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>> No.72534716

i just bought a powercolor red dragon rx 580 8GB for $100.
how did i do?

>> No.72534717

Whats wrong with this Motherboard?


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>PC centric or VR games: Nvidia card appropriate for your display
Another example of a PC only game that doesn't run well on Radeon cards.
>V56 below 1070 and 1660Ti
>580 slightly below 1060 and 970
Worth noting that this game uses Unreal, which has been historically unfavorable to Radeon relative to Geforce.

>inb4 muh fake benchmark because it doesn't fit my narrative
>inb4 shit game no one cares

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Does anyone have a G.Skill 32gb (2x16) 3200mhz 14-14-14-34 kit? Like the F4-3200C14D-32GTZ or the Ripjaws with the same specs?

Are you able to run them at 3600mhz 16-16-16-36 at stock voltage? Or which voltage do you use? Are you able to push it to 3733mhz @ 16-16-16-36?

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I don't think it'll be $1000. 1000 euro is just a pre-order overcharging price to cover what it might possibly be and they'll refund the difference.

But I still wouldn't be surprised if it's like $300 for the "base" model which is basically the current gen console, and $550-$750 for the real high end model.

new? nice
used? so-so.

>but i need 200fps for my walking simulator!!
>according to a FAKE BENCHMARKS site
great dude fuck off

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What's a good version of the 2080 super?

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how much should I ask for asus strix 1070 O8G?
also the 1600x.
and how expensive are wraith spires from 3600x?
I hate selling my old hardware.

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I was planning to get a 1TB Saumsung 860 Evo, but then I saw that I could get an Intel 660p for about 30 bucks cheaper and supposedly much faster. What is it that makes the 860 cost $30 more? Is it worth it if my PC will mainly be used for just general use and gaming?

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Matrexx 55 white with the rgb strip

>> No.72535096

Did you fix the driver issues? You posted a picture where everything was green.

>> No.72535166

* can't repurpose

>> No.72535179

Yeah it just needed a restart, probably since I connected it to the TV instead of the proper 1440p monitor.
Speaking of, holy shit it's hard getting used to such a big screen. Had to increase discord and chrome size to 150% to be able to read anything

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3400g is just a slightly overclocked 2400g

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I was planning to get the normal SATA 860 actually. I'm not to familiar with ssd life expectancy, but I assume the 660p will still last me a good few years, right? I'll probably go for that, and hope that I'm in a better state financially when I have to replace it

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I'd rather have full system and hardware control.
I'm using it as a docker CI/CD and web server on debian and I don't want to tinker around with drivers to get a normal OS going on these premade boxes.
The current hardware is from 2011 and slowly falling apart.

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I have a custom NAS too but I love my Synology. Only problem I could think of is If something goes wrong with it, I need to send it to someone to fix it, but the DSM is an amazing OS for a NAS. I would never replace it with something like freenas. It is stable, easy to use and can run VMs and Docker too.

You simply can't build something as low power as a prebuilt though. I used my old i5-650 and lowered the clocks to 1.8GHz, the whole system still draws around 80watts from the wall (GPU around 10w at idle, but I could run it without one I guess).

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Anyone owns or knows anything about Colorful GPUs? Are they okay to buy or I should just go for a non chink brand?

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Is an aftermarket cooler for the 3700x a necessity or is it just for people doing overclocking?

>> No.72535454

The stock cooler is loud as f.

>> No.72535473

Set the fan curve to only rise above 80° you'll only take a small performance hit.

>> No.72535505

It's good as long as you don't buy the armor cards.

>> No.72535512

>why is crucial or g.skill ram better with ryzen?
i've seen a lot of people claiming they had problems with corsair ram on ryzen systems. apparently an issue with the memory controller. also, crucial and g.skill ram should have better OC capabilities, what you should definitely try to make use of when using a ryzen.
haven't had any experience with corsair ram myself though tbc

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I need motherboard recommendation for a 3700x that isn't like $200. Are gigabyte trash now?

