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>now Apple is researching mini quantum computing

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Shilling poorfags who never buy anything expensive is stupid. That being said the iPad Pro is probably the best tablet bar none, so its honestly worth it.

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are ipads actually decent? I want something to browse/watch on in bed. do they make good ereaders?

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They are the best tablet, for whatever that's worth in 2019. Android tablets are total shit so they don't have much competition there.

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Honestly what's the point of tablets now that every phone is phablet sized? I agree Android tablets are shit but honestly I feel like that's because Android phones are so fucking big.

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If you only need something to shitposts or watch animu then the regular iPad 10.2" is fine. For work then the iPad Pro 11 or 12" is probably the best business tablet in the market. Hell for the $650 pricetag its like 1-2 times faster than the highest spec Thinkpad. If you want pure performance then I would just get a MBP or Mac Pro.

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yeah I'm mostly juggling between the ipad and a small laptop like xps 13
don't need performance, its purely for media consumption so i'd just prioritise display/battery life.

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When is apple going switch to oled/amoled on their tablets. The response time on the currents ones is so high they're not even suitable for watching videos on.

Gonna get a Tab S6 for this reason alone desu senpai.

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Just get an iPad 10.2 and a keyboard, it is more than a worthy laptop replacement.

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This is honestly the best you can come up with? IPS has slow response time, but it is still more durable than OLED which suffers from burn in. Even if the iPad Pro still uses LCD the video quality is still up there with its closest competitor the Samsung Galaxy S6.

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No tachiyomi, no life. Fuck you apple

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I just want to watch movies without them looking like diarreah, is that really too much to ask for? Apple already switched to oled on their iPhones because of how terrible IPS trash is.

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Honestly I think the best option right now is to wait for the iPad Pro 2019 Apple is trying to make it a laptop/tablet. And with improvements to iPadOS they are slowly getting there.

The only issue right now is their half ass mouse pointers, however if the rumors are to be believed that soon will change.

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see >>73343201

Basically the response time is SO HIGH that 99% of the frame times are spent changing the colors on the pixel from the last video frame to the next video frame. You get pic related which not only looks awful but causes eyestrain and a ton of input lag especially if you're drawing or watching a movie.

Anyway when is apple switching to oled/amoled? Because if it's not this black friday then my patience has reached its limit and I'm pretty much forced to get the tab S6.

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This is some dumb ass Samshit shill right here, the only one that even has this issue is you. And I doubt you even own a single Apple product.

Go be poor somewhere else.

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>Vague claims about performance
If all your wanting is a tablet, sure, but you cant do shit for work on an ipad. iPads are useless for anything other than consuming media.

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isn't the 10.2 still rocking the A10?

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Yes but it is still more powerful than anything from Android besides the Galaxy S6.

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>apple faggot zogmutt thinks he's superior for owning overpriced Chinese tech

Put a bullet in your head faggot

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that's not really the point though. I want smooth usage for the next few years out of it and it doesn't help if it beats android shitters

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Oh piss off, are we REALLY going to pretend brown people can't afford them?

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I mean for the price $300 you can probably get this instead.


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The power of a tablet means fuck all if you can't do anything worthwhile with, every single task it can do can be done significantly faster on a desktop or a full laptop even if it has the power to edit video or create music.
You can't connect it to a secondary display and have a second display if you're at home/work and want a larger display, it only mirrors you current screen at the iPad's aspect ratio.
There is no proper mouse support, only touch screen emulation with a mouse which is a ridiculously half assed implementation considering how long they took to add that. They're even hiding it behind accessibility settings because of how terrible it is to use.
It only has one port for devices and charging meaning you need a dongle to use more than one.
I'd say create an iPad Pro with macOS but it would probably collapse running a full desktop OS, the battery life would go to shit and it doesn't have nearly enough RAM for a pro workload. That's not to mention that despite what benchmarks say, the processor isn't remotely ready for a desktop OS. Why do you think their laptops still use Intel turds on the lower spec Air line when the A*x chips are supposedly faster than mid range Intel chips? There's no real reason to buy an iPad Pro unless you want to blow money for the sake of it, the iPad Air still uses the dated design with the massive bezels because they know no one gives a fuck about the iPad Pro's useless power and only buy it over the Air for its design.

