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>> No.73368833

i got music from all genres in my playlist, i just hit shuffle and what ever happens happens

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I unironically only listen to synthwave 24h/day.
And maybe Pantera, too.

>> No.73368846

old school rap, mostly canibus nowadays

>> No.73368847

math rock

>> No.73368855

Vaporwave and shoegaze are my go to, or anything that mellows me out, but I'm always looking for new stuff no matter the genre.

>> No.73368861

if its a codemonkey tier repetitive shit, yes i listen to music or podcast
but if its a complex shit that needs 100 lines of pure logic, i still wear my headphones but turned off

>> No.73368865

any band suggestions?

>> No.73368879

a ton
Girrafes? Giraffes! is one of my favourites

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Recently rei harakami, persona instrumentals, and the first track of palm mall; basically anything ambient with little to no lyrics.

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I prefer synthwave for that.

>> No.73369097

Any recommendations for synthwave mixes/artists?

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>> No.73369231

dubstep, not
music while studying is for underachievers, earplugs

>> No.73369240

Everybody wants to rule the world. Love will treat us apart. Bad guy from Billie Eilish. Doom and persona 5 ost. Bach's sonatas on guitar (only when properly transcribed and played by someone like Segovia). Eurobeat on shuffle. Rap is rare but happens. Dub is acceptable, dubstep just fucks with my focus. Podcasts are attention killers. Last but also really common, the news (either on TV or on the radio)

>> No.73369942

lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to

>> No.73369968

trick daddy
too $hort
cuban doll
bri steeves
city girls

>> No.73370008

Soundtracks (Half life 2 soundtrack is the best), Metal, Alt-Rock albums and some jrock.

>> No.73370016

Trip niggers are terrible people.

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>why yes, I do listen to hindi-pop while teaching Java to 1500 pajeets in the warehouse. How did you know?

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Most of the stuff I'd listen to is Japanese, so I'm not distracted by the lyrics.
My current favourite to do work to is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czizBiAhHiI which I guess would be described as "vocaloid jazz".
The lyrics are basically nonsense, even in Japanese.

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Arpeggio wave
Really makes you feel one with the wires

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I usually listen to dark ambient, microsound, ambient vaporwave or something from this channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/collectablesblog/videos

>> No.73370582

Nice shitlists retard.

>> No.73370598

Unless it's routine code,I usually need silence

>> No.73370610

>What do you /g/uys like to listen to while working on shit? Or do you prefer silence
Either, depends what I feel like.
Listen to Pendulum, and general 2000's rock.

>> No.73370649

Heh, I listen to 128kbps youtube rips on my STAX

>> No.73370654

psybient/ambient stuff...
If im just scripting some stuff really fast i might actually listen to some pre-2012 trance.

>> No.73370660

yuki kaijura, revo, akiko shikata


sometimes sawano if I need to go crazy

>> No.73370663

Anything without lyrics, but mostly just some *wave stuff or lofi-* stuff.

Having lyrics play in the background while you're writing code is absolute aids.

>> No.73370730

finally someone i can relate to... This is my favorite 10hr playlist, sir.
This is the true programmers music.

>> No.73371236

This was some comfy shit, thanks a lot anon

>> No.73371294

Spotify national top 50

>> No.73371395

Any band from Hotline Miami/Hotline miami 2 OST is great. OSTs are fucking diamonds as well.

>> No.73372037

Ambient or instrumental, but no lyrics or I cannot concentrate

Tucker Carlson's show, watching him drag the world through the overton window, kicking and screaming.

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>I prefer 140bpm techno while I'm working but I also fully respect people who feel more productive listening to genres that generally feature lower tempos.

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Pic related on loop, at maximum volume.

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you're cool in my book, anon.

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You too...

>> No.73374332

I listen to Kanye West and get distracted.. I have never "worked" For more than 15 mins

>> No.73374378

Metal but I'm most productive in silence

>> No.73374405

large yikes from me

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>hiphop with overly bright no bass pieces of shit headphones
this entire post has to be a joke

>> No.73374439

superior taste

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>> No.73374711

I used to listen to trance and such, though now I typically prefer silence while programming. If there are distracting noises around me, something like white noise is fine.

>> No.73375091

Hiphop is music betas pretend to like in order to impress girls

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What other artists are like igorr? I know about Venetian Snares but that's about it

>> No.73377304

A lot of the time dark ambient.
But also synthwave, trance, some metals, rocks. Depends.
If relaxing, usually a mix of dark ambient and rainy / stormy sounds. Relaxing as fuck.

The original or the remakes?

>> No.73377322

I bet you struggle to breath and walk, you fucking brainlet.

>> No.73377335

The new Ruby My Dear sounds a lot like Igorrr's later metal stuff. If you like that kind of thing, I'd also recommend WHOURKR which is a band Igorrr was part of before. If you like the weird/glitchy aspect I'd highly recommend this album https://enderecords.bandcamp.com/album/ende214-tusk-mite-plastic-planet

>> No.73377376

2814 - birth of a new day

>> No.73377439

Genre doesn't matter to me, as long as it doesn't have vocals, those distract me to no end

>> No.73377487

Progressive psytrance, psybient

>> No.73377641

Trevor Something

>> No.73377720

Brainlet boomer fag

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>> No.73377936

All of the above

>> No.73377994

Carbon Based Lifeforms is top-tier.

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canibitch oh canibitch
where for art thou canibitch

>> No.73380724

Somafm groove salad classic

>> No.73380726

I listen to high intensity anything and get shitfaced when I program
Chainsmoking, drunk, furiously typing away while Rob Zombie plays is what I’m all about.

>> No.73380764

I like vaporwave

>> No.73380781

Share ur last fm goys....

>> No.73382796

The Warcraft 2 Himan soundtrack on repeat.

>> No.73383853

based as fuck

>> No.73383892

What's your music taste then, you enlightened gent that you are.

>> No.73383901

>What do you /g/uys like to listen to while working on shit?
Dadrock, prog rock, kraut rock, IDM, ambient music, Trip Hop and pop hits from the 90s-2000s.

>> No.73385337

Hotline miami music is soooo good.

>> No.73387256

Pls Help, cant decide for weeks now. Bose qc 35 II or w1000m3? Iam a sensitive little faggot so I tend more towards bose cus people say they are more comfortable and can be worn longer. Is the anc that much worse with the qc 35? Thoughts?

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>why yes I listen to youtube playlists of ____wave music made by talentless teenage weebs on pirated FL studio, how could you tell?

>> No.73388079

comfy setup homie

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Citypop, shit makes me nostalgic for something I've never experienced.

>> No.73389760

This. If you are doing some real deep work music becomes just a distraction. Just listening to music makes it much more enjoyable and more meaningfull. No wonder zoomers can't fucking focus for five minutes.

>> No.73389798

I know right?
Japanese Funk and City Pop are my fucking jam.

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Mostly religious festival tunes, although I'm atheist but it help stay focus

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>> No.73390953

Been listening to vapor wave specially mallsoft, broken transmission with future funk in between. Lately I've been listening to Portal 2 ambience from this channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkUdYi7sdk5RI8v4209YBWg

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