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The smell of Rust

>> No.74149540

>Are they fucking crazy or what
Yes, they have an actual mental illness

>> No.74149571

Fuck garlic

>> No.74149654

I have literally zero problem with transsexuals -but "sexual reassignment surgery" is a fucking joke. Neovaginas are a joke. Penisplastics are a joke.

It's barbaric nonsense. Medicine isn't far enough to change someones physical genitals.

>> No.74150557

i dont know what to conclude out of your statement.
Maybe its because i use garlic for everything.

>> No.74150923

>Medicine isn't far enough to change someones physical genitals.
that's the thing with these people, they don't understand. They think they can take some pills, have some surgery, and change gender.
The reality is that you CANNOT change gender. You can only trick others into thinking you're another gender. God knows why anybody would put their health at risk just to achieve that.

>> No.74150955

Because men are being oppressed and women have an easy life where ineptitude and weakness is praised.

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Java smells like curry sir you are wrong sir pleas do the needfull

>> No.74151058

I-I was just trying to make a shitty pun, anon

>> No.74151509

that poor girl :^(

>> No.74151911

you're right, it's perfectly healthy, adaptive behavior.

>> No.74151957

Can of crackers from a military ration pack from 1933

>> No.74152262

Python would smell like a gummy snake desu

>> No.74152935

Go smells like Rust. Python smells like slim jims.

>> No.74153903
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nothing like the whiff of hot java in the morning

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