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I always wanted to do that. Looks fucking fun.

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Needs a golden spiral superimposed.

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>File: nvidiots.jpg
I went looking for the thread and his handle says he's an AMD fag.

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I'm sorry, but, that's what she said.

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I still don't understand why any of these are "cursed".

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Bad things happen after you look at them.

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It's a reddit meme for things that are "cringe" in some way, though not "socially cringe" but rather "it feels bad to look at".

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Duke cosplay without that roided up look is inherently goofy.

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> (90)
What a horrible night to have a curse.

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better now, anon?

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Here's some work jannie
> inb4 skellies

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because this whole board is also satire.

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I always envisioned, with the heat of the laser, whether you could create a mini-pizza drive. just put in crust, cheese, and pepperoni, click make a pizza on your Windows 95™ desktop, wait 15 minutes, then press the eject button. hopefully you won't need to use a paperclip.

then you'd have dual drives that can make pizza or burn CDs

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or use the heat from a northwood pentium

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>t. seething manlet

>> No.73454482

I'm certainly not the one seething here.

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I wish I had a LUG tho

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AMD did not make graphics cards when that thread was made.

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Yes, just not mine.

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Just make sure it's the last thing you want to do at the park because they will kick your ass out for it.
That tarp you're calling a roof will NOT save you.

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Not gonna lie, thats pretty cozy.

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But it works?
I see no problem if it works.

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He says in the thread it's an Nvidia graphics card.

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perfect form

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He only married her for the tax benefits.

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>creating hapas with the creature he calls a wife
Better to just end your bloodline with some self respect.

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His point was: It's hardly an AMD troll when an AMD GPU wasn't even avaiable at that time. The rivalry and memes only started when AMD made GPUs.

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Dude I have an ATI display card from 1997. They made TV tuner/video card combos too. KYS zoomer

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kek filename

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does no one else see linus tech fag

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arigato... gyro..

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>tfw /pol/ is leaking
>tfw i'm part of it so whatevs

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i remember seeing this as a kid and thinking it was the coolest fucking thing ever

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Thats cool

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not sure how good the cooling is, but it is certainly unique.

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>wasting money on the tiles

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Based dragaliaposter

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are batteries included?

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It's a word.

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Does it mean, that people shouldn't mix or that more retarded people tend to mixing?

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Nice watch

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really makes the bee's go buzz huh?

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>192GB ROM

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That's a big firmware.

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>110 replies to a reddit topic

I hate 8ch niggers but this is just untenable. This site really is dead.

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>he never saw big wireless speakers with antenna

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Can confirm it came with its own CR2032.

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this is one of the worst ive ever seen

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Reddit transplants think all board culture originated from /pol/

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wait, im hispanic, so if i race mix that isnt true for my kids?

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Imagine the flex

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Works on my machine

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which board did this start on?

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They were trying to spell "Charlie" and... they wrote "trundle."

>> No.73467726

left shoulder to zoom in

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Tell me one reason we can't make an actual mini pizza cooker drive. Doesn't need to also burn CDs, just the pizza is fine.

>> No.73468353

If you've ever tried to cook anything with a laser, you'd know that it burns the fuck out of the top fraction of a millimetre, and leaves everything else basically raw. So you'd need to actually have heating elements in there to cook the pizza. Not saying you couldn't have that, but it would likely require a custom metal disc tray, and the removal of the optical disc functionality.

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imagine living in a shithole like this

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>why dont know we put something that heats up to 300F in a computer

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Different guy same name.

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/hisp/ here, not gonna lie this feels accurate

>> No.73469047

This is actually doable on many cards.

>> No.73469493

holy shit

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>sad panda
Good, we don't wants retards there if they can't figure out how to do the simplest procedure.

>> No.73469571

hooly fuck

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god damn that looks comfy AF. I had a bland proteva when I was a kid. would have killed by brother for setup that kino.

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>heating elements

Something something about graphics cards from one manufacturer or another.

>> No.73469747

How rude, Mister.

>> No.73469826

Hot Wheels Model M?

>> No.73469894

Why are indians so terrible at graphical design?

>> No.73469946

You are sitting in front of a device capable of storing and accessing millions of data, and translating that data into a wealth of knowledge beyond our ancestor's greatest imaginations, fucking use it.

>> No.73469955

You could just post a beige coloured L shape, that would be enough to trigger /g/.

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Not cursed, just funny.

>> No.73470180

Why not? Why should graphical design be any different from anything else they do?

>> No.73470508

Somone put the cyberpunk logo in there

>> No.73470669

I think it is a /v/ reference suggesting you press the left shoulder button on a controller/gamepad to zoom.

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This is mr rogers, nope it’s not photoshopped.

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Edge icon looks like a side view of sex.

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It means people shouldn't race mix
Create children with your own Hispanics crowd and you will be fine

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> "Post tech images"
> Posts racism memes instead

>>>/pol/ wants you back

>> No.73471166

Fuckn kino

>> No.73471541

someone post the gif where he flies out into the parkinglot

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Fucks sake I remember the virus it used to give you

>> No.73471592

>Charges with lightning

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I don't believe that I have ever read a post on 4chan that has infuriated me to the highest degree

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I bet a fart in there echoes like the MSM

>> No.73473827

had me

>> No.73473879

thinkin bout them beans

>> No.73474882

fuck that made me chuckle

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>> No.73476680

based, honestly.

>> No.73477291

What the fuck are you talking about

>> No.73477557

or, california. whatever

>> No.73477985

Beans aren't cursed asshole.

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>> No.73478128

this is your brain on coom
what even

>> No.73478143

wtf dont squeeze it so hard like that
youre just mistreating it and expecting it to work
it's a bit fragile, so what?

>> No.73478157

it has literally no excuse to be "fragile", especially with how much money it probably cost to make

>> No.73478240

pls no bully it's trying as hard as it can

>> No.73478301

Holy shit, I have that exact computer.

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>File no longer available

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Edge was doing so much better than the competition until you expanded it.

>> No.73479114

This just means that socitey is bigoted towards interaciall couples which causes relationship stress. People just need to learn to be more open and accepting :^)

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More like cursed filename

>> No.73479505

this image triggers very painful memories

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Because this image I buy one x220

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>he doesn't lubricate his fans with Hoppe's 9
>he doesn't get high off the fumes afterwards
The absolute state of /k/

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I don't get it.

>> No.73479585

>installs f.lux

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nothing out of the ordinary, bigger roms are maintained by a handful of people for hundred of phones, chances are your maintainer has never seen the device he is compiling for

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kek that was a good thread

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Top lel

>> No.73479694

Nice. Love the barb wire.

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