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What’s the screen resolution?

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same as XR, shit

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>buying a new phone in the current year

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>those cameras.

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How the fuck

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no they are not, buy Xiaomi.

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Fuck that, when are we gonna get iMessage emulation on android devices?

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The prices are decent tbqh

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Bands dont work in JewSA

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Cheaper than the Xr msrp and not as gimped. its almost like apple is trying to
Be competitive instead of just expecting sales

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And they still try to hide it with wallpapers. It's like someone trying to hide their Norwood 3 by combing over the hair lmao

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>no USB-C
>no fingerprint


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>he has spent 2 grand on phones in 3 years
Jesus, and you are even proud of it

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Are they ever going to stop misleading consumers by using backgrounds that are entirely black at top to hide the notch?

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It's part of Apple's upgrade program. You get Apple Care included.

It would have been 3k had I bought them flatout, so I saved about $1,000. Not to mention the included insurance and ease of tradeup. Also >>72683899 is right lol.

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nokia 2720 flip goes under 100€

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That has nothing to do with band support but ok

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>ease of tradeup
yeah swapping sim cards is so hard

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or 118€ for this brick that has 43 day battery life (standby)

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that base 11 is not too bad, desu

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I'm talking about not having to go through the process of selling the old one each year, not physically changing devices you fucking dimwit.

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>he is proud of spending 2k on an Instagram machine

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looks like shit mate sorry

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How do you get cell service?

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having a button is better, get iphone 8.

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>64GB memory
if thats all u need then u should get a cheaper model than the 11. if u upgrade the memory its much more $

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Pretty cool brick son.
Cat S61 is my brick of preference though.

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I wanna take more professional pictures of my genitalia, is the 11 still worth it then?

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>It would have been 3k had I bought them flatout, so I saved about $1,000.
No you didn't. If you bought all 3 you would own 3 iPhones for 3000, or sell 2 of them for 700 each at least

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I can understand for the last several years always wanting to have the latest phone if you're a serious power user but at this point the technology has peaked and there is no justification for phones to be released every year

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hmm good point, enhanced home made porn is the only good reason to frequently upgrade phones now.

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>apple invented friends
Big yikes

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Nokia 7.2 releases this month and it's 300€. Also features a headphone jack.

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you are straight up lying about the price you pay
nobody is going to believe you until you post a picture of your bill or something

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That actually looks cool.

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The back is so fucking ugly. I would be embarrassed to pull that out of my pocket. Staying on the iPhone X

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>ZEISS lens
Finally, yesss!!

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Dude are you retarded?

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you realize you're giving them the previous iphone trade in value right?

now if they come out with an iphone like this one which has no real innovation you are forced to trade it in

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you basically sold back your phone to apple for $300. you could have easily sold them for around $500.
Congratulations you played yourself

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Still trying to hide the notch.

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>fingerprint on the BACK

fucking trash

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>every single model has a notch

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I have an iPhone XS.... Citizen One is Apple's official partner in their upgrade program.

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>latest & best

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Oh, and their reason to keep the notch is the FaceID botnet and that gay Animoji shit.
Truly, Apple is destined to offer the worst choices in tech, but there are still tons of people who will eat it up.

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wow I didn't even know about this shit lmfao thanks for spoonfeeding me

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I’m not a fan of super big bezels but I’d rather they do what google is planning for the pixel 4 and just have a bar than this shit, it makes it look chunky.

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If I wanted, I could just pay off the loan balance and keep the phone. I want the new one though, so I'll be trading in.

Maybe, if it was in perfect condition and I sell it at the pricesily right time. Again, hoping nothing happens to my phone since I wouldn't have insurance without additional cost.

The small difference there isn't worth the yearly hassle of owning it.

Fastest CPU and GPU in a phone, cope harder.

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iCattle aren't people

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the S10e is still the best phone this year

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what is it called

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Nokia 800 Tough

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It looks like you don't understand the concept of leasing. I'm not going to take the time to explain ti sorry.

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>think different

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thnkx m8, was considering a separate cheap andoird phone for use with a radar detector, so no cellular.

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Maybe they will innovate the punch hole cutout in 3 years.

>> No.72684716

I work at a sprint store and let me tell you, americans don't really give a fuck about phones anymore
going to the phone store used to be like the adult version of toys r us, now it's just a fucking pain in the ass

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>still shilling for apple 3 years later

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Am I the only one that's botherd by the camera bumps?
>Yo dawg, I herd you liek camera bumps, so we put a camera bump on your camera bump…
Seriously, WTF?
Who even greenlighted that ugly shit?

