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Only otaku and working professonals own computers in japan, and the ones who play games almost exclusively play erotic games and not western AAA games.

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hash, alcohol and caffeine

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i know, but i'll never tell, market analyst OP

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>still no Surface Touko Edition
wtf Microshit?

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The rest of the population use smartphones then?

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>Non Non Biyori Alarm
I need this in my life, finally gives me a reason to wake up before 3pm.

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they're nerds

this isnt the 90s & 2000s anymore ninja

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these dells look sexy, only nips have good stuff

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mostly yeah like that but i dont play mobileshit like cumbrain japs

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>tfw can't play bloodborne because of the lack of emulator and I don't want to get scammed for buying a ps4 or ps now

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pcs are shitty tin boxes , from the 90s, with windows installed on them. no design, nothing.
horrible 'retro' devices

why go there

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What do you mean it's never prevalent? Softbank literally grew up to the current size solely because of the Windows licence in Japan

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>the waifus that saved the PC

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The honest answer is pubg and Minecraft were killer games that got super popular in Japan only about 2 years ago.
This spurred the PC gaming market into the spotlight.

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because they are an autistic nation, and I'm not saying that as necessarily bad. and PCs just werent one of their preferred autistic tools.

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I read your link but do not understand... how Japanese do their computing?

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>tfw no miku laptop

>> No.74254512

i want to fuck miku

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What do you mean "now"? Dark Souls 2 came out like 6 years ago. Anyway, it's not just the PC gaming market, Japan is slow to adopt any new technology; even though they kicked off the tech boom, they somehow became very resistant to adopting new tech. Many years after the rest of the world had already abandoned CRT monitors and dumbphones, Japan was still using them. The market in the west has shifted very heavily to digital distribution, but we still have Japan putting 2-3 anime episodes on a Bluray disc and selling it for the price of a Hollywood film. People in Japan still buy weekly and monthly manga magazines in huge quantities, while people in the US read it online; actual comics are merely collectible items, not actually things to read.

All the major video game companies started out in Japan, so the Japanese are used to simply buying game consoles if they are gamers, while keeping their PC until something breaks. Everybody owns a PC, but all they only really use them for simple shit like internet browsing, visual novels, etc. Nothing that requires a lot of power. The software market in Japan is geared for these older machines with lower requirements across the board.

Japan quickly learned the lesson that the west is starting to learn: PC upgrades are generally pointless. Even if you have a computer with a 10 year old processor, it can still do common tasks with ease. Gaming is the only reason to upgrade. Such being the case, simply buy a cheaper gaming machine periodically.

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As far as I am aware, "gaming" is still largely viewed as something that children do in Japan. It took until just recently (the last decade or so) for PC tech and culture to become infantilized enough by the game market for it to catch on.
I imagine the two are related.

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That's like for sg market, not japs market tho

>> No.74258267

Japan are a country of collectivists who want to be told what to play on their gaming consoles instead of having the freedom to do whatever they want on a PC

>> No.74258459

You can get a free 7 day trial

>> No.74258564

japan is borderline third world, they still use shit like faxes in modern society like cavemen.

>> No.74258572

>Why is it only now Japan is embracing the PC market?
What do you mean? Touhou existed on PC since early 2000's.

>> No.74258596

>japan slow to adopt
They had PCs since PCs exited, even their own flavors of them with shit like PC-88 and PC-98. They weren't focusing on PC gaming though, since consoles exist for that.
They had consoles since Pong, 2 out of the current 3 big console names are Japanese.

How are you guys so clueless?

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>sim lim square
thats singapore bro

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fax is based and convenient

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See >>74256320

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I heard pc engine used to be popular in japan, but not many people switched to windows because it had bad moonrune support for a long time or something.

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i want to nakadashi hatsune miku

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Persona 3, 4 Golden and 5 Royal port WHEN? FUCKING WHEN? BITCHES

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