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first for iphone 11

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Do those folding screens really look and feel premium I don't want them to feel like plastic.

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>punch hole

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these plastic-y folding phones look so fucking ugly

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Probably something like a LG V20

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Any feedback on Umidigi A5 Pro? Does it have GCam?

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>Samsung plans to drop Exynos in favor Of SD
>except in Europe
I don't get it

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With no consideration to budget, what is the best android device you can get atm?

>> No.74068587

do you let adguard constantly run ?

>> No.74068681

Note 10 +, no question.

>> No.74068736

Asus ROG Phone 2

>> No.74068754

That's because arr Koreans rook same

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G**ksung made phone that can be unlocked by any finger as long as you use a bit of plastic.

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>"gaming" phone with 60hz display
it's DOA

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radical idea guys, stop me if I'm going too far
what about if instead of making phones that fold in half
just like, stop making phones that are so big that you have fold them to fit into a pocket

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whites are so sensitive, literal crybabies
inb4 assmad jannie

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>be Sony
>pioneers of audio
>audiophiles love sony
>make very high end DAPs
>removes 3.5mm audio jack from their smartphone lineup
What the heck were they thinking?

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Can tmo pixel 3 be bootloader unlocked?
If I install a custom ROM will I lose the google camera quality? Or do I just install gcam in my ROM and it'll be fine

Also what's a good ROM in 2020-14days? Is Lineage still kino?

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pixel 3a with a good case

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How do folding phones hold up over time /g/?
Will folding screens wear out prematurely from the excessive amounts of bending they will have to endure over the life of the phone?

>> No.74070464

is the AMOLED screen on the mi A3 worth it? I'm kind of torn between buying that one or note 7

>> No.74070501

If you want to comfortably shove it up your ass

>> No.74070614

they feel like plastic and scratch like hot glue sticks

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give me 0.1 reason for having a 12GB RAM computing beast in your pocket if you're only browsing instagram and twitter

>> No.74070808

The problem is not that 12gb of ram is excessive, the real issue is the absolute state of mobile software.
If it weren't for the OS bloat and 4k pictures meme there wouldn't be a single reason to have more than a single gig of ram.

>> No.74070856

>returing phone after 6 months of use
How does that work?

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Is anyone excited for folding phones besides me? I love tablets, it'll be cool downloading movies to my phone and then unfolding it and watching on a big (sorta) screen. Cool on a plane too I bet. Play vidya on it

>> No.74071024

it'd be cool but I bet VR tech will outpace that shit, like on a plane you can just put on vr glasses

>> No.74071030

I dont like that shit, it'll probably trigger my motion sickness and I dont like the idea of obscuring my vision especially in public

>> No.74071199

Honestly living in Europe and wanting to buy a phone is like getting fucked in the ass while you have hemorrhoids.

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oneplus 3t lasted me 3 years but lately battery has been disappointing me. best deals on newer oneplus phones I've found are 6t for 450€ and 7 pro for 600€. can I expect a 6t to last me another 3 years or should I pay 150€ more for a 7 pro?

>> No.74071444

it does not have enough volume to old any more than a 2000mAh battery

>> No.74071527

Are you really that poor that you cannot buy it where you are? Note 10 has been nothing but a disaster and been on a massive discount offer ever since. Hence S/Note10 lite. Perhaps you should just get a last years flagship at even bigger discount cause you sound like you don't have a clue.

>> No.74071706

I kind of love the clamshell is coming back, hopefully 2020 models will be more affordable.

>> No.74071819

For security, dumbass.

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OP7P is $499 if you're in the US. ZenFone 6 is $499 / 499€ for the base 64gb model (but it does have a SD slot). Realme X2 Pro and Mi9T Pro also worth checking out.

>> No.74072275

OP7 or S10, honest thoughts

>> No.74072282

Wow a quick and clear response. Ty. I've been eyeing the OP7P, might get the 256gb version to make up for the lack of SD slot.

