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Seething gorilla.

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Sir, do the needful

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What's your goal for competitive programming? Resume boosts? Winning? Learning Computer Science?

>> No.73734457

I did a programming contest once back in highschool and won
77 iq

>> No.73734508

135+ spatial reasoning if you want a real answer.

>> No.73734511

about tree fiddy

>> No.73734529

no IQ needed if you do it in C

>> No.73734567

5 or less

>> No.73734616

How does he do it lads?

>> No.73736358

IQ >100, + Faecal diet on daily basis.

>> No.73736364

Programming takes no talent, making good software does but that's not a competitive skill.

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20cm and 1,90cm

>> No.73737750

Crystallized or fluid? Fluid IQ is more important.

>> No.73740239

try and see for yourself

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>severily lack libraries
What do you mean?
Also a few other questions if you don't mind.
How many hours a week do you practice?
How good are you at mathematics?
What reference do you use for algorithms?

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I can have a guess at what they mean, but still, I ask because it sounds like the kind of thing fags use to try and make themselves sound smart when they feel insecure about their intelligence. It makes me wonder if it's even real.

>> No.73742556

everyone laughs at you behind your back, OP

above average IQ but not genius

>> No.73744774

IQ is pseudoscience; Go back to /sci/

>> No.73744781

Thx <3 you.

>> No.73745202

IDK, my iq number I guess because I managed to get a job.

>> No.73746418

code monkey =/= programmer you dumb fuck

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