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>> No.73443138

x1 tablet gen 3 but shit battery life. Can run linux, surface can't.

>> No.73443276

Bought a Surface, returned it.
-Windows is a shitty tablet OS. Try as they might MS can't get Windows to work with a touch interface. It's awful
-Shit battery life with all those processes running in Windows.
-Crappy, expensive keyboard.

Picked up an iPad Mini 5 and couldn't be happier. You can shit on Apple all you want, but If you want a tablet, there's no other game in town.

>> No.73443298

Surfaces used to be nice, but stay the fuck away from Gos, Pro 1-4 and the RT. Complete waste of your money. I recommend the Surface Book, it’s more money but GNU looks great and it’s a fucking sexy laptop that transforms into a tablet. I really can’t recommend the surface tablets, for the reasons >>73443276 said.

>> No.73443303

Ipad pro with apple pencil, you will never need another tablet again.

>> No.73443316

8" ONN Android tablet from Walmart for $64

>> No.73444013

ok Foxconn fired worker, we get it.

>> No.73445402

Not having one

>> No.73445409

>2001 + 18

>> No.73445417

Boomer tech.

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I'm really curious, why not get pic related (desk mini) and throw in a laptop AC power bank to use it on the go? For $500 you could probably get like 16GB of RAM and a 1TB NVME drive on that thing along with a 2400G with GT 1030 level graphics.

>> No.73448063

The S5E has a better screen than my iPad Pro 11 so I use that mainly.

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ex iPad pro owner here: how can you without a SINGLE shred of irony actually defend these abominations. You still can't play webms on them without jumping through multiple hoops and they're LITERALLY unusable for watching movies on due to the severely high screen response times.

>> No.73448107

Webms work just fine in VLC. I watch movies on my 60” home theatre. Android is trash on tablets.

>> No.73448133

>can’t watch movies cuz muh placebo bar charts


>> No.73448157

>Oh no you can’t play competitive CSGO on your $1200 11” tablet

>> No.73448196

This is true and I do use the s5e when I'm reading in bed with the lights off. As Android tablets go it's top notch.
Yes, having to play webm's after tapping around and opening up VLC is indefensible and I won't even try. As far as movies, I usually watch them on my desktop.

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Here's a 60 FPS webm as a bonus.

Remember newfriends: this LITERALLY has NOTHING to do with le bibeo gays! Just watching videos.

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>literally has a screen response time so insanely high it's unfit to play 24 fps movies on, with even a couple dropped frames to boot

i'm in tears

>> No.73448546

Why isn't anyone talking about pic related? From all of the reviews I gathered from these cuck sites:

>designed wise better than anything Apple made in the past 5 years
>hardware is fucking awesome
>processor sucks under Windows(they seem to think that Ubuntu64 works better atm)
>software support fucking sucks

>> No.73448584

>looks worst much much worst
iPajeet pls

Because it's garbage, I bet the screen response time is WORSE than the iPad pro. This tablet was literally designed for people with more money than brains. It doesn't even have an x86 CPU.

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When "oh new and shiny" delusional tech press moves on and the novelty wears off for you, you will regret purchasing this. Don't get sucked in by marketing and a beholden tech punditry. You will regret.

>> No.73448634

I switch often because Android for tablet fucking sucks. I can stand Windows on a tablet, but fucking Android? Fuck that shit. Right now I am strongly debating an X but fuck that thing has some bad reviews. That being said these sites give anything that isn't an Apple product instant 6-7s.

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Get fucked iPajeet, go shill your chinkshit marked up garbage somewhere else.

Reminder to report all commercial spam and astroturfing.


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I am so tired of these anti-Apple chinks and that response time faggot that plague every fucking thread 24/7. How is it possible that you idiots are always here?

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Okay, I just watched this on both my S5e and my iPad 2017 and in fairness it is noticeably smoother on the Samsung. Can't speak for the iPad Pro though.

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Holy shit I just realized my s5e has an sdcard slot. Am I retarded?

>> No.73448890

Yea probably.