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>compares ultra custom hardware with ultra custom software to something with neither
>Only benchmarks
..........OP has a room temp iq

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>calls people poor
>uses a 4+ year old Macbook Pro

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>Why do you think their laptops still use Intel turds on the lower spec Air line when the A*x chips are supposedly faster than mid range Intel chips?
Because their Airs are still macbooks and need to run OSX you tard... It would take years to port OSX to ARM let alone all the apps for it.

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That's why I specifically mentioned the iPad being significantly slower, not that it can't do things at all. There are still many things it can't do though, show me a professional concept 3D modelling application on iOS on par with ZBrush, show me a single application that is as fully featured as Photoshop CC, show me something that can replace the Office 365 (app versions are much more basic), etc.

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The Surface Pro line, you know, the one right in the OP? Any tablet that can run Windows can use applications I mentioned.

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iPads are slower not because of the specs, but from having a fucked up workflow because of iOS limitations.
Want to transfer a file to another app? It needs to be shared and copied, now you have 2 versions of the file. Want to edit text? You have to hold and drag and hope it doesn't choose an entire paragraph instead of just 1 word.

I love drawing on my iPad, but it is only good for that.

Also for the response time guy, it is especially bad on the iPad Air and Pro for some reason, when you scroll through a web site, it all becomes super blurry. It doesn't happen on the Base $329 model, but that has worse color accuracy and a non-laminated display

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The Surface Pro is not a fucking tablet though, its a laptop or a "convertible."

>> No.73343629

Do you hear yourself? You're saying it's not a tablet because it runs a full OS, when did the OS become relevant to what is and isn't a tablet?
It barely weighs any more than the iPad Pro 12.9 so you can't say it's not portable, it's form factor is that of a tablet, Windows 10 has a tablet mode if you don't want to use the keyboard attachment, etc.

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IDK why but the higher end iPhones and iPads especially ones with laminated screen tend to have this issue. This kinda kills the point of 120hz screens that they harp about.

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For those denying it on their iPads. Try reading while scrolling, it's just a blurry mess. Meanwhile I can easily do that on my IPS desktop monitor and my Note 8 AMOLED screen.

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This, a Surface is just a fucking stupid idea. Anyone who buys one thinking its a tablet is fucking retarded. If you want a tablet the only game in town is an iPad.

If you want a fucking Surface then get a fucking laptop.

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It is just a newer version of pic related, does this thing look like a fucking tablet to you?

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This. Watching movies on an iPad is like maxing out motion blur in a video game.

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Street shit harder iJeet

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How is that even remotely comparable? The size makes it unwieldy to use, the same can't be said for the Surface Pro.

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Is this the apple shilling thread?

>> No.73343745

Unless Microsoft decides not to be lazy and release a tablet/mobile version of Windows then the Surface will never be even remotely considered a tablet. The only way for a Surface to be a tablet is for it to just adopt android.

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Street shit harder iJeet.

>> No.73343774

Have you ever used an Android tablet? It's infinitely worse than using a desktop OS.

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How can a tablet be a predecessor to tablets?

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The windows already has tablet optimizations,i hate windows and i know this.
And whats wrong with a more feature filled expirience if its fast enough at the end of the day.
Thats already a tablet,its the first tablet,but still a tablet.

>> No.73343964

I've seen it with my own eyes. Best case scenario that was a defective iPad Pro but if that were the case why would they be using it as a display model? You honestly couldn't even PAY ME to use an iPad desu, that kind of motion blur makes me a little queezy somehow.

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I literally can't tell if the people recommending iPads in this thread are trolling or genuinely that moronic.

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Use desktop office
Use desktop
Use desktop affinity photo
Use a different text editor,there are dozens apon dozens of ones that will work just fine (esspecially if you use cygwin,wsl,or dualboot linux)

>> No.73343992

If this is happening then there would be complaints all over the place, yet the only idiot I hear complaining is some poorfag on /g/.

