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>> No.73522919

just get a lynx aurora

>> No.73522926

Also I want one to record with a mic.

>> No.73522936

antelope goliath

>> No.73522951

What's your budget? Are you recording just a single guitar and/or mic? Also ignore audiophiles on this subject, they are consumerist retards.

>> No.73523127

Audient iD4


I saw some people saying that the Audient iD4 is good.

But it has only one mic input, is this good?

>> No.73523146

no you need something with 32 mic inputs at least

>> No.73523169

I would have gotten this one if I knew about it before buying my 2i2. Better quality preamp and it's built like a tank.

>> No.73523190

You must be looking for the audiophile consumerist retard thread. Ctrl+f /hpg/ in the catalog.

>> No.73524057

Depends on what you need it for.
If you're using it for the mic input, the midas preamps in the Behringer uphoria stuff is head and shoulders better than the Focusrites, despite the big price difference.

>> No.73524749

I already have a decent enough external DAC/headphone amp. I just need the interface to provide phantom power and dac for a cardiod microphone. Is there a cheap option i can look for?

>> No.73524855

See the post right above yours. UCM22 used to be $40, but has jumped up to 60 in the last year. Still by far the best bang for buck.

>> No.73525041

Are there any devices that are a DAC, a mic preamp and a headphone/speaker amp in one?

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Scarletts are worse than pre-midas behringers.
Beginners buy them because they look cute next to their macbooks.

>> No.73527077

I have a babyface pro and I like it a lot.

>> No.73527132

RME is the best company in this field until you get into the high end studio market in my opinion.
Brilliant products, densely packed with features and I/O, comes with Totalmix and Digicheck which are both phenomenal. Probably the best drivers and lowest latency in their respective price brackets (from Babyface to high I/O UFX's etc).
IMO they are the best choice for nearly anyone.

>> No.73528558

Does the Scarlett 2i2 come at a super low price during Black Friday? I want to buy one if ever

>> No.73529130

it's more like a monitor controller/comms unit
horus and hapi are the actual modular interfaces

>> No.73530415

One thing often left out is the compatability without special drivers. Some laptops for example don't work with my Scarlet 2i2nd out of the box, nor does my PS4

>> No.73530432

>Some laptops for example don't work with my Scarlet 2i2nd out of the box, nor does my PS4
How come?
I thing 2nd gen even has in-kernel drivers now.
Heck, even my Gen3 Scarlett Solo works out of the box if you are OK with having no software controls whatsoever.

>> No.73531251

My experience:
MOTU software and drivers are fucking AIDS. Sold the one I had after a short period of time because of the trash software performance/instability

Focusrite are ok but not the best, probably alright if you want a cheap solution. I had hardware issues with the older pre-scarlet models so reluctant to own again but lots of people use the new stuff happily without issue.
Roland/Tascam etc in this category

Audient, simple device, no software, just a driver. Friend has one, sounds ok although I don't like the hardware format of the one he has (tabletop 'mixer' style, not rackable unit)

RME is best. I have 2 RME interfaces now are the drivers are almost flawless and the software is very capable, tons of options/features. Hardware is top tier quality. Expensive though, but I won't buy anything else any more

>> No.73531445

tascam has the best preamps for budget interfaces
fight me

>> No.73531611

What is the gen of your 2i2???? 1st, 2nd or 3rd???

>> No.73531823

Is there any sub-$100 USB DAC with separate physical volume controls for two stereo outputs?

>> No.73531864

MixPre 6 series is the way to go

>> No.73531920

>using a field recorder as a stationary interface
if you're completely retarded then this is the way to go

>> No.73531960

Don't even joke about that anon. That's not funny!

>> No.73531962

(totally the way to go, those preamps! None better. Single USB C cable, no power supply needed. Great headphone amp)

>> No.73531990

New Steinberg UR22C is probably the best in that price range https://new.steinberg.net/audio-interfaces/ur22c/

>> No.73532018

>32 bit ad chips
>input noise floor barely exceeds 16 bit

>> No.73532020

*good thing about this one is that it has a DSP coming with bundled with audio processing effects..

>> No.73532041

that actually seems quite good for 4x4 around $200. gonna wait for reviews before i buy. i hate how hideous the scarletts are.

>> No.73532151

I've come across many issues with their mixers and guitar pedals but I've had come across none with Behringer's audio interfaces.

>> No.73532223

Are you fucking jockin, it doesn't even have phantom power.

>> No.73532296

>makes no sense
That's why they're rich and you're not. Marketing doesn't have to make sense.

>> No.73532322

Why doesn't Antelope Audio have a decent manual? Why are they uploading things that should be in a manual to Youtube instead?

>> No.73532354

Bulgarian shit

>> No.73532371

because they're one of the most retarded companies in pro audio

>> No.73534297

Just get RME.