>> No.72684876

dont forget to seethe

>> No.72684878

camera bumps are bad enough as is but the fact that they insist on putting it in the fucking corner is infuriating
like hey great now my phone is always fucking wobbling around while laying on a flat surface

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Oh, yeah, that too, but that is an issue since like 10 years or so. And I still "like" to photograph my finger, if I have to quickly snap a pic.
What's so bad about putting the camera in the upper middle of the phone, hwere it would be in a real camera, like nokia did with most of their good camera phones.

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iPhone 11 Pro in Canada (disregarding 64GB models because 64GB in 2019 is a joke):

11 Pro 256 GB- $1589
11 Pro Max 256 GB- $1729


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Iphone 8 is down to $450
Still more expensive than buying a refurbished one.
Still a damn powerful phone though if you want IOS
I have an 8 now and might just get a battery replacement because there's still no reason to upgrade

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That's a murder weapon my dude

>> No.72684972

Cringe money waster

>> No.72685024

thats cause he absorbed the prices dummy

>> No.72685026

>hone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and iPhone 11 are splash, water, and dust resistant and were tested under controlled laboratory conditions; iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max have a rating of IP68 under IEC standard 60529 (maximum depth of 4 meters up to 30 minutes); iPhone 11 has a rating of IP68 under IEC standard 60529 (maximum depth of 2 meters up to 30 minutes). Splash, water, and dust resistance are not permanent conditions and resistance might decrease as a result of normal wear. Do not attempt to charge a wet iPhone; refer to the user guide for cleaning and drying instructions. Liquid damage not covered under warranty.
>Liquid damage not covered under warranty.

>> No.72685043


Lmao. This really puts it into perspective.

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>> No.72685062

There's a difference between being broke and being financially responsible, iToddler.
If you don't learn the difference, you're going to be the broke one before long.

>> No.72685069

I buy some last gen phone (current pixel 3) for like $300 every couple of years. I miss out on absolutely nothing except iMessage, and I'm not gonna "buy iMessage" for an extra $1k. I also stay off that poor fag payment plan shit. How about no recurring charges on my shit, I pay it all up front and sell it and get MY money back when I'm done.

>> No.72685077

>But based Samsung didn't ditch the bezel until they perfected it to the single camera hole in the screen
Kys retard. Notches, holes, teardrops, and etc are fucking dumb, and shamshit needs to go out of business for adopting it.

>> No.72685091

>pretends to have money
>everyone knows he doesn't have money because he makes mentally retarded financial decisions

>> No.72685104

>thats cause he absorbed the prices dummy
Which is what all the manufacturers will do retard. The tariffs only hurt the chinks, and the euroshits who can't afford their own postage.

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You can only post itt if you have enough money in USD to buy the phone.
Not buying one btw.

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nokia 1020 was based

>> No.72685282

Americans don't have a problem though.

>> No.72685350

Phone prices are consistently higher in the U.S. because of this.

>> No.72685353

>Blu Vivo xl4
>Mint mobile
>$15 per month

Why the shit would anyone pay $1k for a cell phoan?

>> No.72685357

How much is a GB^2?

>> No.72685460

But it's enough for a phone including the new ishit. Now where's your phone money?

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>2000+16+3 year
>no gentoo phone yet
>apple too stronk

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Its usually a couple LTE bands & all the HSPA ones. I'm using the global Mi 8 Lite right now on ATT. It has Bands 2, 4 & 5 for the US, which are major 3G/LTE bands for both ATT and Tmo. AT&T main LTE band seems to be 12, but if the other bands are deployed in your area then it will use those like it does with mine. Tmo's main LTE band is 4, which this phone def has.

Some of the supplemental bands aren't there, so take that for what its worth. Things like the Mi Mix line has more US bands tho FYI. But I've never not had service, so the whole "no US bands" thing is BS. It works just not optimal. So if you want optimal w all bands, prepare to get Jewed.

>> No.72685901

>muh imessage emulation
I have an iphone but cmon really

>> No.72685976

Why in the absolute shitting fuck do you need THREE back cameras?

>> No.72686246

>DDR3 memory

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>mfw got an s10e last week
I really like the phone because it's lightweight and small. So far have been enjoying it. Kind of regret it now since the iPhone 11 is being listed as $699, which is within my price range and I've never had an iPhone so I would like to try one eventually.

>> No.72686354


Or -- you could use a phone for more than 12 months.

>> No.72686368


> Always have the newest thing

Congratulations. You are a girl.

>> No.72686450

but then the info next to the notch would be pushed below it and active screen area with shrink

>> No.72686473

I bet it's a real head turner in the drug dealer community

>> No.72686526

How many squirrels have you killed by dropping that thing on their necks??

>> No.72686534

>active screen area will shrink
I guess that you're pretty fucking dumb.

>> No.72686559

Only 2 anons posted enough money to post in this thread.

