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Hyperbola: the official shitlord's OS.

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lincucks btfo

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hyperbola is shit now.
if it was GNU/kOpenBSD or some shit, it would be fine, but it seems they'll go for BSD utility autism and muh minimalism.
at least it will still be gpl.

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That might be christmas autism. Follow the link to the original and there is a to that.

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So does this mean that future versions of Hyperbola will have even more outdated and gimped packages?

If I wanted to use OpenBSD, I'd just use OpenBSD. Though I guess an FSF type definition of binary blobs is good to have.

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The OpenBSD guys might not be pleased that their shit is going to get rewritten in GPL3, but Hyperbola is the only freetard distro to actually get off its ass and do anything. Moving to BSD instead of Linux will make for some interesting times.

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>Java as forced dependencies

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Yet they're okay with Python?

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>I have, yes. I spoke with Greg Kroah-Hartman, and he said he'd be willing to accept a framework in the kernel for writing drivers in Rust
Linux is getting cancelled. Screenshot this

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$1000 USD says this project dies out bc dev laziness/no community support by 2021.

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Debian used to do the same for firefox.
I don't think python has anything like that.
Hurd is like fusion energy.

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It can't be, right?

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>I don't think python has anything like that.
They do. People wanted to maintain Python 2.x but the Python Foundation made very clear nobody could do so and still have "Python" in the name.

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It probably was, Hyperbola is from some South American country, Brazil I think

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t. superior monolingual american

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Has there been any indications of anything coming of this? The mailing list discussion linked there was posted on /g/ a few months back.

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I know what Guile is. I'm telling you that the term "fully-fledged" doesn't exist, the correct one is Turing-complete.

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>Hyperbola is a racist company who does not share the idea of feminist equality and solving racial inequality

you convinced me, it will be great OS

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was meant for

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extreme Freetard/BSDchud distros are NOT for fun. They're for preventing you from having ANY fun.

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>>1. Linux kernel forcing adaptation of DRM etc
>"Opt-in adaption" does not mean "forcing".
>>2. Linux kernel proposed usage of Rust etc
>Rust will only come in from external (non-mainline) modules.
>The only Rust flaw is its LGBT-compatible Code of Conduct. Rust is sponsored by Mozilla and many others, yet it's not a Mozilla product.
>>3. Linux kernel being written without security in mind etc
>"Paranoia settings" does not equal to "security". Remember the time some faggot asked Linus to sanitize PATA commands? I guess it was some Solaris 10 admin who accidentally formatted some production disk. Adding ridicolous sanitization layers on top of root gives a false sense of security and gets in the way when you need to get things done. Linux (and everyone) is steadily moving to capability-based solutions, but you must be retarded if you think that pledge() is enough to switch to *BSD (didn't you know about CAP_* and cgroups and the likes?); a good system administrator may dramatically reduce privileges to any process tree with a literal half a dozen lines in some *.service file. Yes, Linux security is way more than a kernel thing.
>Finally, a single hardware vulnerability makes every previous effort useless. I still have a good laugh at QubesOS finding out a 13+ months old vulnerability in Xen, imagine their face the day Spectre/Meltdown came up.
>>5. Many GNU userspace and core utils forcing adaption of features etc
>Main offender is Gnome, requiring systemd because it saves monstrosities (and duplicate work) about login/seat management, USB+hotplug management, etc.
>There is currently no serious "desktop friendly" (that is: allowing multiple sources + multiple sinks alchemy) alternative to PulseAudio; also, ALSA/OSS/etc are either obsolete or tricky (except if you just want to listen to a few MP3's).

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Linux libre solves the first issue,so they are complaining about nothing for the first one.

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GNU/OpenBSD would be based

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>be distro only used by its maintainer and his nerd cousin
>decide to unsupport Linux because Herp Derp Linux is compromised with Microsoft!
>50% userbase lost - nerd cousin switched to Pop!_OS
>brazileiro maintainer still asking himself "what went wrong?"

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they have rust in kernel?
java is another assfk cargo chi-*et

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>You might think at first this is shady but the reasoning is to prevent some retard shipping a modified program in a product that the end user will think is endorsed and shipped by mozilla.
These guys are hard-liners who want people to be able to do that with their software.
You could even go out and make your own Hyperbola website and use it to distribute malware, and say on the website that it's official, and they cannot complain.

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nothing to see here nobody is trying to force a narrative

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>Rust destroys Linux
>DRM instantly gets adopted
Hahahahaha trannies are destroying everything.

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OpenBSD is not about memenimuhlism you fucking retard.

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Why not just use libre linux kernel?

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>diversity bad
>minority bad
So many NPCs in this thread
Why use anything BUT FreeBSD though? Other than it's lack of SPARC support d-d-desu

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is this meant to be ironic?

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What do you like about it more than KeePass that made you commit to the switch?

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samefagging this hard

one of the thousand *Brazilian distros.

"Rust is gay" is somewhat of an understatement.

He wrote <<*BSD>>, not <<OpenBSD>>.
Look how much "Vulnerable" and "Not Fixed" in NetBSD:

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>all roads lead to a brick wall of not knowing a fucking fully-fledged programming language required for basic configuration

That's funny. Because I actually know Guile (Scheme) despite not having used it in probably 15+ years (I'm a C++ programmer).

The only thing blocking me from Guix is the opposite reason from you: the retarded GNUtard ideology (I'm a BSD guy).

But honestly you should learn Scheme. Not only it's a very simple language, it's also probably one of the best programming language ever designed. You should watch the SICP lectures online, it will literally blow your mind.

I'm actually jealous that only the GNU hippies are using it.

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>freebsd is a better choice because 32bit wine and possibly running in the linuxulator on 13

There is literally no point running FreeBSD at this stage. If you care about Linux... just fucking run Linux. You'll get the same performance, you'll get ZFS, you'll get containers.

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Eat shit and die, lispfag

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>they aren't going to use the GNU Turd

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I was talking about extreme distros, not mainstream ones

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I think DragonFly BSD is the only BSD right now that has original features worthy of trying out. The others are either crackpot dens or corporate hotbeds.

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At least redraw the face as a vector so it doesn't come out as a blurry mess

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