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>> No.73576891

Not a programmer but I work with many and none are Indian. Find a programming related job in academia

>> No.73577154


> why are people allowed to ask me questions related to my job before hiring me???
> fucking indians!!!!!

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I'd rather not work in academia... I'll check it out though.

>> No.73577251

Programmers are the lowest tier of IT workers, which is why you see so many pajeet programmers. Get a job that actually requires knowledge about how stuff works instead of being a stupid code monkey.

>> No.73577297

>there's almost no use for static in java
LMFAO wow good thing those Indians didn't hire you
No way you have 9 years of experience

>> No.73577321

A lot of time they aren't doing interviews because they want to determine whether you are competent. They are using interviews as an opportunity to lord over you and make themselves feel better for know more shit, no matter how minute and inane, than you do.
On the other hand, if you can't even answer a bunch of basic questions and impress a bunch of pajeets, what the fuck is you doing you fucking mong

>> No.73577333


> i SHOULD be the one making the rules
> i SHOULD not have to answer to anyone!!!

then go work for yourself and dont apply to a company you fucking moron
they can and should ask anything they want and if you don't like it you can just leave

its obvious you think you are too good for the job in the first place but too retarded to apply elsewhere or create your own thing

>> No.73577349


obviously, the whole point of interviewing is showing somebody whose the boss

but if he had 9+ years of experience he would be able to answer these questions in a breeze and not think anything much of it

he probably struggled and is now trying to cope

>> No.73577362

This is true af

>> No.73577379

>There's almost no use for it in a majority of cases.
try reading the whole fucking thing Prabhu.
Outside of utility methods or defining things once for ALL classes it's not that useful. It also violates POLYMORPHISM at the core.It also represents global state. Which really isn't a good thing.

>> No.73577389

It's obvious that you're retarded.

>> No.73577555


if the interview was easy, and you got the job you wanted, why are you upset?
everything went in your favour but ur still looking for reasons to complain

if you dont want to work with/for/under pajeets, then don't, but why complain on 4chan about it lmao

im guessing this whole post is just made up so you can flame pajeets for the lulz

>> No.73577700

Find a small company or grind through pajeets until you find smth better.

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imagine the smell

>> No.73577805

lmao, I'm definitely not going to work for this company... already got an email back from HR.

>> No.73577819

Jesus christ that must be terrible.

>> No.73578280
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I once had an interview for some bullshit job in some desolate shit hole Wisconsin town I've never heard of.

>anon we have our senior developer here on speaker phone who'd like to ask ask you questions
>djennsns jzkwks jsokse jzksnd jawa jxkdoe kzowje jzksns
>>djennsns jzkwks jsokse jzksnd jawa jxkdoe kzowje jzksns
>ummm... Uhhhh I'm sorry I'm afraid I can't understand you, M-must be the speaker phone
>oh sorry about that...djennsns jzkwks jsokse jzksnd jawa jxkdoe kzowje jzksns
>...(2 minute pause) hey I gotta go my neighbors about to shoot my dog

Shit was the worst interview I've ever had. You know that motherfucker can't be understood right? Why put him on the phone then? On speaker phone! Reeeeeeee

>> No.73578582

Try programming with Russians or Chinese, so much better

>> No.73578603

>Got in to programming young
>Had that epiphany and burning fire of what might be possible like most people here
>Grow up and see the reality of the industry
>Wonder why I would even be bother in life when everything is ruined by Jewish capitalism and bottomless pits of third worlders

>> No.73578722

what town anon, so I know not to apply anywhere near there

>> No.73579027

Static generates electricity for the JVM
lol, jk
It's for something akin to class methods
Bean is instantiated by planting and watering it in Spring. If you are lucky, it will make a giant beanstalk. lol, jk

See OP, they are just testing to see if you're a jerk
There are a lot of jerks in sw dev

>> No.73579119

>All I'm saying is I have a massive track record of making companies big bucks
Well then you should have just said that! They'd hire you on the spot!

>> No.73579181

Threads like this reveals all the pajeets scouring /g/ looking for ideas to steal and threads to shit in.
This is how tech implodes.
Pajeet brings their substandard education and values and force everyone to play ball.

>> No.73579940
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>fuck pajeets
>am I right, guys?

>> No.73580268

The only poo I work with is such a total bro it's kind of unimaginable.

Other Pajeet I worked with was a low-key sociopath ladder climber though. He really blackpilled me as to how effectively you could pad resumes by having multiple jobs while not actually working at any of them.

All in all I like their food so I'm cool with them.

