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>>decent materials
Cheap, flimsy soda can shit.
>>UNIX terminal
You mean the shell? Every *nix system runs the same shells. This isn't a selling point.

I run a hackintosh by the way. Blow it out your ass, iJeet.

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>touch bar
>replacing keyboard keys with a touch screen

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No? You can pirate a ton of apps, lots of open source too.
You can't change your DE but thats okay since the default one is perfect.

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>High price
>Thermal throttles harder than it's concurrents

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>decent materials

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This is why I hate using my Chromebook. I hate the fact that there are no left and right mouse buttons.

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Back to your designated shitting street Rakesh.

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>thousand dollar + flimsy dual core

I wonder why

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>more secure than windows
based on what? your opinions?

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It is true that mac(Books) are overall more prefered by developers.

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Software like what, everything runs fine on my imac

>> No.72401997

What software?

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>why hated
because it's expensive locked down. I completely understand the hate, and I love my Mac. In a few years my machine will be outdated and I can't upgrade it. I'll either have to get a new Mac or buy a used Thinkpad or something off of eBay.

But - I absolutely love Macs, for what they are they're amazing, there's a learning curve if you've never used one before but the battery life is incomparable, we're talking 13-16 hours of use.

The aluminium is certainly not flimsy, I wouldn't dare to drop it and will probably cry my eyes out if I do, but its super strong.

then Touch Bar is fantastic because it's adaptable, you can be watching a youtube video and have a play, pause, and scroll bar. Or if you want predictive text, or to change tabs on the fly - it's there, its an option. and yes, you can press emojis as well.

It's different, it's unique, and it's not a battery hog.

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Street shit harder iJeet. OSX is such a steaming shitheap it can't even compete with Windows in battery efficiency. All they did was cram in a massive heavy 95Whr battery so that when it eventually explodes it guarantees it burns your house down.

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90% of /g/ consists of NEET and children who can't afford anything better than a used beat up decade old thinkpad and build their ego around it.

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Thats what im asking you, what made you think so

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>Why are Macs so hated here?
Because they are for chads, not for /g/tards.

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Are you a Star Citizen backer too by coincidence?

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> Unconfirmed rumor
I had one, I had to put it periodically in the fridge to cool down fast when I used it to do more than web browsing. I also burned my dick once with it when I laid down naked with it on my belly.

>He thinks aluminum is premium
The real high quality material for laptop frames is magnesium. GTFO poorfag

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Who the fuck cares? The keyboard and touch pad are the only things you're touching. Do you seriously not care that aluminum bends because it "feels" better?

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>Format back to MacOS
>Send in for free repair
You can’t be this much of a brainlet

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>OP makes applel shill thread
>becomes an apple hate thread within the first post

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Apple is a poverty brand. If you're seen with an Apple logo in public, you're just showing everyone how poor you are.

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One thing Apple doesn't do, is selling all your personal data like google does

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>difficult to break

My friend had audio problems with his 2015 model Air, that he purchased, first hand, last year. They are telling him that theywill have to replace the entire logic board to fix the problem, because even Apple doesn't give that part to Apple certified repair centers.

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Macshit gets utterly destroyed outside of their sitting idle in a lab """tests."""

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You're evading your 500 years of bans iJeet.

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>you can't do X but that's okay because <opinion>
That's not a valid argument

>> No.72402711

>no argument
hmm, seems like you're projecting somehow

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You forgot to put /ahg/ - Apple Hate General in the subject.

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>UNIX terminal

macOS is UNIX, not just the shell (which is Bash by default, until next release, same as the major GNU distributions).

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this is why we hate apple threads because instead of making the laptop more sturdy or less expensive or giving it an escape button you apple fans endlessly defend every decision and say "thats the way it should be its your laptops fault for not conforming to apples vision"

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Is it possible to have a Hackintosh without using someone else's Mac and can be done with just GNU/Linux?
All tutorials I found were like:
>So, you want a hackintosh?
>Step One: Have a Mac...

Fuck this.

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You just need it to create the installation media. D you really not know a single person who has a Macbook you can borrow for an hour?

>> No.72403094

just to recap

*apple laptops are made out of a conductive metal and they are known for being hot as fuck
*apple laptops are made out of a flimsy, cheap, conductive metal at that
*apple pays for the UNIX certification and then flexes like it means anything
*apple has lots of open source software but get this: open source software is available everywhere, its open source
*apple is very pricey and not a good deal for what it is (foxconn + in house drivers+software)

>> No.72403102

is that keyboard as obnoxious to use as much as it looks?

>> No.72403135

>Do you really not know a single person who has a Macbook you can borrow for an hour?
No. Tl;dr: Third World Country. By the price of a Macbook I can buy two, maybe three, used Thinkpads.