Have never heard of Mi9T, gonna take a look

Ok two votes for OP so far.

>> No.74072305

>dual sim

Ya need GSM or CDMA?

>> No.74072327

>Have never heard of Mi9T, gonna take a look
Be sure to check the bands, it probably won't work if you're in the US

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Any good phones coming out around Feb/March?

I wanna get an unlocked non-bloated phone that can run vidya well.

>> No.74072664

How do you unbloat your shit anyway,, is it root only

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Do you support free software, /spg/ ?

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- is the phone any good?
- is sailfish OS actually a botnet?

I'm thinking about nabbing one of these. The xperia is one of the few phones that can run sailfish OS.

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It seems to me that the whole folding gimmick is good for one of two things
>more pocket space
>can 'put away' phone on the desk, in formal meeting situations
either way, both problems aren't all that useful in solving
and all this work into making a phone that folds because it's not considered good enough to jimmy two screens into a flip phone
it seems to me like this phone is going to be fiddled with a hell of a lot more, which means idiots will break them quicker or the phone will have a shorter shelf life
>not that it matters because bloatware kills phones in a few years, by design
but who knows, I’m most likely a retard whose missed an opportunity of what a folding phone presents

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My phone just died. Please recommend me a phone. It can be new or used but has to be under US$300. My carrier (Telus) uses LTE bands 4, 2, 5, 7, 12, 13, and I need the phone to support all of those bands.

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Is there a way to backup my apps in a way I can have them installed automatically?

>> No.74073405

Any updates on the SE2 lately?

>> No.74073764

Not him but chink Samsung models are rootable Snapdragon phones unlike those in burgerland.

>> No.74073798

Razer Phone 2

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Where were you when smartphone camera sensors were almost as big as point and shoot ones?

>> No.74075848

Why is the smallest sensor called 1.2" and the biggest sensor 1"? Isn't 1.2" the bigger number?

>> No.74075985

It's not 1.2, it's 1/1.2, which is less than 1.

>> No.74075998

Since my old phone stopped detecting my SIM, I had to get a new device and it came down to either the craptastic underwhelming hardware (aside from Soli sensor and a few other things) of the Pixel 4 XL and the OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren 5G (which is pretty great except for lacking wireless Qi charging). So I picked up the latter, which is available in the states only through TMobile.

Overall I'm still getting used to it, but its kinda crazy that, despite being hackable/rootable etc... there's a huge production to unlock the bootloader. First, you need to have the SIM unlocked - otherwise the dev menu will simply grey out the whole option for OEM Unlock! That means a call to TMO - thankfully they were willing to permanently unlock the phone for me. After that, then I could go to dev menu and hit OEM unlock, connect t ADB etc... but you can't just push the command, instead it requires a process at - https://www.oneplus.com/unlock_token - where you have to put in certain data and then TMO/1+ sends you a custom file that you can use to finally unlock the bootloader.

Its a little hassle if you're in a hurry, but I can at least report the process worked. A few days after my initial request (they say around a week when you submit) they delivered my file and it did allow for the unlock. I don't remember this back when I had my last OnePlus device back in the stone ages of the OnePlus One, but it seems this process has been common for the last several generations. Its a bit of a bother but at least it worked out and I still didn't have to pay the whole thing up front and retain the ability to swap my device if some phone i really like shows up later without having to finish paying it off etc.

Oh yeah, the 5G is a band 71 (I think) 600mhz type and it is definitely faster than typical LTE and has really, really good coverage per tower.

>> No.74076004

And the smallest sensor is 1/2.55 (one divided by 2.55), so obviously even smaller

>> No.74076350

ive been trying to unlock/factory reset this iphone 11 all day. How the fuck do people do this? ive been in and out of bootloop for hours

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Its owner

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>> No.74076479

Best phone to avoid botnet with 1440p oled screen?

>> No.74076509

anything on this list
something like OP7 Pro would work
or Nexus 6 if you're on a budget

>> No.74076924

The future is Rollable phones

>> No.74077135

Is there a way to use reverse USB-tethering?
I mean using a laptop's wifi connection on a phone in airplane mode.