>> No.72535600

ok good to know

>> No.72535605

4400g when
I just want to play in 900p for the rest of my life with no worries while spending pennies

>> No.72535620

The aorus master is like the best x570 board in its price range.

>> No.72535643

3400G has better clocks, but it's slightly more expensive (20 dollars).

As someone who *has* a 2400G, you should be careful with what you consider "light gaming." It will depend on the game, the quality of the Raven Ridge drivers that your OS has, and other small factors. You'll be perfectly fine with indie/2D games, for instance, and all sorts of emulation. But anything more complicated will make even 720p gaming stressful (e.g. for some titles, minimum/low graphics settings hitting like 70FPS max). In other words, don't take the "APU" designation and other hype for Vega 11 being so significantly better than integrated video: it _is_ better, but it has its limits. And keep in mind that 4c/8t with the 2400/3400 clocks isn't terribly impressive, either, although it's still definitively a "modern" CPU compared to those of 2015 and earlier.

If I had to do it again, I would've waited and just got a 1600/2600 with a used RX 570 in one swoop.

Also, I'd personally say that the APUs are ideal for a setup that has no real potential for upgrades (e.g. someone who doesn't need to game in the future, or a simple HTPC). They're less than ideal if you have bigger plans, I think.

>> No.72535648

No difference in performance unless you're overclocking.
You might find that it's too loud for your taste though.
Since the 3700x comes with a stock cooler anyways I'd suggest that you just try the stock cooler to see if the noise bothers you.
You can still buy an aftermarket cooler then.

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What is the best GPU for visual novels? :3

>> No.72535696

Isn't the 5700 a much better buy at that price?

>> No.72535810

Well yeah, but they are blower types. Sapphire Pulse is the only 2 fans AIB available here and it's $450 for regular non-xt 5700

>> No.72535856

>Only two fan
Please, stop watching jewtube.

>> No.72535974

not really

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ASUS PG279Q or ACER Predator XB271HU?

>> No.72536053

It's mostly spamming. There are a few issues, though. I've blue screened twice from trying to watch 8k 60fps videos on chrome. It may just be something relating to chrome because I haven't been able to recreate it when watching the same videos on waterfox. Other than that, I haven't had any issues with games I've played; which are MH World, Mordhau, Yakuza Kiwami 2, Doom, and Breath of the wild on Cemu.

>> No.72536101

I posted yesterday, but I fell asleep.

I have a 1700x, GTX 1080, and 32 gigs of ram. I'd like to make a foray into 4k gaming. Would it be worthwhile to buy another 1080 and SLI them? I have a 750W psu so I think I could handle the power draw. However, I have 5 drives and some fans hooked up.

I was not going to do this until 4k monitors drop under 250, and 1080s, used would be about 200. I mainly play classic WoW and Warframe and I'd love to see Warframe especially in 4k.

>> No.72536106

so you would say i would be better off saving up a bit more and going with something like this:
(if I would like play games also)


>> No.72536140

It used to be red/black/grey but they had to strip it down to fit in the 16MB flash once Ryzen 3000 came out, since MSI cannot into firmware optimization.

>> No.72536157

Does newegg ever restock on Friday?

>> No.72536159

It suffers from the usual level of new launch driver problems. RTX drivers had issues for months as well.
It's being conflated with AMD driver meme by trolls. AMD driver has been generally good the past 2 years.

>> No.72536176

Yes. Note that you can save money by getting a used 570 or 580 on ebay or wherever.

>> No.72536222

nah, I know its stupid, but I dont like to buy used stuff for my personal things

>> No.72536342

I'm looking for a new monitor. Preferably, I want to stay at 1440p because of budget reasons, but I want to upgrade to 144hz and have Adaptive Sync/GSync. Best monitors that fit into that criteria?

>> No.72536439

Jews on ebay are scalping 5700xts hard, should I buy one and return it at 30 days to make them lose money?

