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Any good coupons or codes yet?

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>anon facilitates both NSA and chinese spying
Just making friends with our current and future overlords. Might come in handy one day.

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>be me
>order a switch jig for 1 dollar on ali to play pirated bing bing yahoo games
>buy a another one on Amazon with prime delivery for 7 euros
>use the Amazon one until the chink one arrives and then return the Amazon one.

I have no shame, fuck Amazon sellers who think a 700% markup on a piece of plastic weighing 30g is appropriate.

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where do i get earpads for the Onky A800 and how do i change them? they are either glued or stuck in this ring of plastic. i can bend the ring a bit where the verlour goes in, but i don't want to destroy the ring.

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>Tfw been around for a couple of years and never been quoted by the OP

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how much?

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And I thought niggers look like monkeys

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whats so funny

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>comes with broken motor mount, which is shit to boot
>comes with broken gears
I mean I get you're on a budget but that's a lot of fixing you just signed up for, I hope you're handy.

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Post your cart

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The jacket looks pretty cool, link?

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>i don't make the news

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Nice and fluffy.

I dimly recall some anon here might have suggested this, thanks!

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Here you go fags
I want the 8/256 but cant order to EU, the seller I'm ordering from sorts out import fees too which is good but its a bit more expensive than the other (makes sense tho). I'm ok with 128 GB I think it'll last 2 years for sure.

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can i do something useful with these things except to look at my dick?

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I like MIUI and use the stock launcher. I love it, especially the battery meter.

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What's the chance that these are real silicone?
The soldering mats are 5 times more expensive than this.
Also what colour should I get?

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Can't say the pillow variant looked interesting enough to me. YMMV.

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"i said, more mofumofu"
"but sir, it's already 100% mofumofu"

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I wish i had a mofumimi to floof

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I'm basically just dropping things in the cart for Ali coins. Will likely only buy the tweezers/repair tools and socks/lingerie for gf.

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what is your problem?
>i bought a knock-off blades once and they were 10 times better than original gillette blades
so you bought them and they are great
but some internet strangers disagree
>some reviews saying that they're dull.
so you decide to ignore your own first hand experience
and now need our affirmation to reestablish confidence in what you already know
is that some side effect from jewlette brainwashing or just peak soi?

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me on the left

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help me ni/g/gers
i'm really wondering wether i should go with xiaomi mi a3 (oled, sony camera, android 1 and cheaper option but it's a 720p screen) @122 eur or redmi note 8 pro (better cpu, more ram, 1080p, miui but slightly more expensive, ips screen and samsung camera) @ 175 eur

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Is buekue legit or the scam of a wee yellow man?

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The included blades are decent enough, each will last a week or 2 and generally only require 2 passes for a smooth shave, 3 if you want to go as soft as a babies bottom. I'd still suggest trying out different blades at some point. Astra has a solid price:quality ratio, and Feather while "expensive" at 25 cents per blade are some of the sharpest blades you can find. A lot brand are also still sold locally which is extremely convenient if you don't feel like waiting on a package from China or Amazon.

Do keep in mind there is a small learning curve to shaving with these and might cut yourself a few times. Should speak for itself, but just letting you know.

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How do those compare to weishi butterfly razors?
oh and checked

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i bought cheap knock-off blades locally, but they don't sell them anymore. also is it too hard for your nigger brain to understand that there are hundreds of sellers on ali with various degrees of quality?

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Yeah it's called not buying a lighted tailswtich. Kind of defeats the purpose doesn't it?

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There are better models anon, unless you are even poorer than me.

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>Tfw made the news 3 times today

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There's 2 pins. The ring around the outside is the other one.

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bro, just get floveme

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oh damn, thanks for this advice

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this is a very fine copy as are other qshave clones, but it's really hit and miss, regarding the most important thing which is a blade angle, too bad chinks don't care about such basic things. it's because the original design is sensitive to engineering as it adjusts aggressiveness purely by gap.
i recommend buying a chink razor clone which adjust aggressiveness through bending of blade, they give better shave and are less sensitive to engineering.

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sure tranny

>> No.73496281

When? I'm talking 50's gillete.
Looks interesting. Any idea what it's actually made of? My old gillete is nickel plated brass. A lot of these chink DE razors are Zamak or other zinc alloys, which are just terribly inferior.

Tranny? Ha! Oatz and squatz, bitch. again, I'm not talking about modern plastic cartridge based gillete. I'm talking about when it was machined brass and steel, half a century ago at least.

