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If i'm using FF 68.2 ESR, would I use ghacks user.js version 68 or 69?
I assume FF 68.2 ESR came after version 68 but before version 69; But i'm some kind of a genius.

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I set tracking protection to strict, have ublock origin and https everywhere (with always forced https) and private mode always on. Isn’t this enough? Do I need anything else?

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You may want CanvasBlocker for JS API:
>...https everywhere (with always forced https)
I prefer Smart HTTPS because of this:
>...private mode always on.
I don't keep private browsing on 24/7 but you might like this:

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Op is fag

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uBO in advanced mode is all you need
also, ghacks user.js has way too many settings, try a more focused one like this

No reason to use canvasblocker, all the API's can be shut off in about:config or with user.js

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You don't need the mozilla tracking protection with uBlock Origin, it's redundant and slows the browser down. Put uBO in medium mode

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Where is this zero user.js maintained?
I've seen it it other threads but never found a source or author.

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What is the diference between UBO medium mode and uMatrix with all but 1st party blocked?

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Use Chrome

OP is a fag

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I believe uBO medium mode and default uMatrix settings are very similar. You can add 1st party script blocking to both of them as well. uMatrix gives you more fine tune control but having used both (uM vs uBO advanced) I found that I didn't need that level of detail in uM and just went the uBO advanced only route, since it's faster to just use one extension for both static and dynamic blocking.

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haha.. haha.. same anon.. sameeee..

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edgium ofc

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Are you edging /g/?

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The pastebin has comments next to all the main settings.

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Acrylic DNS Proxy, my dude

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and compare that to the comments in ghacks

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deepl gives better results than google translate but doesn't have all the languages

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What do you think of this guys review on FF forks?

>> No.73805863

Just use a user agent switcher

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Please guys?

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I don't care for Pale Meme, but the dev is pretty based and BTFO all the little fags whining about muh Cloudflare


>it's clearly a crusade against cloudflare started by disgruntled TOR users about being challenged by CF's captcha policy for TOR traffic and has no valid background other than political.

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>He/She/It doesn't know that us Chromium & XUL based uBlock Origin Bros have a filter list that blocks these CNAME/1st-party trackers

First-party trackers only: https://hostfiles.frogeye.fr/firstparty-only-trackers-hosts.txt
With third-party trackers: https://hostfiles.frogeye.fr/firstparty-trackers-hosts.txt

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Imagine using a hosts file and wasting resources scanning every web request when you could just use dynamic blocking and prevent all domains from loading JS/frames by default

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What kind of a weak faggot are you?

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I use Firefox with a bunch of privacy extensions and ProtonVPN. I like it.

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