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First for Arch Linux

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What's the best distro for scientific productivity (numerics and visualization heavy)?

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Scientific linux

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Isn't it no longer in development?
Or am I thinking of another?

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Literally Google Scientific Linux and the first result will say "Latest release: 7.7, 6.10 / August 26, 2019; 2 months ago, July 11, 2018; 16 months ago"
Braindead faggot

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Just get ubuntu and install those packages.

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I want to stream all audio from my pc to my rpi with something like justboom dac 0 or phat dac attached to it
How can i achieve that?

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>The end of Scientific Linux

What would make Scientific Linux a better choice than ubuntu, as this anon >>73789244 suggested?

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Hey /fglt/, I'm slowly switching to loonix and besides most things working alright I'm thinking my GPU is shitting the bed. I'm finding new information about how bad it has it everyday because I refuse to give up on fixing this and I'm honestly dead tired of Windows.

So some gaymes and benchmarks are shitting on my hardware to the point they become unfuckable. I have to close them down because everything looks like a powerpoint presentation, including the desktop. I notice that most DEs (including MATE and XFCE which I guess should not be that demanding) stutter every now and then as well. I did everything I could to test this shit out: I played with most driver settings (tearfree, pageflipping, etc), plenty of different amdgpu parameters, kernels from 4.14 to 5.4, many, many different distros, different versions of mesa, different refresh rates (there's been an issue with that on windows as well), under and overclocking/volting and changing shit with radeon-profile, flashing a different BIOS for both the GPU and both mobos I tried, doing all sorts of tests with my GPU over Windows assuming it might be the GPU that's fucked (seems A-OK), I tried nearly everything I could think of, and still do.

So today I decide to use an option in a game that's ill advised because it makes the game kinda laggy and I read on Gallium HUD that apparently the slowdown occurs when "GFX-BO-list-size" is rising like a motherfucker. If I use that option that "flushes the graphics driver buffers", the slowdown is gone. I'm now assuming that all of this happens because of how buffer objects are handled.

I have no clue about much of this, but I'm giving it my best here. I know there's no throttling at least by the info I'm given (full clocks, temps and power consumption usage seem to match out). Is there any explanation for this? Maybe amdgpu on linux is limiting my RX570 more/less than needed and the defaults are wrong? Keep in mind, none of this is happening on wangblows.

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>Maintenance of the SL6 and SL7 distributions will continue as scheduled.
Scientific is obviously a better choice for you as you are braindead. It comes installed with everything you need. If you go with Ubuntu you will need to actually research(oh no!) different programs and hope they are available to install through the GUI app store or whatever ubuntu uses. You obviously are not capable of compiling shit from source.

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>You obviously are not capable of compiling shit from source.
Isn't that just downloading the relevant files and then run
>make install
I can do that.

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which one?

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First for KDE

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Let me give my case for CRUX.

I was looking to install a math program called PDL to do numerics and other programs (PerlMol and BioPerl). It took me a day thanks to the source based package manager hand holding me and having a program in the CRUX repository to automatically make Perl dependencies. But that is not all as there is another program to convert packages from RPM or DEB formats to native CRUX! And much of the scientific applications are distributed in either the RedHat format or the Debian format. So all the software is available in one way or another.

As for performance it comes without saying that it optimized with simple ways to compile everything with specific flags according to your computer processor and adding specific math libraries either globally or per package (!), like enabling or disabling the Fortran library for PDL or in my case disabling a problematic test library which was experimental anyway.

Sure, it takes a few days to get to know the system but there are guides out there that make it easy.

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literally just install Ubuntu 18.04 LTS in whatever flavour then install all your science, math and physics software.

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I don't. Unless you mean in the sense of using for comparison. In which case my answer is this: Arch is more well known and conventional.

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Does anyone know of a good traefic docker tutorial? I've been pulling my hair out trying to figure this out.

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LVM over LUKS with detached header

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Why would anyone use Mint? You can get the whatever-mint-desktop to all distroes that have actual personel to take care of security and updates.

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Why does every key but num 3 and num 4 work? It isnt my keyboard. I assigned num 3 and num 4 to my mouse and they still dont work. Doesnt work with num lock on or off.