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zinc alloy according to specs sheet

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>there's no aliexpress store coupons to be bought with coins
>the best deal is $12 select coupon for 100 coins
Pretty shitty sale. How can I get good deals with this select coupon? I also have a 2-off-15 and 5-off-35 from the board game though, so that's something.

>letting a company's political views dictate whether you buy them instead of the product's quality
Small-scale boycotts are for immature collectivists. I don't buy from Gillette because double-edged razor blades are way cheaper. If a company stated that half their earnings were donated to people-smuggling NGOs then I might reconsider, but something as inoffensive as a millennial marketing campaign doesn't bother me in the slightest.

I think those Qshave ones are made of chrome-plated zinc. The ones that are specifically labelled as such can be made of aluminium instead (such as the Weishi I bought). Build quality is pretty good, but I did bend the top by a mm or so when I dropped it a couple metres, so don't do that. It bent back mostly fine.

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No thanks.

I'm sure it can do an excellent job if engineered and machined correctly, but it just won't have the proper heft to made the whole DE shaving experience enjoyable.

And lets be honest, if you are DE shaving, it's a whole big fucking process, almost a religious ritual, and you'd better enjoy the thing to go through all the fucking effort. Some zinc razor made of melted down hot wheels cars just isn't going to do it for me.

Hijacking this thread. Post your DE shaving kit:

I use a 1950's gillete superspeed, personna platium blades, silvertip badger brush, and proraso shaving soap.

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I stopped DE shaving because I get a lot of ingrown hairs and DE shaving turns me into a bloody mess.

>> No.73496467

Try a different blade.

You would think, "What difference could a blade make? They are all pretty much the same dimension, and sharp steel on both ends.". I went and bought one of those sample lots from ebay with like a dozen or so different blade brands and recorded my experience with all of them because lolspergers. There is a huge difference between different blade manufacture. I don't know if skin or hair type plays a factor, or compatibility between blade and razor, but it's amazing how different the results from different blades are.

Anyway, if you have the patience for it, I'd suggest giving one of those ebay sampler lots a try. I actually had my favorite blade before the sampler kit, going through the dozen or so other brands only reinforced that they were all shit in comparison.

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I use them for headphones.
Won't work for phones because you can't just leave that shit on something that is always in your pocket.
Will attach to any metal shit and short out.
It is easy to disconnect so it's not very good for charging while wearing headphones, but it does work if you're careful.

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thanks fren

>> No.73496773

>DE shaving turns me into a bloody mess
Use a less aggressive shaver (on adjustable ones, set it to less aggressive).

About the only way I can cut myself is on an odd pimple, even when lazily shaving without much attention given to it. And it's still a decent shave.

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But if you don't shave AS extremely close with a DE razor either by using a slightly less aggressive model, you are also less likely to get ingrown hairs.

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Well, it's fine for the earlier use. Although you might as well trigger your ceiling room light...

Overall I actually like these little things >>73496797 more, and so does my one relative that also has both. No real regrets about >>73496846, it's just kind-of less neat than the fully automated miniaturized magnet LED ball that you can carry around and that turns on on-demand.

>> No.73496919

probably depends on your sleeping position

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>badger brush, and proraso shaving soap.
just use foam redditor

>> No.73497239

There should still be a small ring around the cup with some velour material right?
Just wrap the pads around that, that's how i dealt with it, you can always try the super deep round pads from Ali (105/100mm should be the right size, sheepskin sounds like a bad idea although I never tried, hybrid might work as the inside is still velour but I'm pretty sure both will significantly impact the sound) although I personally went with Dekoni elite velour meant for the Fostex T50RP those keep the sound fairly close to the original.

>> No.73497444


Not worth. 1 TB SSDs are getting cheap now. You can probably pick up a MX500 for that price or cheaper if you wait for sales

>> No.73497460

Xiaomi WIHA Screwdriver set is now $15


Cheap Anne Pro 2


Any other good 11.11 sales?

>> No.73497517

>RGB instead of dimmable white
>for lighting
ew, enjoy that 2% CRI

>> No.73497899

Note 8 pro should get great support for custom roms etc...

>> No.73497938

Any pointers to where I can get some fake mont blanc pens??

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It could. But TWRP isn't working on all versions yet, and even though they mostly released kernel sauces I think there is some issue with the "mostly" part.

