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Same. I miss phones like this. They used to be all unique now we just have boring shitty slabs

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owo ?

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I blame apple

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This but pic related

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Shitty shoop

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Ottawa fag detected

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Unironically a great interface, and usable even on a small screen. I kind of miss Windows Phone even though I never had one.

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I had one, it was good.
shitty app compatibility.

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>that logo at the bottom
What is this, a literal Facebook machine?

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>/threading your own comment

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>no more slider phones

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I used Windows phone, bought a Lumia 620 in 2013 after coming from a Palm Pixi Plus (you can tell I'm no good at betting on platforms). While the app ecosystem was crap, the core operating system was easily the best at the time, barring maybe BB10. I remember Android would run like shit on low-end phones (my friend had an HTC One V which was just a craptastic lagfest), but WP 8 was snappy, stable and the UI was very efficient with space. It was amazing to use on a small screen.

By the time I got my Motorola Moto G (3rd gen), Android was a lot more okay because screen sizes had grown to accommodate its UI. But I still regard the OS to be a bit of a basket case overall.

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Interesting, reminds me of Nokia 7705 Twist

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Looks like crap

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Never used it since it apparently was a US only Verizon wireless collaboration. It's not the most gimmicky shit Nokia came up with (like pic related). I could well imagine that the swivel mechanism in Twist gave a nice tactile snap when opened or closed.

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Smol gingerbread

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A lot of phones around 2009-2012 had a special Facebook button

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WP7 was MILES ahead in UI, both in terms of looks and usability. Problem is they started out strong then didn't do anything for a while. Miss that shit like you wouldn't believe.

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Not seeing the OwO GPU.

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had one, it was based AF
the only good thing M$ has done

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custom firmware for this piece of shit turns it into a software defined radio/police radio jammer

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hahaha for real?

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Physical keyboards were always horrible. Only incels miss that trash

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I dunno about that, but I know you can use it to brute force a garage door opener

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Nope, actually was available, custom motherboard skin.

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I just recelled the battery in mine

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The lumia 900 sucked so fucking much, single core, no multitasking, no apps. Still have mine in a drawer somewhere

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This thread is making me moist

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love my G5 1050

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what the fuck is cute about a hipster dinosaur with a bezel rated for 747s?

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I wish they had waited for a few more years before giving it the axe. The shift from native apps to web apps would've helped a ton with having support for popular shit like Twitter, Facebook etc. and besides those nice support from Microsoft's own productivity apps would've made it a very good device for corporate use.

Fuck, I am mad beyond belief. I use iPhone 7 nowadays but even at iOS 13 WIndows Phones had some qualities that made them nicer to use.

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>mfw I've always wanted this model but couldn't afford it at the time. Now that I can it would be a futile purchase.

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i hd a gen 3 and 4. i think i had two gen 4s but idk where the second one went. used to play with it online

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I still want one.

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gay shoop but pointless idea. anime girl would be obstructed by my tower aircooler, m.2 and pcie cards.

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I'm your neighbour, I'm right next door.

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I had one for 28 days then returned it to amazon even though it was only £200.
Apparently nearly all the issues stem from poor optimisation and driver support for the Snapdragon 808.

I currently have an S8 which I really like however I am very tempted to buy a good condition used blackberry Key2 since it apparently doesn't suffer the issues the Priv did.

If they came out with a Priv 2 I would definitely get it.

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>just got Android 10 on my pixel
>try out gesture navigation
>still nowhere near as smooth and intuitive as on the Pre

Modern phones are still playing catchup a decade down the line... Fuck HP for wasting the opportunity palm presented.

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I still have mine.
Underspecced but got some good usage out of it.

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>pci slots in the exact right spots to act as censorship bars
>keep clothes on
one job

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>implying autistic retards wouldn't buy it anyways

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this thing should make a comeback

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Why the 835? In real life performance something like a 730 would be way better. Also curved edges, into the trash or goes.

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I always wanted a Xelibri phone.

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> battery life is terrible. You're lucky to get to the end of a normal day of usage with just a couple hours of screen time
so... i have a priv, its my current phone, and i recently bought a keyone to replace it. i returned it. the long term battery life on the priv is great, i can make it last 3, 4 days with like an hour of screen on time a day. i am not a heavy user but i do use my phone. the screen on time seems to dictate how long the priv lasts. the keyone? cannot last more than a day and a half. 36 hours is basically a hard limitation. you can use the screen quite a bit in that period of time, but don't think that you can squeeze it because the idle drain was so bad i returned it

maybe the key2 doesn't have that problem but despite its issues i found the priv to ultimately still be a better phone. the built quality is also a lot better on the priv. the keyone feels more premium but i can just tell the keys will break off. also the capacative keyboard is completely trashed and useless for scrolling which is literally my favorite feature on the priv and why i still use it, and will continue to use it

look at this shit. its pathetic in comparison to the scrolling on the priv. it might be an old, shitty phone but at least its an old shitty phone with good battery life and instant feedback, i'll take a second every time an app opens if it means a decent human interface device and a battery i don't have to babysit

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still using mine, good enough for whatsapp, calendar or taking quick notes, but websites sometimes break on default browser.

>> No.72995773

I dreamed of owning Japanese phone when I was a kiddo :c
They always were so quirky

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why of course

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>phone: $99 cell plan: $120/mo

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I used to have one of those Motorola Blackberry ripoff phones and it was the best phone I ever had. Texting was fast and easy and I could look up basic shit on the browser, which was all I really needed. Unfortunately it stopped working for no apparent reason.

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They probably started developing it in 2017, when 835 was the most powerful chipset on the market, and 700 series didn't even exist yet.

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