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What's the go-to graphics card brand for Linux nowadays? Are AMD drivers good yet?

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fstab tu baguette

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Is it OK to use associative arrays instead of case statements in bash? It made my code shorter.

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>4th and 5th gen GCN cards
Which ones are those?

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How can I make my torrents stop if my vpn loses connection?

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It's always better to use arrays if you don't need pattern matching. Hash table lookups are a lot faster than parsing glob expressions.

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What's with GNOME being the only distro which ships a complete software suite that doesn't look like garbage?
Is it because of the Red Hat shekels?
Dude, RHEL/CentOS is what any professional would use.
Don't listen to autistic ricers. CentOS has the performance tweaked already unlike Fedora which is quite unoptimized for some reason.

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>yours truly, buttblasted cruxtard neet ricer

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>Just edit fstab bro
>Nothing will go wrong lol
Allez toute chiez osti de bande de dechets du caliss

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Actually no, I agree with the others for Ubuntu because is easy for newcomers who want to get basic stuff. It doesn't take away anything from the crux comment tho.

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Or you could boot a live gnu/linux distro and fix fstab from that.

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Is this how it's supposed to look like? I swear I'm not retarded, this is how it was on the Arch Linux page.
UUID=8FGNM48D8367K /media/me/storage ext4 rw,nosuid,modev,relatime,data=ordered 0 0
I'll try that, thanks.

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Why deny Ubuntu rules on friendliness? Except for Mint there is no other close to that.

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You have 1 million folders with 1 million files spread out randomly of varying names between the folders. The folders all have names that are shared across the folders. Some are properly capitalized for nouns,Some are all uppercase, some are all lower case, some have a delimiter between the first and last name.

Is there a system that can scan the folders,recognize name patterns, create a proper "FIrstname Lastname" folder, and move all folder contents related to that name from the former folders with the different types of names, to these folders, dynamically.

What would this be called, and how would you go about doing it?

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No but anything to get you started in the core utils should be good.
fstab can be edited with gnome disks too, wintards are so fucking stupid

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man 5 fstab
You can just leave the mount options set to default. The fsck order field should be set to something >1 unless it's a FS type that you don't necessarily have the best tools for like NTFS.

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I mean, at first I'd probably want to standardize the directory names, *probably* the best way to do this would be through feeding ls into Vim and using the various sorting, bulk deleting and replacing vim provides
If you web search for bulk renaming in vim the related articles should get you set in the right direction

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Its the best choice if you are new. Try Cinnamon DE rather than XFCE4 or MATE, both can have some bad screen tearing, but if you choose compiz WM in settings it should work fine.

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what do you have QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME set to?

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>including the shell prompt
watch it, he may not be able to debug that

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urxvt is bloat without function
either you get kitty for bloat with maximum function
or you get st for no bloat but even more function than urxvt

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Fedora needs a lot of out of the box fixes to be a consumer grade tool

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Damn, /g/ pirated game repo using containers when?

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I was thinking the same

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im not the only one that migitations=off am i

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How do I get my Manjaro installation to boot without the second internal drive?
Why does it need to be in there in the first place?

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Ill make the logo

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I install pirated games in a Win7 Vm, then copy over to the wine drive. If they work, they are portable and can be archieved. No drm, additional clients, no online checks. Works for a lot of games.

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Add nofail to its mount options in fstab.
> Why does it need to be in there in the first place?
Because they assume you need that disk for something. What would happen if it was a file server and that was your storage array?

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Do you use scene releases (cpy, codex, plaza etc)?
if so, have you had any trouble running the games after they have been installed (problems as in save game not working or the crack not working etc, not as in performance ones)

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Literally what?

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Do you speak English? Reread the post, it has everything you need to know.

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Default pass for Live is manjaro

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is ssh exposed to the world or behind a router (if so, is the port forwarded to the machine?)

If it's on port 22 and the chinks find it they'll spam "root" "root" logins until they find a way in. If you don't have root login enabled this is probably enough, but the chinks are wiley and might guess your login and try and brute force that.

