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We don't have such luxuries in eastern european sweatshops

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You can still ask for one. Get a doctor's statement saying that you need it.

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squat/bench press/deadlift/overhead press/power clean/chin ups/dips

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This. Also read Back Mechanic by Stuart McGill.

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This is a good piece of advice to prevent any spine conditions, but once you've hurt yourself you can't do it until you're fully recovered. So it turns out my spine had been fucked even before I started feeling pain, few months after I stopped excersising at local gym. Apparently my muscles were preventing my spine from hurting me, but when they deflated I started to feel pain.

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his boss could hire 20 slav workers as a replacement and it would still be cheaper than that desk

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How low are eastern european salaries? I live in Norway and we have import tariffs from hell and a decent desk here is like 550 EUR.

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>leads an absolute sedentary life
>complains about issues
>body is already breaking down at 22
shit genetics m8

the solution
>start lifting, squats and dedlifts and pulling movements because internally rotated from sitting infront of a pc daily
>daily walks
>stretch out hip flexors, hamstrings, hips, all that garbage that gets super tight from sitting daily and pecs

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yeah. But notice it's after deducting all taxes

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I get almost 2k euro after taxes as mid php dev, where do you work and what language?

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I make more than 4 times that as a junior in Norway (~$4400).... also after takes.

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See >>73134066
I make twice that after taxes in Norway.
I program C (and contrary to popular belief, C programming is not highly paid, I actually made more money when I did Python web backend).

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do you even have an MRI to diagnose your alleged back pain?

otherwise fuck off. you could have a million other issues and one of them could even be autoimmune.

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>Stuart McGill
Physical Therapy fag here. The fact that you know Stuart McGill is very interesting to me. Look into Gary Gray if you are looking for more back strengthening.

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Yes, I've already done that. Waited 3 months for it though.

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Did you seriously compare USA food to european food? USA food is basically just chemistry at that point.

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Contrary to popular belief, US food is actually pretty high standard. At least compared to the literal horse meat you get served in countries like Bulgaria.

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you won't do any of this, but you (and I) should go swimming AT LEAST 4 times a day (the lower goal you set, the worst you will do) and lift your computer screen, keyboard and mouse with some boxes or something. don't sit down at home ever, only in order to rest, and it has to be in spans of 10min at most (start a timer when you sit down)

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>swimming four times a day
Aint nobody got time for that.

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I was referring to the EU meat scandal, but yeah, jokes aside, horse meat is actually not bad.

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>tv shows
I don't even own a TV.

I do that on the bus to and from work, as well as on the toilet at work.

Well, yeah.

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I've been spending most of time in front of PC ever since I was a kid. I can't imagine how I would spend my free time without it. Also, the doctor already told me what to do to recover - swimming. But this takes 2 hours of my time. What else am I supposed to do for the rest of the day? I've already gone for 3hrs walk today and it's only 3pm, so 9 more hours before sleep. What am I even supposed to do for 9 hours that doesn't involve sitting?

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The doctor was busy calling me an idiot, rather than explaining exactly what I suffered from. I waited 2 months after MRI for a visit and it took 5 minutes. All I learned is I have discopathy and have to go swimming and then come back for a visit after few months. Welcome to our healthcare.

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also, read what the MRI physician's report says.

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That sounds pretty nice, is the competition really high? Here (Bulgaria) it's a hellhole if you are new, but you can easily find a mid/senior position if you have the skills.

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Are there any easy exercises one can do to work at least some of the muscles in the upper body? I recently pulled a muscle on my fucking chest because I lifted my arm too fast, for fuck's sake

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>stretching is key (yoga cobra + stand up and arch your back while being all stretched out, avoid sitting positions in your sleep, i.e.)
>muscles can help deal with faulty backs, apply at your local medical sports center
>running is good for you
>standing desks are worse than seated desks
>get good orthopedic footwear (in leather shoes, so you can look dapper, too)
>get a herman miller aeron rev. 2
also, lifting in small doses helps; but if you do not stretch, the lifting will hurt you in the long run. stretching is king.

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what are pullups pushups and dips

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Sauce on that book?

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lol wut eastern euro MANUAL LABORER here and i make 1.2k. isn't germany supposed to be rich?

>> No.73134619

How about some minor lifting? Would that help also?