Never mind it might in the end just not entirely be widespread enough. If you were going to put in 120h or something into making a ROM, would you do it on the Note 8 [Pro] or on the CC9 Meitu or some other such phone? Or perhaps soon the Note 8T?

>> No.73498191

give it a month, this phone is prolly selling like hotcakes in india

>> No.73498482

Actually it's the opposite, I'm using an 8W USB RGB LED strip to light up my room dimly enough that my macbook's reasonable CRI white keyboard backlight is visible.
I prefer a very yellow lighting, but 2000-2500K LED strips or enclosed edison screw bulbs aren't common at all, and any other form-factor requires its own heat-sink. So I still haven't gotten myself a proper lighting setup. I found one such LED strip on ali, and if I have some room within a coupon to add it I'll do so this sale:
Not sure if 3000K is good enough, I guess I'd have to test it. I wonder if there are little test kits of LEDs like there are little test packs of mech keyboard switches?

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is it advisable to buy HDD from aliexpress??
and what models should i look for ?

>> No.73498638

Eh, I wouldn't honestly, if you need large hdds just get a WD external one and schuck it.
Mi 9T Pro, a nice fat flashlight, random usb cables, t5 qcy headphones, cat foot glass cup for gf for christmas, swastika keychain, death note notebook for gf for christmas, cat paw fidget spinner rainbow for gf for christmas, arc lighter...

>> No.73498785

You can even mash Add to Cart as fast as you can, it'll typically count 3-5 times before the next dialog pops up.

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So these coupons are impossible to get?

>> No.73499379

You cant get it once the round restarts

>> No.73499399

it's fucked
"Oops, something went wrong. Please try again."

>> No.73499402

Just got the $5 one. The other one failed because Ali had to (((protect my account))). Thanks Ali.

>> No.73499477

what do you automate it with? just javascript in console browser?

>> No.73499713

5 off 10? Not bad!
Yeah no. Boxer briefs it is. And some skimpy stuff for special occasions.

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Contemplating on buying a women's large size linen bathrobe from Ali. My current bathrobe, which I use all the time around the house, is a viscose blend and is very comfortable and light, but it rips apart easily and I have to patch it up frequently.
I don't like polyester or cotton robes for different reasons and viscose ones are hard to find, but there are cheapish 100% linen women's robes on Ali that would probably fit me.

>> No.73500659

desu I had an Umidigi Crystal and at first it was absolute shit but then after a while it inexplicably got better

>> No.73500745

What's /csg/ choice for a wi-fi router with a bay for a network drive? The option to remove any botnet would be a plus

>> No.73501275

Any recommendations for wired earbuds? Max $25

>> No.73501341


i assume as opposed to just popping in a replacement IC

>> No.73501363

>wired earbuds
cheapest you can get your hand on
sub 1$ or bust

>> No.73501376

IEM or the other type?

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does anyone know where to buy this?

>> No.73501448

Used to have rrbanfun for a year. The connection to the jack broke.

>> No.73501480

I have the KZ ATE and the Rm-610d both are pretty decent for cheap.

>> No.73501547

Is 11/11 the biggest sale of the year or will there be more?

>> No.73501562

A sucess in sweden

>> No.73501584

Biggest sale of the year but even then its not too great, it's only really good if you can use coupons well.

>> No.73501756

Best telescopic gampad for emulation on android? I was thinking Ipega or Saitake?

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$5 again, still no luck with $20.

>> No.73501781

where do I apply for these coupons? I can't find it on the app or the desktop site

>> No.73501787


>> No.73501852

>Holding money, network system is abnormal

>> No.73501932

Cheap linen can be really itchy and not comfortable. If you want super comfortable linen, you're going to have to spend some money. Cheap linen also falls apart faster too. t. worked in a dry cleaner for 8 years with lots of experience handling and cleaning basically every type of clothing there is

Unless it's a 100% cotton t-shirt, I don't buy clothes online anyway. Being able to feel the fabric and check the care label is super important.

>> No.73502029

where is the pdf?

>> No.73502094

I have a uiisii hm7. I'm considering to buy redmi airdots. Is this an upgrade? What iem would you recommend in that price range?

>> No.73502161

Based dry cleaning anon
Do you have any non chink recommendations? I really like linen shirts for everyday wearing

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Post your 11.11 wishlists

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where can i get this 24$ select coupon lads?

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Who /heavymetalpoisoning/ here?

