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Do you really think that Microsoft cares what users want? /thread

>> No.73861984

yeah, why don't they do something that would make them less money?

>> No.73861988

Ask yourself if there's any benefit to them. Then apply this logic to any company that makes questionable decisions of the same cloth.

>> No.73862020

If Microsoft started selling Windows 7 again, making it up to date and supporting Windows 10 device drivers, they would make loads of money

Why not make money in modern world?
Simple: Microsofts are commies, not capitalist so they dont care about money

>> No.73862031

It's harder to push sponsored apps to 7 and it can't run their UWP apps.

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It's too much to ask to have a Windows that just works like a conventional OS, and isn't tailored to "tablets" and "apps" (whatever that is) and extra bullshit I don't want and will never use (Cortana, I don't even know what this shit does but I will never use it out of spite).

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>/threading yourself

>> No.73862121

>The absolute state of this board

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If you only want to hang out with sycophants, try making your own tumblr.
Or stay here and keep acting like a faggot, I'm not a cop.

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everyone is not /g/, you should go out more

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Do you think that Ferrari N.V. should still pay the repairs for 250GTOs that still exist?
Windows 7 is deprecated as piss and it costs ACTUAL money to do what you're saying. There is literally no benefit for MS in the end.

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>waaah, waaaaah , waaaaaah
>why won't the gompany that makes gorillions selling the latest iteration of their software stop trying to reinvent the wheel and just focus on this old (but in muh opinion- top of the range) os...

It's breddy much like asking why appil don't just stick to marketing their iphone5

Here's a protip op - there's a reason the lts ver are so popular here...

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If she is using the bathroom, she should put down the panties.

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It's technically possible, but:
> if they had this user-friendly mentality they wouldn't have developed Windows in the first place

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fug I only opened the thread to say this

fpbp and /thread

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Tumblrfags are windows 10 users. Try again.

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No, only literal autists like you have a boner for obsolete software

Windows 10 is objectively better; it looks better, it works better, it's more secure, and if you're really some tinfoil hat wearing retard then you can disable the telemetry with PowerShell and registry edits

Fucking moron

But what you're describing is Windows 10 you fucking moron

>> No.73864087

Windows 10 has litterally added nothing new other than bloat.
And even when theres a script to diable the malware built in,its just reinstalled the next update.
You're the "moron" here buddy.

>> No.73864415

Maybe it's because, if you're on Windows 10, they can try and rope you more easily into things like Office 365, OneDrive, shit like that, since it's all integrated into the system better.

>> No.73864449

>i am a giant green buffalo that lives in a bright orange teapot on the moon

>> No.73864637

>links to touch gestures on TOUCH SCREENS, NOT ON TRACKPADS
Clearly I was right when I called you a fucking moron!

Enjoy your bug-ridden in OS come January, and enjoy your 20% performance hit with Proton, you fucking retard.

>> No.73864760

>cant respond the other 3 features 7 had.
>thinks a 10% preformace hit matters when it hits over 150fps consistently
Enjoy the spyware and bloat "moron"

>> No.73864909

samefaging this hard

>> No.73864924

>thinks viruses will hit you if you use proper software like a sane person.
....are you really this dumb???
And i dont use 7 (thats why i mentioned proton)
Im serious,are you this slow???

>> No.73864951

>>73864924 was meant for >>73864846

>> No.73865118

Works on my machine.

>> No.73865147

I only have maybe like 8gbs of ram but I never expected windows 10 to be this slow. Maybe getting rid of my hdd to an ssd would fix the problem?

>> No.73865197

T e l e m e t r y

>> No.73865214

>Clearly everyone hates 10 and is only using it because it's the latest. Do they not get that?
That doesn't matter to Microsoft. It only matters that people are using it.

>> No.73865270

>How are they making money on Windows 10 now?
Licensing it to enterprises, mostly. Consumer market has been basically an afterthought to Microsoft for a long time. They even let people use Windows 10 for free at home because the real value isn't in home users paying them, it's making office drones demand Windows so that corps have to hand over the real money.

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>you can go to jail for pirating windows 10
God I'm so glad I'm not a third worlder amerimutt LMFAO

>> No.73865411

>Clearly everyone hates 10 and is only using it because it's the latest. Do they not get that?
More stable, faster, direct x 12, I dont care about the ui. Spyware? Windows 7 has telemetry too.

>> No.73865629

Yes win10 is borderline useless on an HDD

>> No.73866034

Everything is much faster with an SSD, much lower I/O latency and much higher I/O speeds are a godsend for any program ever.
This is not limited to windows, as you'll quickly find out if you try to run firefox on linux from an hdd.