I just have it on port 22 but with fail2ban and no root login, haven't seen any issues yet.

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I dunno, but I would go check right now if I were you.

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Wouldn't hurt. Ideally you would hide it behind a port knocking firewall if you want to go that route. Then someone would have to monitor your network traffic to see where it is.

Or just use public keys and don't have password login at all.

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LVM would be the simplest option. You can use ZFS or BTRFS, but there's no benefit if you don't plan on upgrading into RAID at some point.

One thing with ZFS is it's kind of a pain in the ass to use drives with mixed sector size.

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I didn't even consider LVM, I'll look into that
>plan on upgrading into RAID at some point
I thought about RAID or some kind of redundancy but if I got my hands on more drives I'd probably end up using them for more space

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doesn't launch unless it's xcb or empty, sadly
qt.qpa.plugin: Could not find the Qt platform plugin "kde" in ""
This application failed to start because no Qt platform plugin could be initialized. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.

Available platform plugins are: wayland-org.kde.kwin.qpa, wayland-egl, wayland, wayland-xcomposite-egl, wayland-xcomposite-glx, minimal, offscreen, vnc, xcb.

zsh: abort (core dumped) kcmshell5 kcm_colors

thank you for the suggestion. well, enough of this for today. i'll go to sleep.

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what is the most important thing to have GNOME run really smoothly and fast? Is it CPU, RAM or GPU?

>> No.73796133

what's a good program that lets me right click on the desktop and it shows a list of items (.desktop files?) that can launch programs or commands?
preferably lightweight and no dependencies on a whole desktop environment

also how'd i go about using this with i3?

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So I'm getting no input after decrypting my drive and landing on the login screen.
Happened after I uninstalled the amdgpu drivers from the amd site and installing more a more up to date mesa. Can ssh and have tried all sort of reverting but damn thing is not working at all.
What should I be trying next /fglt/?

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by not installing it manually in the first place
make a proper package for it, update the package file and let your package manager handle it
bonus points for posting the package to your distros bugtracker or whatever while you're at it

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I am looking for a way to try legacy fglrx drivers on any liveUSB (debian?) release from 4+ years ago.
I've had no luck with open source drivers and I just want an environment that I can fuck around with -- every time the radeon kernel module starts it locks down the whole system, forcing me to unplug the power directly.

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what do you mean by"no input"
your keyboard doesn't work?
do you see anything at all or just a black screen or something?
what happens when you switch tty?
which init system are you using?

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Is there an easy way to increase mouse sensitivity on Linux? Currently on Ubuntu but I imagine its the same for most. There is an option for mouse SPEED but this is different from mouse sensitivity. I like sensitivity to be really really high but I can never find the option.

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So is "apt upgrade" like Windows Update?
How often should I run it?

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kde has a setting for it
idk about gnome

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does ubuntu even have it automated for updates from PPAs?

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List all directories size with du, sort
Do it again
Compare output

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Stop using Windows.

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yeah that was the plan, put shitty linux can't do shit with my .ccd image. I actually posed here and reddit a couple of times to see if someone could help me but it seems linux just can't do it.

Having to go to windows to make linux work makes using linux super stupid and pointless in the first place, but I'm giving it another chance.

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Why? Is there Linux software on it? Just burn it.

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no, it's like opening firefox and clicking on "update firefox", but for every single program you have installed. It's one of the many uosides of package managers.
The equivalent of windows update would be apt dist-upgrade (I think that's the right command). That one upgrades your actual OS (i.e from 19.04 to 19.10)
A good rule of thumb is to do an update+upgrade whenever you install or unistall something, or every month, whuchever comes first.

Can't you copy the files from the image to your disk in windows (and if necessary create an iso file from them)?

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I need to grep for a string and then send the matching line to the end of the file. Help.

>> No.73798839

Do you want to move or copy the line?

>> No.73798852

my toaster doesn't have a disk player. And again, if I have to go and buy an external cd player just so linux can use it, I would rather just stick with windows.

It's a program I want to install, and for some reason it doesn't work if I just copy the files, even on windows. I only installs correctly if I do it from the disk.