>> No.72536465

Devilish. I like it.

>> No.72536492

On 7/7/2019 the 5700 XT non aib will drop to $399.
Pair this with $200 water cooler and it's equal value to the red devil 5700 XT.
I might get the blower after all.
So glad all the AIB have been out of stock forcing me to wait.

>> No.72536511

I saw a review on eBay for a blower 5700 xt at $800 kek
Kind of makes me want to try selling to retards

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Literally all the non shitty cards are out of stock.

PC building got to be the worst fucking meme ever.

>> No.72536562

It's already $399
You must be confused

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>My Pulse 5700xt Amazon purchase delivery date moved up to Sept 12-13th from Sept 28th-November 4th

>> No.72536601

Should start a charity which uses the money to fuck with scalpers like that.

I saw the red devil in stock on newegg last night.

>> No.72536602

Are driver issues for the new Radeon cards really that bad?
I need to upgrade from my 15050ti for 1440p/144hz and while the 5700xt is attractive for its price point, I don't want to deal with crashing and whatnot.
2070s is 25% more expensive for around 10% more power; not sure if AMD issues are overblown enough to justify settling for that.

>> No.72536605

What 1440p monitor for gaming and movies under 500 USD

>> No.72536619

see >>72535283 >>72536159

>> No.72536644

build is fine except for the SSD
my recommendations:
sabrent rocket, TLC and NVME, possibly the best SSD you can get for $60, I heavily recommend this one
Crucial MX500, if you need it to be a sata drive (for some reason) this is the best choice, also TLC. it is $5 more than the sabrent so the only reason to get it is if you have to use a sata drive
Crucial P1 or Intel 660p, both NVME, both QLC (at 500GB or less, you have zero reason to get these over the sabrent, they are better to get at 1-2TB)

NVME is better but doesn't make any difference in load times and most SSDs are fast enough that the difference in real world use is negligible at best
TLC is better but QLC uses SLC as cache so unless you run out of cache (to run out of the cache you'd have to write to over half the drive without stopping) you won't notice a difference in speed and the difference in write life doesn't matter because even heavy use will last longer than the human lifespan

>> No.72536815

>It's being conflated with AMD driver meme by trolls.
Do you have any proof to back that up, or is it just
>no it's lies, please believe me

>> No.72536881

Ok, never tried NVME, but trust u anon, going for it for experience, and it does seem more convenient than sata
one question: is heat gonna be a problem if I play games from it?

>> No.72536888

The fact that AMD's June driver is fine; the non-beta driver is fine. Retard.

>> No.72537061

Is this an acceptable Linux build? No gaymen, at most some compiling.

Athlon 200GE
Gigabyte GA-A320M-S2H
8GB ddr4 2400MHz

>> No.72537219

ya just don't use QLC for main drive.

see >>72536619

>> No.72537226

Hitachi or HGST. You can research particular models from other manufacturers on blackblaze

He's not making the claim, idiot. He asked a question, someone made a claim >>72536159
(actually many claims), and now he's asking you for proof

>> No.72537262

Post proof that Nvidia driver doesn't have issues, fucktard

>> No.72537365

that doesn't answer my question about how bad it actually is

>> No.72537373

>vga led: "oh shit boss I can't start the gpu!"
>you: "is not the gpu because I don't have one yet"

>> No.72537447

Ryzen 3700X on an X570 Aorus Wifi Pro board and using the HDMI to display. There are no other out to display options on the board besides HDMI either.

>> No.72537488


That's what I suspected. Glad we could help.

>> No.72537652

>2060 super runs current RTX games pretty well
no, i've seen the benchmarks
no way i'm playing sub 60 fps on a 144hz monitor
>DLSS gets better with every new game it's added to
alright mate, you clearly didn't get the recent memo, nvidia droped dlss because it was hot garbage compared to RIS and they developed a similar technology
not even nvidia shills are shilling for dlss

>> No.72537665

DLSS and the new image sharpening arent mutually exclusive. Both together look better in fact.