>> No.73134676

>Don't sit longer than 30 minutes at once on the ball.
then what is the fucking point? no one will keep standing up and switching chairs every 30 minutes

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I'm skelly mode, can't get any thinnier

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>BULGing Disc

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Low body fat and shoulder mobility (when shoulders are mobile it will fix your spine by correcting your posture and pelvis tilt also fixed, but only if you lose fat in the butt and elsewhere so lose first.)
Shoulder mobility can be achieved with under 1 minute stretches and once mobile enough you can sit on the toilet and push your body to your feet to fix your spine. No need to do anything that results in pain like walking/sitting/...
Also get a bed to lay on. Use computer as you lay down. No heavy compression to spine when on your back/stomach. Lose fat with calorie deficit if you arent losing then you still eat too much. As you lose and eat less you will notice that your calorie amount per day goes down. Like from 2.5k to 1.5k depending on your body build.

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If you've been foam rolling your back you're a fucking idiot.

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Gentle reminder to crack your lower backs often everyone. Never sit down for more than 90 min at a time, take short walks if you have to.

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>Gentle reminder to crack your lower backs often

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>should've drank milk
ah yes, all the hormones they shove into female cows. drink it all up retard.

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I have been a neet for 5 years and I have been sitting on my ass all day from when I was 14, I am 25 now, and never had a problem LMAO

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Examples. (should feel good and feel like doing)
When you wake up.
Before bed.
When you go to bathroom.
When standing.
Sit and push one arm as far as you can. So that shoulder blade is moving away from your spine/back towards your side.
Push your arms/hands up as far as you can reach.
Reach towards opposite leg but not down to your toes but up and to the side naturally no need to force just try to push.
These dont have to be 1minute or longer than you feel like. Even 3s is fine. But try both. At first maybe short then at some point long and then back to short if long make you feel no gain. Just make it into a habit to push your arms far moving your blades.

>the 2nd part
I meant torso/upper-body to the to floor as you sit (keep your pelvis seated). Head down the grotch or chest touching your legs.

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Should have done some deadlifts when you had the chance baka

>> No.73136222

I dont know your situation but just push like you ar focusing on your shoulder blade moving. Over time it moves more. Maybe you cant moce it at all currently. Maybe you dont have any issue with it currently.
So you can shrug your shoulders very prominantly. If you cant push your shoulders up or your collarbones arent prominantly showing then you need to try to get mobility to your shoulders not stuck very close to your ribcage. Collarbones flat lying horizontally https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clavicle

Push diagonal. Just try many what feels good or that something is happening. Also try to twist your arm and see if helps. Also try wrist positions and hand positions like push your hand in to opposite of fist (not native english and forget a lot so bear with me). And push your fingers hand as open as you can for extended period of time during shoulder stretch. Shoulder stretch at some point should feel similar as pushing as hard as you can for extended period of time your hand open or fingers up or cant explain. If you got straight back and ass/pelvis not in tilt and shoulders not stuck then no gain for you.

>> No.73136250

thanks friend

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I know that feel, OP. I've been suffering from a herniated disc since the end of June. For the longest time I wasn't able to stand for more than five minutes at a time or even sit at all. Thankfully it's improving now so that I can start living a normal life again, but I'll definitely be changing my lifestyle going forward. This shit is some of the worst pain I've ever been in and I never want it to happen again.
I hope you feel better soon, OP

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You can, and should, work around it as much as possible. If you’re truly fucked get with a good physical therapist.

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take up smoking. you'll have to get up to go outside and smoke every 30 minutes.

much healthier.

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Unironically this

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I'm really fit, despite my hobby being shit posting for 6 hours before bed. And of fucking course I haven't slouched my back for many years, because I've been sitting cross legged or kneeling for many years.

>> No.73137997

Just don't be a lazy fat and to some exercises regurlaly.

>> No.73138121

Look into Kettle Bells. Pushups and a few kettle bells are more than enough to get into shape. You don't even have to leave your room.

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theyre made from the bones of children

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another diagram from starting strength which makes me question whether higher reps really do have a lower chance of injury if form necessarily degenerates

I don't know the answer

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Did you just posted url to that shithole?
These faggots would believe anything

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i am the chief cook & bottle washer, i never get the chance to sit on my ass too long,

>> No.73139689

So long he isn't retarded about overdoing it, getting more muscles will prevent issues.
Then again, /fit/ occasionally gets retards that interprent "start with body weight" as "deadlift with body weight + 1x body weight in weights"

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Food prices is about 2x at most anon.
Key issue is that fastfood/frozen dishes/TV dinner costs 3-5x.