>> No.73798860

move it (while also adding some other strings)

>> No.73798887

and that doesn't make it less useless does it?

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If you have Alcohol120, clone cd or daemon tools then just mount and install it. No idea what you want with Linux.

>> No.73799067

>No idea what you want with Linux.
Seeing fags like >>73798768
>>73798515 daily made me consider giving it a try, that's all. But as it just wont work with the stuff I need, I guess I'll just do as you say and stick with windows.

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xdotool behave "$(xwininfo -root| sed -n 2p | cut -d ' ' -f 4)" mouse-click exec rofi -show run -monitor -3

>> No.73799119

what is this program you want to use?

>> No.73799173

sed -i '/regex/{H;d}; ${p;x;s/^\n//}' file
Explanation here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/26433652/sed-move-multiple-lines-to-the-end-of-a-text-file

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Thought her shirt said "femdom" and I got excited.

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oh, I'm a retard, sorry. it was empty and setting it to 'kde' doesn't change anything.

>> No.73800859

Write it yourself. Sounds like a fun scripting problem.

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how many add-ons do you have? i would creating a new profile and seeing if that changes anything.
the total ram usage can still be much higher than your defined memory cache size, because basically everything (the pages you render, add-ons, etc) are running from ram. but something is clearly not right with ff taking >7GB and filling up your swap.

could always be a memory leak.

>> No.73801193

>how many add-ons do you have?
Ublock Origin
Firefox multi account container
Cookie Autodelete
Dark Reader

about:performance lists of all these as using under 1mb with the exception of ubo which is 23.5mb

>i would creating a new profile and seeing if that changes anything.
Having a blank empty default profile isnt how any one uses firefox though. the point is to make it work for you the way you want it. If everyone was expected to use the basic profile with nothing in it, mozilla would not have an extension framework for the past decade and a half.Even if the default profile works and uses 1mb of ram, it does not change the fact that firefox is not following the settings that are being set are is freely raping my system for no reason.

>the pages you render
They should be sent to memory, hit the 2gb limit then dump out to the ssd cache and go along its way. That is how the usb version workd when version 3 was out. You could tell it to not even use the physical ram and just use a bcache or a swapfile on the usb drive so that the entire firefox session never touched the system you plugged in too

>> No.73801398

>Having a blank empty default profile isnt how any one uses firefox though
it's just troubleshooting, i'm not suggesting you ditch your profile completely
>They should be sent to memory, hit the 2gb limit then dump out to the ssd cache and go along its way
active renders themselves are not limited by your defined memory/disk cache--only the persistent data retained is. you can disable disable caching, it has no effect on the memory a render can consume.
justwerks^tm on my machine. if i were in your shoes, i'd try a fork or just pony up and move out of the firefox ecosystem.
i'm curious -- what distro and kernel are you running? and cpu?

>> No.73801491

mount it to a clone drive in windows and use a different program to clone the contents to a file type linux is able to mount.

>> No.73801525

>Dark Reader
Use "Dark Background and Light Text", it's more reliable and less bloated.

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Bit of a *nix noob. I bought a MacBook a while back and played around with Brew and Ncurses a little.
Last few days I spun up a Debian VM on a Win10 box, and seemed to have some sort of hang loading GNOME (just went with defaults, but I know a little about DEs and have used Linux before on an as required basis)
GNOME broke and I couldn't be fucked troubleshooting, just removed it and connecting via SSH
I want to pick up more skills for work reasons, so will likely dualboot. Is Debian an okay choice for diving right into the deep end? I will be trying to mostly work from Bash or Zsh where possible (likely throw on a tiling WM to multitask)
Reason for doing it was a few Linux only network tools, and running from only bash is nowhere near as daunting as I expected, most of my scripting/shell experience has been for Exchange Online

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>remember WINE being a pain to get working a few years ago
>try again today
>attempt to install some cunny
>it works with no problems

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why does qbittorrent have a rss reader?

>> No.73803794

so you can set it to follow your anime torrents rss feed and automatically fetch new episodes I assume

>> No.73803805

Nah man, I did like Cinnamon but that didn't solve anything. I have this issue regardless, even on Deepin, Budgie and Unity (nice to know the thing can still be installed fine). Even tried this under Wayland.

