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how can common lisp even compete?

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That looks comfy

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Learning Rust. Does anyone have a good resource for someone fairly experienced with fp? I found the official rust book a bit slow, it has good content it's just 5x the length it needs to be for my purposes.

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more like commoner lisp

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Please help. I can't decide on what (as a beginner) should start with? I need a definitive and final answer.

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Ah, Anone! I was looking at what you made in JavaScript aaand... could you tell me a little more about it in private~ ?

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Kotlin is a better language but most Kotlin resources assume that you know java when you start using Kotlin, at least that's how it used to be, it might be different now.
Unless you have a good Kotlin resource I suggest starting here: http://moocfi.github.io/courses/2013/programming-part-1/

Please remember that oop is garbage and that functional programming is the way, but for now you can ignore that.

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it's simpler and kotlin has a whole pile of other shit to worry about
also nobody outside of android uses kotlin

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why would you destroy your life this way

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I haven't written my own language but my own assembler, and it took 3 iterations for it to be cleanly designed.

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cool story. I once kicked an ant hill and it took me only one attempt to get a solid kick, though.
3 iterations?
I only needed one kick though.

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>I once kicked an ant hill and it took me only one attempt to get a solid kick, though.

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control structure racism
until loops are the most underrepresented

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Nobody needs loops when you have recursion.

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It's about readability.

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>i'm not going to address
>hot take
>reeks of "i don't know what i'm talking about"
Jesus Christ just kill yourself.

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[x] Cute
[x] Funnypilled

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>sees a list of things anon didn't like about my post
>"heh, I bet he didn't like this thing I didn't actually see"

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Right now I'm taking a software engineering course. My team of six is assigned to working on a theater company's system that they're going to use for activating lights, lifts, etc on their stages. As far as I can tell, we're team number 6 in a long line of spahgetti code contributors for their C# codebase. I've worked on existing codebases before, but only for end-user products that were fully functional, but never for something like this. How do you go about "learning" a codebase comprised of entirely unfinished architecture?

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sir, there are reasonable limits to getting triggered over -- whatever the fuck it even was that triggered you. Next time, go massage your prostate for a bit, have a good cry, wipe away your tears, and then talk like a man instead of giant, inflamed faggot.

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Main at the beginning of the file or the end?

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>try this hard to get attention
How hard is it for you to even see the screen at this point?
Don't actually kill yourself. All I spoke of was language design being hard to fix, and you already said this is a purely masturbatory project and therefore lacking the usual barriers to late fixes to bad design.
If you claim to be a woman who wants to transition into a man, I think the doctors aren't even allowed to point out that you are already technically a man, so you can get some easy T supplements to help whatever this faggotry is.

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It's amazing how you two can type so quickly and accurately by aiming your high power farts at your keyboards. You don't even need to look.

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Making this little site, have to take a break sadly due to school and work. I just don't have the time to work on it right now.

Technology used:
Rails for backend
Postgres db
ReactJS for some of the frontend

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Those are pretty different things
Vulkan is much lower-level and OpenGL can be implemented on top of it
>GPU assembly appears to be closely guarded IP
You're right about that
Even with Vulkan, what you send to the GPU is pretty declarative, kind of like SQL rather than C

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tl;dr faggot, where do you think you are? you roaches are all the same

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Indeed, it makes it harder for the nsa to hack you.

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That's literally what's Cyclone is.

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I fell for the lisp meme and been studying it for a while now

I feel like I'm starting to get a good handle of it

The macros are really convenient

Still don't really understand the fuss about lambdas and closures though

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One of the easier parts to explain is that OpenGL contains a lot of hidden state in the form of data structures that get manipulated by all the OpenGL functions
In Vulkan, you have to manipulate these yourself

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Wanted to mention I noticed someone made an account, there's a bug sometimes when you register and don't activate your email.

Here's the activation email if you are still here:

From: [email protected]
Reply-To: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: Confirmation instructions
Mime-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/html;
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

<p>Welcome [email protected]!</p>

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what's this website about if you don't mind me asking anon?

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Wanted to mention I noticed someone made an account, there's a bug sometimes when you register and don't activate your email.

