74256311

Based Iranian cyber soldier

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Show my waifu to the world then, you goatfucking nigger

>> No.74256329

LOL that's 3 strikes newfag, now delete your post and guess again.

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Shia are jews
Sunni are true Muslims as defined by GNU/Quran.

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I hope so

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It was my phone u sandnigger

>> No.74257527


lol, like it was really France and shit just trying to get Iran nuked

>> No.74258393

No wonder they can't design anything great, the last thing I would want to do as a hacker is to fuck around with some markdown language I haven't used ever since I was 14 when I created my first and only HTML file

>> No.74258460

Shut the fuck up teenager. You'll be shipped off to die for Israel soon enough.

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>that hacker didn't use modern fast slick js frameworks such as Angular, Vue, Reactjs, Svelete etc

>> No.74259885

the code for the website was a dead giveaway. what kind of hacker would upload a webpage full of advert trackers and including google analytics? it's a complete fabrication of someone's mind to try and implicate the iranians.

sloppy job, mossad. very sloppy indeed.

>> No.74259894

Calling Iranians "sandniggers" is like calling slavs "chinks"

>> No.74260052

> November kernel
> all externally originating traffic is dropped

>> No.74260072

Its just some skids with kali
nothing new, just media justifying war

>> No.74262382


Literally every american family from mainland Europe has changed it's family name's spelling.
Why is this considered so funny?

>> No.74262913

story behind image?

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>> No.74263153

hi leddit

>> No.74263639

It's something achmeds do to make themselves feel smart. As an Israeli I occasionally have to face the paralyzing terror of not being able to access some local fast food chain's online menu. I have chicken tendie PTSD.

>> No.74264352

>people who partake in a coupe suddenly aren't part of the demos

>> No.74265221

Based knowledgefag.

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>> No.74265530

Linux is a kernel.

>> No.74265959

Murrica needs war. They can't just shut down their Army. They constantly need to cause trouble all over the world.
How would you like it if an enemy army was stationed in your country against your will, regularly just randomly killing civilians and getting away with light punishment, with their drones flying through the air, ready to just blow whatever they want up at any time? Especially if you know that the leader of that country is insane and even his allies and personnel can't rationalize his decisions?
Would you feel safe? Wouldn't you want them out of your country so you can sleep safe again?

>> No.74266000

>we need to divert attention from the sleazy shit going on in ukraine....this should do it.

>> No.74266001

Fuck off, there's literally nothing wrong with <font>, css is bloat

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