Thats sidestepping the issue.
The key is that soviet canned food set a extremely low standard, meaning post soviet frozen/canned food ended up being shit tier.
Meanwhile third world basically have no food that isn't completely shit tier.
Basically most precooked food is shit tier by default. Claiming US food superiority at that point is just dishonesty, since its a uniform issue.

Then again, urbanization also leads to people forgetting how to cook, and then forgetting to teach children how to cook, and people stop buying ingredients.
I am just fucking glad that Asia stores means its possible to buy spices/innards. Otherwise it would be impossible
T. Norwegian

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I use my desktop while laying in bed.
My desk is slightly over my bed, and I VESA mounted my monitor onto an arm that's clamped to my desk that reaches a bit further, as pictured.

Is this healthy for my back? I think it is not healthy for my arms, I think it makes my hand hurt because of how my hands have to be positioned to use the mouse and keyboard.

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Yeah, except for lung cancer, cigarettes aren't so bad.

>> No.73140909

Yeah, those too. Let's just call it cancer.
So, except for cancer, cigarettes aren't bad at all.
I wouldn't worry about skin tho, you'll get old anyway.

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all the cia has to do is push your chin and they won't even have to make it look like an accident

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Are you dense? Food in developing countries is usually great because it is locally grown, has more variety due to local supply and relies on basic, freshly prepared methods. Go to any south-east asian and stop talking out of your ass you small-town minded Walmart-american.

>> No.73142872

Stack some boxes up and get a soft floor mat to keep your feet comfy. So you dont stand for 8 hours get a tall stool and use it for 30 minutes to an hour at a time.
Set a timer for an hour and touch your toes and other stretches every hour.

>> No.73142899

laptops are unergonomic, You will have neck problems from looking at a low angle too low and carpal tunnel.

>> No.73142955

Do pushups on your knees. If that's too hard, do knee pushups with your hands on something elevated (bed, chair are fine). If that's too hard, do pushups against the wall while standing. Do planks to build core strength, you can start on your knees and elbows and move up to toes and hands. You will be cranking out regular pushups in a couple weeks even if you're completely out of shape today.

>> No.73143195

Eat less.

>> No.73144417

kratom is good for pain, both physical and spiritual

>> No.73145232

helo im from bg too, gief job

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>what is track ball mouse
>what is tilted laptop stand
Btfo deskincel

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>some old man with back pain
>being able to eat Sachiko
Gtfo deskincel

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Git gud

>> No.73145340

I’m not OP, I can eat just fine.
>drooling intensifies

>> No.73145533

Holy shit, get some other hobbies
t. programmer

>> No.73145670

Глyпocти или aз cъм гoлям кapък. Кoя фиpмa?

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beginner job with no experience is 1000€. minimum wage is around 600.

>> No.73145805

NDA and shit, but look into jobs.bg for 5k+ and set php as keyword.

Also I don't make 4400$ (really hard with php), but if you are good enough I saw plenty of ads for java/devops/js offering that.

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Preprosessert mat har strenge krav til kvalitet på råvarer og INGEN forskning viser at det det er gir noen dårligere helse enn mat du lager fra bunnen av. Slutt å falle for helse-fjas.

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What the FUCK

>> No.73145920

>Yeah, but you also probably pay about 4 times as much for everything.
Not really, the thing that is expensive in Norway is alcohol and owning a car. I spend around 200-250 EUR on food every month, and my mortgage is around 780 EUR. Utilities, electricity, broadband and mobile subscription is around 240 EUR per month. I'm also paying another 250 in student loans, and bus card is like 75 EUR. So after all my expenses, I'm left with around 4000-250-780-240-250-75=2400 EUR per month to do whatever I want with. I usually save at least 1500 EUR per month, and the remaining I either save or spend on buying stuff I don't really need, like recording equipment for my music hobby and instruments.

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I have many different positions. Not one is good for my spine.

>> No.73145948

>go to south east asia
Not him, and not American, but I've done several times and I always get food poisoning and diarrhoea for several days. Not only are the people there extremely unhygienic, but they have ZERO standards for how to prepare meat. You pretty much have to avoid eggs, chicken (or any kind of foul/poultry), swine/pork, etc... There's so much improper hygiene and parasites.

