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Am I missing something these Dell R910's 40 cores 4 cpus selling on average 500$ on ebay? Why are these so freaking cheap??

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>warranty runs out
>company can no longer blame 3rd party if their production servers go down
>they scramble to replace everything with new hardware and sell old servers for close to scrap metal pricing
>computer recyclers sell it for a massive markup, but still cheap for individuals to buy

Also there's something to be said about power savings, but it takes years for that shit to off-set the cost of buying new, and no large company keeps their hardware long enough for it to matter.

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its fine

i seen 8-12c cpu selling for 40 usd

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Does anyone know how much this draws under load maybe somewhere around 1000 watts perhaps or more you think?

Also maybe a 2u with newer 2011's might be better, was looking to build a server and saw that these were so much cheaper lmao

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They are very old servers
They seem powerful until you realize each core is equivalent to a low clocked Core 2 and everything that isn’t perfectly threaded will run like shit
Power consumption alone gets pretty insane on these things too
there isn’t a huge second hand market either, no one is legitimately going buy one to put it in production
They can be ok for setting up a homelab or something if you’re willing to put up with the noise and power consumption

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Maybe perhaps get a dual socket slightly newer powedge maybe with socket 2011 for cheap then? I just saw this and was shocked at the price honestly lmao

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That would probably be much better
Been awhile since I’ve checked pricing but I’d imagine the early socket 2011 stuff is getting pretty bargain basement at this point

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Theres around 6 people 100km in my area trying to sell Dual Broadwell Xeon servers for around 300-500$ with 8gb of ram and a single 60GB 3.5HDD.
Most of the time these people see their company go to throw this shit in the bin and they just dumpster dive it and take it home. The ones that know what the value of the parts are rip out 80-90% of its useful parts (SAS drives, 16-64GB worth of ram, a processor) and sell whats left.
The only useful server i got cheap was an IBM x3650 for 20$ because the boomer that brought it home "couldnt figure out how to get it working and thought it was fully fucked mate haha" when in fact he was just too stupid to read the label on the case saying "DIMM's must be placed in this sequence" and just kept putting it in the first slot

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I guess there is a dude selling R920's for around 1500$ with 256gb of ram in them thats not a bad price and those have 2011 sockets. Then replace the 2 10 cores in there with 4x Xeon E7-4890 V2 15 cores so 60 cores 120 threads Lmao. Can't believe these are only 80$ a cpu jesus

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enjoy your +$200 power bill

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There are some seemingly legitimate answers here. Why not just say Intel bad, AMD good?

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>enjoy your +$200 power bill

The best part about flat rate rent :))

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I'm sure your landlord would just increase your rent at that point

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I've got at least a year before he needs to wise up lmao

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While we're on the subject of suspiciously cheap hardware, what's up with the Xeon workstations on eBay? I just saw a system with two 6 core Intel Xeon CPUs, 128GB DDR4 ECC RAM, some decent nVidia GPU, and 4TB of storage going for $750 with a starting bid of $500.

Any reason why I shouldn't buy one of these? Yeah yeah, high power draw and loud fans, I know.

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That was exactly my response about looking these up scrap metal pricing.

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Any good recommendations for a cheap second hand storage server?

Thinking of going rackable for my next server build.

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Depends on the Xeons installed and your work load. But in my experience it was always the SAS drives that sucked down power. They're always on and raid arrays are harder to spin down than standalone drives. SSD storage means you don't need raid and you don't even need raid card either if you just want server IO performance and not massive file storage.

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reminds me of quanta ocp project i bought from china.
basically they dont need them anymore or upgrading to a whole new server, that's why they're so cheap.

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Where are you located?

For UK/EU, the DL180 G6 from these guys has been serving me well for 18 months now: https://www.bargainhardware.co.uk/refurbished-servers/hp-2u/proliant-dl180-g6

With a P410 controller you can run IT-mode (pass-thru) for JBOD storage.

You'll want to pickup the caddies too and then you and just chuck in any LFF SAS or SATA drives you have lying around.

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You can get best tutorials about Linux on <a href="https://inux4one.com">Linux4one</a>

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Just buy ryzen

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those servers are from 2012

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I remember these. Simply put, DDR 1333. You may get a boost from the ridiculous number of cores, but your bus is going to be slowing down everything you do. Companies bought them almost 10 years ago and are now sundowning the equipment. $500 is about the max I would pay for one of these considering you can get faster and cheaper with modern tech.

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