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I don't really know. I still have mine from when i was a kid.

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>he admits to being a nigger
brave move on this site

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They abandoned every cool part of this project and now sell android tablets instead.

The first thing to go was the mesh net, which was removed in the xo software and the capability was removed from the hardware shortly afterward.

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they were supposed to give them to poor dumb black kids in Africa but then realized they could sell them instead but nobody wanted a laptop designed for niggers

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I bet you’re too scared to say that in a room full of black folks, so you come on an anonymous racist web forum to spew your child-hating garbage.

Why are you such a coward?

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Lmao such a coward he won't even fucking respond hahahaha

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pretty racist of you to assume he isn't black

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>I bet you're too scared to say that in a room where they outnumber you.

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Dropped it once
Screen never turned on again
WiFi always broken because it was one of the first 30 made or so

What really happened is that Asus launched the eeepc .
It was cheaper and used standard hardware

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The hardware was impressive given the limitations of the day, but the entire concept was stupid.
Why give poor Africans computers when they don't even have running water or electricity or even basic agriculture?

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I still have 2

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Smartphone happened

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they didn't push for implementation hard enough, sadly. now they sell really shitty tablets.

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Literally the only cool part about these

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Been thinking about replacing the OS with a minimal Fedora install on mine for use as a SSH terminal. Being a laptop with AMD Geode and OpenFirmware, it's a pretty rare piece of hardware

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D-d-did you just assume s/he/it/'s g-g-gender?

Why do you rape people online?

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Crashed and burned, because Africa doesn't need computers, it needs fucking smallpox.

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underage pls go

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But anon, OLPC was literally 20 years ago

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when reddit visits 4chan, the post

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it retired from the money laundering business

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>I bet you’re too scared to do *hazardous thing*
um ok.

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population growth due to effects of modernity
new slaves for the globalist techno-capitalistic systems

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is he using a desktop keyboard on top of it? and is that a portable hard drive stuck on the back?

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Yes. RMS uses a HHKB.

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