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No, that's one of the few things that isn't shit about them.

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Ryzentosh’s are easy to create. You are uninformed.

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I don't like the OS itself.

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Why would I use macOS over a Linux distro?

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Cause Adobe is full of f*gs and ithings development AKA what >>73566658 said.

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feels clunky and very fisher-price. Something I'd give to a very old person as a facebook machine and trust they'd have a very hard time breaking it.

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There will always be someone on g who hates what you're trying to shill

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Honestly, I could never get it to work on quite a few of my PCs I wanted to sell. Was hoping to fetch more money if they had OSX on them. It takes a lot of time and effort to actually get everything working.

>> No.73567616

he doesn't even know how to use it properly, that's why it felt stiff. it's not windows or windows clone.

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Ain't trying to start shit, but I'd have thought if you were someone working for a company that works with MacOS they'd just provide you with a Mac for this kinda job. Also what makes Adobe any different on Mac compared to the Windows versions?

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I'm not working for a company. I have an actual Mac I use for publishing, but it's faster to work on my desktop hardware.
>what makes Adobe any different on Mac compared to the Windows versions?
I'm not going to use Windows. Fuck off with that crap.

>> No.73567868

I've seen no difference, just that it opens up a bit faster

>> No.73567887

i could mulitboot osx if i wanted to, but i can't think of a single reason why i'd want to run mac os

>> No.73568636

How the fuck can you browse /g/ and hate hackintoshes unless you're just an anti-apple reactionary?

>> No.73568998

The last fisher-pricey looking macOS UI was Lion

>> No.73569065

Exactly why I don't like NuMacs. They have diverged too far into innovation, while leaving behind what made it great.

>> No.73569077

>they don't work with amd CPUs
What the actual fuck are you talking about?

>> No.73569884

non-macos on mac > macos on non-mac

>> No.73569932

Both are shitty options. Mac hardware drivers suck on Linux and Windows. macOS PC hardware compatibility sucks too.

>> No.73570026

dumb goddess

>> No.73570029

Aqua died, enjoy flat iCons. Platinum was MacOS's best looking Era, but I too get hungry for Aqua, XP KDE3&4 style icons and themes, but it seems almost dead, nowdays.

>> No.73570087

iMac might be different. Trackpad, WiFi, and power management take a dump on the laptops. Not saying you can't do it. I'm on a hackintosh. Just wouldn't ever recommend it.

>> No.73570446

No, OP. I used Hackintosh for a year and a half a good while ago.

I don't hate it, I think it's just less useful overall. Less software compatibility, everything runs a little worse. It doesn't matter how "smooth" it is if it takes me longer to do anything. I like it aesthetically more than Windows or Linux, but it's not something that can drag me over there. Even if my hardware runs hackintosh perfectly because it's old, common and well supported. I want something that takes advantage of that hardware given it's old.

Also it makes me sad that gayming is getting much, much better on linux and macOS shits the bed completely on this aspect.

>> No.73571477

same hardware, 2-3 second faster, kys

>> No.73571607

1. it's not flat
2. if anything overall system interface is less flat because nsvisualeffectview did not exist before
only opengl is worse. and no games is a good thing.

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34% of my Steam library works on Mac. Over 90% of playtime for the last few years has been on Mac rather than my Windows partition. It's fine unless that's all you care about.

>> No.73572373

lack of distractions is a good thing

>> No.73573337

AirDrop is unironically the most convenient thing

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I'm posting from my AMD FX hackintosh right now to call you an idiot.

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I just skip all the hassle and go to linux instead. More stuff works with it and keeps improving (such as games). With hackintosh you are hardware limited

>> No.73573427

When will these attention hoarders leave?

>> No.73573428

vms with gpu passthrough are the new hackintoshes.

>> No.73573477

Why use locked down bsd when you can use real bsd or gnu/linux?

>> No.73573479

upgrade to intel, breh

>> No.73573484

Follow-up question from a different, ignorant, windowsfag anon: are there any linux distros that leverage keyboard shortcuts as much and as elegantly as macos? I recently started using a macos vm to try it out and I liked how getting to certain folders and things are as simple as a keyboard shortcut (whereas windows is a series of keys or clicks)

>> No.73573492

Not a framerate snob but with settings maxed out everything I care to play runs fine. Some in game FPS displays are obviously wrong on mac anyway. None have shown the popup where they wouldn't work under Catalina but I have no doubt that is true for some.

>> No.73573527

when they drop x86 it's over for macos, so im enjoying while it lasts and back to the stone age with windows or linux it will be

>> No.73573538

>As soon as they drop intel for their own cpus
in ten years maybe

>> No.73573551

No. Part of it is an X11 thing and partly different applications working differently. I've never been able to get a mapping I liked and emacs bindings don't work across the OS like they do in macOS.

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Ya we have that too. Not really a fan unless you have the appropriate mouse to chord with.

>> No.73573766

name 5 games you play on mac so we can laugh

>> No.73573788

3 finger press on touchpad does it too

>> No.73573844

Because Linux is still fucking shit for desktop use and can get totally borked from installing software even from the stock “store” requiring a nuke and pave.

>> No.73573867

I just use a 2009 27” iMac as a monitor and have a kvm to switch between Mac OS and windows should the need for a Mac ever arise

>> No.73574051

CMD+W is your friend.

>> No.73574194

Good thing I don't care much about playing either at the moment and already had to downgrade back off Catalina from compiler issues.

>> No.73574208

it literally is, you can just click the window icon twice and it closes the window

>> No.73575077

People like mac because of the hardware, at least up until a few years ago. No one has ever liked their OS.

>> No.73575198

i like it

>> No.73575401

The OS is literally all that matters. Hardware seems to have some momentum behind making it good again but the software is why people are willing to stick through the rough patches. 10 years ago I would have said Apple was 5 years ahead before Windows and Linux would catch up. Yet here we are.

>> No.73575643

and windows never had

>> No.73575891

as if ntfstard would

>> No.73576025

The only advantage is ios/macos dev which I no longer do.

>> No.73576071

Works perfectly fine on AMD CPUs, especially inside VMs w/ GPU passthrough.

>> No.73576195

But not Nvidia cards!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least not my 1070 it's an absolute bitch to get working

>> No.73576220

nvidia is bad purchase for anything but windows.
final nvidia drivers are on high sierra.

>> No.73576268

True HFS+ was flaming hot shit. How is ReFS coming along btw?

>> No.73578164

>Does /g/ secretly only hate hackintosh computers because they don't work

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Macshit has never had a decent file system. HFS 2.0 is a broken flaming shitheap.

>> No.73578190

Still better than NTFS.

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It's so easy to spot wintoddlers.

>> No.73578710

make a webm of yourself opening notification panel

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even linuxcucks have the install and good 2 go routine.

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