>> No.72537741

just got my 3400G
it is comfy as fuck
sound stopped working and the sensors as well, probably because of the bios size limit in msi boards.
well, at least it reduced the compile time of chromium from 8 hours to 2.

>> No.72537785

no, I believe it is with PCI-E or something but I wouldn't know

>> No.72537851

I'll break down this bad faith troll post so that anyone else reading doesn't get confused. Turing performs better on a per core and per clock basis than RDNA. You can see that for yourself in the 5700 XT vs 2070 Super benchmarks. They clearly show the Turing architecture is more advanced than the RDNA architecture. The "dumb ASICs" tensor cores and RT cores accelerate the relevant workloads multiple times over compute implementations and free up GPU resources for other tasks simultaneously. AMD will copy them in a year or two. The Turing hardware encoders are much higher quality than the AMD hardware encoders. That's a well known fact. The purpose of the RDNA architecture as an update to GCN is to increase utilization. This is a good approach but it has the side effect of making optimizations both in games and drivers less important. RDNA cards will perform the same in a year or two as they do now. Turing cards will continue to perform better.

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>> No.72537874

The improvements made in Control are improvements to the tuning of the training method. All future games will be trained individually with the new training parameters and benefit. Training is done by Nvidia for no cost to the developer.

>> No.72537876

>microcenter has 2700x for $200

Should I just do this instead of the 3700x?

>> No.72537882

Lmao at best that quality is equivolant to upscaling, and worse performance. You're a delusional marketeer.

Imagine buying an RTX card for DLSS that works in ONE GAME, if it really is as amazing as you claim.


No, that's terrible. $350 maybe and only if it's a good model.

>> No.72537901

guess Ive had good experiences
got some used noctuas years ago, $9 each while they were like $20 new, still work fine
also yoinked a nhu12s for $17 off ebay

>> No.72537927

Got an LG 32UD59-B second hand for $400AUD which has been a sweet upgrade from a 27" 1080p. They make macfag monitor's so must be good for graphic design amirite? (Srsly tho I'm also in this field and would vouch for the screen's quality)

>> No.72538020

Currently have $1000 USD to upgrade my computer with. I just want to hit 144 FPS or near that on games on low to medium settings. I currently have a Ryzen 3 1200 with a GTX 980, which manages quite a lot of games just fine usually sitting between 75-85 FPS, but some games I can't play at all if they're CPU heavy.

Main question: Would it be a bad idea to use this B350M Gaming PRO motherboard for a Ryzen 5 3600x and RX 5700 XT?: https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/B350M-GAMING-PRO.html I can do a BIOS update and the board will support Ryzen 3000. If I can get away with it I'd like to stick with it. Part list including what I already have and the upgrades I plan: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/NCfLV6

>> No.72538098

The reason I point to Control is that it is the most advanced renderer currently available in a video game. It is an indicator of what all the next games will be like.
Mesh shaders are similar to primitive shaders. Too bad primitive shaders didn't work on Vega so Nvidia had a practical lead of a whole year on a working implementation. They still do not have an explicit implementation of primitive shaders available, only a slight optimization to the current triangle pipeline.

>> No.72538100

Don't even n fucking say that

>> No.72538233


This is the build I am probably going to pull the trigger on this weekend assuming no Labor day sale surprises pop up. I've not built a system in like 8 years and am looking for something to play the games from the last few years I missed out on very well (Monster Hunter, DMC5, FF15) and probably whatever games I throw at it for the next 6~ years even if I have to set things lower toward the end. Also would I be better off going down to a 500g SSD and putting in a normal drive for storage with the saved money?

I'm pretty much just going to use it for gaming, Visual Studio, low end video editing and maybe dipping my toes into emulation during a dry spell of games and I'm pretty much at the top of my budget.

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>Too bad primitive shaders didn't work on Vega
Yes they did, retard. They just require developer programming for, just like they do on Turing. Holy shit you're pathetic AND retarded.
>muh bad faith troll.