>> No.72403398

Not the 2019 models, just because they don't break as much.
The keys have little to no travel but I don't mind it very much. Only problem is how loud the keyboard is. CLICKCLACKCLICKCLACKCLICKCLACK
Not a good idea to bring one of those to a library. Otherwise, it's actually pretty comfy once you learn to stop slamming your fingers on the keys in an attempt to get them to go down further than they'll actually go.

>> No.72403407

great thread
I'll give it to you wintoddlers you sure know how to make macfags cry

>> No.72403408

>This is why I hate using my Chromebook. I hate the fact that there are no left and right mouse buttons.
One of the best things Macs have contributed to computing is a usable trackpad. All trackpads suck but at least you're seeing multitouch and larger areas across the board. Dedicated buttons are pointless unless below the spacebar for a trackpoint. Otherwise they just reduce the range of the track pad and break. Bottom left/right corners or 1-2 finger tap or click is far better.

>> No.72403545

>shit OS
>idiot fans/advertisers never shut the fuck up about them and will outright lie
"more secure than windows"
I've got bad news for you bud.
>Makes you look like a faggot if you use it in public
>garbage thermals
>a keyboard that comes pre-broken
>battery issues out the door
>retarded shortcuts
>the fucking disaster that is the dock
>window management is absolute trash tier
>costs twice what it should
>absense of useful ports
Using windows is better than macos in 2019. I'm not joking.

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>> No.72404171

>i want to eat a steaming heap of shit because it has a glossy chocolate coating
the absolute state of mactoddler subhumans

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>Open 700 dollar lenovo product
>Motherboard encased in ceramic housing
>Under ceramic housing is a motherboard covered in a yellow film plastic.
>Liquid damage happens to a lenovo
>first thing to go is keyboard. Part to replace, 30 dollars and 5 minutes to install keyboard
>no plastic. No ceramic. Open and exposed
>Liquid spill
>Goes through keyboard immediately, broken keyboard and requires entire front panel replacement or a horrid rivet job that is nothing short of a nightmare
>Motherboard proprietary components owned by Apple drives up prices over $400 even for a shitty refurb board
>"That will be $700 to repair your computer sir."
>Apple guy: "OK sounds reasonable."

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Mac programs are so fucking shit, Apple bans their own employees from using them.

>> No.72404381

>apple laptop bad
>thinkpad laptop good

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macos is so shit, Apple bans their employees from using it and makes them use Windows XP to make Macs.

>> No.72404674

>paying 1400 bucks for a dual core i5, 250gb drive and ddr3 memory

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>>doesn't make you look like a weirdo
Kek, OK then
>>or a poorfag if you use it on public
True but going to the dollar store with you're new Mac isn't going to impress anyone.

>> No.72404783

Install Gentoo
(Literally, then use a better mouse driver like libinput)

>> No.72404802

> shit thermals
> shit keyboard
build a hackintosh

>> No.72404819

but the installation is so long and if i fuck up i feel bamboozled

>> No.72404824

seething poorfags, thats why

>> No.72404861

OK try gallium os then. (That's what I use)

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>simply not focused anymore on producing quality products for professionals of any capacity
When were they ever?

>> No.72405107

alternatively download an image from one of those turkish websites

>> No.72405120

>reddit spacing

kill yourself newfag

>> No.72405250

Buddy, I've been on this god forsaken website when you were still swimming in your dads ballsack, ok.

I always use paragraphs in long posts for better readability. Newfags like you have been calling me a reddit fag for usign "reddit spacing". I thought I might as well give into the meme, sonny. :^)

>> No.72405271

yeah i like how you can't swap out the keyboard anymore

>> No.72405435

big fan of my mpb. but im not poor. bought the gf a used thinkpad because theyre tough

>> No.72405502

>used by niggerfaggots
enough of an excuse
>way more expensive than their equivalents
>shittier servicing, longevity, build quality
A thread died for this.

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Ah, I see the daily flood of Apple advertisement has started. Report as usual.

When other companies do something different:
>why can't other companies be like Apple?
When other companies do the same thing as Apple:
>why can't other companies stop copying Apple?

>> No.72405559

it's been a real workhorse for college and photo editing, and honestly im excited for macos catalina

>> No.72405589

Filtered out those fags

>> No.72406068

Apple is not insecure about not going after the industrial. Market faggot.

Legitimate criticisms. Really the biggest issue is that damn keyboard, that if it breaks your whole motherboard is fucked.Really the biggest issue is that damn keyboard, that if it breaks your whole motherboard is fucked

Apple threads always stir up the coping poor fags, and straight ass talk. Apple laptops do you have their issues, but Apple devices to bring something to the table.