All the info I could gather yesterday is that if I use:


instead of the default (9) it takes a bit longer to slow down. And that the card is hungry on idle, about 30W.

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mfw realize my phone's processor has more threads than my laptop's shitty kaby lake.
Why the fuck would a phone need 32 threads?

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Crosslinking >>73804180 because the question became more about OS than hardware.
tl;dr I'm a W7 pleb who knows nothing about distros and am interested in switching, any advice on file transfer/if I even need to do anything first?

>> No.73804683

Ubuntu is a perfectly fine distro to start, debian is too but freedumb tards are holding linux back, you'll have best hardware support from Ubuntu/Pop_OS.
Don't go looking for installers or weird packages to install, under linux the way we do things is a central repository of your distro will have supported software in the form of packages.
Try to not overthink things and "you can get by without terminal" is a meme, the shell is not nearly as scary as normies make it out and is needed for most of anything of worth.

>> No.73804697

understand that a linux distro is going to be very similar from one to another, what changes is default configs, package versions available, and the package manager.
between neon and kubuntu, the big discernable difference is the versions of plasma de and qt available.
with how plasma 5 has been progressing, later is better.

>> No.73804785

Neon sounds good, but I recomend stickign with Ubuntu as a new DE is just a tasksel away and I'm unsure how Neon woul handle tasksel.

>> No.73804904

installing neon and then not using kde is an.... interesting choice.

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Maybe I'm retarded but where are the settings for me to make it so this text isn't italiciized and there isn't that little arrow over the icon?

It's Plasma on Debian 10.

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I am trying to connect and download several files from a public FTP server.

When I connect to the FTP server via browser everything works. I can move in the directory structure and download and read everything I need.

When I connect via terminal using ftp command, I can connect to the base url. However every cd command prompts me for a password. How can I download these files?

>> No.73805954

Is it just that one Desktop Icon with italics?

>> No.73805992

>don't use the terminal if you have better tools already running
I used tmux and vim, for programing I've found the way vim will yank the view around is a bit disorientating when I have a large file open.
Thats why i need to take another view, if it was actually just going to see which is the exact name of the file I'm about to open next I'd do that.

>> No.73807436

they need to make their drivers open source, that would be the only scenario

>> No.73807550

hello linux friends.

i have a 5 port USB PCI-E card that i want to use in my HP Server.

It is a INATECK KTU3FR-5021 (https://www.inateck.com/inateck-ktu3fr-5o2i-5-port-usb-3-0-pci-express-card.html)

with LSPCI it shows as "Fresco Logic FL1100 USB 3.0 Host Controller (rev 10) "

I am trying to find a driver for this but this is admittedly my first time ever having to manually find a driver for Linux so im a bit unsure of how best to proceed.

I googled but the results are mostly all for Windows, and Inatecks site lists no Linux driver.

Please help? Thank you.

>> No.73807639

What does running lspci -v -s <bus/slot/function> tell you in regards to kernel module?

(bus/slot/function is the number that starts the lspci entry for Fresco etc etc)

>> No.73808409

What about compression and such? I remember watching a video on the topic a while ago and he used blowfish and whatnot supposedly to get superior performance

I'm running on absolutely out of the box settings aside from uncommenting the X11 forwarding option
Ethernet kinda defeats the purpose of making my netbook useful-er but I'll definitely keep that in mind

>> No.73808599

Give up. That hardware was underpowered at launch and X over SSH isn't a particularly efficient bandwidth. You'd be better off configuring xrdp on your remote system and using an rdp client on the Atom.

>> No.73808869

>configuring xrdp on your remote system
Sounds cool
I'll read up on that

Honestly none of this was ever meant to be used practically, mainly just for educational purposes for a time when these techniques will apply.

Thanks anon.

>> No.73809211

Debian and Ubuntu based distros are always a safe bet, but debian repos are sometimes a little out of date. OpenSUSE also has a good selection.