Here's the activation email if you are still here:

From: [email protected]
Reply-To: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: Confirmation instructions
Mime-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/html;
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

<p>Welcome [email protected]!</p>

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It's a little social media site I'm working on. The features it currently has (albeit very rough) are:

Message Boards (forums)
Image Hosting - Photo Albums
Match you with other people on the site based on geolocation (from IP)
Chat Rooms
Profile posting (like twitter)
Friends List

That's about it for now. It's very rough and I don't have a front end developer so it's not very pretty (using bootstrap).


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Which makes it "lower level" (e.g. git gud noob)

Seeing how the open graphics card failed so hard, it's not surprising that these companies keep the assembly so gaurded.

I checked out the Nouvaeu source code and wasn't even sure what I was looking at. Is any of that written in GPU assembly?

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>how can common lisp even compete?
by running faster and using less resources

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It's not '94. smartphone have 16gb of ram nowadays and jvm installed by default

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Oh that's embarrassing. It's alright lol. Do you have any questions about the website? ^_^

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>Do you like it? What would you like to see added?
If I'm honest it's got a quirky charm to it, but I don't really crave social interaction; I have no idea what to put on a social media site. My only concerns, for your end, are:
1) What would differentiate it from facebook or craigslist
2) Do you imagine the name 'uwuanimu' ever taking off?

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>not clicking that shit nigga because I'm sure your'e just harvesting IP's of innocent /g/entelmans to sell to the feds.
That's fine, I'm literally in my bedroom. I have a cute stuffed animal. You wanna see it?

Here's the github btw: https://i.imgur.com/xnwlrGa.png

I haven't been able to update it in like 2 weeks sadly.

Honestly, the name was just a domain I had around because I didn't wanna buy a new domain yet. Honestly the big difference is that it's made specifically for matching people with people who live near them so we can break the culture of neetdom and bring people closer together, doing real things unlike what we are doing right now lol.

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>he doesn't know about .well-known
Hah, guess it's not well known enough.

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I'm using nginx with ruby-passenger to serve pages lol. I've no idea what that is, wanna enlighten me? :o

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Any of you frontend developers? I could really use someone to do frontend. Right now it just looks like a site made in the 90s lmao.

Interesting, surprised I've never seen this before.


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i'm going to try to unfuck the windows api
or at least some of it
this is a horrible idea but i don't care

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It's posted above but here it is:

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a website with a login form?


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sounds like a nice idea, pretty cool. Question though, why do you need so many details about a person? Is there some sort of use or is it just data harvesting?

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>sounds like a nice idea, pretty cool. Question though, why do you need so many details about a person? Is there some sort of use or is it just data harvesting?
It was originally going to be a dating site lol. I just haven't done anything with that yet. It's mostly just so if people want to sort by those things, they can but they are all optional as well. The only required options are date of birth must be > 18 years old, and you must also have a name, and an active email. Everything else is optional

Twitter is the same
Facebook is the same

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For general usability stuff, the win32 APIs are horrible.
The hungarian notation, the fucking retarded way it deals with unicode, the SAL, etc., get soul destroying after a while.
And some functional style error handling over COM's HRESULTs and the windows error codes would be nice.
Also some type safety, there's a lot of unnecessary type erasure.

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>want to be successful like big company
>step 1: big company has big office. Let's get a big office!
>step 2: bankruptcy

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I want to learn everything there is to know about sh, in order to make my own shell. Suggest me some material.

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Dumb people hate what they have difficulties with.

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i dont see how this is an improvement

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>break the culture of neetdom
Why? I thought most people who are neets are voluntarily so.

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jupyter notebooks run on a server, this doesn't.
allows you to merge two ridiculously huge ecosystems, one that has access to numpy and other actually decent tools, and another that has access to GUI tools.

>> No.73219569

I mean it depends on the person. It's also not just neetdom. Like, I am a "NEET" but it's because I work from home, and take classes online, so I'm not really a neet but I live the neet lifestyle if that makes sense? It's more so about trying to help people make friends OFFLINE.

>> No.73219637

>so I'm not really a neet but I live the neet lifestyle if that makes sense?
No it doesn't make sense. You're just not a neet, you're a shut-in. Stop trying to make words meaningless.

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This is an Android 9 thing.
Put this in the application element in the manifest:

Not sure you will be able to publish in Google Play, but it will be OK for a test app.