>> No.73580605

they are terrible at English
this literally should have made them automatically disqualified to work in America

>> No.73580608
File: 1.59 MB, 2077x1600, ha.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>claims Indians are inferior to himself
>claims they ask easy, dated questions
>appears to be unemployed, wasting away time on /g/ and probably leddit
>appears to be unable to use superior intellect to secure inferior job.


>> No.73580616
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>I have a massive track record of making companies big bucks

>> No.73580777

Indians are some of the most arrogant, superficial and retarded people on Earth. I get along with every single race, but for some reason I can't watch 5 seconds of an Indian tech video or sit through more than 1 lecture by an Indian. There's something so cringey about their accents and the way they try to explain their inane interests. And why do they consistently choose the most terrible technology available? It's like they're trying to squeeze as much money as possible out of the tech industry by purposely producing bloated and unmaintainable software.

>> No.73580787

You seem to know a lot about Java. Have you considered learning a white language such as C, Lisp or Haskell?

>> No.73580853
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>fail interview because you're a brainlet
>run to 4chan and post racist rant
like pottery

>> No.73581259

The academic system on India, most of Asia and the middle East promote studying for the test and memorising. Most student end up mistaking the container for the content and they imitate rather than understanding. When the failures because teachers it just get worst.
Is not just programing, it's the whole education system.

>> No.73581273

Don't know Java, never had to work with an Indian.


>> No.73581285

What language do you recommend?

>> No.73581366

Don't forget the timeless classic: interview other candidates as formality to hide when they already have someone in mind for the position.

>> No.73581392

I'm sure it's just a front for a H1B hire.

>> No.73581399

I've hired plenty of your American blacks out of college for our tech company, and we literally have to train every single one of them to use proper fucking english on their emails for weeks before they get their shit together.

American Affirmative Action college degrees make your blacks feel good about themselves, but they're not worth the paper they're printed on.

>> No.73581406

>I've hired plenty of your American blacks out of college for our tech company, and we literally have to train every single one of them to use proper fucking english on their emails for weeks before they get their shit together.

H1B Hire >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> nigger diversity hire

>> No.73581417
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Yes sir. Reporting sir. Let us appreciate Durga-sir by reciting how to differentiate app server from web server

>> No.73581440

Quiet while I sacrifice a loo to Infosys.

>> No.73581513
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>git push --force

>> No.73581770

Degree from good uni or maybe apply to a Scala job or such instead.

>> No.73581919
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are you stupid or retarded?

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I deal with pajeet recruiters, and I can barely understand them. It really sucks, since do recently applied for a job through one that reach out to me, but I sent an email 3 days later asking what the status of the application was. No response. Maybe they just want to hire their kind?
I ended up googling the job description and found the listing on a another recruiting service site, hopefully I can at least get someone I can understand and an interview.

>> No.73582134

Yeah pajeets are hard to understand. Sometimes they talk too fast and even when they talk at a pace you can understand, their grammar is so weird they might as well go back to rushing their speech.

>> No.73582137

>Maybe they just want to hire their kind?
How else do you think such terrible programmers infest upper management and regular positions? It's not just the low pay, they're like jews except it's more obvious, they're extraordinarily nepotistic.

>> No.73582143

open the fuck u get dominated

>> No.73582194

Choose you're fighter


Second from left for me

>> No.73582205


just imagine the fucking stink in that room

>> No.73582224

You prefer javascript over typescript?

>> No.73582268


one of these days they are going to catch me in a bad mood with that tardgarble and i am going to take it literally and use git revert to light their shit on fire

>> No.73582277

Damn pajeet, you best learn how to program soon so you don't make an ass of yourself in the real world. Life isn't as easy as it is in Poolooland

>> No.73582335

Good day Sir Anon,
Can you check once??

>> No.73582894


>> No.73583324

i wouldn't want to work in a company where pajeets conduct interviews

>> No.73584554

Based retards that have 0 real life experience

>> No.73584565


>> No.73584714

>using statics in java
Unless your answer was something like "I almost never use them, they cause lots of issues such as..." then I wouldn't hire you tbqh anon. Statics are fucking SHIT. The only the worse is when someone uses an enum class for their type, with the only value being INSTANCE, and having all methods defined under it. It's like a static, final, singleton pattern that's impossible to test or refractor. Fuck you whoever does that shit.

>> No.73585028

It's possible that the Indians knew this and it was a trick question. I've honestly known better Indian programmers in my career than white people, who are lazy and majorly egotistical. But this is g so I assume most people are in college or just graduated.

>> No.73585098


>> No.73585196

Can you at least put some fucking deodorant on?

>> No.73585254
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reporting for duty, sir

>> No.73585321

OP here
I didn't say a single fucking time that I didn't want to be interviewed.

The problem I have is with the quality of the interviewing. I guess all these retards expect people to go memorize a dictionary to be a developer these days.