>> No.73502883

On Tiananmen Square

>> No.73502950

i don't have anything on my wishlist, at the moment the only thing for me to buy is bead shit for christmas gifts. any suggestions?

>> No.73503101

Unless you need USB3.1 Gen2 or such, probably just pretty much any of them.

Obviously get a model with Type-C plug if you want to use Type-C rather than Type-A.

>> No.73503177


is this shit good?

>> No.73503232

Anyone got the 20$ coupon now?

>> No.73503233
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Dang, now I need to figure out what to buy with it.

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Same message here after "抱歉,网络系统异常"-error. At least got $5 coupon now.

>> No.73503257

Congrats! How many requests do you send?

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Need a cheap chinkaknife
I heard the SanRenMu Classic 7010 knife was good, and going for 7 euros, but now its being sold for 12 USD instead. Got any good alternative? Quite happy with it but not sure about the 5 USD increase, maybe it is still worth it or is some other chink knife better?

>> No.73503320

reee i couldn't get the 20$ coupon fucking chinks

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Finally I opened 2 disputes for my combined package which chinks have lost before loading to their chinkshitplane or smth. I would rather receive this shit, knife sharpener huohou and mi catnip ball.

>> No.73503348

It was more like 6 dollars. But then again, most things got costlier. You're just late to the chink shit party.

Basically just check GB, Fasttech, Ali ... for Sanrenmu or such knifes in the same size and with ~the same kind of blade?

>> No.73503401

You need a diamond platinum rank, ancient chinese wisdom and a high rank in jew-jitsu...

More typically, the actual story about Chinese coupons is that unless they fuck up their system like GB did in the past, you're almost not getting anything interesting. [Muh coupon will virtually just undo the price hikes they added earlier for that sales event, and/or be a really small percentage like the $2/5 or whatever ones you probably COULD get.]

Very generally speaking you're even better off shopping where there's currently no coupon'd sales because there the prices might be just normal (low).

>> No.73503444

I have it topped at 10 requests and the third one was the winner. They where spaced 10ms apart and first sent 310ms before the start for Central Europe.

>> No.73503454

I see, I looked and it was the same price 12 USD at both Ali and GB, so yeah fuck it.

>> No.73503562

Maybe the KZ BT cable? I really don't know what's best though, it justwerks and they have like 3 models with different plugs to probably match your IEM.

>> No.73503583

What is "those"? But they're probably fine.

That said, double walled transparent glass looks better in almost all situations anyhow, and insulated sippy bottles are more practical as everyday drinking implement.

>> No.73503608

>why do they even bother?
Because people get into a purchasing frenzy regardless if you just SIMULATE "tons of deals" - even if the deals are worse than 1 month ago, it's all about what people think is going on.

And they are not bright. Not even /csg/ is, as you can see. [You might even be paying 1 dollar more because you didn't look closely enough, who knows].

>> No.73503614

I see, thanks anon. I found this 7010 for 10 USD compared to the 13 USD asking price at GearBest. It looks a bit better than tis 7023 LUC but I have no idea which ones are better, out of the knives on Fasttech which do you recommend? It seems they have the best prices for them right now. Personally, I can go for that 7023 LUC model, but I am not sure about the engraving

There is also this one for 9 USD and the model is 7034, if you have any ideas about the differences between them please tel me since the price is approximately the same anyway https://www.fasttech.com/products/1901/10001877/1678302-sanrenmu-7034lui-ph-stainless-steel-folding-knife

>> No.73503621

>[You might even be paying 1 dollar more because you didn't look closely enough, who knows].
Still $50 less than if you bought it locally

>> No.73503702

If you want to see your packages before the new year order now, because on the 11 sale day the entire post system in the china will collapse, so unless your package is sitting on a plane or boat leaving the ricetown you are fucked

>> No.73503704

Do you change the timestamp in the url?

>> No.73503727

What if we get banned lol

>> No.73503734

Is it because I'm using an old request, or because the previous coupon token expired?

>> No.73503878

what happened to the infographic?

>> No.73503943

I see the HRC and the bladematerial is listed quite often, that 7023LUC-SA did not have it but for SRM or whatever its called its often listen as 58 HRC and 8Cr14 Stainless Steel. I would buy one with an aluminum housing and not plastic probably.

Well thanks, now I guess I will just play roulette and order whatever and hope its good

>> No.73504001



>> No.73504002

Trust me. You want T2s.