>> No.72407373

>crappy keyboard
>1 (one) usb c connector and nothing else
>starts cpu throtteling due to heat really soon
>makes you look like someone who doesn't understand a lot about computers if you use it in public
>non matte screen

i got an acer travelmate for uni some years ago, it's also made of aluminum and has - next to the usb c port - and hdmi, 2 usb, 1 aux and 1 sd port

>> No.72407403

>But Macbook Pros are the GOAT machines
This is the same macbook pro that was banned from flight because the battery explodes and that had a class-action lawsuit because the keyboard kept breaking after a few months, right?

>> No.72407466


That touch bar is the only good thing on Macbooks, and that doesn't have to be the only reason to buy one, and spend that amount of money if there are Elitebooks from HP, Latitud or Presission from Dell, even those beloved Thinkpads. How about upgrade your laptop components once in a while? Or simply fix our laptops by ourselves. If you can afford a Mac it's ok, but the price doesn't make it a better machine.

>> No.72407621

You work 10h per day on battery? Are you stupid or some shit?

>> No.72408031

>has all the nice proprietary software that people actually use

Disagree. Quite a bit of Apple software aren't used (Garage Band rings a bell in this regards) and if anything many tend to move towards using multi-platform software such as VLC and Adobe suites.

In the case of VLC (and my preference of Audacity for Vinyl LP ripping) many of these software are open source but multi-platform tends to hold the key for many typical uses (and if said software is actually useful, etc).

>decent materials

Could be seen as a catch 22 but my opinion is potentially good set of materials used in a shit form factor and proportion.

I find that Apple's thinness over functionality is really hurting their performance factors with the Macs (the usual thermal protections being triggered resulting in reduced performance for CPU, GPU or both) and worst of all many complain these Macs (since 2016) are overheating due to how hot they are to touch but many such Macs are actually performing in their normal thermal operating ranges (thinner main bodies means operational heat is more likely to be physically felt by the operator, not an issue for 2015 models and before but not to say those models were entirely perfect).

Full double barrel of shit materials will always land on that shit keyboard design. Seriously fuck that keyboard they cut too many corners on that (if utilised properly it could have worked with far fewer issues but they cut corners too far, compare the external butterfly keyboards with the laptop keyboards and you would work out where I am going with this, but the external keyboards weren't entirely perfect though, not as bad as laptop keyboards though).

Lastly Aluminium is a weak material for impacts/ toughness but not an terrible material to use for a laptop body if designed correctly.

>> No.72408058

>very stable, difficult to break

Not entirely true. Incorrect shutdown (performing an Soft SMC reset instead of Shutdown from Menu Bar) can cause data corruption and so can new macOS releases if it is problematic due to early version issues (upgrade rather than standard OS updates).
Only downside to this argument is many different operating systems (Windows, Linux, etc) can share this property if set up and used properly (not all versions or distros apply) so this stability factor isn't Mac exclusive.

>more secure than windows

Almost anything is more secure than Windows but due to rising use in Macs these computers are no longer immune to viruses or App Store abuses as they once was.
Put simply Macs can get viruses and in many regards many Linux distros (not all) win over Mac in this area.

All crap put aside any computer's biggest weakness almost often lies with the operator rather than the operating system itself (somewhat universal overall).

>doesn't make you look like a weirdo or a poorfag if you use it on public

Grey area really. Older generations will see a Mac as a posh/ higher class design to use, but current and young gen are too busy looking at their mobile phones to care about the laptop you are using.

>> No.72408578

>look, I'm shitposting
Not even worth a (You):

>all nice proprietary shitware
Yeah, on toy fashion accessory hardware so can't get any proper performance
>decent materials
yeah, see keyboard, battery, historically shit gpu, and meme aluminum
>UNIX terminal
literally the only thing it's useful for. ssh into proper boxes for """"""programmers""""""
>more secure than Windows
citation? OS has irrelevant marketshare to make any claims
>doesn't make you look
so it's supposed to be looked at as a social status symbol or fashion accessory as opposed to a tool?

>> No.72409354

>"high quality" thinkpad has washed out TN panel that's blue tinting the whole screen

>> No.72409575

based. This is now an apple hate general

>> No.72409587

>This is now an apple hate general
It's been one since the first reply.

>> No.72409670

You don't know shit about security. Their are Mac exploits all the fucking time. Windows, Mac, and Linux ALL use some variant of access control list so they're always getting hit by the ambient authority problem.

Have sex you consumerist autist.

>> No.72409753


>> No.72409767

A simple patch will give you the ability to update to the newest OS ya dingus

>> No.72410168

Not locked down, stupid as fuck
>having to drag an icon in an open window to your applications folder
>buttons all on the wrong side
>no window snapping feature
>no maximize shortcuts or anything basic for productivity
>horrible for multiple monitors for reasons above

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