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ip4d pr0

>> No.73448984

You'd have to be mentally insane not to buy at least 400GB mSD card for that on black friday.

>> No.73449101

I got a surface book gen1 for $200 off of ebay
it's alright, but it feels slow and clunky to use photoshop on, so I can really only use it for web browsing. But because it has an old gimped mobile i5 and 4GB of RAM, only light web browsing.

>> No.73449288

Get an Android tablet for tablet stuff. Get a Windows "tablet" if you need a laptop that you can occasionally remove the keyboard from. The trend of comparing these two very disparate use cases is doing no service to consumers trying to make an informed choice. Figure out what applications you want to use and what your workflow is then go from there.

>> No.73449481


I'm the ex-iPad pro owner btw, AMA

Are you REALLY THAT surprised apple PAYS cash money for positive reviews?

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A used Surface Go running WSL 2 is comfy as fuck, the battery life on this thing is fucking insane.

>> No.73449632

The difference is many of us here have iPads and Android tablets and Chromebooks, and Windows 2in1s in our actual possession and have used the respective devices for many months side by side. We know the things you don't see as a quick reviewer who just writes words their marketing department puts in their mouth. I could give you a litany of reasons why, e.g., a Samsung S5e is better than an iPad that you will never read in a review.Example? S5e is just slim enough to fit in the back pocket of a regular sized pair of men's jeans. Any comparably sized iPad cannot. Which review did I read that in? None of them. I have both devices and use both. Pocketing my tablet means my hands are free which is a world of difference when I'm doing anything other than laying on the couch. These things really matter. That's why /g/ despite the fanboy bs and shills is a higher authority than any and all "review" sites.
Sorry if that isn't what you wanted to hear.

>> No.73449770

Because it'll weigh a fuckton?
It's big as fuck?
Other people will laugh at you?

>> No.73449928

Yeah idiot, don't forget to check CZDnetEngaVerge ad department for what you should buy next. I'm sure it'll be the Best Thing Ever(TM) until tomorrow then you can do it again stupid. Hahahahaha!

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Still dominant in 2019, what is your excuse now?

>> No.73450058

No excuse necessary with dumbfucks posting outdated shit they googled but didn't take time to read. If you can't even make the effort to read your own shit why should I educate you? I told you, moron, go read any tech blog and they'll tell you what to buy.

>> No.73450182

Oh, excuse me, 31.4% so they lost more than half. See, your idiocy is so blinding it's rubbing off on me now. Literally got more than half their market taken in 5 years. Wow. And Amazon is growing faster YOY.

>> No.73450461

So tl;dr never trust "official" reviewers because they're usually compromised and biased in some form and do your research like >>73448075 >>73448374 did?

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Don't avoid anything completely just be sure to take it all with a grain of salt. I look for people relating specific scenarios like the "fits in my pocket" anecdote above since that rings true. Maybe look for regular people who post pics of the device they are speaking about so at least you know they actually have it. I went on a Pixel vs iPhone 6S tangent a long time ago but I had both devices and knew of what I spoke unlike most of whom I was typing to. I have an iPad and a Galaxy Tab S5e so I know a little something about the relative merits.

>> No.73450582

I have an iPad but returned the s5e, of course it had the better screen but Android for tablet sucks. And Samsung isn’t really doing shit about it besides try to pass Dex as some sort of desktop replacement.

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rent free

>> No.73451196

even after you debloat it's still trash. and is your time fucking worthless?

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lagPads have the weakest fucking processor on the market. That shit can't even type without lag.Go back to your designated shitting street iJeet.

>> No.73451827

People have different tastes, I have no problem using my Surface and the myTube App for Youtube.

>> No.73452128

Look all I'm saying is why do we have to be punished because braindead tech illiterate MORONS who can barely work a TV remote complain about how using an android tablet is rocket science? This is exactly why we can't have nice things like dual micro SD slots and IR blasters.

>> No.73453600

>has so much hand holding and baby gates installed from the get-go.
Not gonna lie that's pretty accurate description of an iPad. They still don't have wifi direct iirc.