1. no one wants those awful games
2. you can't, unlike with the AMD bundled games. They are tied to your geforce account and card.

>> No.72538249

if you have higher speed memory it will default to one of the slower speeds
you can get higher speeds with memory OC, lading an XMP or DCOP profile
unless you have an intel board that isn't Z, in which case it will only run default speeds (all AMD AM4 boards support memory OC)

>> No.72538298

>confuses API with driver

>> No.72538344
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>2070 super estimated delivery
>the same day i am got to get buttfucked by hurricane dorian

>> No.72538364


>> No.72538371

Did you buy on Amazon? They'll send you another if it doesn't arrive.

>> No.72538421 [DELETED] 

PSA for people actually building PCs here:
Do NOT fall for the garbage ass mentally ill shill OP.

Intel makes better gaming CPUs, Nvidia destroys AMD at higher resolution, emulation and non-AAA shit and has better features and drivers.
AMD is pretty decent now, but please don't do something retarded like making a full AMD build with a 3700X just to play games when a CPU like the 9700K costs the same and is way better for that.

>> No.72538438

>2. you can't, unlike with the AMD bundled games.
Completely false. I got an Epic game CODE for Control and a Bethesda game CODE for W:Youngblood with my RTX 2060 and with my R5 2600 I literally had to log in to my AMD Rewards account and through that portal log into my Ubisoft account to get The Division 2. Selling the CODES would have been easy but there would have been no easy way to sell TD2

>> No.72538477

Oh okay. That's new and unusual for Nvidia keys, then.

>> No.72538564

>shitposting banevader
Trolling is against the rules.

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Can I even expect restock during the weekend on newegg or I'm dreaming?

>> No.72538642

No it isnt

>> No.72538645

What are you waiting on fellow leaf?

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Anything at this point.

Pulse, red devil or even any non shitty AIB 2070s.

>> No.72538743


Thoughts? The total price at microcenter for this stuff is $735. I am reusing my gtx 1060 for now. Also reusing some hard drives

>> No.72538765

Ditch the CPU cooler as the 2700X actually runs cool enough to run on a far cheaper cooler or even the stock wraith prism it comes with. Use that money to put towards a 1TB SSD instead of 500GB. Or get the full fledged Dark Rock Pro 4 rather than the non Pro because it's like a $10 difference. But from experience the 2700X runs perfectly fine on stock settings with stock cooler.

>> No.72538798


I'm more interested in the quiet part really. But everything else seems okay?

I'm tempted to jump up to a 3700x which would be like $200 more taking into account motherboard cost but I'm not sure

>> No.72538915

adjust your scaling if it's that bad. But it's also a learning curve. If you're coming from like 480p to 1440p, it's a huge leap.

>> No.72538957

27 isnt big. 24 inch is normal for 1080p. What did you come from?

>> No.72539002

Back when i was a newfag 10 years ago as an adult i bet you were still pissing the bed

>> No.72539003

TPLink Archer-A7

>> No.72539019

Is this okay?
the nvme is only 8 bucks more than the ssd, i already have an HDD and 600w psu from my old pc.

>> No.72539023

>Back in my day
Time to take your meds, that high blood pressure shizoposting might kill you pops

>> No.72539027


>> No.72539029

I'm sorry I didnt enjoy your blog

>> No.72539058

Just finished my build about 30 minutes ago, Z390 gaming edge with a 9700k and something is amiss. The computer doesn't boot, and if I unplug and plug the AC back in and then press the power button the CPU debut light on the mother bord will flash briefly. I've got the ram in and tried all of the connections. How fucked is it? Am I gonna have to RMA?
I also have a Hyper 212 installed, could the standoffs be snorting out the mobo?