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>Android tablets are total shit

Please elaborate. I've never had problems with an Android tablet, I hear tech shilltubers spew this a lot too but they refuse to actually give reasons why (or admit they haven't used one in 8+ years).

>> No.73344012

>old first/2nd gen iPad
>slow ass internet connection
Okay what are you trying to prove here? Your iPad isn't even getting updates based on the home screen alone. You have a fucking 10+ year old device which lags due to your walmart internet yet it is somehow Apple's fault?

>> No.73344027

>More powerful hardware

>> No.73344030

Then what makes it a tablet? At this point it becomes a laptop if you are forced to use the desktop only version of the apps you listed.

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Most people pay shit in cash, do you somehow think you're special?

>Kind of ironic you bringing up poverty when people making minimum wage is 90% of apple's customer base.

Uh huh...

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>Most people pay shit in cash, do you somehow think you're special?
Yes, yes I do. Most people who own apple products pay with their credit cards and get leases IRL.

>>Kind of ironic you bringing up poverty when people making minimum wage is 90% of apple's customer base.
See pic related, do you think he's the CEO of one of the fortune 500?

Nope anon was right, it was in fact an iPad pro being tested. This is a very common problem on the newer iPad pros as well.

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You can't run 99% of the Windows 10 apps in tablet mode though, the only apps that work in Tablet mode is from the failed Windows Store. So unless you enjoy using it as a gimp laptop for 99% of the time you own it either get an iPad if you want a tablet, and a laptop if you want to fucking run "full fledged" Windows software.

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>mfw every apple shill thread becomes an apple hate general
>itoddlers keep making them expecting a different outcome

>> No.73344277

No you can't go ahead try running Gimp in Tablet mode, you can't it will kick you back in normal laptop mode. This is the reason why the Surface will never be a tablet, its a fake tablet. It's an overpriced laptop with a tablet wrapper over Windows 10.

>> No.73344279

It can run those apps in tablet mode.
And id rather it be clunky than it be gimped in real functionality.

>> No.73344340

You can, it just forces it into a maximized mode that is only collapsible into the alt+tab task menu. I have a 2-in-1 spectre x360 that uses the same mode as the surface in tablet mode. It's still awful though unless you get a detached keyboard to use on the side. I used it briefly for drawing apps like photoshop and clip studio plus before swallowing the cost of a cintiq so I can just have a full desktop

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TBQH laptops in general are going away, if you need a mobile computing device you choices are going to be:

iPad or MacBook.

Every year Apple is eating away at the laptop market.

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Does Apple give you special toilet paper when you go street shitting?

>> No.73344431

what's wrong with the benchmark? doesn't the ipad win on all benchmarks?

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Has the OP ever treated to use the ipad as laptop. Because the Ipad has shitty file management, shit mouse support, and shitty expensive keyboard.


> Using a sythenic benchmarking to test a cpu benchmark instead of running actual real word tests that utlize the cpu.

One of the biggest weaknesses of mobile devices is that battery holds back how much power you can give the tablet, and overheating slow down the cpu because it doesn't have enough cooling to dispate the heat.

Take for advantage the fact that Iphone XS Max with A12 throttles after 13m of running Fornite at 720p @60fps.

>> No.73345987

Unlike their smartphone counterparts, Android tablets are more expensive (because chinks don't care about this market) and unoptimized as fuck.

>> No.73346019

Without that pic of proof, I'm thinking your just a samshill boy

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>One runs real programs and actually is a computer
>One runs memeware and is a "computer" in the marketing material only

Not sure what comparisons you're trying to draw here OP....

>> No.73347014

lmao looked at surface laptop

doesn't even have TB3

fucking junk. 13" macbook pro has 4x TB3 ports

>> No.73347018

Not him but you really can't defend IPS cum drizzle lag screens when even apple is abandoning them. When they finally roll over and out oled on their iPad lines you're going to be bright up and early here yammering about how "innovative" and "light years ahead" apple is compared to samsung.

