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they stole the twitch chat theme and got heavily promoted by twitch afterwards

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its retard proof. thats why its so popular.

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it was made for gamers specifically but i know some companies that use it for their internal chat because it's dead simple to set up and just works (until it doesn't). discord devs should seriously consider entering enterprise market - they'd make decent amount of dough if they removed all the gay speak in their ui and hosted premium servers with better uptime and shit like that.

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true but more liberal companies like startups would eat that shit up.

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Because its easy to use. Its almost like you should care about user interaction!

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imo because of their initial marketing strategy. Back when it released anything that got trashtalked was a liability to the social status of its users. They trashtalked skype and teamspeak causing the edgiest of the edgelords to start bragging about how they're only using discord. The wannabe fedora tippers followed suit until the last normie thought that skype and teamspeak were shit.
The rest is history. These days discord, for all the shit it gets for being the default choice, is actually pretty damn good, if it weren't for the massive privacy issues. There are plugins for modded versions of the client to disable a large part of that shit, though, as well as a lot of other nifty shit like breaking the ToS by recording every message you recieve or scraping an entire server's userlist and mass reporting everyone on that 13 and under dating server.

Oh and they support the left, which means that they don't have to be great or deliver on promises. They'll get forever defended simply for supporting them.

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>the platform full of memespouters, twitch children, furries, trannies, and weebs doesn't have autism
Discord's userbase is the largest concentration of autism on the internet now

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Literally how does that matter? I talk to my friends on discord, that doesn't mean I'm a degenerate that looks for new servers to RP in.

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That is one based /v/irgin

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More liberal companies already use slack

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>gcc main.c

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Wow! Is this the level of intellectual sparring you are capable of? Posting memes is pathetic.

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>Wow! Is this the level of intellectual sparring you are capable of? Posting memes is pathetic

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Not him but you realise that you have now posted the un-modified version of the lens-distorted one you posted before? You aren't even progressing properly in your retarded wojak-algorithm-posting.

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>Never said I was an intellectual. All I was saying you definitely aren't one and is probably deficient, too. How do I know? Probably all those memes you keeping posting gave it away.

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ease of use, and doesn't lead to you accidently leaking your IP.

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>36 posts
>21 IPs
Looks like ChildGroomingCord online defense task force is here. Will it stop when it goes dilate? Only time will tell.

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This made my day Anon. Thank you.

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>Not him but you realise that you have now posted the un-modified version of the lens-distorted one you posted before? You aren't even progressing properly in your retarded wojak-algorithm-posting.

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it was gradual movement.
ventrillo graybeards went to teamspeak which pushed the youth to skype until that went sour so they went to discord

they should have all went to mumble.

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I hope you can cope with the fact that you're a faggot. Cope.

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>spending your saturday night fighting with zoomers on the internet

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Tranny detected. They always talk about dilating. Gave yourself away, tranny.

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Its fun.

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>Its fun.

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Exactly this, they also poached Twitch employees

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Wrong person.

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fuck off boomer

>> No.72950804

ITT: Cringe factories

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well, lets see here.
teamspeak is objective shit
vent is more shit
skype banned me because my brother forced the red icon all the time so no one would talk to him yet he would start chats, apparently talking to them when they are like this is called harassment, and they hard locked my account with no warning and no way to recover other then 'make a new one'
then discord came up, me and friends were looking for an alternative due to how shit skype is, so it became the obvious choice.

ease of use, able to send small files, voice chat, and chat rooms, and the ability to set up servers with 0 hassle...

is it great? Fuck no
Is there a serious alternative, again fuck no.

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>Wow. You look very sad. Do you want to talk about it?

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>Yes monkey.
Gibberish. Speak English, retard. It helps.

Thank you. You are relieved of duty.

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>>Yes monkey.
>Gibberish. Speak English, retard. It helps.
>Thank you. You are relieved of duty.

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Woah! Calm down buddy! I'm just trying help! Just put down the gun, slowly and we can talk about what's making you so upset.

>> No.72951041 [DELETED] 

Thank you. Now, we can start at any time you like. Just tell me when you're ready. Okay?

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Skype is a telephony service its nothing like Skype lol.

Its some Web2.0 javascript animated IRC cancer run by fucking trannies.

>> No.72951056

>Teamspeak was easy but the quality was dogshit.
it had better quality than discord since forever

>> No.72951074 [DELETED] 

Thank you for your time. Come back next week! We have SO much more to talk about. Bye!

>> No.72951114

twitch, like everything else associated with gaymers today

>> No.72951138

I used discord to chat with friends and it’s pretty addicting to just be able to shitpost and talk with several people, stopped using it though because it started getting in my way

>> No.72951143

mumble is shitty as a chat client and it doesn't even do video chat or screen sharing

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>> No.72951158

>Its some Web2.0 javascript

That's it's strong suit.
Discord runs literally on anything and even on the browser.

