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What drawbacks?

I work with an IPS monitor everyday. It's kinda pleasant.

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TN panels are shit. What fucking retard youtuber are you listening to?

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The only upside of TN panels at this stage is that they have a fast enough pixel response speed to be used for high refresh rates of >60hz

Vs IPS their viewing angles are much worse, the colour accuracy and reproduction is dismal it's like 6bit colour with 2 bit dithering to fake 8bit. You can't use them for large screens because the viewing angles are so bad that when the screen is big in your vision you get colour/brightness uniformity problems especially at the corners.

IPS only real downside right now is you can't power high refresh rate panels with them. We have a few meme panels which are >60hz but the pixel response time is too slow to allow them to display colours accurately at those speeds. Oh and price of course, if you have a tight budget then you'll have to go for the cheap TN panels.

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I'm actually running a TN panel that has better colors than typical ips displays with true 8bit color. Only downside to it would be contrast ratios (which is also sucks as) and viewing angles (who views their main monitor off center anyhow). The viewing angles are actually pretty decent for a TN though.

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>here's your IPS display bro

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TNs aren't useful for anything other than CCTV displays. They are complete garbage in every way.

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I can notice the colors shift on my TN panel just from looking at the bottom of the screen to the top. They're shit if you at all want an image that looks good.

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>all panels are the same
>no mention of calibration

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>no ips glow on image
fucking marketing

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I just got a Lenovo monitor with the same IPS panel as the LG 27GL850. Except for the mediocre contrast, it's got great colors and TN level response times. It can even do [email protected] 10bit.

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Yeah i got the 27gl850, its based but the contrast is like a tn

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>Shitty smear gang

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Ces is soon, so you can't be disappointed with the rest of us

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too true

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OLED. I look forward, not back.

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BTW i just notice the fags in the thread talking about the color and 6/8 bits.

Color reproduction isn't measured in BITS, it's measured in sRGB %
sRGB in itself is the shit tier office color, something the first LCD got bad name for.
98-100% sRGB is what you can expect from a TN panel and it sucks, it's bleak, dull and dirty.
AdobeRGB = +120%sRGB and that looks juicy and delightful, the colors actually get colorful and the reds look like laser pointer rather than grapefruit juice.

a TN panel would have like 98%srgb which equals roughly to 70% AdobeRGB and that's why the red looks like grapefruit.
A decent VA or IPS would have 92-98% AdobeRGB and the pure colors look like laser pointer rather than some dirt mixed with shit.

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>New monitors have high refresh rate, lower input lag, all without costing tons. It's the IPS renaissance you fucking shithead
Are you implying that actually did anything to make them better?
All the high refresh rate IPS monitors are using every trick in the book to not make them look like hot garbage when doing high refresh
When binning panels for response time they also let alot of panel defects pass on trough, so your cheap high refresh IPS ends up looking worse than a Dell from 2011
Also no real effort has been made to increase the native contrast of IPS

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You just need to access the monitor's display settings via the buttons on your display bezel. Just google '(your monitor's name) calibration' or just any regular guide on calibrating your display, you don't need fancy tools.

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post model and calibration results, because there's no way anything you're saying is true.

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Mention one good example. I haven't seen one without shitty grey smearing, not even high end samsung panels.

>> No.74215165

Innolux has a 31.5" dual layer panel in the works. Might end up too expensive though.

JOLED will supposedly be manufacturing OLED displays up to 32" at their new plant.

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