>> No.73866109

>Do they not get that?
They do, they just don't care

>> No.73866225

They would add all the shit from Windows 10 back to 7 if they sold "new" versions of 7. It would be literally Windows 10 with the Aero theme tacked on.

Just get Windows 10 and install Classic Shell if you want that experience.

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>Can literally get LTSC from Microsoft directly
>License tool is completely open source
>Can get it completely free from work / uni
>Throws a shitfit on /g/ instead

>> No.73867214

Selling a proprietary OS and DE by holding user data and software hostage is a fundamentally antisocial practice.
But, Gnome 3, the ever-changing GTK3, and SystemD are also fundamentally antisocial revisions, imposed on users by people who like imposing in users. Meanwhile RMS said nothing when Gnome threw away the foundation money on whamen and was later purged for calling a ho and ho.

>> No.73867229

>add a Windows 7 theme and Aero
Or make it so people can easily install different desktop environments. Win10 just looks so ugly.

>> No.73867256

how about a windows 2000 theme?

>> No.73867264

I do not have the proper means if getring a lisence,my job isnt OS dependant so they wont want to give me a 300$ OS.
If the tool is legal link it cause i cant find it.
also OS matter more at home.
Alsi im just saying why i don't use it.

>> No.73867267

I've heard that some people have good luck doing the upgrade with professional or ultimate versions of older Windows versions but it's hard to parse out what is bullshit online and what is real. Worth a shot I guess.

>> No.73867326

>Microsoft wants to push Windows as a service
That for Pro version. The reason why they change the GUI was to put ads because fuck the common users.
MS doesn't like domestic users but needs them to keep their OS as cultural power. The domestic versions of Windows keep making a new generation of people will be more productive on Windows than on any Linux distro.
But /v/tards and /pol/tars are too retards to see anything beyond their shit taste.

>> No.73867380

That is fucking stupid.

>> No.73867394

I'm glad you read it at all.

>> No.73867396

>old MS is good
>new MS is bad

>> No.73867414

if you use windows 10, you dont belong here
fuck off back to plebbit

>> No.73867435

it's a text generating bot. https://www.theverge.com/tldr/2019/5/13/18617449/ai-text-generator-openai-gpt-2-small-model-talktotransformer

>> No.73867461

How do you found out?

>> No.73867491

>tfw you finally found out how to fix the 5 min start up lag on your old hdd laptop that you downgraded to windows 10
feels good man

>> No.73867513

actually it might not be a bot. i don't know. the story did make a little bit of sense. it might have been mostly written by the bot with a few words chosen by the human. it might have been completely written by a human. it was a... not great story but it didn't cost me anything to read it except the time it took to read it

>> No.73867524

Yeah I'm sure the richest man on earth is furious about his company still making him billions.

>> No.73867556

>I bet Bill has nightmares, where he vomits when he thinks about M$ giving away stuff for free today.
Money isn't the only way to pay a company. Data is like a invisible money you are pay for rent your OS.

>> No.73867598

I pay for an OS that sends my data as rent?

You can install Linux today, it's free, it does not spy on you and the people who run the distros are the cool guys. I bet y'all find out in twenty years.

>> No.73867628

>He is not rich.
>Estimated networth over 110 billion USD
>Owns various companies
>Funds tons of research projects
>Gates Foundation, various others too
>Owns a fuckton of stocks, real estate, gold, etc
Yeah I'm sure he's starving and totally unhappy.

>> No.73867722

Exactly. His "charity" is well aligned with his "investments" - the line is blurring and you can always tell yourself, that you're the greatest - even though you're just a douchebag.

Enough words wasted.

>> No.73867781

They don't make a majority of their cash off LTSC. More people switching from 7 to 10 is more data is more money.

Run a mitmproxy on your LTSC and see how private it really is. Imagine believing this

>> No.73867809

The Gates foundation alone has contributed more to society and humanity than any of us ever will, let alone the countless research projects he funded but whatever. Go on with your pseudo spiritual bullshit I'm sure Bill is raging because you exposed him. Now go on call me a shill or whatever.

>> No.73868047

i think from this post you consider contributing to society and humanity a good thing. personally i consider contributing to humanity a good thing, and contributing to society as a neutral thing. but yeah, that was the only part of your post i found interesting and the only part i will comment on.

>> No.73868410

>he's an aptlet...
synaptic for the clicklets too!

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