>> No.73347058

>You must be some special kind of retard
Said a fucking anime fag. Wow

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>try to bring dongles into argument
>have to use MS' proprietary surface connector

>> No.73347131

top fucking kek

>> No.73347151


>quietly ignoring the fact that the Surface has a full size USB3 port


>> No.73347318

>they're not even suitable for watching videos on
reeks of autism

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not that anon, but I don't get this. why do you need USB-C on a PC? my desktop has one and I still haven't figured out a use for it. phone cables are USB-A to USB-C anyway

>> No.73347329

I've got a dozen Sandisk portal drives that use USB C.
Then question is why wouldn't you want USB C

>> No.73347415

As autistic as that sounds it's pretty spot on especially for 60 fps video. Best case scenario you're watching literally black and white video (no gray or color) and 50% of the frametime on 24 FPS movies is the transition moment where the pixels change color. This causes moderate to highly noticeable screen ghosting especially in motion scenes of a movie. 60 FPS is literally impossible to display since the response time is higher than the screen time so frames are dropped to keep audio/video sync.

With a jaw dropping grey/color response time of 50ms the screen LITERALLY cannot render more than 20 consecutive frames per second and said frames are rendered with maximum ghosting and other motion artifacts. Absolutely abhorrent.

>> No.73347768

lots are C to C now

even my moms old LG was that years ago, my pixel is C to C

A is going to disappear soon from all chargers due to maximum current and the quick charging race

>> No.73348181

You're both wrong, they are equally horrible.
Not just gaming; there are lots of things I like to do on my X201 tablet booted into android that I can't do on iOS. Managing files so I can sort things better and email them to people, or watching youtube videos and being able to block the ads with ublock in firefox.

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>>You must be some special kind of retard
>Said a fucking anime fag. Wow

>> No.73349769

no matter the argument if you're a weeb you've lost in life and you lose regardless

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>no matter the argument if you're a weeb you've lost in life and you lose regardless
Posted on an anime messaging board website.

>> No.73351833

i don't care just let me install a distro on a tablet already! wtf!!! i want to install fucking kde manjaro and be super comfy with my desktop tools, the screen shit is not event that useful besides phone use

>> No.73352335

A surface pro does have legitimate uses that people should consider. There's a lot of useful note-taking features on OneNote that get better with office 365. OneNote is also on iPads but honestly it works best on surface devices and surface pros have their own adjustable kickstand. Honestly it's really only meant for students, engineers, scientists, or anyone else that would be taking a lot of technical and mathematical notes. Most people are fine with a normal laptop, but when you have a drawing surface that never ends, and can convert written equations into text, you can see value in them.

>> No.73354662

I have a Nokia N9, SGS3 and SGS6, the only phone that shows any sign of burn-in is the N9.
I had it since release, always had the standby display turned on, still use it as an alarm clock.
SGS3 and SGS6 are both still flawless.

>> No.73355582

lol the S-Pen is fucking garbage especially the new one. In all reviews:

Apple Pencil is the crown jewel of digital stylus, followed by the Surface Pen and chinkshit knock offs for poorfags are the S-Pen. You have no idea what you are talking about, nobody gives a shit about Wacom tech has long surpassed that shitty company.

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Apple pencil is fucking shit. Literally cannot even compete with 20 year old Wacoms. Go hose down your designated shitting street.

>> No.73355657

Most reviews state otherwise you fucking yellow monkey. I trust professional reviews over some poorfag on 4chan that can't afford a fucking Kindle Fire.

>> No.73355673

Well the Tab S6 pen is EVEN SLOWER


If you think the ipad pencil is bad the tab s6 s-pen is a total unusable nightmare

>> No.73355748

>you're wrong!
>a paragraph later
>well you're actually right
idiot... thanks for wasting my time for having to respond to an imbecile like yourself. Don't ever breed.

>> No.73355846

This place is overrun by Aliexpress shills, I mean, if it only costs $5 a day to pay some chinese to shill to 1M+ daily posters and lurkers why the fuck not?
It costs $10k+ for this amount of advertising reach on any other platform like Youtube or Google Ads.