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>> No.73453939

Whats the alternative, a sketchy ass Huawei tablet?

>> No.73454030

It's a good choice. The A12 doubles the performance over the A10.

there are no alternatives. everything else is fucking garbage.

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>u r dumb hurr hurr

this is your argument.

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>> No.73454137

You ever buy from Microsoft directly? How is their return policy? They have a fucking 90 day return policy, which is insane. Right now playing around with this Surface Pro X, liking it so far but the moment I hit any roadblocks I might return it and try a Book 2 which will be heavily discounted on the 22nd.

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I really hope you're right man. Because I think I just bought the Pixel Slate 2.

>> No.73454649

Why the fuck does everyone use the term iJeet when Android is dominant in India?

>> No.73455024

Why do you think samsung dex is a thing?

>> No.73455052

Heterosexuality is dominant the world over. Ironically, homosexuals are the minority, bucking the global trend and doing their own thing while everyone else follows the herd.

>> No.73455056

>Why do you think apple has been slashing prices on their iPad pros?
Because the line is about to be updated... pretty standard stuff man.

>Why do you think samsung dex is a thing?
>That's why samsung dex exists you dumb fuck
Nobody gives a shit about Samsung Dex, it's a meme that will never be used by more than 2% of the market, and will then be abandoned as is always the case.

>> No.73455111

As someone who just returned a Galaxy Tab S6 Samsung Dex is a fucking dumpster fire. No customization, whatever icon they want to litter you screen with well you are just stuck with it. One of which is a huge ass keyboard icon to tell you, that you connected a keyboard.

>> No.73455124

>surface can't

>> No.73455192

So you own 4 fucking tablets? No shit you don't need a 2 in 1.

>> No.73455276

Can we have a thread about tablets (or any technology for the matter) that does not turn into brand fan boys getting buttmad at each other? Hurr lagroid durr ijeet

>> No.73455292

No, because Apple has been feeling pressure to turn ipads into laptops and they couldn't deliver. They can only do a fraction of what dex can. This isn't just Samsung banging rocks together, they literally partnered up with canonical to bring desktop usability on a tablet and that threatened apple's "what's a computer?" retarded jab at windows laptops.

Granted this won't be supported anymore on Android 10 devices so it wasn't their ace in the hole but it's a preview of what's to come. Because apple chooses to wall garden their users they won't have the same flexibility as Android will for replacing laptops which is what samsung aims to do.

This will all come full circle as samsung and microsoft bring in a new era of high efficiency portable computers that will finally be able to run 64-bit windows software and eventually replace Android on tablets. This isn't some pipe dream, you can actually run x86 VMs on any android device right now through qemu.

>> No.73455594

They probably will, I don't use Power Point but I was trained in it. So far I only need Excel and Outlook with Word for memos. My spreadsheets aren't fucking crazy like the analyst boys so I will be fine with x86 for now. But once they start releasing the ARM 64s I will jump on it.

>> No.73455705

Apple is literally decades behind MS, Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm.

>> No.73455744

Are you retarded? The Apple custom cores are simply light years ahead of qualcomm. They're wider than fucking Zen 2 or any of the intel Lakes, they're massive cores that are clocked low with short bursts of turbo (not too dissimilar to Intel's boost behavior on their mobile Y chips). Apple is basically sacrificing die area to keep power down and performance up. It's like if Nvidia stuck the 2080TI in a laptop and tuned it down to like 1200mhz so it uses under 80W just so they can have like >2.5x perf/power over everything else on the market. Qualcomm's basically all in on their retarded MOAR COARS MOAR NIGGAHURTZ strategy like bulldozer. But they've been slowly widening it

>> No.73455762

You are fucking retarded. Apple CPUs shit the bed in the most basic of fucking tasks like typing tasks. They are decades behind the rest of the industry and they will never catch up.

>> No.73455816

No one cares about how fast iToys can run 2kb parlor tricks when they shit the bed and lag in every fucking actual app people use in the real world.

>> No.73455828

>this app written by poos is bad therefore the hardware is to blame!

>> No.73457045

Not superior adderall

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