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If you let software run on your computer that spies on you then you got bigger issues than them getting your picture.

>> No.72669157

Everytime some program uses my webcam I have a bright LED next to it that starts to glow. It works on every operating system, even non-OEM, so I don't think there is any reason to tape my webcam as far as I'm concerned.

>> No.72669228

I physically disconnect it from the motherboard so the microphone is disabled too

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What webcam? I don't have a webcam connected to my desktop tower.

>> No.72669253

the nsa reprogrammed the firmware of some camp so they dont light up
And with lots of webcams you can select if you want it enabled or not

>> No.72669278

I hit it with a hammer until it doesn't show a picture.

>> No.72669292

I don't tape it and I jerk in front of it daily

if someone is spying on me the joke is on them

>> No.72669312

well this is the best answer unironically, manually unhook that shit if its a craptop

>> No.72669325

also this desu

>> No.72669332

>every consumer grade webcam feeds directly into NSA data center
>literally hours upon hours of weeaboos jacking it to hentai
>effectively filling NSA hard drives with virtual cum


>> No.72669403

I don't have a laptop but I do have a webcam attached to my PC, however, I have removed the IR filter from it and made a couple other small modifications which would make it difficult to get a standard image from it. It has a lens cap but to be honest with you I often forget to replace it.

>> No.72669599

can you prove that every piece of software running on your computer isn't? have you looked at all the source code of everything on it?

>> No.72669612

No, but I build everything from source

>> No.72669620

it honestly doesn't matter what's running if you identified and only whitelist what goes over the network

>> No.72669882

>yes i do cover my webcam he writes 2 seconds after staring directly at his phone with 8 megapixel forward facing camera

>> No.72669900

I do this, not because of paranoia, but because some shitty apps like Hangouts automatically turn on the camera when you enter a call, then you have to turn it off manually if you don't want it.

>> No.72669907

Jokes on you I cut out pieces of vinyl tape to cover those too.

>> No.72669922

Nah. If Big Brother wants to watch me jackoff or see my ugly mug, then they can have the footage. The reason I could see any reason to tape your shit besides paranoia, is if you're some high-ranking business person.

>> No.72669986

I would do this on my Thinkpad, but the occasional time I do want a webcam it's more convenient to just peel a piece of tape.

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>> No.72670035

Add a little door for quick access to the cable. I read a thing where IR wavelengths can be seen through tape anyway.

>> No.72670039

I don't but I probably would if my laptop was my main computer. My desktop's webcam is plugged into a USB hub with switches for each port so I just switch it off when not in use, and it also lights up really obviously when it's active. My laptop mostly gets used in public places and it's offline most of the time anyway so it's not that much of a concern.

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>> No.72670047

You can buy a little stick-on sliding cover thingy for laptop cameras, if your phone has big enough bezels that might be an option.

>> No.72670175

I cover it when I jerk off to porn just to be safe

>> No.72670201


Yes, never use it so just a tiny square of black PVC tape, it's barely even visible. I still get the spam blackmail emails telling me I've been filmed and demanding Bitcoins though, jokes

>> No.72670221

Why are people concerned about a video being leaked of them jacking off? Literally everybody does it. What are you worried about, that your colleagues might know you have a fetish for something really tame like bondage or feet?

>> No.72670237

I have taped both my laptop and my phone. I noticed when I got win10 that everytime I start the computer, that light next to the cam turns on for a second.

>> No.72670352

I don't have tape over mind, I have a piece of paper over it. I just folded it in such a way that it uses its own weight to stay on the edge of my laptop lid securely. Been doing it this way for a decade.

>> No.72670367

No because I use Arch and I can't even get the webcam to work

>> No.72670436

Yes. It's unlikely that anyone could break in but it costs nothing to be sure.

>> No.72670444

people that cover their webcams are certified cumbrain pussies

whos gonna look at you? its just your picture lol

>> No.72670719

I express more concern for my security over using 4chan than I do browsing torrents or watching my fucked up porn.
I genuinely fear you fuckers more than agent John Doe. He'll just arrest me and confiscate my PC.
You fuckers would ruin my life in every metric, and then laugh.

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pic related.

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How the fuck do you fuck that up at all, let alone thrice?

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