>> No.73810157

does neofetch have a hard time detecting the GPU? For me it lists "AMD ATI Radeon RX 460/560D", as if it cant tell if its a 460 or 560

>> No.73810398

Question: If I install Ubuntu as my dual-boot system (Win 10 is already installed), can I access my Win 10 filesystem from Ubuntu so I can just throw my music library into my Ubuntu music player, or does that not work?

>> No.73811184

I'm currently using Win10 LTSC.
While avoiding systemd, I want to use either Void or Alpine because I hate arch enough to hate artix too.
I like Alpines' use of MUSL libc but I don't know what to think of their fallback to open ssl along with their use of OpenRC with busybox.
Then there's Void with it's original xbps and runit init and it offers both MUSL and GNU libc versions.
I'm just lost here.

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How do I fix wine so I can play Civ 3?

Currently I'm being cucked by this bug:


This game worked on my computer about a year ago.

>> No.73811346

Why do people select distros for their softwaare repo systems? is it really that hard to compile software?

>> No.73811352

What's a good DE for a laptop with no mouse and a 12 inch screen?
I want something with big control surfaces, where I dont have to pinpoint accurately place the cursor on a tiny smudge to close a window.

I am currently using Cinnamon on Mint and it does alright, but the inability to make the menu bigger or change the window decorations sufficiently kinda piss me off.
I tried Budgie, which seemed cool but poor on customization, Pantheon and XFCE. All of them failed to allow me to make the task bar big enough to actually work, Cinnamon still holds up.

>> No.73811477

ffmpeg is part of the official repo "Extra",meaning it is part of the repo's maintained by ArchLinux developers themselves

>> No.73811584

>eg https://aur.archlinux.org/cgit/aur.git/tree/PKGBUILD?h=ffmpeg-full

>> No.73811619

my gnu/linux-libre distro is on its way, who wants to try it?

>> No.73811646

"ffmpeg-full" is not "ffmpeg"
"ffmpeg-full" is an extra package those users who wish to manually control exactly what codecs/support is built in to ffmpeg, hence why it is in AUR and not the official package. It would be no different then a gentoo overlay.
You may want to look at mpv-build-git as well, it provides similar options to a statically linked ffmpeg for mpv to use as well as expanding/shrinking mpv's scope/bloat

>> No.73811676

it was just an example I havent used arch in a long time so I don't remember a better one
keep praising the aur i dont give a fuck

>> No.73811709

Ubuntu is for homos.

>> No.73811794

please help

>> No.73811864

I don't

>> No.73812071

Obviously what everyone wants is choice.

People don't like systemd because it removes choice, and the removal of choice was literally a strategy they exploited to make systemd popular.
>It's obviously been very popular with distro developers
This actually may not be true. As I just mentioned systemd was widely adopted because other Redshat developers made software have hard dependencies on it.
Regardless of whether you believe that was intentional or not, the fact remains: the ONLY reason non-systemd distros are able to exist today is because Gentoo devs forked udev. If they didn't do that then systemd would have completely taken over with no alternative choices.
That's extremely unusual (basically unheard of) for something like that to happen in such a short period of time on GNU/Linux.

Given their history and their apparent motives I simply don't trust them.
I think that given the choice, the developers of systemd will do everything they can to make sure you DON'T have a choice to replace it with anything in the future. And their continued "scope creep" of absorbing totally unrelated shit (like networking) into your init system seems like a pretty damn good attempt to do exactly that. And a pretty damn good way to make sure you don't have much a choice on how any of the stuff it absorbs behaves.
It's going to make GNU/Linux more monolithic and less flexible. That's a bad thing for everyone.

What should replace systemd is a the most simple init possible, since it's PID 1 and is the parent of everything else, and it should merely call other tools to do all the crap systemd is trying to do itself.

>> No.73812076

another one?
gotta reflash libreboot after fucking it up and just putting that off now

>> No.73812105

there are less than 10 FSF approved linux-libre distros and none of them have really worked for me so i decided to make one to fit my own needs, and might as well release it publically.
as soon as i complete the repo to my liking the ISO will go up

>> No.73812163

please make the next thread something other than anime

>> No.73812171


>> No.73812187

gay porn ok?

>> No.73812209

anime website, faggot

>> No.73812237

do i have to post it

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