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He's a frustrated old virgin, probably the crippling autism, the wierd accent and the pot belly

>> No.72791294

they're obviously smarter than you, seeing how you can't resist giving them attention.

>> No.72791300

I don't mean RMS stupid

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Since when projecting insecurities is an argument.

>> No.72791393

Autists like RMS have no self awareness

>> No.72791395

Aren't these people the same people that make fun of incels and call them terrorists?

>> No.72791396

"dont sexually harass us women in tech" but then that last sentence complaining about "the idea that virginity is something to be ashamed of"
are you going to be a prude or not? at least fix your sexual views before going after someones joke

>> No.72791422

Good. Maybe they'll stop spewing "incel" every other breath.

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Dumb joke, and I'm not even a feminist. Maybe he would get less backlash over it if he'd actually said something funny.

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He's actually an alpha.

>> No.72791491

He's autistic. I've read that story. He was in an emotionally dependent relationship with some suicidal woman as her comforter. That's extremely rote beta-male behaviour

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>> No.72791494

"Women are never at fault" - the first rule of the 3rd wave feminism

>> No.72791512

Actual women love that shit though.

>> No.72791586

Thanks, for a moment I forgot I was on 4chan

>> No.72791594

>defending Amy schumer

Youre not fooling anyone roast

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Aren't these the same people that complain about "slut-shaming?"

>> No.72791726

lmao based

>> No.72791751

there's no such thing as a virgin woman.

>> No.72791841

holy fuck it's a fucking joke, what the fuck, I don't want to live on this planet anymore

>> No.72791890

they defend the crazy idea that how you live your sexual life is your business alone, and no one should shame you for deciding to live it to the fullest ("slut") or reserving themselves for a special moment.
Fucking incels...

>> No.72791897

Dude, jokes are sexual harassment. Come, now, to your execution. You've defied our feminist overlords.

>> No.72791899

>He's autistic. I've read that story. He was in an emotionally dependent relationship with some suicidal woman as her comforter. That's extremely rote beta-male behaviour
Fuck off with this alpha and beta bullshit. Would you rather have someone on your conscience for the rest of your life?

>> No.72792031

My god you're so salty you'll attract mormons.

>> No.72792057

zoomer spotted

>> No.72792075

>zoomer spotted
boomer spotted

>> No.72792245

You said boomer first dumb fuck

>cries out as it strikes you

>> No.72792322

>calling out child mutilators makes you a jew

Go back to the donald.

>> No.72792334

Pretty cringe joke to be honest.

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>especially since he implied only women can be virgins giving it an obvious incel subtext

>> No.72794858

It's why we call them "professional victims".
They literally search through every single sentence that was ever written about you and they WILL find some joke to get offended by, no matter how harmless.

>> No.72795068

oh no... he joked....

>> No.72795536

Literally all of this is fucking nonsense.

>> No.72795566

t. seething leftweenie

>> No.72796527

>"and the idea that virginity is something to be ashamed of"
>posted by the same people who use "incel"
do these "people" even think?

>> No.72796545

>My god you're so salty you'll attract mormons.
That's pretty clever actually

>> No.72796660

RMS had sex, you haven't

>> No.72796699

It's one thing to consider whether or not you can use people as stepping Stones towards your goals, but it's pretty servile to, noticing that you're bound towards an emotionally manipulated relationship with a mentally ill person, do so out of some vague sense of duty.

>> No.72797123

>being a virgin is a repression
>lol jk now it's empowerment
I guess if they didn't have a double standard they'd have none at all.

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>those digits

>> No.72797471

But has he seethed and dilated?

>> No.72797873

gender studies and computer science are two separate majors, and yet one keeps interfering with the other

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also this

>> No.72798490

Literal commie

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