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The most powerful programming language is Lisp. If you don't know Lisp (or its variant, Scheme), you don't know what it means for a programming language to be powerful and elegant.

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Grow a pair, fag.

>> No.73219698

this happens to me every other day

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But it's objectively better to stay at home all day long, so your app would only negatively impact others.

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I know Scheme but Haskell is better

>> No.73219834

alternatively you could have them login using a social media account or a github :^)

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It's more popular than Elixir, OCaml, Common Lisp, Racket, F#, Idris, Coq, ATS, etc...Maybe Clojure is more popular but that's probably it.

>> No.73219864

get back in your cagie, QA

>> No.73219920

that's even worse, why would I want my social media account or github linked to this random website?

I don't even know what this website is for, it might be porn. I don't want fucking karen to think I watch anime titties all day.

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The ideal program then is one that runs without doing anything and thus has no bugs. This is what is called "the zen of programming," that is, programs that achieve their purpose using no computation. Yes, I finally see it.

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>Indeed, some companies reward QA based on the number of bugs they find. The more bugs, the greater the reward.
Is this true?

>> No.73220087

just wanted to ping this back to your attention

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That does sound fun. Have you made your own compiler also?

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I might be going insane but I think my professor is out to get me. He does not disclose his test cases for our assignments but he generates an execution output and gives that to us. My program's output was this:
Terminate called after throwing an instance of 'empty_exception'
Aborted (core dumped)

But when I throw an exception I get this

terminate called after throwing an instance of 'empty_exception'
Aborted (core dumped)

All code is executed on the school's RedHat server and I don't see a reason why his T in terminate is capitalized and mine isn't. The output is supposedly generated by a script. It's also convenient that my execution output was not included the first time he pushed his logs to my repo, he had to go back and execute my code again

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welcome to interactive theorem provers

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Which functional programming language is most optimal for parsing large binary file formats?

>> No.73220445

where do you study /dpt/? you are in uni right?

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I am in uni, but I don't know what I'm studying. I'm in a CS course but "CS" is such a broad field, I don't know what I'm going for at all.

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>programming assignment has unclear instructions

>> No.73220572

I got a $10 kindle credit from amazon. What's a good book I can get that is readable on kindle i.e. doesn't have a lot of code in it.

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Lisp is the most powerful programming language.

>> No.73220633

every game of tic tac toe will end in a draw if properly played

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Dear programming brainChads, I have tried several times to teach myself programming but I can't do it. I successfully made a C FizzBuzz, but when I tried to edit it very slightly, I ruined it. Is this just C being dangerous shit, or have I programmed this wrong? I assume all you based experts and professionals will be able to see what's wrong just by looking:

int main() {
int i;
for (i = 1; i < 101; i++){
// if (i % 3 == 0 && i % 5 != 0) printf("3 x %d\n", i / 3);
if (i % 3 == 0 && i % 5 != 0) printf("Fizz\n");
else if (i % 5 == 0 && i % 3 != 0) printf("5 x %d\n", i / 5);
else if (i % 3 == 0 && i % 5 == 0) printf("3 x %d",
" AND 5 x %d\n", i/3, i / 5);
else printf("%d", i);
printf("11 is eleven if this works.\n");
printf("%d is twelve if that works.\n", 36 / 3);
return 0;

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I am doing TLS 1.3
TLS_AES_128_GCM_SHA256 must be supported
so I implementing it
here https://nvlpubs.nist.gov/nistpubs/Legacy/SP/nistspecialpublication800-38d.pdf
there is a CIPH function
what does it exactly do inside?
it just says:
CIPH = The output of the forward cipher function of the block cipher under the key K applied to the block X
but it doesn't describe how it works
>pic unrelated

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Is there a way in C to enumerate a range of numbers to one enum?
enum <char> {
// Here 7-126 are reserved

>> No.73220945

Not him, but I'm too scared to move to another language. I'm still grasping C and only just starting to be able to make things work the way I want, if I switched I'd be back at zero.

>> No.73221021

Nah dude, just make 128 line enum like a boss

>> No.73221054

t. brainlet

>> No.73221165

kotlin or clojure?

>> No.73221174

you fail.