>> No.73355859

Is the Surface really that bad? I see a lot of companies adopting them now. The top dogs are still Dell and HP for businesses, but I am beginning to see more and more Surface Pro or Laptop start to pop up.

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Surfaces are great. This thread is just filled with the overflow of street shitters Apple hired to smear any and all competing products. They literally spam /g/ daily and get purged by mods.

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Is this the reason they keep posting this fucking faggot everywhere? Same goes for /ck/ when they shill some Jackie Chan looking chink.

>> No.73355904

>>still get destroyed performance wise by a 2018 $650 tablet
In geekbench or in general computing?

>> No.73355912

Surface Laptop is good, the Surface tablets shouldn't exist especially when compared to an iPad.

-uses heavier magnesium over milled aluminium, a tablet simply should not be heavy

-Windows Store is a joke, at least Android has its shitty upscaled phone apps to fall back on

Overall Apple owns 80% of the tablet market, which is also moving onto the laptop market. Soon Apple will own the premium computer market, anything not premium like Lenovo and Dell will just be for poorfags like it is right now.

*inb4 some idiot posts niggers with iPhones.

Niggers are stupid enough to live beyond their means and buy expensive fucking Mercs and BMWs as well. This doesn't mean Mercs and BMWs are for poorfags.

>> No.73355950

Apple is literally a nigger brand.
Apple products are all low grade poorly made chinktrash that bends, overheats and falls apart after 2 weeks. You're not even trying to hide the fact that you shit in the street.

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Pic related.

>> No.73356059

The Surface and iPad are really the only two game in town when it comes to tablets. Samsung is pretty much the last Android tablet makers and they are probably ready to throw in the towel. Android is just shit for tablets.

iPad - better overall build quality, excellent pen, horrible keyboard. Great software and experience, right out of the box. Walled garden.

Surface - shitty build quality, okay pen, great keyboard and trackpad. It's fucking Windows 10 so do whatever you want. Tablet experience is okay, but since its Windows 10 you can make it your own.

This is pretty much the truth. /g/ TBQH is not the place to come for buying advice. These people can't even afford to move out of their mom's basement.

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>iPad - extreme shit build quality, laggy as fuck pen, horrible keyboard. No software and walled garden.

>Surface - Great build quality, okay pen, great keyboard and trackpad. It's fucking Windows 10 so do whatever you want. Tablet experience is okay, but since its Windows 10 you can make it your own.


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Toilets are the future of human waste disposal, yet Apple still has you shitting in the street.

>> No.73356202

>Honestly it's really only meant for students, engineers, scientists, or anyone else that would be taking a lot of technical and mathematical notes
>it's meant for a niche market
This is why MIcrosoft cannot win.
Surfaces are bad. Displays are a total shitshow with regards to quality control, the styli are dogshit, you can't really use it as a tablet (seriously just fucking try using it as a tablet for 1 day, it'll drive yu insane), and the keyboard cover disconnects randomly, plus you have to have a surface that can support the back at all times or it'll collapse because there is no hinge!
Why anyone buys these horrendously engineered failures is beyond me.

>> No.73356224

>there's an entire category of stylus that are head over heels better but the apple pencil is on par with the good chinkshit knockoffs

>> No.73356231

>chinkshills posting a taiwanese rebel

>> No.73356282
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>apple shitpads are low grade chinktrash that bend from its own weight

>> No.73356293
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Again like I said no one should take /g/'s advice. /g/ is full of shills and pajeets.

>okay pen
You honestly do not need to buy the official MS pen, they are not like Apple that everything is proprietary. This pen is fucking $30 on Amazon right now and works just as well as the Microsoft one.

>> No.73358069

I do have an iPad pro.
But I end up using it only as a PDF and handwritten notes machine.
I first wanted to use it as a PDF and on the go programming machine, but programming on an iPad is pretty annoying to do, even with a keyboard due to the lack of emacs.
I tried this Google colab thing for python but the shortcuts and keybindings are not good at all

>> No.73358071

I bought a brand new surface pro about a month ago, and was dissapointed with the lack of thunderbolt on such an expensive, brand new device. Returned it and got an X1 Carbon.

>> No.73361112

It's not tho

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