>> No.73534313

It is a company created by a Russian jew in a fucking Bulgaria what do you expect?

>> No.73534366

Is the Schiit Magni/Modi an Audiophile meme? I don't think so. I wouldn't go much more expensive than they were, but yea. I notice quite the sound improvement with them.

>> No.73534913

Snibbidy snab best logo. But seriously run ARTA on a modern realtek unit in 24 bit mode on loopback and you'll discover they can be quite good if the mobo manufacturer gives a fuck. My laptop gets down to 0.0019% THD+N and is flat from 0 to 50kHz, however I still use a seperate DAC as they are generally better, the realtek eq kinda sucks.

>> No.73534922

Mackie big knob. 2 mic inputs, 2 headphone outs, 2 monitor outputs, and a really big knob on top

>> No.73535753

Get a steinberg one. Pretty good preamps for the price and fits your budget perfectly.

>> No.73536669

can the preamp inside stop monitors from hissing?? is that possible or i've heard wrong?

>> No.73536925

are there any monitors that automatically shutoff the amp as soon as the signal stops? (not standby) ive only across this feature on sonos, apple homepod, and other smart speakers.

>> No.73536952

just get a quality pair
hedd, genelec..

>> No.73537171
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What you want is the UR22. Way better driver support than the focusrite interfaces, not to mention the D/A converters are better. You can probably find better A/D converters but they'll come with a higher pricetag. For reliability and bang for buck the UR22 > Focusshite.

>> No.73537181

Don't listen to these retards who fell for marketing. Behringer UMC204 is all you need.

>> No.73537299

Something to look out for since you already have an external DAC: if you're running Windows, you won't be able to use ASIO for both the interface and the DAC, or at least not easily. ASIO4all exists but I never got it working for me.

>> No.73539362

>What's a good USB interface that actually works well with Linux?
Bumping the most important question in the thread!

>> No.73540020

thanks for the laugh

>> No.73540289

some interfaces need drivers to work properly even in windows. At least, that's the case with Mackie products if you try to use the usb as input and output at the same time. Maybe Mackie just has awful driver design or maybe it's common.

>> No.73540850

if you're doing semi-pro or actual pro work and you think it's truly worth $650 to improve your workflow then go for it. I can't imagine it being bad but I don't really know too much about $500+ equipment since I just like to mess with home stuff. The front digital display is really nice and I imagine it's extremely useful. I hope you intend to use dual mics because you're going to lose a lot of potential functionality if you go mono

>> No.73540873

Not him but wheels are absolute shit for live. They never lock in place and accidentally swap programs during songs. All it takes is a drum solo and your in ear mix is gone. Happened to me before.

>> No.73541092

There is a lot of snake oil marketed to and by professionals too. Anyone buying an Apollo is a retard, and there are a lot of those in studios now.

>> No.73541115

>warm, dark, airy, soundstage
you are retarded if you think any of those words dont have meaning

>> No.73541357

>jewniversal goydio

move along

>> No.73541459

Anyone here have experience with the AXE I/O by Ik multimedia? And if so, how does it stack up to something like the focusrite 2i2 2nd gen?

>> No.73541821
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So you're saying my interface is fine and most of the anons in the thread talking shit don't have much of a case for the majority of consumers? Why am I not surprised?

>> No.73541861

beats most onboard sound by a hair

>> No.73542691

Is there any interface that is powered by QC3.0?

I really don't like the idea of needing a 12v power supply.

>> No.73543158

yeah if you want more than 2 preamps and bus power then you're fucked

>> No.73543185

Buying anything else is a waste of money. It's not the 90's anymore, quality isn't expensive.

>> No.73543388

huh no. I wish it's like that but AD part is mostly very shitty on cheap interfaces

>> No.73543619

I have the smaller version of this and it works great.
My 2i2 crackled and popped and gave me a heap of shit and it was double the price of the behringer

>> No.73545579

>Anyone buying an Apollo is a retard

>> No.73545850

Because it not only costs several times what it's worth, it's also hardware based DRM for UAD plugins.

>> No.73545923
File: 1.11 MB, 3264x1836, 20191112_130212.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

for me? its the steinberg ur12!

>> No.73546707

UAD plugins that are universally acclaimed and don't have VST equivalents, still?
I understand that the DRM hardware dongle is a PITA and I personally would never get one, but having played with a buddy's setup there's no denying the quality of stuff like the precision limiter, fatso jr, manley passive, etc
The interface itself has pretty good pre's too

>> No.73547153

the uad plugins are mostly good but horribly overpriced, some of them exist outside the uad ecosystem, some don't but it's not like that there isn't a shitload of great plugins out there so you there's aboslutely no need to lock yourself down with that shit. speaking of massive passive, an uad quad can run like 3-4 of these at a time, that crap is so horribly underpowered it's not even funny, they make you stack up octos in your system to be worthwhile

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