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Slackware. Only third party packages need compilation and the larger ones have binaries.

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linux from scartch

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Debian, openSUSE, & Slackware are the only Linux distros I would recommend. I'd also suggest OpenBSD for people who actually want a Unix, & 9front for elite autists.

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>the larger ones have binaries
where? slackbuilds.org?

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No, AlienBOB's repo [Eric Hameleers], he's like the BDFL's right-hand man.


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>waiting hours for each package to compile
lol retard

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devuan without systemd

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I need to use yocto at work. Distro wise it's probably the most control you can get over your OS. Gentoo cannot even compare. It's not a distro, it's more like "roll your own distro"-toolkit.
The learning curve is straight up brutal, but the level of control and power you get out of it is fabulous.

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Debian Sid is the only good choice.

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corelet detected

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Yocto is for embedded devices, raspis, routers and other shit like that, no?

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Install Fedora and fuck off

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Just use Void. It's practically the same thing with precompiled binaries.

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Slackware. It's the most authentic Linux experience you're going to get.

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mint 19.2

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Void linux

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anyone care to post the american psycho arch desktop meme?

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>try Arch
>need to keep older version of a lib for some shitty software that got abandoned (but doesn't have any good alternatives)
>pacman doesn't update all the libs
>system ded
>user fault because "muh partial upgrade" (gentoo doesn't have this problem) even though rolling release is a partial upgrade practically by definition
How can you guys even use this meme?

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