I'm growing tired of the stupidity of this field for the most part.

>> No.73585338

actually pretty comfy job atm anon and pay is market average for in my area (mid level backend), also no pajeets. but hey, thank me for taking the shit jobs so you can have the good ones :)

>> No.73585452

Hey white dog better get used to it ok!

>> No.73586936

>muh polymorphism

>> No.73587066

Holy cow, how many Poojets are on /g/?

>> No.73587076

way to fucking many.

>> No.73587235

static methods you fucking moron

>> No.73587344

New copypasta?
Fucking lol

>> No.73587352

You just proven that you are worse than pajeet.

>> No.73587354

Do you use these daily?

>> No.73587941


Shit's happening everywhere

>> No.73587959

If you can't compete with them that means you are third world tier

>> No.73588978

Switch to a different language??
I code in PHP and JavaScript on my current project at work. Another team codes in typescript for an angular app. I didn't deal with questions like that. My coding question was a python example. Our in house test framework is written in Python.

>> No.73589394

Indian girls are purely subs.

>> No.73589445
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Try competing with people that will work half decently but for dirt cheap, while you worked your ass to be considered too expensive for companies.

It's not always about skill, you neet.

>> No.73589467

I had to use a static class to reuse the same object multiple times throughout a battery of JUnit tests.
>what! but that doesn't make sense! that makes my soul vagina itch!
Madar chut, pabahaheet. The white boy fears the brown lund.

>> No.73589483

>Madar chut, pabahaheet. The white boy fears the brown lund.
lmao this is why I rejected their offer today. Go fuck yourself!

>> No.73589609

he's using java, not python

>> No.73590464
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Me too. Pajeets suck

>> No.73590542

Ya I had some manager write up questions like that OP. But during the interview I just called the questions dumb during the interview and moved on. Some people are literally no chill and you just have to play into the meme or find someone based enough to not give a fuck.

>> No.73592300

It's over for white scum

>> No.73592475

>1. Where the fuck would you use static in java? There's almost no use for it in a majority of cases.

You don't know about singletons? You've never done any integrations? You never made any utility methods?

>> No.73592616

>sir has not done the needful yet again sir
>let us discuss about bringing cousin ramjit he will do the needful every time sir

>> No.73594117

>>there's almost no use for java

>> No.73594162

>keep flushing
Imaging being a member of such a shit race.

>> No.73594263

>They just want to know that you know the exact definition and want to confirm their shitty fucking work via trivia questions about it.
Typical of the untalented and the low IQ. This isn't actually unique to software engineering. We just feel the pain more because the industry is flooded with pajeets.

>> No.73595037

Multi-threading you dingus.

>> No.73595329
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> where the fuck would you use static

>> No.73596762
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Enough with the jokes. Where the fuck would you use statics?

>> No.73597032

that's obvious, try harder like >>73594293

>> No.73597142

Everything that can, should be a static.

>> No.73597200

static methods are like normal functions, so it doesn't have other copies of that functions.
Same with any variables.

>> No.73597281

No shared state outside the function body so they’re thread safe.

Please do the needful and disregard other comments as they are not Durga approved.

>> No.73597297

What about static variables? Wouldnt those be shared?

>> No.73597850

So how did you calculate 2^56 without a calculator ?

>> No.73598009
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literally none of those things are dated; all important concepts

try learning from your obviously failed interview

>> No.73598093

the problem isn't just pajeets here
it's the mindset and expectations of modern "programmers" like you
people like you expect to not know anything fully and just have surface level information about things or you just don't want to remember things (remembering or sometimes even cramming things is a way of positive reinforcement to make less mistakes). You just believe in having entry level knowledge of things and not remember anything because you can just "google it".
And honestly, if you can't even recall 100 words on why static should be used... you shouldn't bother being a programmer.
This is exactly what makes you a code monkey and a 10x developer who is usually just a burden on others in the workplace or is just a woman.

>> No.73599844

Larping as a developer is a pajeet pastime. Its like playing cricket to them.

>> No.73599879

>there is not a single computer?
With lower level stuff, assembler, you don't need a computer.
And, desu, even with higher level stuff, people who have computers in their class are more likely to get distracted. You're better off doing half the class with computers and half without. Theory vs. application.

The hundreds of people seems miserable, though.

>> No.73599882


I don't think replacing pajeets with trannies is the solution anon.

>> No.73599891
File: 1.27 MB, 480x270, 1552097198886.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>lawn chairs

>> No.73600365

Would do third from right

>> No.73600798

They are there to rote memorize java syntax to pass the oracle certification exams so some HR stacy can import litters of them for pennies
No one there is going to learn how to program.

>> No.73600991


4 white people

Why are they forced to wear that garb?

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