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Hold on, let me check.

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It would explain a lot, really.

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I think it works like pic related

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no way 2 tell O.P.

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seconding this. read this OP and you will understand what windows is and why it looks and behaves the way it looks and behaves

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typedef void VOID_;
typedef void *PVOID_;
typedef void *LPVOID_;

win32 api everyone

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Holy shit, do you have more?

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>hits dog

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>feeling sorry for literal brainlets

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Gotta make sure that 40-year-old software still compiles.

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a tri state boolean with five states

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But only two of them are supported

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>OS created by original group
>Time marches on
>New guys looking to build on the original
>Don't know what the fuck they are doing
>Bling Bling and "innovation"
>Fuck up everything

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It seems too complex and strange to just be a lie

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wtf are you about?

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Some of it has to be replaced. I remember seeing the command line engineers talking on MSDN about replacing large chunks of the api by just using modern C++ standards and source/project management instead of copy pasting various versions of legacy implementations across projects. It was better in every way.

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Why don't you take a look at those "leaked" win2k and winnt sources?
It doesn't look that bad desu, even though it seems pretty extense.

I kinda doubt it got any better for modern windows tbqh

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windows 2000 sources
is on github there nothing special in it

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Yes. The same applies to pretty much any other substantial software development project maintained by thousands of people of differing specialties and competency.

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When a bunch of the Win 2K code leaked, it really wasn't that bad.

That was a long time ago though.

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This upload appears to be genuine:

Compare this comment:

To this article from when it happened:

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>Is it true that Windows source code is so convoluted and messy that no one in Microsoft really understands it?
There's no *one person* who understands all of it.
It's so big that it has to be compartmentalized, broken up amongst many different working groups.

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I laugh like a retard every time that picture gets posted, please stop

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Redpill me on ReactOS, /g/.

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Bill Gates here. I can confirm that guy was a Microsoft employee

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It's an urban myth like the "packets floating around the net since years". There's something to base it on, like every myth, tho.

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I'm making a hard right on sarutoga.

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Win10 on release was less stable than Arch desu

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>dude trust e
>I saw this image on 4chan before

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It's a hobby project that is coming along slowly. It aims to be fully compatible with old Windows, and is doing a decent job at supporting windows 95 and 98 so far

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It's like if you swept some homeless bums up off the street, got them to read Inside Windows, then dropped them in front of Visual Studio and told them to write Windows NT 4.0.

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who cares.

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By this definition, Linux running Wine is "Windows 3.1".
Think before you make such stupid comments, anon.

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Those annotations are interesting but I'm wondering if there's a better standard that exists already. IN and OUT don't seem terrible for some basic static checking.

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What the actual fuck? Just use regular booleans?

How did that abortion even got approved?

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shit became a clusterfuck during Vista. After that they built Windows 7 on top of XP, 8 on top of 7 and so on... Windows 10 basically inherits XP code to this day.

>> No.73397081

Prove it's real you tard

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> Microsoft employee chose speak anonymously
> therefore it's fake
I choose to believe that, and you can't prove I'm wrong.

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> tfw chose Flutter instead of Xamarin for an app right when Flutter got released
heh, looks like I avoided a bullet. I had no idea on how fucked up .NET, C# and specially Xamarin development is.

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Pretty much, as soon as they started rewriting shit to make it open source, they upped their game and still got ripped apart by criticism.

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>Are you actually aware how fucking stupid that is?
yes, not at all. That's basically leaked restricted information that no business would ever release to what you consider "trusted sources" like the mainstream media. Also I'm a programmer myself, and I have plenty of experience and world knowledge to believe in whatever I want and know I'm probably right.

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You're trying too hard, /pol/ baiting doesn't work as good as it used to, have a pity (You).

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its true though, see

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I heard that all the keyboards at microsoft have the backspace and delete keys ripped out and softblocked

you can only add code and if you need to remove something you do so by adding new code, if you made a mistake you fix it by adding new code.

i also heard that bill personally checks the length of the source code several times a day making sure it never drops

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Big if true.

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get fucked subhuman filth

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I expect that is only true for the new versions of windows. I delve into the windows 2000 source code often (microsoft developer docs suck, the source code really helps). Anyway the source code for windows 2000 is very good and easy to understand.

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the 64-bit code in NT dates back to 1993, for the DEC Alpha. actually windows wasnt even written for the x86, it was originally written for a MIPS R3000. the x86 version is a port. for that matter Office for Windows is a port of Office for Mac - pre-OS X Mac at that. The complexities this introduced into Office's codebase has to be seen to be believed.

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it is't really a lie, but it is a pretty hilarious misrepresentation of the situation. its like somebody complaining about C being 3 completely incompatible compiler, then you realise they're just talking about make, the preprocessor, and the compiler itself. funny, but also something only a retard would truly be confused about.

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That's a bit unlikely. Microsoft did not come to dominate the desktop OS market by shipping messy code. These people are probably exaggerating

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>boomer barns

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