You can boot from a thumb drive and straight up access it through the browser.
It runs on all phones and anything.

>> No.72951438


discord is full of cp, it needs to be banned

>> No.72951462

Shilling on twitch and youtube

>> No.72951499

How do you even know? Unless... you actively try finding it?

>> No.72951500

chat dot fossal dot org
RocketChat is a pretty good alternative. Group calls getting implemented next version so pretty much a great open source discord killer

>> No.72951514

incentivized advertising
there were monetized benefits for spamming the web with the referral link to your "server"

>> No.72951553

>discord devs should seriously consider entering enterprise market
Uh, no. In the real world enterprise like to mantain control of their data.

>> No.72951580

>forum dying due to owner's incompetence so my niche community made their own
>lasted a year despite the former forum mods saying we wouldn't last a few months
>unfortunately due to costs and internal conflict that forum died, so we moved to discord
>the forum we originally were on finally died a few months back due to the owner's incompetence
I hate disorder but it's all I've got for my small community and my real life friends. Never going to join any other servers that have faggot rampant

>> No.72951628 [DELETED] 

Stooooop reeeplying

>> No.72951896

>polished product
>is actually buggy and slow as fuck

>> No.72952040

It works. Also, this >>72950167

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yeah right, I wonder who owns discord

>> No.72952921

Pretty much pointless to call it that since it was real.

>> No.72953082

aggressive marketing + a noob-friendly client.
Hopefully free solutions like Matrix+Riot.im will improve their clients and get more users.

>> No.72953099

A huge privacy-focused update was released today for Synapse ("standard" Matrix homeserver) and Riot. They say their next biggest focus right now is UX

>> No.72953144

It has a fuckload of features and it's easy to use.
There's no alternative with the same stuff.

>> No.72953193

Move your friends to
- Teamspeak 5
- Mumble
- Matrix/Riot
any of these, simple as.

>> No.72953249

I've not encountered CP on Discord, to be honest. Maybe you should rethink some of your life choices, pal.

>> No.72953271 [DELETED] 

Is Discord white genocide?

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>> No.72953400 [DELETED] 

Why do two of them have a dumb and dumber bowl cut?

>> No.72953442

-it was shilled extremely well
-total normalfag friendly
-voice chat
-twitch emotes
-custom emotes for all your twitch cancer needs.

>> No.72953446

Same appeal as IRC had back in the day. IRC isn't pretty either, but it's the perfect place for fellow autists to congregate. Before anyone mouths off, yes, IRC users and Discord users are two completely different groups of people who want different things out of their chat paradigm. I'm drawing an analogy here.

>> No.72953622

Imagine being a weeb

>> No.72953683

>Before anyone mouths off, yes, IRC users and Discord users are two completely different groups of people who want different things out of their chat paradigm.
Not really (unless you're talking about people using IRC today). Discord is literally today's IRC.

>> No.72953793

Man, you seem cute. Can we rub our feminine penises against our bodies?

>> No.72953972

It was a variety of things, really Marketing, centralization etc. I can't say that Discord didn't fill a need in terms of some features, but its business model and privacy issues are matters of concern. It is a problem how dominant it has become in the market, centralizing so much communication under a single proprietary mantle.

Ultimately, we should be doing everything possible to support Matrix.org (and the Riot.im client, among others) instead, which gives similar features to Discord, yet is open source and federated (ie you can run your own server or sign up on any of your choosing etc).

>> No.72954043

i'm not a tr*nny though desu

>> No.72954130

Allthefoxes almost killed twitch circa 2011. He is cancer but somehow keeps avoiding heat.

>> No.72954371


Indeed. One of the main devs did a huge Ask Me Anything thread on the /r/Privacy subreddit (and was cross posted to Linux etc) so there's a lot of good information there.

Matrix (and Riot) are coming along nicely, but one feature that I think they need to overcome Discord is the integration with Patreon (or Liberapay, KoFi etc) Twitch, and the like where subscribing to a channel or becoming a patron auto-magically grants Discord rewards (access to certain channels, certain privileges on the server, a certain category, name color and/or icons to use etc). This is one way that Discord facilitates the use and expansion considering people figure these extras are worthwhile. Matrix having support for something similar would really help

>> No.72954475

If you're going to be gay then turn around so you at least look like a woman for once

>> No.72955324

>thinking there are no gay furries in tech

>> No.72955351

What the hell are you on about?

>> No.72955415

It works better than the alternatives

>> No.72955568

>Hurrr a janny is aboosing power
Stop using the fucking app then, but you won't you'll go to reddit like everyone else on this fucking planet and complain

>> No.72956452

I'm not gonna lie, furry guys give really good ERP blowjobs

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now that we have shit talked discord for a while. come to /cyber/cord a discord that is tech based that youre allowed to shitpost in. all the other tech servers i are way too job oriented and professional. lets talk about tech and have fun for a change https://discord.gg/3dqFHYX

>> No.72958422

Discord is zoomer trash and the fucking idiots who post stupid shit on it are gunna fucking nick themselves years down the line when all that info is sold to the highest bidder.