>> No.73146006

Megastore kuker

>> No.73146094

I hear Sweden throws great carbeques.

>> No.73146110

Also your Western body is likely not adapted to Asian germ strains. My brother was decently healthy and ate in the street pretty often (and that's in Mexico where you could land yourself in a taco stand that serves slaughtered stray dogs). Then he moved to China, and now he falls ill like every month.

>> No.73146155

>Also your Western body is likely not adapted to Asian germ strains.
Yeah, that's true too. Another thing is that Asian countries use anti-biotics A LOT(!!) so there are plenty of multi-resistant bacteria in the food. A former coworker of mine from my last job went to Vietnam and contracted multiresistant Salmonella, probably from eating chicken or pork there.

>> No.73146189

Sauce on the pic?

>> No.73146418

>Fuck off I was financially ruined after 3 days in Oslo
Because you spent money eating out and going to expensive restaurants. That's no different than eating out anywhere, it's expensive in Barcelona, San Francisco and Rome too. I go to restaurants maybe two to three times a month, not three days in a row for every meal.

>> No.73146618

Sodd, fenalår og saltet kjott er innihelvetes usunt da, din kembosoper. Er bare fett og salt.

>> No.73146629

Make sure you aren't low on electrolytes.

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Torket saltkjott er usunt vis det kun er muskler.
Dog, til gjengeld kan du lage mat med det uten å bruke salt i resten av retten. Fenalår til matlaging er undervurdert pga luksusmerket det har fått seg.

Gleder meg også over at du overså at morr ble nevnt. Veldig lite er så sunt som morr og lignende polser.
men igjen
>fett, og ikke sukker

>> No.73146753

I've had herniated disc/sciatica flare ups twice now. Kept me bedridden for a month every time. Being more active and buying an aeron chair was probably the best thing I did for it.

>> No.73146776

you're a fucking nigger, even in poland you get paid 13k-20k PLN (us$3.5-5k, 3.1k-4.5k eur) on senior positions, 7-10k PLN junior, 10-13k mid if you're not retarded and know your worth
change your job or change your country

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Nobody can or should stand for 8 hours a week. You should switch between sitting, standing, and maybe sitting on a ball, to get the proper results. If you don't your're just gonna change back pain into knee pain.

>> No.73146947

>Nobody can or should stand for 8 hours a week
>standing is hard
Found the American, regardless of if you meant week or day.

>> No.73146972

>Nobody can or should stand for 8 hours a week.
I work with directing traffic. 12 hours days of standing around waving is significantly better than my experience working 8 hours on a standing desk with some kind of rubber mat.
The key problem with standing is that its horrid to stand in a static position directly on concrete, but its still significantly better than using a fucking office chair in the wrong position.

Nevermind that a adjustable desk means you can keep changing position.

>> No.73146996

I was just memeing, but to discuss seriously, I think standing up for 8 hours a day or more is probably not good for your back either. A motorized desk (or adjustable) is preferable, because at least for me I get to adjust the height even when sitting, which creates enough variation for me and I no longer have back pain. I sometimes stand up too for hours, but when I do this I usually pace around a bit and think and go get coffee and go back etc, so I'm not standing in the same position forever.

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>The key problem with standing is that its horrid to stand in a static position directly on concrete
Yep, this. It's not the standing that gets you, it's the standing without changing position much. That's why people that use standing desk often have some kind of small step/stool on which they can put one leg at a time to stretch a bit, and also have a soft mat under their feet that allows them to switch position/angle of their feet by standing wider or narrower.

>I sometimes stand up too for hours, but when I do this I usually pace around a bit and think and go get coffee and go back etc
Yes, I agree, this is I think the main advantage of a standing desk. When I tried it i found myself walking around more to just think, walking up to coworkers to help them with something, or just go in circles "hmmmmm"ing.

>> No.73147541

Just do your fucking facepulls faggots

>> No.73148252

Physio anon tell me so exercises/resources for knee pain and hip instability.

>> No.73148285

Nope, i program C++ so im fine. You shouldn't have become a Java or C# programmer.

>> No.73149244

>t. fatass
On the wall, then on your knees, until you make it all the way to one hand in the floor.

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