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Kuro a Best.

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go back to >>>/a/ childfucker

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I want to ......... Illya.

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The high pitched nip voices are a net negative on the whole kawaii moe anime market desu

I have more enjoyment watching my anime on low volume with subtitles then listen to Ms Nagasaki whine and squeal.
Therefore, this is a useless program.

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BWAHAHAHA fuck off with that shit

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I'm not buying your program. I made it clear.

and now I am gonna tell others who are reading this that they shouldn't spend their money on this either

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Sorry I'm not a pedo.

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How is it?

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Guilt only works on numales anon.

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Furries out.

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I'd be too worried about an alarm going off while I'm at work.

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>world of warcraft
Majority of wow players are normies who hates lolis.

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not available in my country

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How can I pirate it?

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>if only they spent one evening translating and making this available for rest of the world but noooo we can't have nice things
If only you spent one evening googling instead of bitching, but noooo.

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>11 burger tickets
these are leaves actually

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surpisingly decent action mahou shoujo, give first season a try

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it's very interesting!

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app is free but there's fuckload of paid dlc, I'll check out lucky patcher then

>> No.73750699

because i have a feature phone

>> No.73750814

Becuse it costs okane man. That's not the problem itself, but I don't use the Google Store, so I have no way to buy it.

>> No.73750893

Ilya as teen mom?

>> No.73751146

should i restart watching fate?
I remember i stopped at fate zero because i had no time

>> No.73751204

I haven't watched after 2wei. Is the shota shit too much, didn't like him? Is it completely a harem for the big bro now, didn't like that either and felt that it was more and more as the seasons passed? Is the yuri action still the main driving force of the show, I liked that?

>> No.73751224

I don't know

>> No.73751227

The shota shit is the reason I stopped watching. Fucking shit harem.

>> No.73751237

ok, thanks anyway anon

>> No.73751258

Wait? Did it become a harem around the shota instead of big bro(Shiro?) after 2wei even? Probably for the best I stopped watching if that's the case, I would be beyond mad.

>> No.73751263

oh but i am

i just have no reason to wake up

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>cute/funny, or as I've recently taken to calling it,

>> No.73751458

I'm sure there's way more than just this that they have on me

>> No.73751493

Do you know if you can have the sleep noises work with headphones and the alarm through the phones speakers

>> No.73751619

you shoulda made a backup with titanium backup before getting the refund kek

>> No.73751793

sure. it doesn't matter though. this entire app is the digital embodiment of the spirit of john wayne gacy. it is the funniest thing i've ever seen. it's like mental training program for offenders.

>> No.73751971

that's the initial plan; to steal a pretty, little girl to be your perfect loli wife. but then she grows up and gets tits and attitude, which pisses you off. there's only one thing to do: dispose of her and find a new waifu. this time it will be perfect
>in the meantime, you have illya to keep you company

>> No.73752037

Sounds logical. Perhaps it is a pedo murderer starter pack after all.

>> No.73752330

I am. Sometimes I set an early alarm and go to work early and forget to turn off the later alarm and it goes off when I'm at my desk. Everyone can hear it but nobody acknowledges it

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>the digital embodiment of the spirit of john wayne gacy
This is the first time that I don't even know what to say anymore. Good job faggot you beat me.

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Are there any alarm apps that aren't buggy as shit?

>> No.73752487

It is not in debian repositories

>> No.73752509

wut how can an alarm app be buggy?

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>real child molesters always go after boys only
Something to keep in mind the next time you see someone overcompensating way too hard in their crusade against loli.

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Oh shame

>> No.73752858

read the thread

>> No.73752864

post youre cunt so I can laugh at it

>> No.73752874

Is that why most cp involves girls and only a fraction boys?
Most serial killers went after boys because of some serious repressed homosexuality in a time when it was beyond unaceptable to be gay.

>> No.73752879

just one look at that dude and you can tell he likes 'em young & pure, unlike adult women who are whores that goes on about clitorises & orgasms.

>> No.73753369

Yes, there is fanservice, comedy and good animated fights. Story is still a mistery after three seasons.

>> No.73753500

wait a minute... could this be the technology to cure loli addiction?

>> No.73753984

not here to judge, but if you ask me; failing to pitch a tent in your pants to a woman but get rockhard from little girls that is as flat as the boys in her own age, makes you closet homo.

you can't accept you're into penis and rewire to to little girls because (A) they're legit females (B) they're as flat and smooth as twink (C) lolis are more believable than traps.

i personally think all abnormal sexuality is the result of bad self-confidence or past traumas. i genuinely feel bad for people who can get their rocks off from crashing their fleshrocket into a vanilla meatcave

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