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Based OP

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Lisp is the most powerful programming language.

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Nipple cheeks freak me out.

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>right cheek

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Shit OP. Where is the anime?

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I'm being forced to learn Kotlin fast. I don't like learning when being forced to, much less even when the clock is ticking.

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If you don't have a reason to learn C, then don't bother. Most problems are better solved with other languages.

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>fiddling with characters
A couple of months ago, I had some really big XML files to deal with. Like some 400-500 GB big. At first I used XML libraries, but that took days to run through. So in the end, I wrote some parsers myself in C that cut the processing time down to hours.

But of course, that's only "fiddling with characters".

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In /a/

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you mean right here

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How do I put an enum inside an enum in c++?
I want something like SystemMap::DeviceType::Storage::SSD

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Its still good to learn C so you can learn in depth about low-level programming concepts and syntax etc.

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Embedded devices are usually programmed in C. Like all the ESP32, ATTiny, Arduino etc. devices that come on really small PCBs and run on battery.

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God I wish Nim had a working gtk3 library

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>to make shit
Like what?

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>live in rural AU
>new neighbours moved in
>cancerous teen white thot
>it's yet another shitty (s-h-i-t-t-y) local hip-hop in loud speaker episode
>focus destroyed

Non americans should be banned from hip-hop. Complete cringe.

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reprogram her

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>interact with a walking jailbait
wamen in general, especially white thots and bitches are fucking malicious. Don't even try. I just came out of a relationship with a nice girl and I fear she'll go to the police and complain that I have been ""raping"" her for the past year.
Western wamen are too entitled and they can fork money out of you whenever they can in modern days, I've seen this pattern of wamen making lifetime profits out of a breakup far too often.
Does this mean I don't like white wamen? Fuck no. White girls are the best. But this status quo has to change.

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why do you have a teenage girl living rent free in your head you pedo?

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how is this programming related
how are any of these our problems

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I was testing out some socket programming and reading up some documentation and then I got distracted. Why do you think I'm posting here now?

>> No.73610117

so what? post about sockets

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shitposting bots

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I'm learning C#. When do I use properties? When I need to use a private variable, but I still need to modify some aspects of it from Main() ?
I don't really get it since all the examples i found use it as

public string Something {get; set;}

Which is to me seems like the same as using public as the variable's access level.

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why using cli is so satisfying, bros?

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>running android studio, chrome with hundreds tabs and a few electron apps on PC with 16gb ram
>uses less than 8gb of ram
>doing the same on pc with 8gb of ram
>constantly swapping

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based retard

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I spent a lot oy years on learning how to program.
After working as a programmer for ~1.5 years I've started to get fed up with it.

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Meant to say "It's possible to transfer a block from block 2 to 1 and then fill the remaining 2 with the new write"

>> No.73610971

it's like asking why it takes someone so much longer to carry 240 ml of water in a 250 ml glass, than 240 ml of water in a 500 ml glass

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Anyone have any good guides/videos on how to build an IRC server in python? Gotta make one for a project that I can connect to via hexchat, but i don't really know where to start. Not used the socket module much, and most guides online are IRC bots, not servers.

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Learning. For example, today I learned that in Python you can use commas to assign multiple variables on a line. I didn't know any programming stuff before I started.

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sentdex has a video on making an irc server with sockets in python

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>Non americans
you mean non-blacks

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No it isn't retard, the point is one is close to spilling. It isn't going to be the same at near-capacity as the one with plenty of spare capacity.

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why don't you learn Object Pascal

>> No.73611232

Any advice on creating a dynamic web app for visualising data from an API with Python?

Was thinking of using Flask and then something like D3.

>> No.73611276

just started programming today and can already do binary search, am i gonna make it?

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what's the hardest language? the one that's still useful in the realm of humans.

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C isn't useful anymore

>> No.73611357

if foo:

Why are data scientists so daft

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Reminder that 6502 asm is the most powerful programming language and that if you aren't learning it you will be an eternal webbabby.

>> No.73611416

>two 8-bit registers and an accumulator
Don't make me laugh.

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In lisp this is just (unless foo (do-stuff))

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Nobody does server-side font rendering anymore, you retarded frogposter.

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imagine needing more

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C++ is easier and can be mostly covered in one semester compared to Java or C# which require more time to cover everything.

>> No.73611581

Each class is one semester each. So I can do:

Basic C# and Basic C++
Basic C# and Advanced C#

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So I should not be using Xft? What else then?

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>java exam in 12 days
>still dont know jack shit

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no one is going to do the studying for you, faggot

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I think he knows that man, that's why he's taking java

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what dont you know? java is an easy language

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time's ticking, better write some java instead of writing blogposts

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started out with UCSD Pascal, ended up with Lazarus

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That's plenty of time

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lmao I really was considering learning common lisp before the dpt shilling, now I'm just disgusted by it

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Looks like it's time to..
summon the Weapon of Java!

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Prett much everything, Im fucked
Thanks pajeet

>> No.73611773

Based. Now learn 6502 asm.

>> No.73611801

which class textbook are you working from? the java class I'm in is really basic shit (classes, methods, etc)

>> No.73611813

Thanks for that link, anon. I'll check it out asap after I'm done reading a bit
"Introduction to Java Programming and Data Structures" 11th ED by Y. Daniel Liang

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Please call sir.