I ask because I like being able to spoof my laptop's MAC address, which isn't really easy to do with a phone's wifi connection.

>> No.74077870

Just use bromite, it has a built in adblock, and if you're on at least android 9, go on connection settings and set a private dns like adguard.

>> No.74078066

just create a wifi hotspot on your laptop

>> No.74078383

IIRC Apple actually hold a patent for that.

>> No.74078706

Just get 7 pro, it's enough to last long

>> No.74078817

One night I had my jacket go missing at the bar. A block over I got in line for a burrito and there was my jacket on a young guy in front of me. He said he found it in the street and gave it back. On my walk home I discovered he had left me his iPhone and his car keys! Next morning it starts making this horrible sound and the screen says it's trying to phone home or something. I gave the guy my address and I let him come get it from me. He was deebly ashamed. A white guy, btw. Whites seem to suffer from instant karma, it seems.

>> No.74078837

This looks pretty good, thanks

>> No.74078852

What gaym should I get for my pixel 3a? I don't play gaymes I just want to see how it works.

Oops, I mean 3a.

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File: 2.75 MB, 1920x1040, [Reaktor] Perfect Blue [1080p][x265][10-bit][Dual-Audio][5.1].mkv_snapshot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reccs for retard proof phone? B:100 bucks, carrier would be att. I just want something cheap and that can take a fall with grace and some mango too

>> No.74079587

Hey SJW de mierda! Aprende bien, se dice latino o latina, sin mayúscula y con su género bien definido...
Lo que faltaba, basura SJW!

>> No.74079635

pretty soon we'll have laser projectors with retina tracking camera sensors and you can just look in the direction of your phone screen and it will laser project a vr image directly into your eyeballs

>> No.74079700

I just googled the Ricoh GR III and it has a 1.2" sensor
it's still close enough.

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>> No.74079976

newfag detected

>> No.74080060

Why can't you have both? Just make the phone a little bigger if it can't fit. How much is a headphone jack in bulk? I'm willing to pay more than that extra cost.

>> No.74080926

Mi A3 if you like pure android or Mi 9 Lite if you can stand Xiaomi bullshit os

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>> No.74081183

bought my 9t pro from china 5 days ago and it hasnt shipped yet

>> No.74081773

Task manager that doesn't suck?

>> No.74082500

Yeah we don't pay taxes :^)

>> No.74082616

Interesting. Is it actually functional? I've been running lineage for years and figured that was the redpilled choice

>> No.74082701

Lineage is isn't botnet (google) free if you're still using google services

>> No.74082792

For example?
I chose g7 play because its small phone, compared to the rest. I currently have Samsung j7 and this thing is bothering me with its size.

>> No.74082881

>wants to ditch google """completely"""
>still wants to use Android

>> No.74082944

get the Mi A3, much better phone for the money if you want stock android and updates

>> No.74083171

This looks pretty good, I will check it out.

>> No.74083461

Wait for sales, you can pretty much get one for €300 if you check eBay or Amazon from Germany, France, Italy or Spain during sales

>> No.74083683

can somebody PLEASE explain to me why I'm getting whatsapp calls through muting and do not disturb?

I'm sick, trying to rest, I have whatsapp contacts muted, I have do not disturb on, and my phone STILL vibrates from whatsapp calls. I dont wanna block anybody, I still wanna open the app and see my missed shit, I just dont want it making any noise at all

>> No.74083689

oh and its an iphone se, fully updated and everything

>> No.74083716

cope lol

>> No.74084146

Is the Motorola One Action a decent budget phone?

>> No.74084174

only at the price they're selling it for right now, the SoC is equivalent to the SD 665

>> No.74084707

that's why I asked, it feels kind of underwhelming

>> No.74084744

Seriously considering an S10e.

750 bux. Micro sd slot, 128 gigs of storage. Latest cpu, great camera. average battery life.