>> No.72686578

Just dont buy it, retard.

>> No.72686620

Can easily afford one, could buy 2 pro maxes and barely blink. I won't though, fuck apple for fucking over the uneducated masses

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this presentation made me want to have a xs
it looks so sexy i want to cum on it

can iphones still not exchange data with a pc without itunes?
when will it become less retraded?

and why the literal fuck did they move the control panel from the bottom to the upper right covern
its even more retarded
fuck apple

>> No.72686648

Prove it retard.
>inb4 rnb

>> No.72686671

iOS FUCKING ALWAYS displays splash screen of an app. That's one.
Two: speed of launching apps is not an indicator of power of CPU or GPU.
Your 10USD phone can launch any app in 0.05s while it would not be able to run it.

Apple A chips are hella fast. REALLY fuciking fast.

>> No.72686673

who needs 43 days battery?

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>> No.72686736

i like the comfort of simplicity
does that make me any less than others? No.

>> No.72686774

whats the problem people have with notches?
i dont get it

>> No.72686895

what did I say that was wrong?
blacking out the spaces beside the notch means you have to move info like time, battery and reception down below the area. and the area where the application functions gets smaller as a result.
the whole point of the notch is putting all of the sensors in the dead space in the middle of the info bar for maximized use of space

>> No.72686909

You're a dumbass, and you haven't even posted enough money in this thread to post in it, so fuck off.

>> No.72686953

ah, I see. you have no legitimate argument.
I'm going to stop replying to you now. no more sweet parentheses for you.

>> No.72686995

If you actually had money you would have bought your Ishit with cash rather than paying monthly for it. You don't even own your crap phone, you just rent it monthly

>> No.72687045

5g is to ensure that they can continue to do so in stunning 4k

>> No.72687152

fucking apple please got on with the times

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pureseeeeeeeeeee give me (you)s
stop the pain

>> No.72687204

did apple flop again?

>> No.72687234

Face ID needs depth perception to work, so the notch needs to be kinda wide.

>> No.72687244

$699 is actually a good deal, considering which company we’re dealing with here.

>> No.72687268

I am buying iPhone 11.
basically it got all I need
still using my iPhone 6 - still getting updates. no androshit will last that long

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>> No.72687321

>sub 1k bag

>> No.72687334

Buy cheapest one, fuck apple and shitsung and whatever pushes the prices to ridiculous levels.

>> No.72687409

me no chink, me eastern European, cash in bank, lot of cash, iPhone = 1 week wages

>> No.72687423

Kek. I'm a shill for making the iPhone shills post their phone money?
They can't afford to buy the phones that they're trying to push.

>> No.72687427

iphone 1 maybe

>> No.72687431

>top of the line huawei

>> No.72687495

We're all billionaires in this thread, but I won't post the "chump change" for an iPhone.

>> No.72687497

Don't mind if i do

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Needs more lenses

>> No.72687558

depending of where you live?

>> No.72687578

>I do not want to
Exactly, so stfu

>> No.72687586

30 is - this is enough for iPhone house car holiday and some left

>> No.72687622

I will do, seriously do not want to make you more angry. wish you good fortune my dear. take care

>> No.72687624

that makes 2400 eurocuks a month minus 1/3 social tax

>> No.72687682

I can post enough for a phone anon, and you can't. Enjoy your shill farm shift in Russia where you're paid rubles to post online though.

>> No.72687897

>>72684963 (You)

Please tell me that at least you idiots are just buying those to justify or clean money bc taxes

>> No.72687935


>> No.72688204

No cash posted. Go away gooks.

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Are you ready to enjoy your apple products in a communal living facility friends?

>> No.72688462

Fuck man I can buy an RTX for those prices

>> No.72688486

Why? Just use telegram.

>> No.72688488

You don't need a notch, or rounded edges for that.

>> No.72688570

It's instant and always available even if your phone is on a desk or turned away from you

>> No.72688586

Also I don't think they could fit it in there even if they wanted since they have force touch stuff too unlike shitty chink phones.

>> No.72688814

And the note 10 is a piece of shit.
Chinkshit with sd855's, and sd855+ can be bought for about $500.

>> No.72688822

Well enjoy using your google spyware then retard.

>> No.72688831

no telegram

>> No.72688975

i got mine for like 100$...

>> No.72689171

Where's the SE2?

>> No.72689221

Daily reminder that Face ID is more secure than Touch ID, works in more situations and is now just as fast thanks to iOS 13. :^)

>> No.72689408

>base model iphone is cheaper than last year's
>other models stay the same price

>> No.72689574

RCS Texting is better anyways. Fuck the fags that judge you for showing up green on their $1100 dollar soiPhones.

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