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Meme marketing aimed at streamers/zoomers

>> No.72958625

samefagging is p cringe hoss

>> No.72958751

Is Discord white genocide?

>> No.72959030

Oh no. I hope you dont have any social media

>> No.72959320

The word you are looking for is gratis. Stop tainting the word "freedom" with this kind of proprietary garbage

>> No.72959733

Not better than skype until you can show others your screen from any device. This feature is something we use like every day.
I kinda trust microsoft more with letting things go through than discord. There has been an evening where we had the autotranslation active and said really really racist shit (which we post all the time as memes in the chat). On discord we would be totally fucked.

>> No.72959741

>yes, that data includes your messages, links you click, programs you run, for how long, and what you do in those programs, because zoomers need to stroke their ego with subtle detailed status indicator of what their irrelevant worm lives are currently doing
the people using this service are gullible idiots.

>> No.72960521

Do you have proof of that?

>> No.72960572

you had to BUY ventrilo, teamspeak servers
skype was an option later
discord is free and works

>> No.72960682

I don't think they are the biggest, but are very substantial. Regardless, they literally make their money harvesting your data so it doesn't really matter.

>> No.72960711

> works
Poorly. audio and servers are garbage. For some reason people have constant problems with their audio device (why it uses the hdmi audio for people with nvidia cards when it isn't a used audio device is retarded, but very common issue.) Can get banned from the entire platform by some literal furry trannies whim.
If you can't afford a sub $1/month murmur server , then you are probably a 14 year old gaymer, and Discord's target demo.

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is he the new Luke-chan, since he went boomer-forest-dweller?

>> No.72961499

Enjoy your hand lmao

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I used to work for Habbo Hotel as a moderator in the early-mid 2000's. Gay furry ERP shit is nothing to me. I'm a broken man.

>> No.72961810

I hope someone has been reading my gay furry ERP chatlogs.

>> No.72961957

>pandering to corporations
Capitalism has no place on the internet. Fuck off.

>> No.72962004

As opposed to the NSA botnets reflected in the alternatives.
You fucking subhuman /pol/tard.

>> No.72962011

$0.04 has been deposited into your account.

>> No.72962126

care to share some stories?

>> No.72963009


>> No.72963468

>Is there a serious alternative, again fuck no.
Riot/Matrix is a great alternative to Skype at least.

>> No.72963495

>teamspeak 5

u wot

>> No.72963549

I fucking wish. It's a good money for 1 post.

>> No.72963559

buddy, homie

>> No.72963595

Is that yet another homosexual underworld slang word you zoomers are appropiating?

>> No.72963620

Who the fuck is Moom?

>> No.72963756

>How is it possible that Discord became the default choice for gamers?
It works on practically every device, has phone integration, it's braindead easy to both get people into a room and create a room, it works in a browser, etc.

Normies give zero fucks about their own privacy or data, because they don't even think to ask what a company could do with the kind of access it gives them.
For me, the things I use discord for(Mostly dnd games and shit) are tolerable in relation to the fact discord logs all that shit,

>> No.72963804

i switched to it way back when because skype was turning into a dumpster fire and all other alternatives (hangouts, tox, etc) were also garbage
and no, irc is not a fucking answer when i need pms and voice chat, boomers. i grew up on irc and although it has its uses, this is not one of them

>> No.72963859

Wrong tab, guys. Sorry.

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I love Discord because of the transgender people. I'm heterosexual and you can argue that if it looks like a woman, it's not that bad, but it doesn't matter either way. Would you rather have intercourse with a man who looks like a woman and has a penis or a woman who looks like a man and has a vagina? That's where things get confusing. However, that's not even why I like it. I like it because it's hot having a man dress up as a woman and be submissive to you.

There's lots of them on Discord and they're more willing than women and are easier to deal with. Of course I still prefer women because of the vagina and all that, but this is more of a fetish. As for the platform itself, it just panders to incel NEET "gamers". What do you expect? It's exactly what I expected something related to video games to be. Look at the stupid "gaming" computers and their middle schooler design. It's all fucking gay as fuck. It's just a clone of Slack that has a "gamer" sticker on it.

>> No.72964989

They can be so dominant, because there's no open chat application UI boilerplate anywhere.
Then every freaking chat app has to build one from scratch, so of course it's going to be inferior.

>> No.72965201

It doesn't amtter retard, it replaced Skype for gamer chat.

>> No.72965230

+ It's cross-platform
+ It supports group calls, video chat ...
+ Uses big data technology like Cassandra DB

- Closed source
- Electron framework eats a lot of RAM
- Tranny "developers"

>> No.72965405

>copy a already existing plataform
>market it to gamer

typical chink move.

>> No.72965421

Alright dude.

>> No.72965628

by giving back what microsoft took out from skype and adding more shit that makes our life easier

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