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good job, you fell for it

>> No.73611826

is lakh a unit

>> No.73611828

ah, you just didn't have enough time to savor the taste of Lisp

>> No.73611880

Now you must learn and judge Lisp for yourself.

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yeah but can he bowl too?

>> No.73611884

mr nagoor babu sir sama really is a saint

>> No.73611919

get babu'd

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I can't see myself joining a class like that, doesn't matter if the lecturer is a programming god or not

>> No.73611957

because it's the same capitalistic wasteland, but dirtier?

>> No.73611987

they probably just paid to get one easy to remember

>> No.73612004

>sudo apt install g++
don't forget build-essential

>> No.73612006

>Is equivalent to:
>01/08/2226 @ 10:14pm (UTC)

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What about it?

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good, java is garbage

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nah he just shears fools of their rupees

>> No.73612203

Have you ever written something in Java? It's baroque, overloaded with frills and ornates. You literally have to write 40 lines for a hello world if you do it in some kind of framework.

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I dont know half of these words so it cant be that bad

>> No.73612287

that statement makes no sense when you're dumping your productivity into working around a language once you step outside its unnecessarily rigid framework.

>> No.73612308

I hope you're being productive for the benefit of the community, writing GPL'd code.

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>> No.73612435

If you are a europoor and your uni is not in the top 50 of the NWERC (https://scoreboard.nwerc.eu/) then your uni is objectively trash-tier.

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That's a big book. How much is covered in the class?

>> No.73612461

First 14 chapters.

>> No.73612492

>42 pages to explain single-dimensional arrays
wew lad

>> No.73612535

If it's anything like my book, 20+ of those pages are full code of the examples to pad out the book length.

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Ahhh... Me program good.

>> No.73612670

what's FP lang

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can any chinese speakers here tell me what the heck does this mean?

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lol i didnt know google translate recognises latin script chinese words >_>

thanks anon although i feel dumber than usual

>> No.73612752

programmers with ADHD/ADD, how the fuck do you do it?

>> No.73612772

Adderall, duh.

>> No.73612884

when grubbing for money is all-important

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Mine is only doing 1-7 of this book.

My advice would be to just keep doing the practice problems they have until you get it. Do you know other programming languages?

>> No.73613344

If I receive a return offer after interning at some company, how long can I typically wait before it expires? I'm asking because I want to go on a trip for a couple of months after graduating.

>> No.73613396

>1-7 of this book
Looks like the very basic principles of any programming language, just with Java flavour.

>> No.73613422

maybe games aren't good

>> No.73613593

I assure you everything there is true, but in hindsight it is pretty funny

>> No.73613648

>trying to scale
>using a single thread
>over complicated stuff about polynomial regression
>using tape and manually labelling it

>> No.73613724

Front-end only framework that interacts with a backend
>PHP, Django
You build monoliths where the backend shits out HTML

You could learn any of these at a basic level over a weekend. Literally just download a beginner's book and code along with it.

>> No.73613731

Need to clarify something

I can do reasonable atomic operations through MongoDB easily, but I haven't implemented that yet. At this stage, business logic/payments/user interface matters more than scaling this beyond one physical machine.

>> No.73613748

The days of webdev being simple are long gone, anon.

>> No.73613827


mixed up the tags, but you get it.
Also it's highscores[i+1] = highscores , not scoreX

"But I assume it's problematic because it would go out of bounds if it's trying to move the score with index 9 to the non-existant index 10.

(both arrays have 10 elements btw)"

>> No.73613832

you mean insert into a sorted array?

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So I've decided to learn Flutter instead of React Native to make my next mobile app. Any Flutterfags here that can recommend me some resources?

>> No.73614335

>Is it really ethical for me to get paid for doing literally nothing?
You're not doing ``nothing''. Your company is investing into you on their dime.

Colleges and universities don't teach you job skills. Those are for employers to teach.

Did you think a man always came to a jobsite already knowing how to frame a house, and how the quality of his work interacts with all of the other subcontractors upstream?

>> No.73614416

Well these men born masters at carving wood and steel don't exist, and you would know this if you paid attention to your classmates in school

>> No.73614451

Yes they do. I'm one of them.

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>> No.73614491

see >>73614298

>> No.73614542

see >>73612074

>> No.73614679


Yeah but I need to only accept the top 10. There's going to be a theoritically infinite amount of scores, but only the top 10 should be saved. I need to compare them before saving them to know if they should go into the array or not.

>> No.73614681

No you don't. JEE is pretty much
public Can'tRememberTheAbstraction'sName helloWorld() {
__return WhateverTheAbstractionWas.ok().with("Hello World From DURGA-soft, with lakhs of happy customers.");

>> No.73614751

I'd rather not to.
It was fun, you should give it a try.

>> No.73614879

ah yes the -=- operator

>> No.73614972

Try writing your own shell

>> No.73614996

Why MongoDB and not postgres which has better performance and can do everything mongodb can?

>> No.73615006

>test code twice as long as the code it's exercising

>> No.73615451


>> No.73615487

>thinking you won't be lucky to get a job even with a degree

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Already have decent dev work experience. Just want a degree to move forward in life to higher positions. Maybe even do a masters in something I actually like.

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