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Nobody cares about your pretend money

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>pretend money
you mean USD?

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Seems legit.

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satoshi can just change it's value whenever he wants

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>real money loses money very slowly over time
>therefore it's completely acceptable for bitcoin to bart and crash overnight

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>real money loses money
pajeet FUD detected

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Sir, do the needful and stop coping. The powerful weapon of JAVAcoin is the future to currency.

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>Gets pumped right before the death cross happens confirming next long ass bear market.

Totally legit and not a bunch of people blatantly painting the markets.
This way they'll get few more months of people throwing their money into the next wave of "real growth" before it crashes to 1800$. There's a prophecy for you. See you at the bottom in 3-6 months.

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$10,000 in 2019 will be worth $9,900 in 2020.
$10,000 worth of BTC in 2019 will be worth maybe $1k in 2020.

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I wonder which president could be behind this.

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It's called inflation lmao, bigger economy needs more dollars. Imagine trying to run the US economy on 100$. A penny would be worth as much as a skyscraper

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>It's called inflation lmao, bigger economy needs more dollars
imagine being this stupid

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>retard thinks if a dollar is worth more that's a good thing
>doesn't understand the penny skyscraper example
Are you underage or...?

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>the penny skyscraper example

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You know you're just proving my point, thx :)

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How is it wrong?
1. Bigger economy needs more money, see penny skyscraper example.
2. The US economy is still growing so it makes sense to keep printing more money.

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Im venezuelan, inflation is definitely not good for the economy, you retards.

>> No.73318276

Inflation is only bad if the underlying economy isn't inflating at the same rate

>> No.73318285

Thx for proving my point

>> No.73318352

16k end of year

eth 500$

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>Unironically typing in low caps

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i don't phonefag like a retard newfag and this style of posting is what oldfags from fyad developed nigger, cry more zoomie bitch

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>he thinks inflation should discourage me from investing

Lmao, let me explain this simple for you. Example, individuals with tangible assets, like property or stocked commodities, may like to see some inflation as that raises the value of their assets which they can sell at a higher rate. However, the buyers of such assets may not be happy with inflation, as they will be required to shell out more money.

People holding cash may also not like inflation, as it erodes the value of their cash holdings. Inflation promotes investments, both by businesses in projects and by individuals in stocks of companies, as they expect better returns than inflation.

However, an optimum level of inflation is required to promote spending to a certain extent instead of saving. If the purchasing power of money remains the same over the years, there may be no difference in saving and spending. It may limit spending, which may negatively impact the overall economy as decreased money circulation will slow overall economic activities in a country. A balanced approach is required to keep the inflation value in an optimum and desirable range.

High, negative or uncertain value of inflation negatively impacts an economy. It leads to uncertainties in the market, prevents businesses from making big investment decisions, may lead to unemployment, promotes hoarding as people flock to stock necessary goods at the earliest amid fears of price rise and the practice leads to more price increase, may result in imbalance in international trade as prices remain uncertain, and also impacts foreign exchange rates.

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bitcoin cannot be printed at will, dumbass. there is a finite amount and it is divisible to 8 decimal places

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What do you mean, by implying this isn't 100% legit and organic?

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>look at the blockchain explorer
>bunch of single transaction accounts pushing coin to other single transaction accounts
>bunch of accounts pushing coin back into their own accounts, with a tiny fraction into a single transaction account
Looks like market manipulation to me. I bet if someone mapped all the transactions in a day into a heatmap there'd be a bunch of circles standing out.

>> No.73318575

false analogy + non sequitur

>> No.73318590

What does devaluing the currency by printing more out of thin-air have to do with this?

>> No.73318596

This is totally organic and not at all suspicious.

>> No.73318597

Read the OP again, faggot. That is infinite growth. There is absolutely no reason that the value of shitcoin will go that high aside from whales buying into it.

>> No.73318605

>That is infinite growth
incorrect. looks like finite growth to me; i don't see an infinity symbol

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>or so the value has gone up over 9000x
But the value rapidly rising leads to speculation and hoarding instead of using as a currency.

>> No.73318651

i've been using it as currency for years, and at worst when i need some cash i just sell some locally; there are always buyers within an hours' drive of me

>> No.73318676

You're looking at a transfer of 110 bitcoin (approx 1mil USD right now) from an account that has two total transactions into an account that has six total transactions.

>> No.73318695

Here's a better view of the transaction.
You can actually check the other two hashes.

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No, that's the delayed damage caused by a rapid rise and then drop in birth rates, resulting in too many retirees taking money out and not enough actively working people putting money in.
But I do concede that there's an interesting analogy to be made here. Bitcoin will be in a similar situation when all the whales stop buying shitcoins.

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>auto chat window

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>and the yield curve is fucking inverted again
forgot video

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>price hovering around 7-8 the past few weeks
>figure I'm gonna buy some a little bit of BTC next paycheck
>it goes up $2000 today
For fuck's sake, every time I want to get into this stupid shit I am too slow. I don't even want to be rich I just want a little extra cash to spend on stupid gadgets

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>/biz/ leaking onto other boards again

Huge bear flag

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you mean where the fed printed almost $1 trillion out of nothing and handed it to the people responsible for the recession in the first place. let it all burn.

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As long as Trump is the president, it won't happen. He's a businessman. No way he'd allow dollar to sink.

>> No.73318832

So just like dollar-averaging but much risky?

>> No.73318845

imagine missing out on this because "it wont happen again"

>> No.73318851

A chat window automatically opened in the bottom right. My ublock didn't block it.

>> No.73318868

Yeah I don't really sit at a screen all day and track prices, but still when it jets up like today it makes me more apprehensive to get in the game because it just seems like by the time you notice something with crypto, it's already too late.

>> No.73318896

So you don't have third-party scripts globally blocked.
What are you doing?

>> No.73319140

LMAO this just confirms Bitcoin and cryptos are just a joke.
>The memes, they write themselves.

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It did this multiple times in the last 2 months. I'd buy some BTC, but I see no indication the bull run is happening.

>> No.73319183

Buy the dip, sell the hype.

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