>> No.73221175

You can just pre-compute a lookup table. Assuming the game has been finished to completion, all squares are filled, so it only needs 512 entries

>> No.73221258

fuck off

>> No.73221276

>can't follow a simple spec
>can't see the problem on his own even when it's pointed to
>gets angry when the problem is explained
this is also the kind of programmer that FizzBuzz is testing for.

>> No.73221318

I'm doing >>73215108
While I'm having a /mostly/ easy time finding information regarding VB6 online for things I don't already know, much if it falls in one of three categories.
1. Its written by Indians who are maintaining software for the late 90s/early 00s. These quarries are answered by other Indians and the entire transaction is baffling at times to read.
2. The information is still on MSDN but 90% hyperlinks are dead, likely articles that MS likely meant to delete but are still around.
3. Having to find things on Wayback Machine which is ironic since I'm making an application to access Wayback Machine on older PCs more easily.
Don't even get me started on writing VB4 code for Win 3.1. There is so little documentation out there online for anything older then VB5. I bought a book from a local salvage store to have a nice reference material when I run in to problems.

My end goal is to browse on my 486 or P1 PCs seemlessly in a timecapsole the web dated, whatever, and drink myself in to a coma.

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It looks like I don't know the difference between int and char. Thank you for your help!

>> No.73221371

you also need a newline in that last printf

>> No.73221381

I submit

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help pls
>need to generate time selection menu in 15 min increments
>in nodejs
>don't know javascript
>come up with abomination in pic related
>works but ugly
>need to show it to someone im trying to impress
>go on 4chan and ask fellow autists for help
what do

>> No.73221668

>What are the most useful fpl features to have?
a syntax capable of seamless currying
a statically typed system capable of higher kinds types

>> No.73221715 [DELETED] 

allocate a counter variable for every row and column. This way you only have to manually check the diagonal, making the algorithm O(sqrt(n)).

>> No.73221742

I've let you down.

>> No.73221817

for context switches.
I've seen it used a lot for implementing things like coroutines.

>> No.73221822

Novice here.
We can sort lists in Python by the value of some function on its elements. Eg :

new_list = sorted(old_list, key = myfunc)

Is there a way to achieve this in C++ using STL?

>> No.73221830

look at std::sort

>> No.73221831

Yeah, you can embed the Python interpreter in C++

>> No.73221852

why do people still write while(1){} instead of for(;;){}? It's like people like wasting instructions

>> No.73221853

they compile to the same thing, the latter just looks retarded

>> No.73221871

only if your compiler optimizes, the later will turn into the optimal assembly regardless of the compiler. It reads better too, you can just read it as 'forever'.

>> No.73221883

Algebraic data types
ML modules
Pattern matching
Unboxed types

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which one?!?!?

>> No.73221968

>Not ed
bloated shit

>> No.73222165

>hah, this will be superior on a theoretically shit compiler that nobody would ever use
this is why people use preincrement ++ in a void expression

>> No.73222171

Unironically make a small game. It's the best way to break the ice when you want to program, but don't exactly know what.

>> No.73222219

lol imagine programming in a language which demands attention to such tiny irrelevant shit
no wonder cniles never work on any truly complex problem, their attention is wasted on inane shit

>> No.73222311

holy fuck why hasnt this spoiler bug been fixed yet? Its been like this for years.

>> No.73222349

at this point, it's a feature.
I have hundreds of posts that rely on comments not spoiling.
why do you want to rot my comments?
please stop.

>> No.73222387

even worse, i imagine there's actual paid devs that post their work to get help.

>> No.73222418

looks like J

>> No.73222448

Is this FALSE?

>> No.73222460

perl was a mistake

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>taking a class in Python 3
>3.8 literally just came out a few days ago.

>> No.73222473

it prints 1000 digits of pi

>> No.73222491

You forking it, or just a dedlang enthusiast?
But symbol-heavy langs always look like shit until you learn them.
Plus that formatting is a bit odd.

>> No.73222519

Emacs with Xah fly keys.

I set mine to turn on and off with Esc for when I couldn't remember some commands.

>> No.73222751

yeah but it's not on anaconda so it doesn't exist

>> No.73222755

are you ok, friend?

