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Of the two? Mint

AUR is nice doe

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manjaro is bloated arch
mint is debian for boomers

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Elementary OS

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>hurr durr why do you want an OS that works well ootb?

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Since when does Debian not work out of the box?

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does wifi work ootb in Debian?

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I like Manjaro for Arch repos and AUR. The option to choose from multiple DEs at download is nice too.

Mint is good if you don't care for bleeding edge -- it's esentially Ubuntu with a better GNOME fork.

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>Still using this in tew fousant && nneinn teaeen

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Manjaro if you want to brag about using Arch without using anything related to Arch, Mint if you want to brag about using Linux without using anything related to Linux

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Okay what the fuck is it then Ubuntu or ARC Manjaro

Which is more or just as retard proof as windows?

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What I meant was it's easy as windows

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manjaro is easier than ubuntu because you dont have to jump through hoops when software is not available in official repos

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You forgot to list network security under cons for both

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Op just use Fedora and install rpmfusion.

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I really like fedora because it's really low effort and it's packages are way more up to date and stable than Ubuntu.

Ubuntu was always an entire stable release behind for programming libraries like openCV and I would usually compile them (I was like 12 at the time). Ubuntu and Debian's apt system just randomly commits seppeku and then won't let me update or install packages until I copy-paste a line from stackoverflow. I've seen this happen on all computer's I've used, and I've never seen Fedora do that, even when I cancel it or the power crashes half way. I know linus said he liked it back in like 2010 because the installer was easier or something, but even today I found it's installer much more responsive and easier to use than ubuntu.

I get that we are all supposed to be arch wielding terminal fags but after distro hopping for a few years in middleschool and programming robots through SSH with nano, Fedora's simplicity and lack of random error popups (cough ubuntu) is nice. Also I like reinstalling it once a month so I can use substance painter after adobe aquired and removed the perpetual free update no-subscription license.

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Yeah performance was a big reason I never used mint back in the day, my original reason for using linux was because I noticed how fast it ran on small boards, and I was able to revive my $100 costco laptop and use it for a few more years. Luckily now a days I am lucky enough to have a better computer and internet so I must not have noticed Fedora's performance issues.

Lubuntu is really nice and it's had great performance, I just wish that LXDE/Qt had a search function in the application menu. I remember that after I switched from the default Unity desktop to LXDE my computer ran way faster, I was suprised that I could run portal, minecraft, and roblox (lol middleschool) with next to no lag, despite them struggling to pull 5fps on windows on the same machine. Good day to you too.

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Mint's cinnamon desktop definitely feels like the most usable and polished desktop to me.

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Yeah, Manjaro has gotten so fucking bloated.

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