>> No.73504145

All the Sanrenmu were nicely made. I could check the markings on the ones I didn't present away, but frankly you might as well get a random knife that looks good enough to you if you just want a knife - they're just nice.

Still if you wanted to whack away at wood as you coarsely prepare a camping site or something, the fat Ganzos will be better.

> opening plastic wrapping, cardboard, threads
I most often use a 7046 for that. It's actually arguably even a little better than using box cutters with break-off tips because of increased capabilities to kind-of scrape-cut under plastic when it's stuck to cardboard. And the "tanto" style tip is right for this job (though certainly not a good match for all jobs).

... but it's certainly not the only knife that could be used.

>> No.73504187

Where does on get the coupon script? That 5 off 10 looks juicy

>> No.73504235

learn to code

>> No.73504236

Uh, the Chinese sell pirated ROMs with devices.

But really the good "romhacks" are simply online and you generally just want to play them with the emulator of your choice on the device of your choice.

>> No.73504260

I am pretty good at C and C++, and can do some python, but I must admit I know nothing about webstuff. And honestly I can't imagine that the majority of the people scripting here wrote their own code

>> No.73504289

>any cool scientific apparatuses or devices?
Obviously they have tons of electronics components and measuring devices. Buy the whole Uni-T lineup for starters if you want.

If you want to be a bit more creative you can also take the LIDAR sensor out of your Xiaomi cleaning robot, stick them on a ~$0.5-1k heavy lifting DIY quadcopter with autonomous piloting, and 3D map fucking everything... or such.

>> No.73504314

CSGO design knife would go well with a fake Adidas track suit.

>> No.73504315

any cheap mmcx iems that are about on par with or better then some kz ate's? i bought a Bluetooth trn adapter but it makes my tin t2s sound bad and want something cheap with more bass.

>> No.73504318

not him, but i used python+mechanize to automate buying shit of chink sites before (especially for deals with limited availability). bonus points if you buy a VPS in china and set your script there for minimal latency

>> No.73504348

Are these lamps supposed to emulate daylight and wake you up or something? Do they even work or are they just some silly gimmick?

>> No.73504434

>is it a scam?

>> No.73504449

Hopeful you aren't exchanging coins into select coupons?

>> No.73504507

report him just in case
but don't give him your bank coordinate through this 1 cent payment

>> No.73504632

ipega is bad, horrible input lag, no matter what the good reviews say. never used saitake.

>> No.73504634

Any good chink e-ink ebook readers? Possibly bigger than 6 inches?

>> No.73504651

Is airpods-like decent? Then yes, no name Chinese $5-10 models are basically the same as apple's trash.

You can get brand Xiaomeme air dots or such if you want a box that gives you the impression of more quality.

>> No.73504691

>Any good chink e-ink ebook readers?
Yes-ish, but they generally actually cost a bunch more than the western e-ink readers. And/or they're specialty devices like the back of a yottaphone.

If you want to use something cheap, get a non e-ink-tablet. At least your colored waifus in manga will look right.

>> No.73504723

managed to get the 5$ coupon,now only the 20$ is left

>> No.73504773

it did that to me even in browser with ublock disabled. it's fucking retarded, especially considering i logged in specifically 2min earlier.

>> No.73504781

where do you get the $5 coupons?

>> No.73504805
File: 99 KB, 540x448, 20191109_140413.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're basically the same price, which one do I get bros
>pocophone f1
>mi 9t

>> No.73504810


>> No.73504815

I know the time and there's even a countdown on the page.
But even after it struck 0 it says it hasn't started yet, because the coupons from current promotion are presumably gone already and I'm clicking on coupons for the next one.

>> No.73504834

>0 coupons left

FUCK YOU chink shits I'm not even going to fucking buy anything this year

>> No.73504857


>> No.73504913

Well still, I wouldn't know what to begin. I know curl from downloading shit with bash scripts, but I don't know how to login from bash, or what to target. It might be easy for you, but I don't think it's straight forward

>> No.73504948
File: 631 KB, 1242x1520, 1572898967430.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Post script, I can't into webshit :(
I promise I'll only go after the 5 off 10 coupons, I'm just buying 20 bucks worth of stuff

>> No.73505027

I got a second hand water cooler, are there any anti-fungal anti-corrosive additives to buy for my distilled water? I only found 1 store selling actual coolant.

>> No.73505073

Oneodio Pro (the ones with red stitching on the earpads)

>> No.73505155

Were you scripting?

>> No.73506375

here it is

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