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>> No.73120389

Who Ocaml here????

>> No.73120393

psyop designed to make nerds feel isolated and alone, develop depression, and suicide.

numbers are just a glowboy meme

>> No.73120402

What the fuck are you on about, schizo?

>> No.73120405

Linux developers as in developing apps for Linux or developing Linux kernel and/or distributions?

>> No.73120415


shut the fuck up, glowboy

>> No.73120432

This makes no sense. How are open source and Linux developers separate categories from particular languages?

>> No.73120441

No really, do you think social outcasts are going to get depression and kill themselves because of how socially outcasted they are? You're out of your mind.

>> No.73120572

just because you put java, python, swift, .net and or *nix on your cv doesn't mean you actually know jack shit about any of them. i'm guessing they datamined github and counted how many active devs or something there are unless they took the numbers out of their ass.

>> No.73120906

If they're given the impression that they're hated by everyone else and that everyone else just wants them to go away, then yes...
If they have not realized that this is actually the default state of existence for almost everyone today. Everyone hates you. Everyone would be happier if they knew you died because everyone knows you're in the way, in the way of something they want, or making life worse by simply existing. Your friends are the only exception.

>> No.73120913

Almost certainly the latter.

>> No.73121157

>cucking yourself out of the fruits of your own labor
why, tho, rebbe?

>> No.73121288

>India has a population of 1.3 billion people
>there are only 12 million Java developers in the entire world
Those numbers don't add up.

>> No.73121349

The real taker here is that Linux and Open Source devs do 10 times more work and shit out 10 times more features and programs than any of the million-employee shitpiles.
Even fucking Microshit can't fucking scramble together a uniform coherent UI for all the fucking years between the Windows version with thousands of devs and millions invested, yet an ordinary Linux neckbeard paid in hotpockets and soi shits out a complete UI rework of any Linux distro within a week, while a random deviantfart tard reconfigures almost the entire Windows US in a mod package within a month.
The fucking state of the industry...

>> No.73121466

>act like a retard
>get depressed that nobody wants to socialize with you

>> No.73121621

pure unbridled autism

>> No.73121652

That was my first post in this thread and I have no idea what you're raging about

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Where are their stats from?

Also it makes sense that open source is low, who the fuck wants to work for free? Are you insane?

This: >>73121157

Open source is moronic unless you're being paid to do it. I.e., if you're a Google / Intel / Red Hat / Microsoft employee being paid to contribute to the Linux kernel then that's fine. But if there's no money in something then why on Earth would you fucking waste your time doing it? You have one life and your time is valuable, why on Earth would somebody waste their time giving away their work for free?

>> No.73121664

Piss off out of conversations if they don't concern you little bitchboy.

>> No.73121673

You're not having a conversation, you're exhibiting grade A autistic nerd rage, you should be embarrassed

>> No.73121765

How are you going to bully me, by throwing a tantrum?

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>> No.73121809

Fucks sake faggot, his mum will deliver his tendies soon enough and he'll go back to playing minecraft, can you just stop replying till then do you think?

>> No.73121827

Your low IQ kind can't even firebomb a government building properly or set off a bomb properly, let alone drive anyone into suicide.
How many failures must your dumb antifa faggots create till they finally give up with the realization that everything they do results in failure and every attack they attempt backfires? At least the incels know how to take some heads along with them, on that count alone the incels would in all comedy gold win a war against incompetent low IQ losers like yourself LMAO.

>> No.73121843

so im antifa now too

>> No.73121866

Only antifa misfires and fails in everything it does, meanwhile incels have such success they have losers like yourself shutting down theaters across North America out of fear... TOWARDS INCELS LMAO. Bitchboy you are a disgrace and a lower-level being than incels.

>> No.73121874

>incels have such success
except where it counts obviously

>> No.73121875

>>>Jane Street

>> No.73121912

you have no idea who I am, you made up a personality for me to get angry about

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>> No.73122066

>libertarians are physically incapable of figuring out why human beings would ever do something for fun or personal fulfillment

>> No.73122300

Linux has plenty of companies. You ever heard of a little entity called Red Hat that processes 10% of the world's daily website traffic? Hell, even Microsoft ships Linux on Windows computers! So Microsoft is Linux too. It's way more complicated than you are making it.

>> No.73122326

Look up "GPL", you troglodyte niggerbrain.

>> No.73122339

>Linux has plenty of companies
>Names bascally the only Linux company
well done

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