>> No.72539104

Take the 212 off and check the mount.
Take the CPU out of its little bga thing and reseat that puppy, make sure that its in there right.
Reset the bios chip by either shorting the mobo pins or removing the cmos battery, whichever you choose.
Check the power connectors, if the ATX (Long nigga) isnt connected all the way and it doesnt look flush, push it in more. Check the CPU power connector too.

>> No.72539153

Thanks a bunch, I'll go down the list. Sorry for all the typos in my post, I had serious "oh god my rig is fucked" panic

>> No.72539162

Does anyone actually use The HD Audio on their PC Case? I'm thinking about just leaving it disconnected, same with the power LED.

>> No.72539196

Problem is already solved. I'm now the proud owner of a 570.

>> No.72539206

Is 1660 really the best thing for CUDA? I barely give a shit about gaming, but I wonder if the memory bandwidth of 1660 ti actually affects anything

>> No.72539218

What software are you using? Rendering isn't so bandwidth intensive but something like machine learning is. Every application is different.

>> No.72539232
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I'm confused, why do cards like a GTX 570 still command a price at all, let alone $50? Even if it works, surely it'll get piss poor frame-rates and that's assuming the games aren't relying on newer tech only found in recent GPUs.

>> No.72539272

Blender :^)

>> No.72539317

Blender is getting RTX support eventually so you should consider one of those.

>> No.72539374

9600k for single thread
2700x for multi thread
3600 for mixed use

>> No.72539394
File: 1.63 MB, 1920x1080, 1550528308337.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, thanks for the advice anon
I'll go for the 2060 then

>> No.72539397
File: 816 KB, 2016x1512, 83F13C6D-D7C2-481D-BEDC-906A9938C36E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.72539495
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anyone ever buy one of these before? how does it know what the cpu temp is? or is it just an ambient sensor (worthless)?

>> No.72539529

>already bent a couple of ports trying to fit it in
what ports?

>> No.72539567

amazon has it for 20 but it someone could actually answer my original that would be great

>> No.72539588
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>Con: 1TB M.2 is like twice the price as a 1TB SATA SSD
>Pro: Faster read/write speeds though you really won't care about that unless you're doing professional work for like video editing or something bullshit. There's almost always no difference in price between a 2.5" SSD and an equivalent M.2. The only real difference is form factor.
M.2 =! NVME

>> No.72539595

pls post

>> No.72539601

fuck do i not want to hear that, im putting loonux on the machine so that shit wont work

>> No.72539603

1TB Samsung 860 EVO SATA SSD = $140
1TB Samsung 860 EVO SATA SSD M.2 = $150
Stop confusing M.2 with NVME

>> No.72539607
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>1080p medium settings

>> No.72539608

1TB Samsung 860 PRO SATA = $270
1TB Samsung 970 EVO PLUS M.2 = $230

see how I just did that

>> No.72539639

>anon asks for opinions on M.2
>"That's literally M.2 you illiterate retards"
You don't fucking say.

>> No.72539656

Nigga that's a $80 phone resolution

>> No.72539688

Your wallet will be a lot lighter
Nothing else really

>> No.72539707

>the "M.2 is much cheaper than SATA" meme is getting old
>there is no point in clinging to an outdated form factor
Oh I agree. Building a new system, M.2 is the only way to go. The only reason for 2.5" to remain is to upgrade laptops, older systems that either aren't M.2 compatible, or systems that already have their M.2 slots populated

>> No.72539708

I am so fucking indecisive

>> No.72539725

barely noticeable, don't bother

>> No.72539922

>Corsair hx750i PSU
>Pcpartpicker says it won't fit in the fractal design meshify c

Is this bs? How accurate is this shit

>> No.72539949

How can the BBC (Black Be Quiet Cooler) even compete

>> No.72540070

>3700x is the ONE zen 2 chip amazon doesnt have prime for

>> No.72540165

Just buy 9700K.

>> No.72540202

That's one benchmark, are you using it for tasks similar to this load?
If you're making a gaming rig then then 9700K wins significantly.

>> No.72540213

Ah well, fair point then.

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