Any reason why not?

>> No.74085004

Enjoy your dotch & no 3.5mm jack jej

>> No.74085337

Its down to 600 bux on a flash sale on amazon. What would be the optimal price then?

>> No.74085506

why are you talking about flip phones when the other designs have always existed

>> No.74085557

there was a phone whose tv ad specifically showed people passing the phone under the door.
I can't find it anymore though.

>> No.74085661

that was maybe one example, possibly more I just can't be bothered to look up exactly how many
you could slide more smartphone under your door than dumb phones by far

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Look at what google did to my pixel search bar. cute right

>> No.74086688

Any particular reasons to pick it over the Pixel?

>> No.74086695

iPhone XS
dont fall for the 11 meme

>> No.74086702

>iPhone XS
I've seen a few people saying the 11 is essentially just an XS, correct?

>> No.74086788 [DELETED] 

>Nokia giant sensor
>Still shit at images

>> No.74086793

More like an upgraded XR. I think people really fell for the marketing tactic of Apple. The thing is, for the past 3 years now at least, phones have been powerful enough. You would not notice the performance difference in day-to-day use between a 2017 iPhone X and a 2019 11 Pro.
So Apple decided to put good enough hardware in their cheaper model, so they can sell it with the "look, its just as powerful, we are such good guys" marketing. The problem is, they cheap out on the thing that actually matters. The entire front of the phone is just a big screen. It's the only I/O on the phone. Don't listen to the YouTubers who say "they can barely tell a difference", it's a day and a night difference. Go to a local Apple Store or any store that has iPhones and compare it yourself. The screen in the regular 11 and XR is absolute dogshit. They cheap out on the most important thing in the phone and sell it with the other hardware improvements, where the difference is barely noticeable.

It's just my personal opinion though, but if I'm already paying such a high price for a phone, I would not be happy with a gimped model. The XS is the last year's flagship model, it is fast enough already, it has a stainless steel case instead of cheap looking plastic, it has leagues better display, almost the same battery life.
The only thing the 11 has as an advantage is the night time camera option (and that is just software anyway) and the wide lens.
Go to a store and try it yourself if you can though

>> No.74087003

tell me about lg phones

>> No.74087170

That might be true, I haven't been in an Apple Store for years but they tend to remove everything related to older products even on the internet.
Definitely compare the two models though. Local carriers or a mediamarkt or something will most definitely have them. Put the brightness to 100% on both and compare with and without TrueTone.

For battery life there are youtube vids that compare every model, although they don't usually show the battery condition in the beginning. Personally I had mine for around 5 months now the the battery is still in 100% condition and its the cheapest and easiest part of replace fortunately.
You can get two days out if you just listen to music, make some calls and only browse the net for around 5 hours in 2 days but realistically you want to charge it every day. The only exception when it comes to battery life is the 11 Pro Max because they had room for battery and the current gen chip is the most power efficient. For the rest its gonna be the standard charge it at the end of the day cycle.

>> No.74087246

no, sir

>> No.74087284

Where's the Pocophone?

>> No.74087290

Oof, my Pixel 2 does better than the XS? I know you said to consider that over the 11 if the 11 can handle almost 5 hours more usage time.

>> No.74087296

They haven't reviewed it so they haven't tested it.

>> No.74087432

There is no way the iPhone X has a better battery life than the XS. They either used different versions of iOS, had something in the background, had a non 100% battery for test, opened different sites with varying level of ads, etc.
Something like this is more realistic

It's an extra half an hour +- with high usage between the models

>> No.74088273

Does it have good camera?
That's like 700€ in their website

>> No.74088312

>That's like 700€ in their website
And it's around 500€ in other stores

>> No.74088364

Sirs I only wanted to know which phones the best to have saxy sax with blonde white wimmin?

>> No.74088528

Euros can just import it tax free so it's no real problem

>> No.74088568

Buy open box.

>> No.74089055

What are my alternatives besides an iPhone?

>> No.74090947

not really

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