>> No.73222834

>who want capability that only comes with a requirement to learn the tool.
In other words, no one. Text editing is a sufficiently simple task that the features you're talking about have no use case. Wanting advanced text editing features is like wanting advanced beer drinking features. Like, what's wrong with your mouth, can you not just lift the can up and drink it. Dumb beer hat fag

>> No.73222849

>Text editing is simple
so is blowing air out your mouth. A saxaphone is just a tool to let you blow air out your mouth, and vi is just a tool to edit text. This level of reductionism is no different from retardation.

>> No.73222865

(also it's 'saxophone'. I'm not real good at music, alright?)

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doo the needfull, attach a sticky

>> No.73222934

Yeah but blowing air out your mouth can actually be used for greater and more complex things, such that just calling it blowing air out your mouth is reductive, AND, more importantly, the skill required, PERTINENT to manipulating the actual communicative medium of blowing air out your mouth, scales up with the complexity of the result to be achieved. Not so for text editing. It CAN be used to achieve greater things, and the skill required DOES scale up with the complexity of the task, but the skill which so scales is NOT pertinent to manipulating the actual communicative medium of editing text. The level of motor control and learned skill required to enter characters at a keyboard does not scale up as you attempt more challenging programming tasks or other text editing tasks. The challenge, and the skill level required, are unrelated to the textual medium and do not affect your use of it. Tools to edit text don't need advanced features because nothing advanced that can be accomplished BY editing text has anything to do WITH editing text.

>> No.73223018

Optimizing while(1) is just the same as removing the redundant structure of a for loop

>> No.73223081

>nothing advanced that can be accomplished BY editing text has anything to do WITH editing text.
Imagine not being that guy who iteratively programs text editors that are increasingly better and better at programming the next text editor in the chain.

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haha ok the comedy of errors was funny and all but now it's time to go into deep space and fight aliens and you, an up-and-coming independent spaceship manufacturer, get to decide the programming language that generations (if they live that long) of men will be born under, grow up learning, and use all their lives to control your small metal Earths.
pick your poison:
1. a single language to rule it all
2. these few languages for these distinct roles
3. whatever everyone else uses. Hey, you can just download and plug in a library that was designed for a completely different spacecraft which will only DEFINITELY kill your entire family! it's so easy and convenient!

>> No.73223246

>Scheme is not lisp
Now this is shitposting.

>> No.73223325
File: 515 KB, 1668x1602, Screen Shot 2019-10-18 at 11.25.48 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wrote some more macros today

>> No.73223512

>let f = (arg) => body
you can use OCaml for webshit just the same, with bucklescript, the same thing ReasonML uses.

>> No.73223523

Is there anything bad I should be aware about with gitlab? I mean mainly the TOS/privacy sort of thing.

>> No.73224181

I can only use Delphi. Everything else just looks sad.

>> No.73224301

what language is the most laconic?

>> No.73224302

[E2019-10-19T01:17:11.569413-03:00 12968 0 annotate.go:241] #0 go.chromium.org/luci/vpython/venv/venv.go:595 - venv.(*Env).installVirtualEnv()
[E2019-10-19T01:17:11.569413-03:00 12968 0 annotate.go:241] reason: failed to create VirtualEnv

i can use pyton 2.7, pip and virtualenv without any problems.

>> No.73224303

why doesn't the C or the C++ standard have a simple fucking function not chained to the retarded locale system for converting between unicode encodings

>> No.73224322

Umm because they want you to use libraries

>> No.73224526

What does the ": m_parent(parent)" do here and is there a name for this kind of format?
class control
control* m_parent;
control(control* parent = 0) : m_parent(parent) {}

>> No.73224533

is freebsd ok for programming?

>> No.73224578

initializes m_parent with parent
i can't remember if there's a name for initializers before the body of the constructor, but you should always do this unless they need complicated initialization
see https://github.com/isocpp/CppCoreGuidelines/blob/master/CppCoreGuidelines.md#c49-prefer-initialization-to-assignment-in-constructors

>> No.73224647

seems to be as good as linux (which is quite good). freebsd fans would also say that the bsd architecture is cleaner and has better documentation.
personally i feel like you can't get better than arch/manjaro for programming. lots of packages that are very up to date.

>> No.73224881

freebsd is different and doesn't follow other bsds, it's much more up-to-date
I like the fact that it has a full base system that's separated from user applications, unlike gnu/linux, which is very patchy

>> No.73224899

me t b h

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