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>> No.73700165

A completely unique WM you wrote from scratch on your own and have not released to anybody else.

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>propietary software

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Not being a pussy and just designing your own personal OS from scratch

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why are you obsessed with that one shitty screenshot OP? Nothing special about it
Recreatable in seconds, 23 seconds to be exact

>> No.73702302

>4 seconds to change the wallpaper
so this is the power of l*nux

>> No.73702313

Fuck 'unique' - desktops are working things, aesthetics should never be prioritised over functionality.

>> No.73702342

It's not proprietary if you don't share it

>> No.73702511

not using tiling WM

>> No.73702693

what is this program

>> No.73702782

Wrong, ugly utilitarian untermensch maggot

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>> No.73702837

what's that menu?

>> No.73702859

a dmenu replacement but it works natively in wayland, tty and in X
it also recognises geometry and can be set to avoid overlapping the bar. by default it's just a top bar like dmenu but you can make it look like mine easily

>> No.73703033

Nigga that's as free as it gets.

>> No.73704769

When it reflects something interesting about its owner.

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File: 495 KB, 1920x1080, Nov24::181708.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Definitely, I don't consider my desktop to be 'unique'. I prefer minimalism, that's why except bg and pywal theme for terminal and some basic i3 config I don't have anything else.

In my opinion, desktop threads are just a formal subject for people, who share similar interest; that's why you see there all the time a lot of Arch + i3 faggots, like me. For instance, there are also people who post wheels of their cars in some threads, or guts of their computers, the same is with that desktop thread.

>> No.73705547

I'm not the OP, by the way, just saw my desktop here.

>> No.73706629

that's i3blocks on the swaybar
I'm using fontawesome 4 with custom command blocks for i3blocks

>> No.73706764

It's not whether it is truly unique but whether or not you are at least trying to do something different to everyone else.
the circle jerkers are the ones who use tiling window managers and are just after "coo how cute (you)" type comments because to them that's what is cool. However if you dont just show a different anime image to everyone else it is shit. Try to use anything other than some tiling window manager and you arent cool according to the tr-anime crowd. They dont realise how sheep like they have become
desktop thread, why? If all someone is going to show is the same old shit day after day, why have a desktop thread? Isnt it for people interested in actual theming and discussing different desktops or is it just some kool kidz cirkul jurk?

>> No.73706877

Aktually it's void with Dwm

>> No.73707890

Nothing, just some faggot with arbitrary standards.

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>tfw I've been using the stock i3 config for nearly a year now
Everything just works, I don't see the point of changing things.

>> No.73712665

A sense of style and ownership of something that isn't just "palette-swapped minimal i3 configuration No. 2,849"

The shit in that pic for example is incredibly forgettable. It has no soul, originality or personality, it's just meant to blend in with literally everything else on the desktop thread, meant for exactly the kind of person who would consciously worry about how "unique" their desktop is.

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